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Friday, 30 June 2017

The Pope’s Pedophile?

By Andrew Sullivan
Well into Pope Francis’s pontificate, one of his closest aides, the third-highest official in the Catholic Church, Cardinal George Pell, has now been credibly accused of several acts of sexual assault, including one of rape. Australian police have concluded that the evidence they have is sufficient to move forward, even in cases that happened long ago. Yesterday, Pell was allowed to hold his own press conference at the Vatican to tell us that he spoke with the Pope only a few days ago about a campaign of “character assassination” against him: “I’m very grateful to the Holy Father for giving me this leave to return to Australia.” The Pope’s spokesperson defended the Cardinal by saying that “it is important to recall that Cardinal Pell has openly and repeatedly condemned as important and intolerable acts of abuse committed against minors.” And, of course, we should respect a presumption of innocence before a trial on crimes of this magnitude and depravity.


Clerical abuse survivor says Pell leave "comes too late

ROME, June 30 (Xinhua) -- Clergy sexual abuse survivor Marie Collins told Italian newspaper La Repubblica in an interview Friday that the placing on leave of Cardinal George Pell, a senior adviser to Pope Francis, had "come too late."
The Pope placed Pell on leave Thursday, after the Cardinal announced at a Vatican press conference that he was leaving to fight sexual assault charges in Australia.
In an official statement, the Vatican Press Office said Thursday that the Vatican "has learned with regret the news of charges filed in Australia against Card. George Pell for decades-old actions that have been attributed to him."


Guide to the Pell Case: What processes has he faced and what are the accusations?

Cardinal George Pell gave a press conference in the Vatican before traveling to Australia, where he is due to testify on July 18 since he is accused of alleged sexual abuse. The cardinal explained that it is a crime that he abhors and has vigorously denied the accusations.
Prefect, Secretariat for the Economy
"These matters have been under investigation and now for two years. There have been leaks to the media. There has been relentless character assassination. I'm innocent of these charges. They are false. The whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me."


Cardinal Müller to Be Dismissed?

Reports say prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith will not have his five year mandate renewed on Sunday.
Edward Pentin
Three Vatican sources, including one close to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, have told the Register this evening that Cardinal Gerhard Müller is to be imminently dismissed as prefect of the dicastery, although the Vatican itself has not officially confirmed the news.
If true, an announcement is likely tomorrow.


Are Catholic Clergy more Likely to Be Paedophiles than the General Public?

This is a question that has been kicking around ever since the child sex abuse scandal involving the Catholic church came to the fore. In around 2010, loads of articles came out, citing some data, that the priesthood was broadly in line with national averages, some people claimed it was actually worse in Protestant churches/organisations, and many claiming (as a result) that this was not a Catholic problem per se, and that other denominations rate the same.
The reality could be, as Andrew Brown surmised, that the notoriety of the scandal and public perception might be skewed because of the institutional cover-up of the Catholic church. Let’s have a brief look.


George Pell highlights the Vatican's failure to act

Sexual abuse charges against Cardinal George Pell have been a long time coming.
He has been charged with multiple historical sexual abuse offences, which he will face in a Melbourne court next month.
Pell is Australia's most senior Catholic and the third ranking official at the Vatican.
Boston Globe investigative reporter Michael Rezendes told Rachel Smalley it comes as no surprise.
"This is the direct result of the Vatican's failure to come to grips with this issue. After all it's been 15 years more than 15 years since my colleagues and I on the Boston Globe broke this story."


Archbishop Philip Wilson will face a two-week hearing in November on a conceal crime charge

Joanne McCarthy
30 Jun 2017
ARCHBISHOP Philip Wilson – the most senior Catholic cleric in the world to be charged with concealing the child sex offences of another priest – will face a two-week hearing in November.
Newcastle Local Court magistrate Ian Cheetham confirmed the November 27 special fixture hearing at Newcastle during a brief mention on Friday.
The matter is expected to be heard by a Hunter magistrate brought in for the hearing.
Confirmation of the date followed three unsuccessful appeals by Archbishop Wilson to have the charge against him quashed or permanently stayed.
He was charged in March, 2015 with failing to report information he knew or believed about Hunter priest James Fletcher to police between April 2004, when Fletcher was charged with child sex offences, and 2006 when Fletcher died in jail after his conviction.



