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Monday, 7 March 2016

Blunt, tough George Pell is the victim of a show trial

Cardinal Pell deserves some justice for doing his imperfect best to clear up child sexual abuse.
Last week we saw Cardinal George Pell cross-examined for  about 20 hours at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse,  with the 74-year-old prelate speaking via video link from Rome. Afterwards there was a meeting with victims who were pleased to hear he would try to set up a centre for survivors of abuse.


Wife of Sydney dance 'predator' to testify

The wife of a dance teacher awaiting sentencing for preying upon children at his Sydney school will give evidence at an inquiry in Sydney today.
The woman will testify under a pseudonym at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
The commission is entering the fifth day of a hearing into child abuse at two schools in Sydney.


Ballarat abuse survivors urge Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to act on redress scheme

Child sexual abuse survivors from Ballarat who flew to Rome to watch Cardinal George Pell give evidence at the child abuse royal commission want the Prime Minister to commit to a redress scheme.
The Victorian group arrived home on Sunday after a crowdfunded trip to Rome.
"A lot of people might think this is the end of our journey. It's not," abuse survivor Andrew Collins told reporters at Melbourne Airport.


'A crime scene': Doveton priest haunted by parish's dark history

A Catholic priest whose parish is at the centre of historical sexual abuse allegations has spoken of the burden of living in a possible "crime scene".
Father Michael Shadbolt, parish priest of Holy Family church in Doveton for 17 years, said he was horrified by allegations that some of his predecessor priests had committed sexual and other assaults on parishioners.


Pell grieves for Ballarat: special interview

Cardinal George Pell says he grieves for Ballarat and prays daily for victims whose lives have been shattered by the Catholic Church's scourge of sexual abuse.
In a his bid to try and set the record straight in his hometown, Australia's most senior cleric spoke directly with The Courier in Rome on Saturday.
He accepted some victims may never be healed and others would never be willing to accept any help from an institution that failed to protect them.


Dance studio abuse victims speak at inquiry

A dance teacher who is now in jail for for multiple child sex abuse offences dressed a nine-year-old girl in his wife's clothes and jumped on her when he came out of the shower, an inquiry has been told.

A former student of RG Dance has told the child sex abuse royal commission how she was terrorised, bullied and abused by Grant Davies, a founder of the Sydney dance school who pleaded guilty to 47 child sex abuse offences in 2015.A dance teacher who is now in jail for for multiple child sex abuse offences dressed a nine-year-old girl in his wife's clothes and jumped on her when he came out of the shower, an inquiry has been told.


Grant Davies continued to teach after abuse claims raised, royal commission told

A dancer who was groomed and molested by Sydney dance teacher Grant Davies has told a royal commission Davies' actions escalated for years after police were first alerted to claims he was abusing students.
The witness, given the pseudonym BZP, was among a number of young students who complained to police about Davies in 2007.
A former teacher at RG Dance, which Davies ran with his sister, Rebecca Davies, also raised concerns about Davies' behaviour in 2007, the commission heard.


Dance teacher's abuse led to 'heartbreak'

A 24-year-old dancer has told of her heartbreak and sadness when at 15 she lost former friends and teachers at a Sydney dance school because she spoke out about being sexually molested and bullied by the school's founder.
The child sex abuse royal commission has been hearing evidence of how Grant Davies, who founded RG Dance at Sydney's Five Dock with his sister Rebecca, stalked students online, physically abused them in the studio and relentlessly bullied them.


Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Vatican’s moral failure is the core of this child sex abuse evil

CARDINAL George Pell last week blamed Bishop Ronald Mulkearns for the paedophile priest scandals in Ballarat. Archbishop Frank Little was at fault in Melboune. Errant individuals in a system, went the argument.
Pell cast himself as a bystander. Passive, perhaps, but unwitting. He may have been blinded by ambition. Here, by his own reckoning, sat the most hopelessly incurious scholar in Oxford history. Legalistic. Cold.


'Una Bomba' Francesca Chaouqui points finger at Cardinal George Pell

"Did you meet with the Pope today? What did the Pope say?" asked a TV journalist, as Cardinal George Pell brushed past him with a little wave to the cameras, stepping into Rome's Hotel Quirinale.
"I've got the full backing of the Pope," Pell replied.
It was an odd reply: not quite an answer to the question posed. Of all the things the Pope may have said about an inquiry into historical abuse by Catholic priests in Australia, or the finances of the Vatican, this comment came first to the cardinal's mind.


