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Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Cardinal, The Church and Legal Theatre: Historic Procedure in Melbourne Magistrates Court

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Global Research, July 29, 2017
“The world is watching.” – Cathy Kezelman, Blue Knot Foundation president, The Washington Post, Jul 25, 2017
The show on Wednesday was grim, busy, crowded. Cardinal George Pell, the highest Vatican official thus far to be brought within the legal fold of accusation and accountability for historical crimes of sex abuse, fronted for the briefest of shows at a lowly Magistrates Court in Melbourne.
There was much chatter prior to his arrival on Wednesday morning as to what would happen. For one, a taster was provided that the number of police was simply not enough to contain matters. Ringed by the boys and girls in blue, he seemed in a floating daze, though officially committed to the task at hand.


Saturday, 29 July 2017

Canon expert: Vatican protected bishops for centuries

The ongoing canonical trial of Guam Archbishop Anthony Apuron is significant in that it’s only the second time in centuries a bishop has been put on trial by the church, said Thomas Doyle, a Catholic priest and former board member of the Canon Law Society of America.
The last archbishop to undergo a canonical trial — Jozef Wesołowski, who was accused of sexually abusing children in the Dominican Republic — was defrocked in 2014.
“It’s very, very rare, and the reason it’s rare is because the Vatican or the popes have protected the bishops. They consider them to be the most important part of the church, so they protect them, no matter what they’ve done,” Doyle said. “As a result, the bishops have gotten away with both sexually abusing children and promoting the sexual abuse of children by allowing priests, who they knew were abusive persons, to carry on repeat sexual abuse.”


Foes Of Cardinal Pell In High Gear – OpEd

The hoopla over Cardinal George Pell’s first day in court, July 26, rivals the media hysteria over OJ. There is one important difference: unlike OJ, the hyperventilation over Pell is confined to select quarters.
At the Melbourne courthouse there will be dozens of professional victims, men and women—mostly men—who claim to have been molested decades ago. Though Pell has never been found guilty of anything—and God knows rapacious lawyers have tried to nail him several times—he is being treated by victims’ advocates as if he were Jack the Ripper. Journalists are having a field day.


Police may smuggle Cardinal George Pell into next court appearance

Police may escort Cardinal George Pell through an underground entrance for his next Melbourne court appearance after officers had to force their way through a 100-strong media throng.
The highest-ranking Catholic official to be charged with sexual abuse appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday, with his barrister making it clear Pell will plead not guilty to all charges.
Police officers shepherded Pell through a crush of local and international journalists, photographers and camera operators through the main entrance to the Melbourne Magistrates Court and at one stage blocked off part of the road immediately outside the building.


No reasonable doubt George Pell’s QC is the best money can buy. Just ask Mick Gatto

Guilt beyond reasonable doubt. That is the test to be applied by Robert Richter QC in defence of George Pell.
The Cardinal, 76, has engaged the services of the Melbourne barrister to defend him against the so-far unspecified criminal charges being brought by Victoria through the state’s Director of Public Prosecutions.
At the centre of the effort to prove Cardinal Pell’s innocence is the eminent Melbourne barrister whose career has been characterised by high-profile cases.


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Vic priest faces court on abuse charges

A Victorian Catholic priest is set to face court for a plea hearing charged with historical child sexual abuse.
Father Frank De Dood, of the Salesian order, will face a plea hearing in the County Court in Melbourne on Thursday, charged with six child sex abuse related crimes dating back to 1978.
The priest's first hearing was adjourned after it was revealed Judge Gerard Mullaly, who was to hear the case, had an indirect family link to one of the victims.


Randy Reverend Blames Holy Ghost for Church Sex Attacks

A church pastor who sexually assaulted seven of his congregation claimed he was doing God’s work, a jury heard.
Rev John Wilson, 70, gave the women cups of tea possibly laced with drugs to put them into a trance before trying to exorcise ‘evil spirits’ and demons from their bodies.
His wife Mary, 79, and assistant pastor Laurence Peterson, 59, helped the self-styled holy healer commit the offences at the Liberty Pentecostal Church, in Keighley, a court heard.
Rev Wilson sexually abused the vulnerable and trusting women over 30 years, and his alleged victims include a mother and daughter, orphaned sisters and a fellow minister’s wife.
Wilson admits inserting his fingers inside many of the women to perform, what he termed ‘deliverances’ or ‘internal ministries’, but claims he was placing his hands where God directed him, to make them better Christians.


Ring of police shields Pell from media

A ring of police officers linked arms to shield Cardinal George Pell from about 100 journalists, photographers and camera operators who swarmed outside a Melbourne court.
The cardinal walked 100 metres from the office of his high-profile barrister Robert Richter QC to the front steps of the Melbourne Magistrates' Court through perhaps the largest press pack the city has seen.
Scores of local and international reporters, plus members of the public, queued from early on Wednesday to ensure a seat in the court room to witness Pell's appearance on historical sexual offences.
The demand for seats forced the court to allocate a second room, so more people could watch a live stream.


Secrecy and security envelop George Pell's magistrates court show

The appearance of the cardinal in a Melbourne court on sexual abuse charges attracted the biggest crowd anyone can remember, but it was still wrapped in mystery, writes David Marr
David Marr
Wednesday 26 July 2017
My apologies. I can’t tell you what’s going on. A great billowing, lace-edged cloak of secrecy still surrounds the case of the Director of Public Prosecutions v. G Pell.
Months down the track, we don’t know what the charges are. Even if they fell into my lap, I would not say a word. Why not? Sorry, that’s a secret too.
Old timers round the Melbourne courts can’t remember the last time the public was left so much in the dark before a great criminal trial. It was certainly baffling for the press of the world who gathered outside the Melbourne magistrates court before dawn for what is usually one of the dreariest rituals of the criminal law: a filing hearing.


Cardinal George Pell fronts court on ‘momentous, symbolic day’

A child sex abuse survivor has called Cardinal George Pell’s first court appearance a “momentous” and “symbolic day”.
Cardinal Pell, 76, fronted Melbourne Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday on historic child sex abuse charges from multiple complainants.
While the Cardinal was not required to enter a plea, his defence barrister Robert Richter, QC, told the courtroom: “I might indicate that Cardinal Pell pleads not guilty to all charges and will maintain the presumed innocence that he has.”
Cardinal Pell has repeatedly and strenuously denied the allegations.


A First: Cardinal Pell Appears in Australian Court on Sexual Charges

MELBOURNE, Australia — Cardinal George Pell, one of Pope Francis’ top advisers, made his first court appearance in Australia on Wednesday after becoming the highest-ranking Roman Catholic prelate to be formally charged with sexual offenses.
Cardinal Pell, 76, was flanked by police officers as he entered Melbourne Magistrates’ Court through a thicket of camera crews, reporters and photographers.
He said nothing during the filing hearing, which lasted about six minutes.
One of the cardinal’s lawyers, Robert Richter, told the court that his client would plead not guilty to all charges and vehemently maintained his innocence. Magistrate Duncan Reynolds set the next court proceeding for Oct. 6.


Accused of abuse, Pell maintains innocence in first court appearance

The circus – as the media have been calling it – began around 5 a.m.* when a large CNN crew arrived outside the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court, though the mass-circulation Herald-Sun already had reporters there to notice that.
By 6 a.m. dozens of local and international media had arrived, followed by supporters of clergy abuse survivors about 7 a.m. They were all hoping to be in Courtroom 2, which has just 37 seats for public and press, at 10 a.m. Security guards had reportedly been there since 9:30 the night before.



MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) -- The most senior Vatican official ever charged in the Catholic Church sex abuse crisis made his first court appearance in Australia on Wednesday in a scandal that has stunned the Holy See and threatened to tarnish the pope's image as a crusader against abusive clergy.
Cardinal George Pell, Australia's highest-ranking Catholic and Pope Francis' top financial adviser, has maintained his innocence since he was charged last month with sexually abusing multiple people years ago in his Australian home state of Victoria. The details of the allegations against the 76-year-old cardinal have yet to be released to the public, though police have described the charges as "historical" sexual assault offenses - meaning crimes that occurred years ago.


Vatican treasurer makes brief Australian court appearance over historical sex charges

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell made a brief court appearance in his native Australia on Wednesday to face what police described as "historical sexual offences", making him the most senior Roman Catholic official to face such accusations.
Pell, 76, a top adviser to Pope Francis, did not speak as he was escorted to and from Melbourne Magistrates' Court by police through a large crowd of media, protesters and supporters. He was not required to enter a plea.
Australian police said last month Pell had been summoned to appear on charges of "historical sexual offences" from multiple complainants.


George Pell's rise in the Catholic Church

JUNE 8, 1941 - Born in Ballarat, Victoria
DECEMBER 16, 1966 - Ordained a Catholic priest
1971-1972 - Assistant priest Swan Hill parish
1973-1983 - Assistant priest Ballarat East parish
1973 - Shared St Alipius presbytery with Gerald Ridsdale (later revealed as Australia's worst pedophile priest) and Monsignor William McMahon
1973-1984 - Episcopal Vicar for Education in Diocese of Ballarat; founding member of Catholic Education Commission of Victoria

Pope Francis’ aide Cardinal George Pell to plead not guilty to child sex abuse allegations

THE TOP adviser to Pope Francis will plead not guilty to all accusations of child sexual assault against him, his lawyer has told a Melbourne court. 
Cardinal George Pell is the Vatican's de facto treasury minister and is the highest-ranking Vatican official to be charged with sexual abuse.
He faces “multiple charges in respect of historic sexual offences” from multiple complainants, said police in the Australian state of Victoria, where Cardinal Pell was a country priest in the 1970s.
Robert Richter, QC, told the Melbourne Magistrates' Court: “Cardinal Pell will plead not guilty to all charges, and will maintain the presumed innocence that he has.”


Cardinal George Pell arrives at Melbourne Magistrates Court

The third most powerful person in the Catholic Church has been escorted by police to the court from his lawyers' offices.
A huge contingent of Australian and international media was on hand.
The 76-year-old has taken leave from his position as Vatican treasurer to return to Australia to fight historical sexual offence charges involving multiple complainants.
He will appear in person at the Melbourne Magistrates Court for a filing hearing at 10am that marks the first stage of what will be a lengthy legal process.
It is an administrative procedure to set the next dates for the court process and may take less than five minutes.


Cardinal George Pell arrives at court for first hearing on sexual abuse charges

Australia’s most senior Catholic cleric arrives at Melbourne magistrates court after being charged with multiple historical offences
Cardinal George Pell has arrived at Melbourne magistrates court to appear on charges of multiple historic sexual offences.
He did not speak to the crowd of reporters, protesters and supporters as he arrived in court.
He is the third highest ranking official in the Vatican and the highest ranking Catholic church official to be charged with sex offences.


Cardinal George Pell arrives at Melbourne court to face sex abuse charges

Cardinal George Pell has arrived at the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court to make his first appearance as the highest-ranking Catholic official to be charged with sexual abuse.
A huge contingent of Australian and international media is on hand.
The 76-year-old has taken leave from his position as Vatican treasurer to return to Australia to fight historical sexual offence charges involving multiple complainants.
His appearance at the Melbourne Magistrates Court for a filing hearing at 10am marks the first stage of what will be a lengthy legal process.


Cardinal Pell court appearance attracts unprecedented media attention

Journalists and supporters of abuse victims are lined up outside a Melbourne court ahead of Cardinal George Pell's first appearance, which is expected to attract an unprecedented amount of international media attention.
Before the sun even rose and hours before the court opened, a line of people began to form outside the Melbourne Magistrates Court.
The court appearance has attracted media attention from around the world, with journalists from outlets like CNN, BBC News and The New York Times flying crews to Melbourne to watch history in the making.
If the 76-year-old, who is not required to attend the filing hearing, shows up it will be the first time in the world a Cardinal sat in court to face historical sexual assault charges.


Queues, security for Pell court appearance

The media and spectators are already lining up to ensure a seat in the Melbourne court room where Cardinal George Pell is expected to appear later on Wednesday.
Security has also been stepped up outside the Melbourne Magistrates Court, hours before Pell is scheduled to appear for a filing hearing.
The queue started forming before 7am, more than three hours before Pell's scheduled 10am hearing.
The court has made no special arrangements for the appearance despite Pell's high profile and the intense worldwide media attention.
More than 70 media, including many from international organisations like CCN and The Telegraph in London, are already in place outside the court in central Melbourne and have spilled onto the roadway.


George Pell to make history through Melbourne court appearance

If, as expected, George Pell walks into the Melbourne Magistrates Court this morning, he will make history.
Never before has a Cardinal appeared in a courtroom to answer charges of sex offences. Not in Melbourne, not in Australia, not anywhere else in the world.
Unless special arrangements are made the third-highest ranked member of the Catholic Church – the man dubbed the Vatican’s Accountant – will enter via the front steps, where he will encounter a media contingent which may well be larger than any ever seen on William Street.
While reports of swarms of international media being flown by the planeload into Melbourne are probably overstated, there’s likely to be little room for the Cardinal to walk through the phalanx of cameras and microphones.


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Cardinal Pell in court: A ‘momentous’ day for sex abuse survivors

FOR Ballarat sex abuse survivor Phil Nagle, it’s a momentous day.
The 53-year-old has made the journey from his hometown to Melbourne and he’ll this morning head to the Melbourne Magistrates Court where Cardinal George Pell is due to answer historic sexual offence charges.
The powerful clergyman and senior Vatican figure is expected to be met by crowds of survivors and advocates, and a throng of local and international media, when he arrives for the filing hearing.
Mr Nagle has no links to the complaints against Cardinal Pell. Still, he says the court appearance is something he and others have been “waiting many years for”.
He says he’ll be in court to support the complainants, and hopes to see them and their claims respected by the court and by Pell’s legal team.


Vatican treasurer faces Australian court on sexual assault charges

MELBOURNE, Australia (CNN) - One of the most senior figures in the Vatican will on Wednesday face a court in his native Australia on multiple charges of historical sexual assault offenses.
Cardinal George Pell will appear in the dock at Melbourne Magistrates Court for his first hearing since the charges were made by Victoria Police last month.
The 76-year-old, who has consistently and strenuously denied the charges, has been given a leave of absence from his role at the Holy See as Secretariat for the Economy while he fights the case in the city where he was once Archbishop.
Although expected to be brief, Wednesday's court hearing marks a significant moment in Australia where Pell is the country's most senior Catholic.


Controversial clergy back in Holy Orders

A FORMER defrocked Deacon of Grafton says the Anglican Church appears to have learned little from the traumas of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
Former Queensland Education Minister and Grafton City Councillor Pat Comben has been returned to Holy Orders, despite an admission of guilt to the offences that saw him defrocked as the Deacon of Grafton in July 2015.
The Royal Commission found the Diocese of Grafton had denied responsibility for sexual abuse, denied compensation to victims of abuse at its North Coast Children's Home, failed to comply with its own policies and dealt with victims insensitively.