Marie Collins
Cardinal Pell.is facing criminal charges of sex abuse in his home country of Australia.
I have been asked if I think he will be found guilty of these charges. As I have always believed in justice for all it would not be right for me to pre judge any criminal case before it is tried in a court, the law will take it's course.
What I have no hesitation in saying is that it has been proved that Cardinal Pell is guilty of the appalling mishandling of cases of abuse when still in place in Australia and causing untold pain to the victims in those cases. He should never have been allowed to hide out in the Vatican to avoid having to face those in his home country who needed answers.


Peter Saunders on the George Pell charges

LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Peter Saunders is a member of the Papal Child Abuse Commission. It advises the Catholic Church on how to better deal with abuse allegations and victims.
To give us a bit more context about this issue within the church and the significance of the Pell charges, Peter Saunders joined me from London.
Peter Saunders, a priest being charged with sexual offences is nothing unique. Why is this case making such an impact?
PETER SAUNDERS, VICTIM ADVOCATE: I think this is a massive story because there has certainly has never been anybody of the seniority and the position within the Vatican having been charged before, so this is huge and unlike many other places around the world where there have been accusations against very senior clerics, but the power of the church, sometimes the local or the corruption of local politicians and, of course, the power of money, has resulted in clerics not actually being charged, which is an outrage and I can give examples, but I think credit to Australia and to the Victoria Police for doing their job.


Cardinal George Pell in hiding as Vatican opponents move to exploit his sex offence charges

Ellen Whinnett in Vatican City, News Corp Australia Network
CARDINAL George Pell has gone to ground, disappearing from his apartment outside the walls of the Vatican as he prepares to return to Australia to fight sex offence charges levelled against him.
The 76-year-old has not been seen at his apartment since he issued a press statement on Thursday morning confirming he would return to Australia in order to clear his name in court.
While staff came and went throughout Thursday and into Friday morning, there was no sign of Cardinal Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic, prompting speculation he had moved into a temporary apartment inside the walls of the Vatican, or even to one of the country retreats owned by the church.


ANALYSIS: Charges against Cardinal Pell bring taint of abuse to the top of the Catholic Church

Australia's move to bring sexual assault charges against Cardinal George Pell is the latest chapter in a damaging saga of abuse that the Catholic church has struggled to draw a line under.
Pell has been ordered to appear on July 18th before a Melbourne judge to answer unspecified multiple counts arising from his country's extensive inquiry into decades of abuse in institutions dealing with children.
The 76-year-old is the most senior cleric yet to be directly implicated in a multi-faceted scandal that has plagued the Church for decades but has never before come so close to its highest ranks.


The photo George Pell lived to regret: Picture shows the accused cardinal walking side-by-side with Australia's most notorious paedophile priest

  • Controversial photo pictures George Pell with notorious paedophile priest
  • Image shows the cardinal supporting disgraced paedophile Gerald Ridsdale
  • Pell later became scapegoat for Catholic Church clergy sex abuse crisis 
  • Australian police have now charged Pell with 'historic sexual assault offences'
  • Cardinal Pell has vehemently denied the allegations
    The photograph was striking.
    There was George Pell, then an auxiliary bishop, walking side-by-side into court with Gerald Ridsdale, the man later found to be Australia's worst paedophile priest.

Vatican Sex Abuse Scandal Reveals Blind Spot for Francis

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis came to power promising not only to create a more inclusive church and to clean up an ossified Vatican bureaucracy, but also to remove the stain of child sex abuse.
A global pedophilia scandal plagued his two immediate processors. With Francis’s election in 2013, many expected progress. Francis talked about powerful committees to safeguard children, tribunals to try bishops and a “zero tolerance” policy for offending priests.
It hasn’t exactly worked out that way.