'Bloke from Ballarat' Cardinal George Pell sits down with child sex abuse survivors

Cardinal George Pell was just a "bloke from Ballarat" when he sat down with child sex abuse survivors in a Rome hotel to discuss their concerns, survivors spokesman David Ridsdale says.
And he says the cardinal is starting to deliver a little action rather than just words to help survivors, with an offer on Friday of the resources of the Australian Catholic University.


The tragic legacy of George Pell

The pressure is now on Pope Francis to do more to rid the Catholic church of the stain of child sex abuse.
The penitential prayer with which Catholics begin their Mass, and which Cardinal George Pell would have recited thousands of times, asks God's forgiveness for what they have done and for what they have failed to do.


'That would be taken as an admission of guilt': Cardinal George Pell says he won't resign over church child abuse scandal

Australia's most senior Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, says he won't be resigning over the church's child abuse scandal in Australia.
Cardinal Pell, now the number three in the Vatican and in charge of the organisation's finances, said he hoped he and the church could now get a fair go from the Australian people.
He said he wouldn't be resigning for the sake of the church. 

First steps of a long road for survivors

Details for turning Ballarat into a healing centre may not yet have formed but survivors, supporters and the church are unanimous about the need for such a centre to help stem the damaging legacy of sexual abuse.
The idea spoken of by Ballarat survivors in the international media this week gained momentum with high profile support but underlying it is an enormous ongoing demand for these services in the region.
Phil Nagle was among a group of child abuse survivors who met Cardinal Pell and he said the discussion was focused on the future not the past.


Friday, 4 March 2016

The Cardinal Pell interview

Sky News contributor Andrew Bolt sat down with Cardinal George Pell , the only one on one interview given by Australia's most senior Catholic.

Cardinal Pell has just finished giving four days of testimony to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Pell gave the evidence via video link from the Vatican in Rome where he is now stationed.

He was unable to travel to Australia on the grounds of ill health.

Pell's testimony covered what he was told about a number of peadophile priests operating in dioceses throughout Victoria.

Cardinal Pell was adamant he was never specifically told about priests sexual abusing children but says he should have done more to investigate rumours of abuse.


George Pell says paedophile Gerald Ridsdale was a mystery man

Australia’s most notorious paedophile priest was a tense and unusual man but not someone Cardinal George Pell came to know well despite sharing a house with him.
“I didn’t warm to him but we never clashed,” Cardinal Pell told Sky News on Friday, speaking of the 10 months he lived with Gerald Ridsdale at the Ballarat East presbytery where Ridsdale molested an 11-year-old girl in the 1970s.
The country’s now most-senior Catholic said Ridsdale in essence was “a mystery man”.


Andrew Bolt interviews Cardinal George Pell after the Royal Commission in Rome

A DEFIANT George Pell has stated he will not resign over the child abuse scandal and said the Catholic Church was being held to a higher standard than others.
In an exclusive interview with Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt, Cardinal Pell complained he had become a hate figure, when asked about a police investigation into allegations he had abused between five and seven children.
He said Victoria’s police commissioner may have been given misinformation and might be wrong.
“I think it’s extraordinary, it’s completely false, there’s been no approach to me,” he said.


Unheard abuse survivors reach out en masse in wake of Pell testimony

The messages arrived quickly, mere moments after the first news stories went up this week about Cardinal George Pell.
Were do i get help mate, wrote the anonymous man.
i was abused by all of them aĺl the brothers im 47 and i have been silent.
For this one survivor among many, the royal commission hearings this week were too much. The denials. The foggy memories. The feeling of helplessness took him back to that time when he was tied to a chair, sexually abused and belted with canes.


Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson launches another bid to quash charge of child abuse cover-up

A court has heard Adelaide's Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson is launching another bid to have a charge of concealing child sexual abuse thrown out.
Wilson is the most senior Catholic clergyman in the world charged with covering up child sexual abuse.
He has pleaded not guilty to concealing the serious indictable offence of another person.
The charge relates to when Wilson was an assistant parish priest in East Maitland in the Hunter Valley in the 1970s, and worked with the now-dead paedophile priest James Fletcher.