Abuse victims determined to see Cardinal George Pell in court

Catholic Church abuse victims from across Victoria — with no connection to the charges against George Pell — are expected to ­attend a court hearing for the cardinal at the Melbourne Magistrates Court this morning.
Philip Nagle, a Ballarat survivor of abuse by Christian Brother Stephen Farrell in the 1970s, had promised other survivors he would attend.
Cardinal Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic, was charged last month with historical sex offences relating to multiple complainants. The court has yet to release the charges.
Mr Nagle said he wanted to see the complainants and their claims handled in a respectful way. He said it was important to make sure it was a just court case.
He said it did not matter that the hearing might only last a few minutes . “(It’s important) to witness it,” he said.
The Melbourne Magistrates Court has said it will be “business as usual” during the cardinal’s first court appearance.



A now-retired Roman Catholic priest was charged Monday with forcing a 10-year-old Pennsylvania boy to perform oral sex on him while counseling the fourth-grader about misbehaving on a school bus.
The state attorney general's office accused the Rev. John Thomas Sweeney of committing felony involuntary deviate sexual intercourse at St. Margaret Mary Elementary School in Lower Burrell during the 1991-92 school year.
The boy, now 35 and serving in the Coast Guard, told investigators that after the attack Sweeney's secretary gave him milk and cookies, prosecutors said.
"He is a hero for his service," Attorney General Josh Shapiro said. "Today we know him as a hero for coming forward to share his story with us."
Defense attorney Francis R. Murrman said Sweeney, 74, "vehemently" denies the charges, noting they date back some 26 years and the details were only disclosed as Sweeney was being arraigned.


Pell's first court day to last few minutes

Top Vatican official Cardinal George Pell's first court appearance will be over within minutes but will create history.
Australia's most senior Catholic plans to appear in person at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday for the first stage of what will be a lengthy legal process.
The 76-year-old has returned from Rome vowing to clear his name over multiple historical sexual offence charges involving multiple complainants.
Cardinal Pell is the highest-ranking Catholic official to be charged with sexual abuse.


Cardinal George Pell faces court over historical sex offences

CARDINAL George Pell is about to begin the fight to clear his name over sex offence allegations as he faces court for the first time.
When he was charged with historical sex offences last month the Cardinal said he was looking forward to having his day in court in a bid to prove his innocence.
The Cardinal will appear at the Melbourne Magistrates Court in a historic hearing for the Catholic Church which has been rocked by the criminal proceedings against the Vatican official.
When he does he will become the most senior Catholic to ever face court charged with sex offences.
The nature of the charges being faced by Cardinal Pell have not yet been revealed.


Cardinal George Pell's Journey From Ballarat Boy To The Vatican, And Now To Melbourne Magistrate's Court

Eoin Blackwell Senior Associate Editor, HuffPost Australia
From rural Australia to the country's most senior Catholic who, until last month, sat at the Pope's right hand, Cardinal George Pell has lived most of his professional life under scrutiny and controversy.
But now, far removed from the protective halls of the Vatican city, the stalwart defender of the Catholic Church's assets is preparing to face potentially legacy-defining allegations: multiple charges of historical sexual offences levelled against him by multiple complainants.
Pell, 76, who last month stepped away from his role as the Vatican's finance chief, strenuously maintains his innocence.
His expected appearance at Melbourne Magistrate's court on Wednesday marks just one stage of preliminary hearings into the multiple charges of historical sexual offences.
The details of the charges have not yet been made public.


Monday, 24 July 2017

Pope's treasurer faces sex abuse charges in Australia, a grim reminder for his home town

BALLARAT, Australia (Reuters) - One of the pope's top advisers, Cardinal George Pell, makes his first court appearance in Australia this week on charges of historic sex crimes, a bitter reminder for his home town reeling from more than a dozen abuse cases.
Pell, the Vatican's economy minister, last month became the most senior Catholic to be charged with sex crimes. He has vowed to fight the still-unspecified charges, calling them false and the result of a "relentlelss character assassination". He declined to respond to interview requests for this story.
He is expected to appear before Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Wednesday.
Police have not released details of the charges, but the start of Pell's court battle in Melbourne revisits a troubled past for Ballarat, the former gold town of 100,000 people 75 miles (120 km) to the west where Pell grew up and cut his teeth as a priest in the 1970s and 1980s.


Headed to court, Cardinal Pell is no stranger to controversy

National Catholic Reporter
Barney Zwartz | Jul. 24, 2017
Cardinal George Pell, who this week will become the highest ranked church official ever to face sex abuse charges in court, may be the most polarizing religious leader in Australia's brief history.
The former Archbishop of Sydney will appear in the Melbourne Magistrate's Court on July 26 to answer yet-unspecified charges of historical sexual abuse involving multiple complainants, which he resolutely denies.
The complaints apparently long predate his present Vatican role as prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, often but misleadingly referred to as number three in the Vatican hierarchy behind the pope and secretary of state.


All roads lead to William St: World awaits Cardinal George Pell's day in court

He is one of the highest ranking officials in the Catholic Church, but Cardinal George Pell could find himself rubbing shoulders with drink-drivers, drug users and other accused criminals when he attends court for the first time to answer to historical sex charges.
Melbourne Magistrates Court maintains it will take a business as usual approach to the high-profile case, which means Cardinal Pell could join the queue of accused criminals, solicitors and police waiting to get into the court on Wednesday morning.
Fairfax Media understands the Cardinal will be there on Wednesday morning.
A court spokeswoman confirmed the Cardinal would be required to enter the building through the front door, be scanned by security staff, sit in general seating and have his name read on the daily list.


George Pell to front court over abuse charges

Cardinal George Pell will appear in person in a Melbourne court this week for a filing hearing on historical sexual abuse charges.
Cardinal Pell, who does not have to appear, has decided to travel to Melbourne to appear on Wednesday before a magistrate in a case that will attract world interest.
The appearance will come after months of speculation about whether or not he would appear or, indeed, whether he would leave Rome.
The appearance has created a logistical nightmare for court officials with what is expected to be unprecedented interest.
Cardinal Pell stressed last month that he is innocent of charges of historical sex abuse and that he had taken leave from his Vatican post to fight what were multiple charges allegedly committed against multiple people.


Sunday, 23 July 2017

Brendan Smyth's evil deeds can never be forgotten

On the 20th anniversary of the serial abuser's admission of his crimes, Liam Collins retraces the scandal that shook Ireland to the top
Liam Collins
July 23 2017

It is high summer in Kilnacrott, Co Cavan. Not even the ominous evergreen trees that surround the one-time Norbertine house and its small graveyard can darken this glorious summer's day.
On a country road near the village of Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan, there is a grotto to the left of the entrance gates, but the statue of the Virgin Mary has been "removed for maintenance" and a sign declares that this is now a 'Soul Sanctuary.' Ignoring a garish blue sign tacked to one of the trees declaring 'Private Grounds', I cross a stile and walk up the pathway to where the most notorious paedophile in the Irish Catholic church's sorry history of abuse is buried.


Saturday, 22 July 2017

Tasmania’s Anglican Church frustrated with inquiry delays

TASMANIA’S Anglican Church hierarchy has aired its frustrations over delays into the internal investigation of a former bishop who allegedly allowed a paedophile to remain in the church.
Anglican Church Vicar General Chris Jones said he “absolutely” understood the frustration felt by victims about the slow progress of the review into findings involving former Tasmanian Bishop Phillip Newell, adding the matter was “with the lawyers”.
“We want this sorted,” Dr Jones said.
“I think it’s really important for our commitment to survivors that we can conclude this matter.’’
In February, a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse report found evidence that now-retired Bishop Newell was made aware in 1987 that now-convicted paedophile Louis Daniels, involved with the Church of England Boy’s Society, had sexually abused three boys, then was later promoted within the church.