George Pell: How Italian media reacted to the historical sexual offence charges

The charges against George Pell over historical sexual offences are heavily covered in Italian media, with one news outlet also labelling Australia a "paradise of orcs" with a dubious record on sexual abuse.


Gelzinis: Cardinal O’Malley urged to speak up on abuse

Did cops in Australia take more decisive steps to address alleged sex abuse by the hand of a top Vatican prelate, Cardinal George Pell, than either Pope Francis, or Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley?
Anne Barrett Doyle of Milton, founder of Bishop­Accountability.org, believes they did.
“Accountablity is happening,” Doyle told me yesterday. “The problem is, it’s happening outside the church at the hands of civil authorities looking to solve a crime and secure some justice.


Cardinal George Pell: Charges of historical sex offences will define Vatican official's legacy

Five years ago, the news that Australia's most famous Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, was to be charged with historical sex offences would have been like a tsunami inside the church. Not now.
Today the mood is numbed acceptance, the feeling that this is the inevitable last act in the drama of a man who authored his own tragedy.


Thursday, 29 June 2017

Cardinal Pell vows to fight historical sexual assault charges

Cardinal George Pell has spoken from Vatican City after Victoria Police laid multiple charges over alleged historical sexual assault offences.
Cardinal George Pell has vowed to return to Australia to fight historical sexual assault allegations, saying: "I'm innocent of these charges – they are false".
Speaking from the Vatican after Victoria Police announced Cardinal Pell would be summonsed on multiple charges, Australia's most senior Catholic said he was the victim of a "relentless character assassination".
He revealed he has been granted a leave of absence by Pope Francis from his duties within the Vatican's Secretariat for the Economy to return to Australia in an attempt to clear his name.


Cardinal George Pell’s sex-assault charges will ripple through the Vatican

It couldn’t have happened at a more inauspicious time: on the very day when Pope Francis is celebrating with his most recently “created” cardinals and his newly appointed Metropolitan Archbishops in Rome, news came that his Prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy, Cardinal George Pell, has been charged with multiple counts of historical sexual assault by police in the Australian state of Victoria.


Cardinal Pell may never return to the Vatican if he returns to Australia

Cardinal George Pell may never return to the Vatican after he travels to Australia to fight historical sexual assault charges.
The 76-year-old was charged by Victoria Police yesterday with multiple historical sexual assault offences involving multiple complainants
Pope Francis has granted Cardinal Pell, who as Vatican treasurer is considered the third most powerful person in the Catholic Church, a leave of absence to return to Australia to defend himself.


Cardinal George Pell's legal bills won't be paid by Sydney Archdiocese, Archbishop says

The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney says it will not pay its former archbishop Cardinal George Pell's legal costs as he returns to Australia to face historical charges of alleged sexual assault.
Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher described Pell — his predecessor in the Archdiocese — as a man of "integrity… high faith and high ideals, a thoroughly decent man".
"While the Archdiocese will assist with the Cardinal's accommodation and support as it would for any of its bishops or priests, it is not responsible for the Cardinal's legal bills arising from these matters."


Cardinal George Pell denies sex offense accusations: Church sex abuse by the numbers

Cardinal George Pell says he is taking a leave of absence as the Vatican's finance czar after Australian police charged him with multiple counts of "historical" sexual assault. Pell says he's going back to Australia to fight the charges. AP
The Catholic Church's decades-long sex abuse scandal inched closer to the Vatican on Thursday, when Australian officials charged Pope Francis' chief financial adviser with sexual offenses.
The case of Cardinal George Pell sheds more light on the ongoing crisis involving thousands of allegations, accused priests and millions if not billions in legal settlements.


