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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Newcastle royal commission public hearing to reveal widespread abuse in Anglican diocese

MEN and women involved with Newcastle Anglican diocese’s St Alban’s Children’s Home knew children were being sexually abused, the royal commission will hear.
A public hearing starting on Tuesday is expected to hear evidence that a woman walked into a room more than once where a child was being sexually abused by men, but turned and left the room.


Vatican representative vows to move city from “evil past”

THE first Vatican representative to meet with clergy abuse survivors on Ballarat soil has vowed to do all humanly possible to help move the city forward from its “evil” past.
 President of the commission for child protection of the Gregorian University Father Hans Zollner vowed to continue to work with survivors deeply affected by the scourge of abuses.
His words comes days after alleged victims of Cardinal George Pell claimed he groped their genitals in the 1970s.


Cardinal George Pell’s trial by media achieves justice for no one

Just when you think the demonisation of Cardinal George Pell can’t get any worse, it does. And with every allegation, as flimsy and contagious as they are, comes the damaging insinuation that where there’s smoke there’s fire.
 The fanfare around ABC’s 7.30 program last week would make you think Pell has been accused of the most heinous crimes, that he is the master paedophile sitting atop the global paedophile ring that is the Catholic Church.


John Pirona's death was the catalyst for a royal commission

FOUR years ago the suicide of Belmont North child sexual abuse victim John Pirona was the catalyst for a royal commission.
On Tuesday the first of back-to-back Hunter public hearings into the Anglican and Catholic churches starts - the 42nd and 43rd hearings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
It has held more than 5500 private sessions with survivors, taken more than 31,000 calls and received more than 18,000 letters and emails. It has referred more than 1600 matters to authorities including the police, leading to prosecutions and investigations across Australia.


Saturday, 30 July 2016

Parents demand George Pell portrait is taken off Mentone school hall

Parents at a Catholic primary school in Mentone are agitating to have a portrait of Cardinal George Pell removed from their school hall after allegations of sexual abuse emerged against the priest recently.
On Wednesday night, ABC's 7.30 aired detailed allegations made by former students of St Alipius primary school in Ballarat, who alleged Cardinal Pell would play with them in the swimming pool and molest them by touching their genitals under water.


Friday, 29 July 2016

Media Watch Dog: The ABC/Spigelman court for instant ‘justice’

What a stunning performance by ABC reporter Louise Milligan on 7.30 last night.
On Wednesday, the powers-that-be at the taxpayer funded public broadcaster decided to devote the entire 30 minutes of 7.30 to allegations about what George Pell did between four and three decades ago in Ballarat and Torquay respectively. Cardinal Pell declined to be interviewed for the hatchet job and 7.30 — according to what an ABC spokesperson has told MWD — decided not to let anyone speak in his defence.


Leaks add a bitter flavour to allegations against Cardinal Pell

Wednesday night’s 7.30 program on ABC television carried allegations against Cardinal George Pell that, if true, are devastating: life-ruining for victims such as Damian Dignan and Lyndon Monument; confronting for all citizens committed to the wellbeing of children; and earth-shattering for Catholics who still have faith in their church. The ABC report is also troubling for those of us concerned about due process and the rule of law.
With the benefit of hindsight, we can all say it would have been better if onlookers such as Les Tyack in the Torquay Surf Club — claiming to have credible evidence of unseemly behaviour by an adult such as Pell towards children — went to the police promptly rather than waiting 30 years. As it was put on 7.30, “One summer day, (Tyack) says he witnessed a strange incident, so strange it later compelled him to go to police.” The incident is alleged to have occurred in the mid-1980s.


WA Marist brother accused of assaulting boy, 10

A FORMER Marist brother has been charged over the alleged indecent assault of a 10-year-old boy at a WA primary school.
Police will allege the man, now 73, was employed as a teacher when he indecently assaulted the boy for the first time in 1982.
He was arrested by Rockingham Detectives and charged with two counts of indecent treatment of a child under 14 years of age.
The man is due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on July 29.


Cardinal George Pell won’t be asked to stand down from Vatican post, church insiders say

CARDINAL George Pell will not be asked to stand down from his powerful Vatican post while a police investigation into alleged child sex offences continues, church insiders say.
But the cardinal could be forced to step aside if the alleged abuse is reported to the church’s internal Towards Healing scheme.
There have been calls for the cardinal, who works closely with Pope Francis as the Vatican’s finance chief, to stand down this week following explosive allegations he fondled two boys while swimming with them in the 1970s.