Thursday, 3 March 2016

'He's a big bully... the best developed narcissist I've ever met': Priest launches extraordinary attack on Cardinal George Pell... who he has known for 30 YEARS

Father Michael Kelly, a Jesuit priest, expressed 'dismay' and 'disgust
Fr Kelly has known Cardinal George Pell for more than 30 years
''It's now made plain to the world just who he is and what he's like'
Pell has met with sex abuse survivors in Rome at an 'emotional' meeting
A priest who has known Cardinal George Pell for 30 years has launched a scathing attack on the Catholic leader, describing him as a 'bully' and 'the best developed narcissist' he knows. 
Father Michael Kelly, a Jesuit priest and journalist, told ABC Radio he has been dismayed and disgusted with Pell's appearance at the child abuse Royal Commission this week.
'It's now made plain to the world just who he is and what he's like... But I must say I'm not surprised,' he said. 

Pell could have stopped molester’s Tassie move

A CHILD sex molester, shipped to Tasmania after leaving a trail of victims in Victoria, could have been stopped 20 years earlier if then young priest George­ Pell had reported a student’s claim to him about the Christian Brother, a Royal Commission has heard.
The Christian Brother at the centre of the alleg­ations — Edward Dowlan — was moved to Tasmania after his offending became known.

George Pell’s pledge to survivors during meeting in Rome

CARDINAL Pell has had an “honest and occasionally emotional meeting” with survivors of child sex abuse in Rome and said he wants to see Ballarat become a model for healing for others.
Speaking after an hour-long session with the group of survivors who have travelled to Rome, the Cardinal said he heard each of their stories and suffering individually.
“I’m committed to meeting with these people from Ballarat and surrounding areas. I know many of their families and I know the goodness of so many people in Catholic Ballarat.”


As abuse hearing ends, Cardinal Pell says he ‘should have done more’

Rome, Italy, Mar 3, 2016 / 10:13 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Speaking to an Australian committee investigating institutional responses to child sex abuse cases, Cardinal George Pell has expressed his regret for failing to take more action against abusive priests in the 1970s and '80s.
One of the things Cardinal Pell has most lamented throughout the process is that he “should have done more” as a priest-advisor to his bishop, and as an auxiliary bishop.
He expressed regret “that I didn’t do more at that stage,” adding that “in retrospect I might have been a little more pushy” when issues came up and he didn’t seem to have all the facts.


Vatican finance chief says meeting abuse victims hard, vows to help

Rome (AFP) - Vatican finance chief George Pell on Thursday described a meeting with Australian victims of priest sex abuse as "hard" and vowed to work to ensure suicide "is not an option" for them.
Just hours after admitting to an Australian Royal Commission that he "should have done more" to follow-up claims a priest in his charge was abusing boys, Pell met victims of abuse from Ballarat near Melbourne.
"I've just met with about a dozen of the Ballarat survivors, support people and officials, and I've heard each of their stories and of their suffering," he told reporters in a pre-prepared statement. "It was hard."


George Pell a trailblazer for seeking solutions

Those determined to judge ­George Pell by his actions rather than his words should look to the final hour of his 20-hour testim­ony to the royal commission.
It was getting on for 3am Rome time yesterday when Pell’s counsel Sam Duggan asked him about Peter Searson, who had abused and terrorised children in Doveton and Sunbury for decades.
Pell had succeeded Frank Little as archbishop in August 1996. In May 1997, after independ­ent commiss­ioner Peter O’Callaghan had considered Searson’s record­ of depravity as part of Pell’s ­Melbourne Response, the archbishop removed Searson entirely from priestly practice.


George Pell admits: I didn’t do anything about child abuse

Cardinal George Pell’s decades-long insistence he knew nothing at the time about child abuse committed by Catholic priests has been punctured by a series of admission­s that, in fact, he knew and “didn’t do anything about it”.
During his fourth and final day of evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Australia’s most senior Catholic official appeared­ to contradict what he had said repeatedly about the extent of his knowledge in the past.