Archbishops in shock as Pell charged

Archbishops across Australia have expressed shock after Cardinal George Pell, a man they laud for his "integrity", was charged with historical sexual abuse.
Cardinal Pell, the Vatican's 76-year-old finance chief, was charged by summons on Thursday with several historical offences.
The accused cardinal announced he would fly back to Victoria to clear his name.
Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher, who succeeded Cardinal Pell in the role and has known him for almost three decades, says he's shocked to hear about the charges against the "honest man".
"The George Pell I know is a man of integrity in his dealings with others, a man of faith and high ideals, a thoroughly decent man," Archbishop Fisher said in a statement.


Marie Collins: Cardinal Pell's leave from Vatican service comes 'far too late'

A former member of Pope Francis' commission on clergy sexual abuse has responded to news that Australian police are pursuing charges against Vatican financial chief Cardinal George Pell over allegations of historic sexual abuse against minors.
Marie Collins, an Irish clergy abuse survivor, said she will not pre-judge Pell's guilt or innocence regarding the charges against him. But she said Francis should not have appointed the cardinal the prefect of the new Secretariat of the Economy in 2014.


The Latest: Support Group Applauds Charges Against Cardinal

SYDNEY (AP) — The Latest on Vatican Cardinal George Pell being charged with sex offenses in Australia (all times local):
1:30 p.m.
An Australian support group for adult survivors of childhood abuse is applauding the decision by Australian police to charge a key Vatican aide with sexual assault.
Pam Stavropoulos, head of research at the Blue Knot Foundation, said on Thursday that the charges filed against Cardinal George Pell send a "powerful message" to both survivors of child sexual abuse and society as a whole. Stavropoulos says the filing of the charges shows that no one is above the law.


George Pell profile: the pope's Australian hardman faces the fight of his life

David Marr
Thursday 29 June 2017
A bright kid from an Australian bush town, George Pell kept his nose clean as he rose through the ranks to become chief of the Vatican’s finances. Despite a notably hard heart he was always a valuable asset to the church as a fearless conservative ideologue and a fine administrator.
Young Pell was plucked from Australia to train in Rome and at Oxford for the big career that was always beckoning. He returned to serve briefly and unhappily in a remote parish on the Murray before being brought into the heart of the diocese of Ballarat which in those years was a hell of child abuse.


Charging of Cardinal George Pell on multiple historical sexual assault offences shocks parish

The charging of Cardinal George Pell on multiple historical sexual assault offences is “catastrophic” for the Catholic Church, says a longtime Goulburn parishioner.
Bob Stephens has attended Saints Peter and Paul’s Cathedral Masses for the past 65 years. He also serves on the Cathedral’s restoration committee.
He was shocked to hear that police had charged Cardinal Pell on Wednesday. The Rome-based former Archbishop of Sydney is due to appear before Melbourne Magistrate’s Court on July 18.
“It’s catastrophic for the church but this has to run its course. I believe he’ll cooperate,” Mr Stephens said.
“If he’s guilty, he has to go down with the rest of them. No one is exempt from this.”


Pell Paints Himself as Victim: But "George Thought Men Had to Be Men and That Pansies Belonged in the Garden" — Homophobic Backdrop to Pell Story

Pell says he's the victim of a witch hunt.
It's always about them, for these fellows, isn't it? It's never about those who come forward courageously with painful reports about their abuse.
It's always the leaders of the Catholic church who are the victims. It's always the white Christians who run things in many cultures who are being persecuted, oppressed, marginalized.
The defensive I-am-the-victim response is ingrained in their DNA, as is the ravenous need to cast some hapless victims as the enemies of the church and of Christianity, enemies to be stigmatized, squelched, eradicated so that the church can demonstrate its muscle and feel better about itself.