Child abuse claims: Rules change will put responsibility on organisations

The Sunday Telegraph
LINDA SILMALIS, chief reporter, The Sunday Telegraph
ORGANISATIONS responsible for children would no longer be able to sidestep child abuse claims by shifting blame on to individuals under major changes being considered by the state government.
The introduction of “non-delegable” duty of care would apply to religious organisations, out-of-home care facilities, juvenile detention centres, day and boarding schools, early childhood education, long daycare, family daycare, outside school hours services and preschool programs.
The institutions would be ­liable for the actions of “everyone” associated with them.


Thursday, 20 July 2017

Georg Ratzinger, “I wasn’t aware of any sexual abuse”

"I wasn’t aware of any sexual abuse". This was stated by Georg Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI’ brother, when he was heard during the investigation into the abuses of the Regensburg Cathedral choirboys from the post-war period to the early 1990s. As the German state is no longer required to investigate time-barred crimes, it was the diocese, and therefore the Catholic Church itself, to promote and finance an independent investigation, which also encouraged victims to give information anonymously.


The church concealed the crimes of Father Paul David Ryan, now he faces more charges

  • By a Broken Rites researcher, article updated 20 July 2017
Broken Rites Australia is doing further research about how the Catholic Church authorities continually harboured a criminal priest, Father Paul David Ryan, thus enabling him to commit more crimes on more children in more parishes. The church authorities continually concealed Ryan's crimes from the police. Under Australian criminal law, this concealment can itself be a crime — and perhaps, some day, certain powerful people in the church could be prosecuted by the police for this cover-up. Meanwhile, in July 2017, Broken Rites understands that police are preparing to charge Paul David Ryan with more offences allegedly committed in the State of Victoria.
The remainder of this Broken Rites article gives some background about Paul David Ryan's priestly career. When Ryan was charged (and convicted) in an Australian criminal court in 2006, Broken Rites examined the prosecution file. This article is based on that research, plus numerous Broken Rites interviews.


Nearly 550 German Choirboys Abused At Renowned Catholic School, Report Says

Over a span of roughly a half-century, at least 547 boys at a famed Catholic choir school experienced some form of significant abuse, according to an independent investigation released Tuesday. The 440-page report details an environment that some former pupils likened to a "prison, hell and a concentration camp," which persisted for decades under the direction of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's older brother.
The education at the Regensburg Domspatzen — a boys' choir that enjoys worldwide renown and has been around for upwards of a millennium — "was oriented toward top musical achievements and the choir's success," the report said, as translated by The New York Times. "Alongside individual motives, institutional motives — namely, breaking the will of the children with the aim of maximum discipline and dedication — formed the basis for violence."
Of the hundreds of cases listed by attorney Ulrich Weber, whose report was commissioned in 2015 by the Regensburg diocese, 67 are believed to have been cases of sexual abuse.


Pope Benedict's 'fanatical, merciless' brother led German boys choir embroiled in sex abuse scandal

The brother of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI established a "reign of fear" while head of boys' choir at one of Germany's most famous Roman Catholic schools, where more than 500 pupils were physically and sexually abused between 1945 and 2015.
A report published this week accused 49 members of abusing 547 young boys who sang in the Regensburger Domspatzen choir over a period of 60 years.
Benedict's older brother, Georg Ratzinger, was the choirmaster between 1964 and 1994.
His successor, Roland Büchner, told German newspaper Die Zeit that Ratzinger was an "impulsive, fanatical and merciless"


Defrocked Ballarat priest to face court on string of historical child sex charges

Former Ballarat priest Paul David Ryan will front a Melbourne court next month over a string of historical child sex offences.
The 68-year-old was charged this month with multiple offences against a number of alleged victims from across Victoria.
The charges include rape, indecent assault and sexual penetration of a child under 16 years old.
Detectives from Victoria Police's Sano taskforce, the squad set up to investigate historic child sexual abuse, are believed to be investigating Mr Ryan in the wake of evidence revealed in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
The charges are believed to date back to the years between 1981 and 1985 when Mr Ryan was a priest and the alleged victims were students at Christian Brothers College in Warrnambool.


New historic Warrnambool sex charges include rape

UPDATE, 7.30pm: Paul David Ryan, who served in Warrnambool and Ballarat, has been identified as the priest who has been charged with seven sex crime charges.
UPDATE, 3.20pm: A Former Warrnambool priest was served with seven sex crime charges in Western Australia on Thursday morning.
The charges relate to two complainants and include counts of rape, sexual penetration of a child aged under 16 years and indecent assaults.
The 68-year-old former priest has been summoned to appear for a filing hearing in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on August 4.
Earlier: ​A FORMER Warrnambool priest is in the process of being charged with historical serious sex offences involving city schoolboys​, including rape.


Key trends and lessons from Australian Royal Commissions and inquiries

Over the last five years, a number of high-profile Royal Commissions have inquired into a range of important issues, including child sexual abuse, home insulation, trade unions, family violence, nuclear fuel and child detention. What lessons can be drawn from the history and practice of Royal Commissions and other inquiries in Australia?
Royal Commissions have served an important role of informing successive governments, both in an inquisitorial and policy context. They are an option for responding to a crisis and a call for action, as well as a mechanism for developing public policy.


Cardinal George Pell and Other Martyrs for a Nefarious Cause

These Stone Walls
Father George David Byers and I were both recipients of unexpected recognition for our respective writings this summer. Father Byers, whose status as a Missionary of Mercy has been extended by Pope Francis, received a First Place citation by the Catholic Press Association for his articles in Catholic media about the Year of Mercy. Father Byers tried to play it down, but it’s a bigger deal than he lets on. [See: Missionaries of Mercy: “New Phase” from the Holy See (Amoris laetitia internal/external forum guidelines?)]


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

'Fanatic' German choirmaster was 'feared' by pupils

The former choirmaster of a Catholic school in Germany where more than 500 children were abused, including sexually, was a "fanatic" who was "feared" by pupils, his immediate successor said Wednesday.
Georg Ratzinger, older brother of former Pope Benedict XVI, led the famous millennium-old choir in the southern city of Regensburg between 1964 and 1994.
He was "impulsive, even fanatical," a "merciless" teacher when "imposing his idea of musical discipline," the current choirmaster, Roland Buechner, told German weekly Die Zeit.
"Afterwards, he could be the gentlest person in the world. Some pupils saw him as a model, others feared him as someone who would beat them," he added.
Ratzinger, now aged 93, has said he knew nothing about the violence at the school.
But Buechner, 63, recalled that under Ratzinger's baton, "a system of fear ruled" among members of the choir.
"It wasn't 'just' about slaps, but genuine physical abuse. People raged, there were injuries," he said.
A report published Tuesday detailed some 547 cases of abuse at the Regensburg school, site of one of the biggest such scandals to have struck the Catholic church in Germany.


Investigation into Regensburg choir finds more than 500 boys were abused

By Carol Glatz Catholic News Service
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- More than 500 boys suffered abuse at the hands of dozens of teachers and priests at the school that trains the prestigious boys choir of the Regensburg Cathedral in Germany, said an independent investigator.
Former students of the Domspatzen choir reported that the physical, emotional and even sexual abuse at the school made life there like "a prison, hell and a concentration camp," said Ulrich Weber, the lawyer leading the investigation of claims of abuse at the choir and two associated boarding schools.
A "culture of silence" among church leaders and members allowed such abuse to continue for decades, Weber said as he presented the final report on his findings during a press conference in Regensburg July 18.
The investigation, commissioned by the Diocese of Regensburg, found that at least 547 former members of the Regensburg Domspatzen boys choir in Germany were subjected to some form of abuse, according to Vatican Radio. Of those victims, 67 students were victims of sexual violence, the radio said.