George Pell at the Ballarat pool: 'Everything he did was done with a grandeur'

Cardinal George Pell was a larger-than-life figure at the Eureka pool in Ballarat through the summers of the late 1970s. This was when – it is now sensationally alleged – he sexually abused two boys in the pool.
"A big, strong, good-looking man," says Paul Tatchell​, a former mayor of Moorabool shire and himself a victim of rape by a notorious Catholic priest in Ballarat – Edward Dowlan​ – in the bad old days. Pell was on Richmond's reserves list to play footy 20 years before. He gave up sport for the church. But he had kept in shape.


Rape jokes about nuns, suggestions to read Lolita and seedy handwritten notes: How a sick priest groomed a girl, 15, for sex before driving her to the bush and assaulting her

  • Joan Isaacs, 63, was groomed and sexually assaulted by a chaplain at 15 
  • Francis Derriman faked a terminal illness to get sympathy from students
  • He told Ms Isaacs having sex with him would be the 'ultimate gift to God' 
  • Father Derriman was found guilty of two counts of indecent assault in 1998
  • Ms Isaacs said the Catholic Church failed her in the years after her abuse

'Cover-up culture' serves church poorly

REQUIREMENTS for celibacy and the exclusion of women from the priesthood were areas the Catholic Church could consider as it grapples with issues of child sexual abuse.
Former Dean of the North Coast Parish of the Catholic Church, John Dobson, speaking in the wake of the latest allegations levelled again Cardinal George Pell, said psychologists dealing with offending priests have raised issue with the benefits of enforced celibacy.
Father Dobson said once people were set up as direct representatives of God it opened a lot of doors to odd places.

Police must interview Pell

Jesuit priest and human rights lawyer Frank Brennan has called for Victoria Police to travel to Rome immediately to interview Ballarat’s Cardinal George Pell over allegations of child sexual abuse.
In an opinion piece for public affairs publication Eureka Street the outspoken priest said the whole saga wreaked of injustice and incompetent policing. He also called for the Victorian Government to take resolute action and demand Victoria Police chief commissioner Graham Ashton get to the bottom of the leaks.


There is one point where the Pell cheerleaders are right

Is there a more polarising figure in Australia than Cardinal George Pell?
His clipped speech, at times imperious language, and senior position in a church that failed lamentably to deal with paedophiles in its own ranks has left him detested by many.


Thursday, 28 July 2016

Cardinal George Pell child sex claims before public prosecutor

Victoria Police yesterday opened the door to charging Cardinal ­George Pell with child sex offences as senior Catholics stridently backed the faith’s third most senior figure amid a fresh wave of devastating publicity over alleged abuse.
Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton yesterday made clear that charging Cardinal Pell was a live option for the force after confirming the Office of Public Prosecutions was investigating multiple allegations against the Vatican’s Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy.
The Australian has seen no evidence in the public realm to support charges against Cardinal Pell and Mr Ashton has declared that the force will be guided by the ­direction of the OPP.


George Pell: Vatican unlikely to respond to child abuse allegations until police investigation complete, expert says

The Vatican is not likely to respond to child abuse allegations against Cardinal George Pell until the outcome of police investigations, according to a Vatican expert.
"The Vatican will want to wait and see how any investigation proceeds," Christopher Lamb, correspondent for Catholic journal The Tablet, told Lateline.
"I don't think they'll be taking any kind of actions or any steps before that legal process concludes."
Mr Lamb, currently in Krakov, Poland to cover World Youth Day, said the allegations against Cardinal Pell had "certainly been on the radar here".


Cardinal George Pell under police investigation for 1970s accusation he touched children’s genitals while in public pool

The Victoria Police sought advice from the Office of Public Prosecutions multiple allegations of child abuse against Australian Cardinal George Pell, the highest-ranked cleric in the country’s Catholic Church. The complaints include the cardinal allegedly touched the genitals of children in the late 1970s while in a Ballarat public pool.
The complainants are from Ballarat, Torquay and Melbourne who submitted eight statements from the alleged victims, witnesses and family members. Taskforce Sano is investigating the allegations, according to ABC’s “7:30” show aired on Wednesday.