George Pell meets Ballarat sex abuse victims in Rome

Cardinal George Pell stood in a busy Rome street vowing to help Ballarat survivors establish a national research centre to advance healing and improve protection of survivors.
The cardinal made the commitment after meeting a group of survivors who had travelled to Rome to hear him give evidence to the child abuse royal commission.
Cardinal Pell said it had been a sometimes emotional meeting and it was agreed to explore the possibility of establishing a research centre in Ballarat to “enhance healing and improve protection”.


George Pell’s pledge to survivors during meeting in Rome

CARDINAL Pell has had an “honest and occasionally emotional meeting” with survivors of child sex abuse in Rome and said he wants to see Ballarat become a model for healing for others.
Speaking after an hour-long session with the group of survivors who have travelled to Rome, the Cardinal said he heard each of their stories and suffering individually.


I owe a lot to the people of Ballarat: Pell

Cardinal Pell has met with a group of men in Rome, who were abused as children by paedophile priests in Victoria.'We've just had an extremely emotional meeting with Cardinal Pell, we met on a level playing field, we met as people form Ballarat and Cardinal Pell has agreed to make a public statement,' survivor David Ridsdale told media in Rome.Pell addressed media after the meeting.''I've heard each of their stories and of their suffering. It was hard and honest and occasionally emotional meeting,' he said.


George Pell didn’t report allegation of sexual abuse by priest because he ‘wasn’t asked to’

CARDINAL George Pell chose not to report a serious allegation that a priest was sexually abusing boys at a Victorian Catholic school because the student who warned him about the abuse “wasn’t asking me to do anything about it’’.
In his final day in the witness stand in Rome in front of the royal commission into child sexual abuse, Australia’s most senior Catholic confirmed a St Patricks College student complained to him in 1974 that priest Ted Dowlan was “misbehaving with boys’’.


For whom the Pell tolls: what did we learn from George Pell’s royal commission appearance?

Cardinal George Pell returned this week to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in relation to the Ballarat and Melbourne case studies.
Giving evidence over the course of four days, via video link from Rome, Pell modified slightly his previous public positions. But, fundamentally, he insisted that he knew little, and fulfilled his duties in relation to what he did know.


George Pell: 'I hope that my appearance here has contributed a bit to healing' – royal commission as it happened

Cardinal George Pell finishes giving evidence on the fourth day of hearings via videolink from Rome

Melissa Davey here closing off our live coverage of Cardinal George Pell’s evidence before Australia’s royal commission into institutional responses into child sexual abuse.
Thanks for following our coverage over the past four days, and thank you to the survivors in Ballarat, Rome and Sydney who have shared their thoughts and their stories with me.
You can catch up on Day One here, Day Two here, and Day Three here. You can also keep the conversation going with me on Twitter or on Facebook.


Cardinal George Pell and the Royal Commission Into Child Sexual Abuse: A snapshot of who he is, why he's involved, and his testimony

Cardinal George Pell has been making headlines around the world this week, as he testifed at the Royal Commission into Child Abuse as his role as Cardinal in the Australian Catholic Church.
Who is Cardinal George Pell?
George Pell is Australia’s most senior and the world’s third most powerful Catholic in terms of clergymen in the Vatican, after Pope Francis and the Secretary of State. Seventy four-year-old Pell became an Australian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church in 2003. One of the main responsibilities of a cardinal in the Catholic Church is to pick a new pope if the pope passes away or abdicates.


Many more guilty in the church than Cardinal George Pell

IS Cardinal George Pell a brazen liar who protected paedophiles or the victim of a witch hunt not seen since Lindy Chamberlain?
At the end of his four days of evidence to the royal commission, Pell chose the witch hunt.
“I have never expressed such a view, but I must confess the idea has occurred to me,” he said.
But it was his bad luck that some of the strongest evidence to back him came in the last minutes of this fourth day of his third appearance at the royal commission into child sex abuse in institutions. In 1996 Pell had finally replaced his boss and rival, Frank Little, as the archbishop of Melbourne.


The trials of the cardinal

AFTER four days of gruelling testimony, it must be acknowledged that the future of the third-most powerful figure in the Vatican hangs in the balance.
Many will say a legal noose has been hung about Cardinal George Pell’s neck, but others will say with equal conviction that it is he who has tightened it.
Dangerous indifference might fairly describe the attitude of the former archbishop of Melbourne and then Sydney to the dreadful crimes of paedophilia that have been put before him.