It’s the end of the road for George Pell, Vatican insiders say

Vatican insiders are already ­preparing to pension off George Pell, regardless of the ­outcome of any court case on historic sex ­offences.
The Australian has been told it is very unlikely Cardinal Pell will return to Rome in his high-profile role managing Vatican finances because the Pope, while supportive of Cardinal Pell, is seeking to fend off his harshest critics and minimise reputational damage.
Cardinal Pell emphatically claimed to have been subjected to a relentless character assassination, referring to media reports in Australia, but he has not enjoyed blanket support from within cardinal circles at the Vatican.


The Incidents Of Sexual Abuse Of Children Around The World By The Members Of Catholic Church

Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s highest ranking Catholic and third-highest ranking member in the Catholic Church, has been charged with historical sex offences.
The sexual abuse of minors by members of the Catholic Church is an open secret. For decades, priests and nuns have been sexually abusing minors – some as young as three years old.
Over time, after victims came out to accuse the perpetrators in public and thanks to the investigative reporting of various newspapers around the world, it became clear that child abuse in the Church was not only widespread, it was also organised and well-known to senior members of the clergy.


Top papal advisor Cardinal Pell takes leave following abuse charges

Cardinal George Pell – a key papal advisor and the most senior figure in the Australian Catholic Church – has been charged over historic allegations of child sex abuse.
Pell, 76 has taken leave following the seismic accusations; Australian police said there were multiple complainants making multiple allegations against the cardinal, according to The Telegraph.


Joanne McCarthy: A 'momentous day' as George Pell now has a case to answer

The Catholic Church's sexual abuse crisis was always going to peak at the Vatican. The only surprise is it was an Australian who took it there.
Then again, we're the only country in the world that's held a national Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


Statement from George Pell after announcement of charges by Victoria Police

These matters have been under investigation now for nearly two years.
There have been leaks to the media, relentless character assassination and, for more than a month, claims that a decision on laying charges is "imminent".


Tim Minchin’s Cardinal Pell song goes viral in wake of sexual abuse charges

The song was highly controversial when it was released last year in the midst of the investigation to accusations of sexual abuse linked to Cardinal George Pell and now the Tim Minchin track has gone viral again because the priest is now actually coming home.
The singer wrote Come Home (Cardinal Pell) after the 74-year-old appeared via video link from Italy during investigations by the Royal Commissioner last year instead of returning to Australia.


SYDNEY (AP) -- The Latest on Vatican Cardinal George Pell being charged with sex offenses in Australia (all times local):
11:35 a.m.
The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney says Vatican Cardinal George Pell will return to Australia to fight sexual assault charges as soon as possible.
The archdiocese statement released on his behalf said Pell "again strenuously denied all allegations" against him.
Victoria state police said earlier Thursday that Pell was being summonsed to face multiple charges of "historical sexual offenses," meaning offenses that generally occurred some time ago. Pell was ordered to appear in court on July 18.


Australian Cardinal and Aide to Pope Is Charged With Sexual Assault

JUNE 28, 2017
SYDNEY, Australia — Australia’s senior Roman Catholic prelate, and one of Pope Francis’ top advisers, has been charged with sexual assault, the police in the Australian state of Victoria said on Thursday.
The prelate, Cardinal George Pell, became the highest-ranking Vatican official in recent years to face criminal charges involving accusations of sexual offenses. The case will test the credibility of Francis’ initiatives to foster greater accountability after abuse scandals that have shaken the church around the world.


Top Papal Adviser Charged With Sexual Assault in Blow to Vatican

By Byron Kaye and Philip Pullella
SYDNEY/VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Australian police charged a top adviser to Pope Francis with multiple historical sex crimes on Thursday, in a case that poses a dilemma for the pontiff who has vowed no tolerance for such offences.
Cardinal George Pell is the Vatican's de facto treasury minister and is the highest-ranking Vatican official to be charged with sexual abuse.
He faces "multiple charges in respect of historic sexual offences" from multiple complainants, said police in the Australian state of Victoria, where Pell was a country priest in the 1970s.