Cardinal George Pell retains honorary role at Richmond Tigers

Cardinal George Pell will keep his honorary role at AFL club Richmond as he faces sex offence charges.
Tigers chief executive Brendon Gale has released a statement, confirming Cardinal Pell still has strong links to the club.
Pell signed with the Tigers in the late '50s, but did not play for them in the then-VFL before he joined the priesthood.
He has been a vice-patron of the club since the late 1990s.
"In light of Cardinal Pell's fundamental rights to the presumption of innocence and to a fair trial, he will remain a vice-patron of the club pending the outcome of any trial," Gale told Fox Footy.


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

German abuse victims say Catholic choir school was like hell

BERLIN (Reuters) - Teachers at one of Germany's most famous Roman Catholic choir schools physically or sexually abused 547 pupils between 1945 and 2015, an independent report found on Tuesday, with some boys likening the institution to a concentration camp.
The 440-page report chronicles teachers doling out physical violence including slapping boys in the face so hard that the marks could be seen the next day, whipping them with wooden sticks and violin bows and subjecting them to severe beatings.
Boys who tried to escape the "Regensburger Domspatzen", or Regensburg Cathedral Sparrows, were hauled back into the school and beaten and humiliated in front of other boys, it said.
Allegations of abuse at the school, which dates back over a thousand years and now tours the world to perform choral music, surfaced in 2010.


Regensburg Domspatzen choir: More than 500 boys abused

The latest findings into the decades of abuse in the Regensburg Domspatzen Catholic boys choir implicate 49 church members. Victims described their time in the choir as like "a prison, hell and a concentration camp."
A total of 547 young boys from the famous Regensburger Domspatzen choir were subjected to physical and sexual abuse at the hands of priests and teachers, according to the attorney tasked with investigating the alleged abuse.
Presenting his 450-page report into the findings, attorney Ulrich Weber, said he found 500 cases of physical abuse and 67 instances of sexual abuse spanning over six decades.
Of the 49 people church officials and teachers implicated in the report, nine were found to have been sexually abusive. Church officials had fostered a "culture of silence," which allowed them to carry out such abuses for decades, Weber said. ...
The choir was run by Georg Ratzinger, the elder brother of former Pope Benedict XVI, from 1964 to 1994, when most of the abuse is believed to have occurred.
Weber has repeatedly alleged that Ratzinger must have known of some of the cases, although he has denied having any information.



BERLIN (AP) -- A report says that at least 547 members of a prestigious Catholic boys' choir in Germany were physically or sexually abused between 1945 and the early 1990s.
Allegations involving the Domspatzen choir in Regensburg were among a spate of revelations of abuse by Roman Catholic clergy in Germany that emerged in 2010.
News agency dpa reported that Ulrich Weber, a lawyer tasked with investigating the abuse, said Tuesday there was violence against children in the choir's pre-school and high school.
He said many victims described their time at its boarding school as "the worst time of their lives, marked by fear, violence and helplessness."


Monday, 17 July 2017

'Lambs to the slaughter': Lawyer fears George Pell's accusers could have their allegations 'watered down' without their knowledge

The lawyer representing some of the alleged victims against Cardinal George Pell fears backroom deals could be done which see charges 'watered down' without their knowledge.
Ingrid Irwin, a Victorian lawyer representing some people accusing the Cardinal of abuse, believes complainants may face becoming 'lambs to the slaughter' if the crown and police cut deals during the trial.
'They are coming in as naive players into a sophisticated legal game...The complainants don't ever really know what is happening, they're just coming in there with their truth,' Ms Irwin told Nine News.


What are Catholic parishes doing to guard against child sexual abuse?

The Catholic Church has acknowledged the number of priests identified by the child abuse royal commission is indefensible, and says it is working hard to make sure the abuse is never repeated.
But what does that mean for local parishes making changes to protect children into the future?
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, first announced by the Gillard government in 2012, is due to deliver its final report at the end of this year.
Already it has identified nearly 2,000 figures in the Catholic Church, including priests and brothers, as alleged perpetrators, something it has acknowledged as tragic and indefensible.
Like parishes across the country, St Anthony's in the northern Perth suburb of Wanneroo was rocked by revelations from the royal commission.


Priest John Denham to face fresh Taree child sex allegations

Joanne McCarthy
17 Jul 2017
CONVICTED child sex offender Catholic priest John Denham has been charged with fresh offences after a man alleged he was sexually abused at Taree in the late 1970s by Denham, senior Maitland-Newcastle priest Barry Tunks and two other men.
Manning/Great Lakes Local Area Command detectives charged Denham, 76, with three sexual assault offences more than two months after charging former Vicar General Barry Tunks, 76, in March with three indecent assault offences against the same boy in Catholic Church facilities at Taree.
Police also charged former nurse David John O’Grady with three indecent assault offences against the boy in church facilities at Taree in the 1970s.
The matters will return to court at Taree in August and September. No pleas have been entered.


De La Salle College at Revesby a ‘hot spot’ of paedophilia, claims Sydney lawyer

DE LA Salle College at Revesby Heights has been labelled a “hot spot of paedophilia” by a Sydney lawyer who is working through thousands of historical child sex abuse cases.
The revelation about the Catholic boys school comes after countless men came forward with allegations of being sexually abused by numerous staff at the school in the 1970s and ’80s.
Among the worst offenders was Brother Anselm Hallam, also known as Tom Hallam, who was allegedly moved to the Sydney school from one in Melbourne after sexual abuse complaints were made against him.
Mr Hallam died in the early 1990s aged 92 before his charges could be heard in court.
John Comerford told NewsLocal that at age 18 he went to the Revesby school with a loaded shotgun to confront Mr Hallam, who allegedly raped him seven years earlier, but was told the teacher was dead.


George Pell braces for first court appearance amid accusations of Salem witch hunt and slaughter of lambs

People who have accused Cardinal George Pell of molesting them could be "lambs to the slaughter" when legal proceedings begin, a Victorian lawyer representing sex abuse survivors fears.
Australia's most senior cleric will appear in Melbourne Magistrates' Court next week on multiple historical sex charges, which one of Pell's close friends has likened to a Salem witch hunt.
International media will join Australian survivors of sexual abuse and a large national press pack to observe the latest chapter in the Catholic church's long-running sexual abuse saga.
Pell, who has repeatedly proclaimed his innocence, is the highest-ranking official from the Vatican to face his accusers in a court of law.


Sunday, 16 July 2017

Baby Jesus Would Be Ashamed of the Hospital That Bears His Name

ROME—Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican’s secretary of state under Pope Benedict XVI, is an old-school kind of cleric whose lavish lifestyle has no place in the modest Catholic Church of Pope Francis. He was an early target of the incoming pope’s housecleaning, among the first to be kicked out and replaced by more frugal fathers. Since then, he remains a sort of poster-priest for the decadence and splendor the Vatican’s princes used to get away with.


“Libero Milone’s resignation indicates that there could be a Vatileaks III”

That was the assessment of “observers” according to Vatican reporter, Andrea Gagliarducci, in his July 3 column. Milone, appointed by Pope Francis in 2015 as the Vatican’s financial auditor general, had resigned by “mutual agreement” on June 20. No reason was given. Milone made no statement.
In May 2016, two lay members of the Board of Superintendence of the Vatican Bank resigned “in light of legitimate reflections and opinions concerning [the bank’s] management” the Vatican said. Carlo Salvatori, President of Lazard Italia and Allianz Italia, and Clemens Borsig, former Chairman of the Board of Management at Deutsche Bank, remain silent.