Perpetrators must be made to see the blinding truth

Was it a case of being "kept in the dark" ("Pell: I was kept in the dark", March 3) or was the cardinal like others within his Catholic cohort, simply too concerned about the potential career damaging prospects of "stepping into the light"?
For the sake of the many whose lives have been irrevocably damaged by both actions and more devious inactions, let's trust our faith in the royal commission's ability to reveal the facts without fear or favour and make those responsible face the blinding truth and dispense justice accordingly.


The Pedophile-Blind Cardinal Who Could Bring Down Pope Francis

An Australian royal commission on clerical crimes finds damning evidence that the Vatican’s most senior cardinals turned a blind eye to sex abuse. So why doesn’t the pope fire him?
ROME—Whatever one’s religious affiliation or belief, it must be argued that the Gods of Glorious Coincidence were at work this week. Just as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was handing out the Oscar statuette for Best Picture to “Spotlight” last Sunday night, Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican’s no. 3 official, was seated in a dingy hotel event room testifying by video link about the very same sort of systematic clerical sex abuse exposed in the film.


Whistleblower principal Graeme Sleeman "vindicated" after Pell testimony

A school principal who blew the whistle on abusive priest Peter Searson – and was then exiled from the Catholic education system – says he feels "vindicated" by the testimony of Cardinal George Pell this week.
Graeme Sleeman was principal at the Doveton Holy Family school when the notorious Searson arrived in 1984 and began abusing children. It was a school where children lived in fear of the unhinged priest: altar boys did not want to serve, and everyone feared the confessional, where Searson spent far too much time (and he liked children to kneel between his legs), Mr Sleeman resigned in 1986.


Has the Bell finally rung for Cardinal George Pell?

An undisclosed heart condition prevented Cardinal Pell, the third most powerful man in the Catholic Church, from travelling to Australia to appear before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. As a consequence, his testimony was heard in the heart of Rome, close to the Vatican, and with the eyes of the world watching.
This is no longer a matter solely for Australia and its Commission. 

Once again Cardinal Pell has thrown his men to the wolves – it's everyone's fault but his

Over and over again, Pell gave evidence that it was others who failed to disclose the crucial details he needed in order to act on child sexual abuse

“ ... on that Monday 24 March I watched Cardinal Pell being questioned in the royal commission and I woke up at 4.40 the next morning and thought, ‘It’s too disgusting, the way he threw his men to the wolves to protect himself.’”
So said church historian Father Edmund Campion at the Catholic Institute of Sydney on 27 May 2014.
So he could have said on 2 March 2016.
Cardinal George Pell’s evidence this week to the royal commission on institutional responses to child sexual abuse is – to many – shocking. Audible gasps can sometimes be heard from the public gallery in Sydney.


"George Pell must resign"

Joanne McCarthy is a Gold Walkley Award winner whose reporting exposed widespread sexual abuse of children, primarily by Catholic clergy, in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.
She's called on Cardinal George Pell to resign from his position at the Vatican or be forced out by Pope Francis, following the final day of his testimony to the Royal Commission.
Gold Joanne Mccarthy wrote a piece for fairfax today calling on pope francis to force cardinal pell's resignation.
she joins us in the studio now, joanne welcome back to the drum.


Hugs and tears as Pell finishes evidence

Survivors of child sex abuse who were crowdfunded to Rome to see George Pell give evidence before a royal commission say they've achieved "times a thousand" what they set out to do.
The group, many of whom were sexually abused as children by priests and brothers in the Victorian town of Ballarat, hugged and shed tears at the end of Cardinal Pell's four nights of testimony from a Rome hotel.


'We've ended up with the ears of the world': Abuse survivors adamant fight will go on

Abuse survivors vowed to continue the fight for justice for people who have been sexually abused within the Catholic church, just moments after Cardinal George Pell finished giving evidence to the child abuse royal commission.
The abuse survivors who travelled to Rome to hear his evidence spoke to reporters moments after Cardinal Pell completed his final day on the stand in Rome.
David Ridsdale, a victim of pedophile priest, his uncle Gerald Francis Ridsdale, said the fight for justice was far from over.
"We wanted to make sure the commission [for Cardinal Pell] was the same process that we faced when in Australia," Mr Ridsdale said.