Cardinal Pell will re-appear in Australia "if possible"

By a Broken Rites researcher, article updated 29 June 2017
According to legal experts, Australian civil authorities cannot force Cardinal George Pell to re-visit Australia to face court on child-abuse criminal charges. As Pell is now a senior official in the Vatican State, he might have diplomatic immunity, protecting him from being extradited to Australia, the lawyers say. However, on 29 June 2017 a church media statement said that, despite his "health problems", Pell will appear in court voluntarily if his medical doctors allow him to do so.
Sydney lawyer David Shoebridge, who is a member of the New South Wales state parliament, has written (in an article in Australia's Newcastle Herald on 20 February 2017):


Cardinal George Pell allegedly sexually abused cathedral choirboys, book claims

Explosive claims of child sex abuse have been levelled against Australia's highest-ranking Catholic official, Cardinal George Pell.
A soon-to-be-released book about Cardinal Pell contains detailed claims that he sexually abused two choirboys at St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne in the late 1990s.


Clergy sexual abuse victims call for Cardinal George Pell to be stood down in wake of charges

Clergy sexual abuse victims have called for Cardinal George Pell to be immediately stood down from his powerful Vatican post in the wake of historical sexual abuse charges being laid against him.
Victoria Police has confirmed Cardinal Pell, has been charged on summons over multiple allegations against multiple victims and is due to face Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 18 for a filing hearing.


Australian police charge top Vatican official Cardinal George Pell with historical sex offences

Pell is the highest-ranked Vatican official to be charged for sex offenses.

Australia's highest Catholic and chief financial adviser to Pope Francis, Cardinal George Pell, is to be charged with historical sex offences, Australian police say.
In the Catholic Church's long running sex abuse scandal, Pell will be the highest Vatican official ever to be charged.
Victoria State Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton told a news conference: "Cardinal Pell has been charged on summons and he's required to appear at Melbourne Magistrates Court on the 18th of July this year for a filing hearing."


Cardinal George Pell is CHARGED with 'multiple' sex offences and ordered to appear in a Melbourne court - but he 'strenuously denies all charges' and vows to clear his name

  • Cardinal George Pell has been charged with historic sex offences
  • The third most senior cardinal in the Catholic Church has been summonsed   
  • Pell has been living in Rome while he has been in charge of the Vatican's finances
  • Australia has no extradition agreement with the Vatican so Pell could decline
  • Pell has denied all allegations and has vowed to return to fight the charges
The Pope's finance chief and third most senior cardinal in the Catholic Church has been charged with historic sex offences.
In revelations that have rocked the Vatican, Australian Cardinal George Pell has been ordered to to face a court in Melbourne in three weeks.
There is no extradition agreement between the Vatican and Australia, but Cardinal Pell, 76, has already vowed to return to fight the charges.
He is the highest-ranking official to be charged in the sex abuse scandal that has dogged the Catholic Church for years. 
Pope Francis is yet to comment on the charges. 

A church report contains allegations about George Pell abusing an altar boy in 1961-62

Australia's Catholic Church hierarchy received a complaint in 2002 that a trainee priest (George Pell) had sexually abused a twelve-year-old altar boy (named Phil) in 1961-62 at a holiday camp for boys on Phillip Island, south-east of Melbourne. According to a church document, Phil has alleged that, on several occasions, the trainee priest George (then about 20) thrust his hand down the inside of Phil's pants and got "a good handful" of the boy's penis and testicles; and, on other occasions, George allegedly tried to guide the boy's hand into the front of George Pell's pants. By the year 2000, when Phil was aged 50, he realised (from television news footage) that the trainee priest George had risen to become an Archbishop


Who is Australian Catholic Cardinal George Pell?

Australia's most senior Roman Catholic cleric, George Pell, has been a strong supporter of traditional Catholic values, taking a conservative stance on same-sex marriage and contraception, and advocating priestly celibacy.
But his career has been dogged first by claims that he covered up child sexual abuse by priests, and then later that he was himself an abuser. He has always strongly denied any wrongdoing.