This priest became the deputy to a bishop, then was jailed and now is facing court again

By a Broken Rites researcher, article updated 15 July 2017
A senior Catholic priest from western Sydney, Father Richard Cattell, committed sexual crimes against boys in the 1970s and 1980s. Later, in the early 1990s, the Catholic Church promoted this priest to become the Vicar-General of his diocese, supervising 48 parishes in western Sydney on behalf of the bishop. In 1994, Cattell was jailed regarding one of his victims (from the 1970s). In February 2015 he was jailed again regarding another victim (from the 1980s). In 2016, police charged Cattell regarding another 1970s victim (case number 2016/00101011), for which Cattell is awaiting sentence in the NSW District Court. Meanwhile, on 18 July 2017, yet another Cattell case (number 2017/00073102) is being filed in the Lismore Local Court.


No special treatment': Court confirms Cardinal George Pell will face justice next to bikies and murderers when he fights sex charges flanked by Australia's top defence lawyer

The Vatican's third most powerful figure will receive no special treatment when he appears in court to face multiple historical sex charges.
There have been fears for the safety of Australia's most powerful Catholic at his court appearance on July 26, as sexual abuse survivors are expected to attend.
Melbourne Magistrates Court appears unconcerned, and stated that Cardinal George Pell's trial will be 'business as usual.'
Court spokeswoman Clare Hogarth-Angus said: 'This may change nearer the time, however currently there are no special plans in place, the Herald Sun reported.
The lack of special treatment also means that the former Archbishop of Sydney and Melbourne will be rubbing shoulders with hardened criminals as he lines up in court.


Abused schoolboy John Comerford took gun to school to kill his rapist teacher

MORE than 30 years ago, John Comerford returned to the steps of De La Salle College with a loaded shotgun.
A tormented 18-year-old, he was going to kill the man who stole his life when he was just 11.
But Mr Comerford never got the opportunity to come face-to-face with Brother Anselm Hallam as an adult because as he sat on the steps of the southwestern Sydney school, he was told the teacher was dead.
He would spend the next two decades of his life harbouring the secret of his childhood rape, not telling a soul about the day Anselm caught him alone in the school’s old church.


Friday, 14 July 2017

A Question of Accountability: Cardinal Pell

The Catholic Church, much in the manner of a modern corporation, is a sprawling edifice of operations and functions. To hold part of it accountable for abuses – against human, bank account, or country – has presented a formidable legal obstacle.
This nightmare has taken place amidst a broader question: the extent Church officials believe they are accountable to secular justice, or those ordained by the Church itself. St. Augustine’s point was clear enough: of the two sovereignties – that of the City of Man, or that of God – the latter would prevail.


No special treatment for Cardinal George Pell’s first court appearance

CARDINAL George Pell will be given no special treatment this month when he appears in court for the first time on ­historical sex charges.
The cardinal is due to ­appear at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court for a filing hearing on July 26, after being charged with multiple sex ­offences.
This means he could be forced to line up alongside other accused sex offenders, bikies, fraudsters and low-level criminals on arrival at court.
He will also be subjected to security screening on arrival.
Court spokeswoman Clare Hogarth-Angus said it would be “business as usual” despite church sources fearing for the cardinal’s safety.
Ms Hogarth-Angus said: “This may change nearer the time, however currently there are no special plans in place.”
The case is expected to draw one of the biggest press packs in Victorian court history, with international media organisations already planning their coverage.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bunbury bishop John Goody welcomed Father William Glover in 1959 despite known paedophile allegations, court documents

Documents tendered to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in February have revealed that in 1959, Bunbury Bishop John Goody agreed to hire a priest despite knowing he had previously sexually abused a number of boys.
In June 1958, Father William Kevin Glover was removed as a superior and parish priest in Victoria for “immoral and criminal sexual behaviour with boys and male adolescents”.
He was given a formal canonical warning and sent to do a 30 day penitential retreat in Armidale, NSW.
Having been assigned a new parish, Glover was brought to Sydney in July 1959 and given a second canonical warning for committing similar offences.
He was sent to St John of God Hospital at Richmond while attempts were made to see if another Marist Province would be willing to accept him.


The Case of Cardinal Pell Raises Hope of Reform Among Australian Victims of Clerical Abuse

The Catholic Church, long damaged by sex abuse scandals, is facing a fresh crisis following the laying of charges of child sex abuse against one of its most senior clerics, the Australian cardinal George Pell.
The 76-year-old Pell, who as the Church's treasurer is the most senior Vatican figure to be charged with sexual abuse, returned home to Australia from the Vatican early Monday, where he was met at Sydney airport by police. He is due in a Melbourne magistrates court on July 26 for the hearing of charges that he has strenuously denied.


Bishop gave 'fresh start' to abuser

Fr William Kevin Glover received two warnings under canon law for "immoral and criminal sexual behaviour with boys and adolescents" while in the Marist Fathers - Society of Mary before being sent to Western Australia's Bunbury diocese in 1960.
Fr Glover was removed from a Victorian parish and given his first warning in June 1958 over the systematic sexual abuse of adolescent boys, tendered documents released by the child abuse royal commission reveal.
"In September of that year a Marist priest working in the parish expressed the view that Fr Glover had been involved with as many as 30 boys over a three-year period," a 1994 Marist Fathers incident report to its insurer stated.


Trace: Police admit DNA bungle wrongly cleared paedophile priest as suspect in cold case murder

Police have admitted they used an incorrect DNA sample to rule out a paedophile priest in the brutal killing of Melbourne cold case murder victim Maria James.
The ABC understands a bloodied pillow case, used to establish a DNA profile for the suspected killer of the Thornbury single mother, came from an unrelated crime scene.
Local priest Father Anthony Bongiorno, as well as multiple other suspects in Maria James' 1980 murder, were cleared as a result of DNA testing against that incorrect sample.
Her two sons, Mark and Adam James, have now formally applied to the Victorian coroner to set aside the original finding and reopen the 37-year-old case.


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Catholic Church 'fiercely resisted' paying compensation to victims of a child sex offender teacher who threatened to kill a 10-year-old boy's mother if he told her about the abuse

A school teacher who sexually abused two young male pupils was employed at a Catholic school despite telling officials he was previously convicted for sexual assault.
Documents released by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse reveal how legal advice obtained by a Catholic Diocese said the boy's parents then had the right to sue over a failure to adequately protect their children.
When one victim tried in 2005 to seek compensation from the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese in New South Wales, they 'fiercely resisted', documents say, according to The Newcastle Herald.
The teacher, known only as GKI, was charged with indecently assaulting two boys in 1988, and later convicted of the offences, documents released on Monday show.


Fears that George Pell might not get a fair go drive calls for judge-only trials

Senior lawyers say Victoria should allow judge-only trials in some cases, after expressing concerns Cardinal George Pell would not get a fair hearing on historic sex charges.
As Cardinal Pell returned to Australia on Monday ahead of his July 26 court appearance, two QCs not connected to his case have raised doubts about the 76-year-old getting a fair hearing, should his case proceed to a jury trial.