Vatican treasurer investigated over child abuse claims

The Vatican’s treasurer is under investigation over claims he abused children, police announced today.
Cardinal George Pell is accused of multiple offences dating from the  Seventies to the Nineties in his home country Australia.
The cleric, one of the world’s most senior Catholics, branded the allegations a “scandalous smear campaign”.


Police investigate abuse allegations against Pope aide George Pell

Vatican finance chief George Pell is being investigated in relation to child abuse allegations. Police in his home country of Australia have been looking into allegations against the cardinal for more than a year.

Victoria state police confirmed on Thursday that they had referred the allegations of child abuse against the cardinal to the public prosecutor's office for advice on whether to press charges.
The allegations, dating from the 1970s to the 1990s, were detailed on Wednesday in an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) report which included interviews with alleged victims.


Pell 'exposed himself to boys in 1980s'

Les Tyack says he saw a naked George Pell expose himself to three young boys in the Torquay surf club changerooms in the late 1980s.
The businessman said he told his wife and some friends about the incident 15 years ago and gave a statement to Victoria Police five years ago.
But he went public this week in a bid to encourage others to come forward.
"I thought there may be other situations that people have witnessed and have thought about it but never done anything about it," Mr Tyack told AAP on Thursday.


Public hearing into Catholic Church authorities in Maitland-Newcastle

The Royal Commission will hold a public hearing to inquire into the response of Catholic Church authorities in the Maitland-Newcastle region to allegations of child sexual abuse by clergy and religious. The public hearing will commence on 29 August 2016 in Newcastle.


Hunter Catholic priests' alleged sexual relationship used by a child sex offender priest, says author

SADISTIC Catholic paedophile priest John Denham committed crimes against boys without fear of exposure because of an alleged sexual relationship between Catholic priests Tom Brennan and Patrick Helferty, writes a former St Pius X, Adamstown student in an explosive new book.


Victoria Police must interview Cardinal George Pell for sake of justice

The presumption of innocence is fundamental to our legal system and to natural justice.
Cardinal George Pell, the third highest-ranking leader of the Catholic Church, is accused by a number of people of child sexual abuse, for which he has been under investigation for more than a year by Victoria Police's Taskforce Sano, established following the state parliamentary inquiry that was a precursor to the federal Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


George Pell and Denis Hart became archbishops but Father Tony Bongiorno didn't

  • By a Broken Rites researcher, article updated 25 July 2016
According to Broken Rites research, the Melbourne Catholic archdiocese has finally been forced to admit that Father Anthony Bongiorno committed sexual crimes against children during his 30 years working in Melbourne parishes. Anthony Salvatore Bongiorno began training for the priesthood about 1960, aged 25, in the same trainee group as George Pell and Denis Hart, both of whom eventually became archbishops of Melbourne. In 1994, Pell (then an auxiliary bishop in Melbourne) officiated at a requiem mass for Bongiorno's brother Sam. Anthony Bongiorno's child-sex crimes were covered up until some were exposed in the mid-1990s. The total number of Bongiorno's abused children is unknown. For example, in 1980, a woman in Bongiorno's parish learned that her son (aged 11) was a Bongiorno victim but this woman was murdered before she could expose Bongiorno about her son's abuse.


Archbishop George Pell hired a publicity firm to paint him as "helping victims"

By a Broken Rites researcher

In 1996, Broken Rites informed the Australian public that the Catholic Church had been harbouring Father Nazareno Fasciale (pronounced "Fah-SHAH-lay") while he was committing crimes against children. Police charged Fasciale but he suddenly died. Then church leaders, including George Pell, gave this pedophile a grand funeral. One church leader said that the church is "immensely proud" of Fasciale. When Broken Rites exposed this (and other) church cover-ups, George Pell's diocese (Melbourne) went into damage control, hiring a public relations firm to announce the "Melbourne Response", a forerunner of the church's "Towards Healing" strategy.
Father Fasciale (pronounced "Fah-SHAH-lay") was harboured in the Melbourne Catholic archdiocese for 44 years while he committed sexual crimes against girls and boys. The cathedral authorities continually ignored any complaints from Fasciale's victims. Fasciale knew that the church would protect him.


Why is Cardinal George Pell reluctant to re-appear in Australia?

