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Friday, 20 May 2016

Shattering the silence: Ballarat’s cycle of sexual abuse

Corey Artz made a harrowing journey back to his hometown with one purpose: To end the cycle of child sexual abuse which has crippled Ballarat and protect future generations of children.
His visit follows the reignition of the debate about whether abuse victims are at risk of becoming abusers.
While experts argue it is a rare exception, Mr Artz’s abuser David Ridsdale was himself an abuse victim.


PETA sends Cardinal Pell vegan starter kit after he chows down a steak

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are "concerned" about the recent health issues that prevented the Cardinal from travelling to Australia earlier this year.

Cardinal George Pell was seen digging into a hearty beef steak helped down with a beer last month - and the people at PETA aren't pleased.
After recent health concerns that prevented the Catholic official from flying back to Australia to front the Royal Commission into Child Sexual abuse, the Australian branch of the animal rights organisation took it upon themselves to suggest he kickstart a new diet plan.


Cardinal George Pell downs beer amid claims of 'bad heart'

Cardinal George Pell, who was deemed too ill to fly to Australia for the child abuse royal commission, has been spotted out and about in Rome downing a large beer and a hearty meal.
Australia’s most senior Catholic stated that he was unable to travel overseas as the long flight would put him at risk of ‘heart failure’.
The 74-year-old Cardinal was spotted drinking beer and enjoying a lunch of steak and chips at a restaurant in Rome on April 18, leading one heart-broken mother to slam his medical report as ‘bunkum’.


George Pell has been photographed eating chips and drinking beer, despite heart claims

Senior Vatican official cardinal George Pell has been photographed enjoying steak and chips and a beer in a Rome restaurant just weeks after he said he was too ill to return to Australia to face the royal commission into child abuse in the Catholic church.
Two months ago, the Vatican’s financial boss, who turns 75 in June, gave three days of testimony to the commission via videolink from Rome.


'I am absolutely disgusted': Mother whose six children were abused by a priest slams Cardinal George Pell after we found him drinking beer and tucking into steak and chips - despite being 'too ill' to face the royal commission

Cardinal Pell was seen enjoying a big meal of steak and chips in Rome
Australia's most senior Catholic washed down his food with a tall beer
Six weeks earlier Cardinal Pell claimed he was 'too ill' to return to Australia
Ruth Lane's six children were all abused by Ballarat Brother Grant Ross
She said that Pell's dinner shows his claims were 'absolute bunkum'
Two-page report stated flying home placed him at risk of 'heart failure'
He gave evidence via video link to Child Sex Abuse Royal Commission