Should George Pell have a judge-only trial? Why some lawyers are calling for Vatican's third most powerful figure to be tried over historical sex charges WITHOUT a jury

  • Cardinal's return to Australia comes as some lawyers push for judge-only trials
  • Some are concerned that it would be difficult to find a fair jury for Pell's trial
  • The Vatican's third most senior figure has landed in Sydney from Singapore
  • Cardinal Pell will stay in Sydney when not required to attend court in Melbourne
Australia's most powerful Catholic has landed in Sydney amid calls for him to be the subject of a judge-only trial when he fronts court over historical sex charges in Victoria.
Senior lawyers are concerned that Cardinal Pell could be adversely affected by juror perceptions of him and the Catholic Church, and are arguing for a judge-alone trial.
Cardinal Pell landed in Sydney on Monday morning, and will base himself there when he is not required at Melbourne Magistrates Court during the trial.

Monday, 10 July 2017


Cardinal George Pell, number three on the Vatican, arrived Monday in Australia, where it must be heard in two weeks on suspicion of sexual assault.
Pope Francis has granted leave to the head of finance for the Holy see to enable him to ensure its defense.
The prelate 76-year-old was charged in late June for ‘ crimes of sexual assault, old “, without any precision on the facts alleged or the ages of the alleged victims. It is convened on 26 July before the court of Melbourne for a preliminary hearing.


NSW Catholics hired teacher despite abuse

Catholic education officials were allegedly told of a teacher's conviction for sexually assaulting boys before he was hired and appointed to a NSW school.
In an affidavit tendered to the child abuse royal commission, the teacher, known as GKI, said he admitted in 1974 to former Newcastle director Monsignor Vincent Dilley he'd been dismissed from the public education system over the 1962 conviction.
In a 2005 sworn affidavit, GKI also said he talked to Father Frank Coolahan, who he understood to soon be replacing Monsignor Dilley, and asked him whether he was aware of the conviction and dismissal.
"Yes," GKI recalled Father Coolahan saying in the affidavit made public on Monday.
"Monsignor Dilley said: ' Yes, I am aware of that'."


Cardinal George Pell returns to Australia to face historical sex abuse charges

Cardinal George Pell, Australia's highest ranking Catholic, has returned to Australia after being charged with historical sex offences.
The 76-year-old landed at Sydney Airport at 5.55am on Monday after flying in from the Vatican via Singapore.
The Australian Federal Police, NSW Police and private security contractors were waiting to escort Cardinal Pell from Sydney Airport.
Cardinal Pell left the airport through a separate exit to other passengers, and got into one of two waiting white cars. He did not answer any questions.


Cardinal George Pell arrives in Sydney ahead of court appearance on sex abuse charges

Cardinal George Pell has arrived in Sydney ahead of his first court appearance for historical sexual abuse charges later this month.
Pell was spotted during a stopover in Singapore on the weekend and arrived in Sydney this morning.
He was met by security and whisked away to a waiting car at the airport's loading dock.
He is due to face the Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 26.
Pell has always maintained his innocence and strenuously denied allegations of historical sexual abuse, the details of which have not been made public.
Late last month, Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton told reporters the charges involved multiple complainants.


Cardinal George Pell lands in Sydney ahead of court appearance for alleged historical sexual offences

Cardinal George Pell has arrived in Sydney as he prepares to face court over alleged historical sexual offences.
In exclusive video obtained by 9NEWS Cardinal Pell was seen arriving at Sydney Airport flanked by several men as he walked to a waiting car.
Cardinal Pell, 76, is due to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 26, after Victoria Police charged him over a number of alleged historical sexual offences.
The Cardinal presumably flew into Sydney from Singapore where he was spotted over the weekend.
He was filmed sitting with a friend outside an ice cream shop in Singapore yesterday morning.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Vatican's third most powerful figure George Pell cuts a lonely figure as he sits in a hotel lobby during a Singapore stopover on the way to Australia to face historic sex charges

The Vatican's third most senior figure cut a lonely figure in a hotel lobby before attending Sunday mass during a stopover to face historical sex charges in Australia.
Cardinal George Pell, who is Australia's most powerful Catholic leader, was in Singapore on his way back home from Rome to have his day in court.
He was spotted looking pensive in his hotel before meeting another man and going to 10.30am mass at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd in Singapore's Civic District.
Pell refused to comment or answer questions when confronted by a Seven News reporter as he got into a car.
Cardinal Pell, who serves as the Pope's treasurer, is the highest-ranking official to be charged in the sex abuse scandal that has dogged the Catholic Church for years.


Saturday, 8 July 2017

Hard to identify babies at Tuam site due to mixing of remains

The examination of the mother-and-baby home site in Tuam, Co Galway, has been complicated because human remains from different babies are intermingled with each other.
This has made it much harder to identify individual babies at the site.
The Department of Children and Youth Affairs has released an update on mother-and-baby homes issue, as well as a paper that sketched out options on investigating the Tuam site.
The Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes earlier this year announced that “significant” quantities of human remains had been found buried under the site of a former institution for unmarried mothers run by the Sisters of the Bon Secours.


Cardinal who is the Vatican's third most powerful figure touches down in Singapore ahead of his return to Australia to face historic sex charges

The Vatican's third most senior figure has been seen outside a Singapore ice cream shop on his way back to Australia to defend against allegations of historic sex charges.
This is the first time Cardinal George Pell, 76, has been seen since leaving Rome after being charged by Victoria Police.
Australia's most powerful Catholic is due to face Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 26, Nine News reported.
Cardinal Pell, who serves as the Pope's treasurer, is the highest-ranking official to be charged in the sex abuse scandal that has dogged the Catholic Church for years.
The former Archbishop of Sydney and Melbourne has vehemently denied the charges, saying that he is innocent and looking forward to clearing his name.


Cardinal George Pell spotted in Singapore

Cardinal George Pell has reportedly been spotted in Singapore as he makes his way back Australia to face multiple historical sexual abuse charges.
In a video obtained by Nine Network, Cardinal Pell is seen sitting with a friend at an ice-cream shop in Singapore on Saturday.
The 76-year-old is due to appear in a Melbourne court on July 26 charged with several historical sexual offences.
Australia's most senior Catholic insists he is innocent and is looking forward to fighting the charges in court.


Cardinal George Pell taking a break in Asia before coming home to face historical sex charges

Cardinal George Pell has been spotted taking a break in Asia before returning to Australia to face historical sexual abuse charges.
In exclusive video obtained by 9NEWS, Cardinal Pell was seen sitting with a friend outside an ice cream shop in Singapore earlier today.
Cardinal Pell, 76, is due to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 26, after Victoria Police charged him with a number of offences relating to alleged historical sexual abuse.
This is his first appearance outside of Rome since police laid the charges. It is unclear when he will travel the final leg to Melbourne.


Friday, 7 July 2017

The Vatican’s Failure in the Abuse Scandal

For all of Pope Francis’ deserved acclaim in leading the Roman Catholic Church to new directions, he is failing badly on his promise to address the child abuse scandal at the crucial level where ranking churchmen systematically protected priests who raped and molested children.
His failure to confront the problem was underlined last week when the pope had to grant one of his closest advisers, Cardinal George Pell of Australia, a leave of absence from the Vatican to answer multiple charges of sexual assault in Melbourne.


George Pell dismantled in 'Cardinal'

Cardinal: The Rise & Fall of George Pell
Louise Milligan
Melbourne University Press, 2017
384 pages
The Vatican Treasurer, George Pell, could turn out to be the Lance Armstrong of the Australian Catholic Church.
Like Armstrong, the world’s former top cyclist who furiously denied being a drug cheat until he was eventually rumbled by dogged investigative journalists. Pell, Australia’s top Catholic, has maintained his innocence in the face of mounting allegations that he covered up an epidemic of sexual abuse of children by Australian Catholic priests.
He has now been charged with such crimes himself.