Cardinal George Pell 'looking forward to his day in court' following historic sex abuse charges

Cardinal Pell said he is "looking forward to his day in court" and confirmed he will return to Australia to "vigorously deny" several charges of historical sex abuse.Cardinal Pell said he is "looking forward to his day in court" and confirmed he will return to Australia to "vigorously deny" several charges of historical sex abuse.Cardinal Pell said he is "looking forward to his day in court" and confirmed he will return to Australia to "vigorously deny" several charges of historical sex abuse.


Cardinal George Pell charged with historical sex offences

Cardinal George Pell, Australia's highest ranking Catholic, has been charged with historical sex offences.

Victoria Police has confirmed Cardinal Pell has been charged on summons over multiple allegations and is due to face Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 18 for a filing hearing.
A statement from the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney said Cardinal Pell had been informed of Victoria Police's "decision and action".


George Pell, Catholic cardinal, charged with historical sexual assault offences

Cardinal George Pell says he is looking forward to his day in court after being charged with historical sexual assault offences.

Australia's most senior Catholic cleric has been ordered to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on July 18, after Victoria Police served charges on his legal representatives.
"Cardinal Pell will return to Australia, as soon as possible, to clear his name following advice and approval by his doctors, who will also advise on his travel arrangements," a statement released by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney said.


Cardinal George Pell charged with multiple sexual offences

Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic and the third-ranking official in the Vatican, has been charged with multiple sexual offences by police.
The charges were served on Pell’s legal representatives in Melbourne on Thursday and they have been lodged also at Melbourne magistrates court. He will appear at the court on 18 July.
“Cardinal Pell is facing multiple charges … and there are multiple complainants,” Victoria police’s deputy commissioner Shane Patton said. The charges were “historical sexual assault offences”.


Monday, 12 June 2017

Catholic Church sent paedophile priests away 'for them to be fixed': Prosecutors turned blind eye to abuse

The Catholic Church in Scotland has admitted it made a 'huge mistake' by sending paedophile priests away to be 'fixed' rather than prosecuting them.
A senior cleric said yesterday that abuse was seen as a 'sin' and the church focused more on 'treating' child molesters than on helping their young victims.
He said there were occasions when prosecutors turned a blind eye and agreed not to bring charges on the condition abusers received therapy, with their crimes seen as a 'moral fault that could be fixed by prayer and retreat'.

Archbishop Philip Wilson to step aside from duties to prepare trial defence

Philip Wilson, archbishop of Adelaide, is preparing to step aside from his duties after the New South Wales court of appeal unanimously dismissed his latest attempt to have a charge of failing to report child abuse quashed.


One year later: still waiting for the Vatican policy on negligent bishops

The new motu proprio is entitled Come una Madre Amorevole, but it might just as well have been named “And This Time We Really Mean It.” The papal document does not (despite what you might have read in the headlines) create a policy for removing bishops who neglect evidence of sexual abuse. The Code of Canon Law already provided for the removal of bishops “for grave causes.” The new motu proprio only clarifies the process for ousting a bishop, and states clearly what everyone should already know: that failure to curtail sexual abuse of minors by clerics is a “grave cause.”


'His legacy was pushing justice': Thousands of loved ones gather at state funeral for father-of-two who campaigned tirelessly against the Catholic church after his daughters were raped by a priest

St Stanislaus College, Bathurst closes the door on the media

IT was bad timing for St Stanislaus College at Bathurst in February, when one of its most notorious teacher/priests, Brian Spillane, was sentenced for terrible sex crimes against students only days before the college marked its 150th anniversary.
In a statement after the sentencing the college acknowledged it was “deeply sorry” for what Spillane’s victims experienced at the Vincentian school.
“The abuse they experienced was a failure by this staff member to fulfil the college mission of proclaiming the Gospel in the spirit of St Vincent de Paul and to open them to God’s loving presence in their lives,” the statement said.