Top aide to pope 'should have done more' on abuse claims

Sydney (AFP) - Vatican finance chief Cardinal George Pell admitted Thursday he "should have done more" to follow-up on claims a priest was abusing boys, as survivors accused him of lying about what he knew.
Pell gave evidence for a fourth and final day to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney via videolink from Rome and came under intense questioning from lawyers representing victims of abuse by the clergy.


Pell 'wasn't asked to act' on abuse claims

Cardinal George Pell was told over four decades ago that a pedophile Christian Brother was "misbehaving with boys".
Asked in the child abuse royal commission on Thursday what he did with this very serious matter, Cardinal Pell replied: "I didn't do anything about it."
"The boy wasn't asking me to do anything about it, but just lamenting and mentioning it," Cardinal Pell told Commissioner Peter McClellan.


Cardinal Pell: Vatican firebrand plagued by sex scandal and foes

Australian Cardinal George Pell, the pope's powerful finance minister, is under fire on two fronts.
For the outside world he is most notably accused of protecting paedophile priests. But closer to home he has made many Vatican enemies in his drive to shake up the secretive and archaic institution.
What that means is that, while he swears he has Pope Francis's full support over clerical abuse allegations, his controversial reformist zeal means that many would relish his downfall.


ANALYSIS: After four days of evidence we're still in the dark about what Cardinal George Pell really knew

When it comes to responses to child sexual abuse, there have always been two George Pells.
For four days, they have fought tooth and nail for air in a Roman hotel room.
Either he did not know enough about child sexual abuse to try to stop it from happening or he did, but didn't act.


View from the Street: Treasurer stymied by those big, complicated numbers

And how far off are we from Abbott and Turnbull just sorting things out with their fists? Your news of the day, reduced to a snarky rant.

Pell in a Handbasket
Cardinal George Pell has wrapped up his testimony into the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, and it's fair to say that he's not exactly distinguished himself.
Among his testimonial highlights was admitting that he'd heard rumours that children were being raped by priest Gerald Ridsdale, but that "was a sad story and wasn't of much interest to me," as he memorably put in on Tuesday.
His marvellously selective memory had forgotten this quote a day later, when he railed against lawyer Jim Shaw for repeating the quote to him.


Australian Cardinal Didn't Quickly Act on Pedophile Claim

A senior Vatican official told an Australian sex abuse inquiry on Thursday that he did not immediately act when a boy raised abuse allegations against a cleric in the 1970s and should have done more.
But Australian Cardinal George Pell, Pope Francis' top financial adviser, denied allegations that he angrily dismissed an allegation against the same cleric made by another schoolboy, attempted to bribe an abuse victim to stay quiet and joked about a pedophile priest long before that priest was charged.

Cardinal George Pell denies lying to protect his reputation: royal commission

Cardinal George Pell strenuously denied lying under oath at the royal commission during his final day of evidence into an inquiry about his knowledge of sexual offences perpetrated by a number of priests in Victoria.
Giving evidence by video link from Rome, Cardinal Pell was asked by the legal representative for a number of victims whether he was shifting blame to Ronald Mulkearns, the former bishop of Ballarat where a large number of children were abused.


George Pell: clergy abuse survivors want Vatican law to be rewritten

Ballarat clergy sexual abuse survivors want Vatican law rewritten to protect future generations of children.
The group, which is still pushing to meet  Pope Francis, will put the request to Australia's most senior Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, when they meet with him.
They will also meet a member of the Pontifical Commission for Protection on Minors, an institution which deals with the rampant sexual abuse of children at the hands of Catholic clergy.
Survivors initially rejected a meeting with the Cardinal after he was accused of "designing" his evidence at the Royal Commission into Institutional Response into Child Sexual Abuse to deflect blame from himself.


Cardinal George Pell's public performance is a big joke

Cardinal George Pell's performance at Australia's national Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (on 2 March 2016) was very funny (that is, funny in the sense of being very strange). To see the hilarious side (in a cartoon in The Guardian Australia), click HERE.