By a Broken Rites researcher, article updated 26 July 2016
Cardinal George Pell is a frequent flyer, travelling in Business Class. During his years as Archbishop of Sydney, he would regularly make the flight to Rome so as to keep an eye on career opportunities at the Vatican. Now he has become the third most important person in the Vatican. With a Vatican passport, he still goes on plane trips from his Rome headquarters, but he is reluctant to appear in public in Australia.


George Pell: The surf club allegation

When local businessman Les Tyack walked into the Torquay Surf Club change rooms one day in the summer of 1986-87, he encountered a scene that struck him as "very odd" — George Pell with three boys he estimates were aged between 8 and 10.
  • Local businessman, Les Tyack, says he witnessed an "odd" incident involving George Pell at the Torquay Surf Club in 1986-87
  • He did nothing at the time but last year reported it to the Royal Commission and Victoria Police's Taskforce SANO
  • Cardinal Pell emphatically denies ever abusing anyone

"I said, 'Hi George', and at that time he was towelling, had the towel going across his shoulders drying his back, but he was facing three young boys standing about three or four metres across from him," Mr Tyack told 7.30.
He thought it was "a little strange", but he put his gear onto the bench and had a shower.


'The ABC has no licence to destroy the reputation of innocent people': Cardinal George Pell demands an investigation into 7.30's 'inaccurate' claims he abused two boys

  • Cardinal George Pell accuses police officers of 'conspiring' against him
  • Cardinal Pell, 75, is facing multiple child abuse allegations
  • Australia's senior Catholic calls for inquiry into Victorian Police 
  • Two men claim the cleric abused them at a Victorian pool in the 1970s
  • Lyndon Monument, in his 40s, said he 'wasn't game' to ever say anything
  • Cardinal Pell has denied the allegations and police are investigating 

    Cardinal George Pell rejects claims he sexually abused two men

    VICTORIA Police has denied some of its officers leaked information to the media about an ongoing investigation into complaints made against Australia’s highest ranking Catholic Cardinal George Pell.
    Cardinal Pell has called for a fresh review after ABC television last night aired a story saying the cleric was being investigated over multiple allegations related to inappropriate behaviour involving children going back almost 40 years.
    The cardinal denies all of the allegations made by the complainants and said he’s being subjected to trial by media on the back of leaking “by elements of the Victoria Police to the ABC”.


    Cardinal George Pell under pressure to face child sex abuse claims

    CALLS have been made for Cardinal George Pell to stand down from his senior role at the Vatican and return to Australia to face allegations of child sex abuse made against him.
    Speaking about the allegations on Melbourne’s 3AW radio, commentator Neil Mitchell said Pell needed to return to Australia.
    “George Pell needs to step down from his role at the Vatican and come back to Australia,” Mitchell said this morning.


    Victoria's top cop says sex abuse charges against George Pell still a possibility

    Charges could still be laid against Cardinal George Pell over a string of allegations of child sex abuse going back decades, says Victoria Police chief commissioner Graham Ashton.
    Mr Ashton appeared on radio on Thursday morning responding to explosive allegations aired on ABC 7.30, as well as subsequent claims by Cardinal Pell of a "conspiracy" to pervert the course of justice.


    Top papal aide in child-sex probe

    Vatican finance chief George Pell is being investigated by Australian police over child sexual abuse allegations, a report by the national broadcaster said yesterday, as the leading Catholic cleric denounced the claims as "totally untrue''. When he was the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney in 2002 Pell was accused of sex abuse but was later cleared.


    Vatican treasurer reportedly under investigation over abuse claims

    George Pell’s office says ‘ABC has no licence to destroy reputation of innocent people’ 

    Cardinal George Pell, the Australian-born Vatican treasurer, is being investigated by police in relation to multiple allegations of child abuse in his home country, the Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) reported on Wednesday.
    In a statement issued in Rome on Wednesday, Cardinal Pell’s office said he “refutes all the allegations made on the program”.

    Meanwhile, in Victoria: Police chief denies leaking George Pell abuse claims

    Victoria Police chief commissioner Graham Ashton got out of the blocks early today to fend off claims of conspiracy from Cardinal George Pell as the issue of the sexual abuse claims against the cleric flared again.
    Cardinal Pell responded overnight to ABC reports containing interviews from alleged victims of abuse at his hands in the 1970s to deny all allegations. He also accused rogue police and the national broadcaster of a “conspiracy to pervert the course of justice”.