Cardinal: The story of abuse, cover-up and arrogance in the Catholic Church

A Prince of the Roman Curia is facing serious charges relating to historic child sex offences — but the Doc can’t talk about that. Instead he has reviewed a recent book after stumbling on a copy left on his doorstep in a brown paper bag.
AFTER READING Louise Milligan’s book, Cardinal: The rise and fall of George Pell, I can only thank God that I was brought up atheist and not Catholic. I bought my copy a week ago and read it over a few days. It was hard going in parts, but worth it. I have been following the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, but did not retain all the details. Now they are seared into my mind.


Thursday, 6 July 2017

A former Hamilton Marist Brother will be sentenced in November for making child abuse material

Joanne McCarthy
5 Jul 2017
A FORMER Hamilton Marist Brother whose contact details appeared on the Marist Schools Australia website, despite him being a convicted child sex offender, has pleaded guilty to child pornography offences.
Brother Terry Gilsenan, 61, was charged with five counts of making child abuse material in March, 2016, nine months after a complaint from Hunter victims’ advocacy group, Clergy Abuse Network, and questions from the Newcastle Herald about his prominent position on the website.
He will be sentenced in November.


ROMAN ORGY Vatican police ‘broke up gay orgy in leading cardinal’s apartment owned by the church’s sexual abuse taskforce’

By Jon Lockett
5th July 2017
THE Vatican police reportedly broke up a gay orgy in an apartment belonging to the department charged with tackling sexual abuse within the church.
The occupant of the flat – in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – is said to be a secretary of Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio – a key adviser to the Pope.
The cardinal is reported to have recommended his aide at one stage for promotion to the rank of bishop.
However, those career plans are likely to be disrupted by news of the orgy and by a period spent recovering from a drug overdose in a Rome hospital and another in an Italian monastery.


Monday, 3 July 2017

Letter from Rome

Cardinal George Pell’s time at the Vatican is over.
You can bet the Holy See’s huge financial and real estate assets that, de facto, he is finished as Prefect of the Secretariat of the Economy, the office that monitors those vast resources.
Pope Francis granted Pell an extended “leave” from his Vatican post this past Wednesday so the cardinal could return to his native Australia and face “multiple charges in respect of historic sexual abuse.”
The cardinal must appear before Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 26 when it is expected that the exact nature of the abuse charges will be made public.
Accusations against the cardinal have circulated for many years but they have never stuck. Pell has always insisted on his innocence and this past week vowed to clear his name in what he’s called a “relentless character assassination.” Evidently, he’s hired Melbourne barrister Robert Richter, known as a “standout celebrity criminal advocate,” to defend him.


Sunday, 2 July 2017

Mother and Baby Home survivors call for State redress

Mother and Baby Homes survivors say the Commission of Investigation has failed to reveal the true horrors of the State-run institutions thus far.
At a meeting in the Westin Hotel this morning, up to 120 people called on the Government to reveal the truth behind what was endured by the unmarried mothers and their children who were put in these homes.
The meeting was called by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone with two primary goals; to identify how the government can help those who were left unaccompanied in institutions; to consult with those affected; and bring proposals to Government before summer recess on July 14.



Kangaroo Court of Australia
In 1997 Cardinal George Pell said to the parents of abuse victims who were whistleblowing on 5 paedophile priests: “We won’t believe any of this. It’s all gossip until it’s proven in court”. It’s one of many examples of George Pell covering up for paedophile priests over many years with some saying he was involved in the cover-ups as far back at the 1970’s. So, it no surprise that Cardinal Pell himself has been charged.


Too many enemies are basking in George Pell’s situation

THE nasty triumphalism which greeted news last week that Cardinal George Pell had been charged by Victoria Police, over historical sexual abuse allegations, beggars belief.
Typical was Fairfax columnist Peter FitzSimons who called on Pell to step down “until such times as he proves innocence”.
Fitz doesn’t seem to understand that our criminal justice system is built on the presumption of ­innocence.
Not that such niceties prevented another Fairfax scribe, Barney Zwartz, to declare yesterday that Pell has “authored his own tragedy (with) his failures of empathy and compassion, his inability to look victims of abuse in the eye, his efforts to limit damage to the church”.
With Pell, the rules of fair play are out the window. All the considerable sins of the Church have been laid at his feet in this hysterical media witch-hunt.


Charging the cardinal is a tiny part of the story

I genuinely have no firm view as to the likely guilt or innocence of Cardinal George Pell on the grave charges of child sexual abuse levelled against him, and do not seek to pre-judge the legal process in any way.
But whatever happens in his particular case, it is worth noting the accolades coming Australia's way for the fact that the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse begun by the Gillard government has accomplished so much in turning a much-needed spotlight onto the horrors of rampant sexual abuse by the Catholic clergy over the decades.



VATICAN CITY (AP) -- The Latest on the Catholic Church's sex abuse crisis (all times local):
9 p.m.
Pope Francis sacked the head of the Vatican office that handles sex abuse cases just days after he released another top Vatican cardinal to return home to stand trial for alleged sexual assault.
The developments underscore how the Catholic Church's sex abuse crisis has caught up with Francis, threatening to tarnish his legacy over a series of questionable appointments and decisions in his four-year papacy.
Francis on Saturday declined to renew the mandate of German Cardinal Gerhard Mueller as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican office that processes and evaluates all cases of priests accused of raping or molesting minors.


Court hears of horrific sexual abuse by former Christian Brother on fifth class boys

A JUDGE HAS described the effects of depraved sexual attacks on fifth class boys by their teacher as a “nuclear fallout” for the victims and their families.
Judge Tom O’Donnell said he was adjourning sentencing former Christian Brother James Treacy (75) to consider “extremely profound” impact statements read into evidence today by some Treacy’s victims.
It was heard that, in one attack, after catching the boy smoking in the school toilet, Treacy gagged him with a bar of soap, anally raped him over a urinal, and burnt his privates with a cigarette.
Another victim described in chilling detail how Treacy ran a “military style” class, and would “lick” the boys ears clean if they had forgotten to wash them.


Saturday, 1 July 2017

How Cardinal Pell Rose to Power, Trailed by a Cloud of Scandal

SYDNEY — When more than a dozen sexual abuse victims from Cardinal George Pell’s hometown in Australia, Ballarat, flew to Rome to meet with him last year, they carried crushing stories of pain caused by local priests, and varied demands for Vatican action.
As they spoke, the victims said, Cardinal Pell remained stiff, eyes downcast. Then Andrew Collins, whose family had been close to Cardinal Pell for years, gave him a hug. The cardinal seemed to soften and later delivered an emotional statement promising to help.


Anti-Catholic posters appear in Rome

A series of anonymous anti-Catholic posters has appeared in Rome a day after Cardinal George Pell was charged by Victorian police with historical sexual offences.
The posters in the central Trastavere neighbourhooed feature blasphemous and sexually explicit images and showed up behind glass cases in official tram stop advertising spaces, suggesting they were not unauthorised.
One showed a Christ-like figure with his hand on the head of a kneeling boy, with an erection showing through his vest. Distorting a Latin quote from the Bible, it bore the inscription: "Ecce Homo - Erectus."


Cardinal George Pell hires top criminal barrister who represented underworld figures and murderers - as he prepares to return to Australia to fight historic sex charges

  • Cardinal George Pell has hired top criminal barrister Robert Richter
  • Mr Richter has defended Melbourne underworld-linked figure Mick Gatto
  • Victorian Police have charged the cardinal with multiple sex offences 
  • Cardinal George Pell has hired top criminal barrister Robert Richter, QC, to help defend him on charges of historical sexual charges and will reportedly be at a Melbourne court on July 26 for a scheduled hearing.