Paedophile priest Peter Searson worked under various bishops, including George Pell

For years, the Melbourne Catholic Archdiocese knew that Father Peter Searson was committing sexual offences against boys, girls and women but he was allowed to continue in parishes, including at the Doveton parish (in Melbourne's south-east), where he survived for years under the supervision of the regional bishop for the south-eastern suburbs, Auxiliary Bishop George Pell. The Victoria Police investigated Searson for sexual offences in parishes but found it difficult to extract evidence from "loyal" church people. Eventually, after 35 years as a priest, the police finally managed to charge Searson with physical assault. Thus, Searson's abuse thus became public. The church authorities were forced to dump Searson from parish work. Hoping to protect the church's public image, the church also removed his name from the published list of retired priests.


Sue Churches to End Cover up of Abuses, says Lawyer

Miffed with incidents of child abuse that involve priests and their perceived cover up, a Canberra lawyer has suggested suing churches to end institutionalised child sex abuse.
Lawyer Jason Parkinson, who is the principal at Porters Lawyers, has specialised in cases relating to clergy sexual abuse. He said this has become important as criminal law has ceased to be a deterrent for the abusers, reports The ABC.
Parkinson said he would advocate suing individual church orders so that hushing up of abuse cases would be economically unviable.
“It was always been against the law for priests, brothers, anyone to molest children… Up until 1948 in Victoria you were hanged for doing this to a child, it still didn’t stop them,” he said.


Cardinal George Pell tells Royal Commission into child sexual abuse he was showing paedophile priest ‘Christian’ kindness

CARDINAL George Pell has told the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse why he chose to infamously accompany paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale, in full priestly robes, to his first court hearing, earning the scorn of victims.
While admitting he now regretted walking alongside Ridsdale, Pell said he deemed it at the time as the right Christian thing to do; to be kind to the lowest of lows.
“I walked with him following the Christian conviction that it’s an appropriate activity to, to be kind to prisoners,’’ Pell said in his final day in the witness stand.


Cardinal George Pell: Testimony may obscure Vatican power struggle

Rome:  Was Tim Minchin wrong? Hilariously, outrageously, toe-tappingly wrong?
As this week of hearings in Rome went on, there has emerged a theory that the interests of transparent, feet-to-the-fire justice have been better served by Cardinal Pell not 'coming home' after all.
By sitting on his little dais in front of his video screen in the back room of the Hotel Quirinale, this theory goes, Cardinal Pell placed himself in the hot glare of the world's attention.
TV cameras from around Europe covered his arrival and departure at the hotel – and sought out, regularly, the voices and outrage of the abuse survivors who crossed the globe to face him.


George Pell to meet with child abuse survivors after four days of hearings end

David Ridsdale says group due to meet with the cardinal will be ‘diplomatic and dignified’ as Vatican stays silent on request for audience with Pope
Cardinal George Pell will meet with victims of child sex abuse at a private meeting in Rome, just hours after stepping down from the witness box of the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse.


George Pell tells royal commission it was a 'disastrous coincidence' Ballarat had so many paedophile priests

Cardinal George Pell has told the child abuse royal commission it was a "disastrous coincidence" that five paedophile priests preyed on children in Ballarat during the 1970s, as survivors accused him of lying.
Cardinal Pell fronted the child abuse royal commission for a fourth day and final day via videolink from the Hotel Quirinale in Rome.


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

George Pell tells Royal Commission walking Gerald Ridsdale to court was 'a mistake'

Cardinal George Pell said it was a "mistake" to accompany notorious paedophile Gerald Ridsdale​ to court but he believed the action might result in a lesser sentence for the former priest.
In his fourth day of testimony to the royal commission, the Cardinal was cross examined on why he supported Ridsdale at his 1993 appearance at Melbourne Magistrate's Court.
Speaking by video link from Rome, Cardinal Pell told the commission that he attended court at the suggestion of Ridsdale's lawyer.


Pell faces the lawyers of victims

George Pell has entered his last day in the witness stand at the sex abuse royal commission.Cardinal George Pell says it was a 'disastrous coincidence' that five pedophiles ended up at the one Victorian school and parish in the 1970s.Four pedophile Christian Brothers taught at Ballarat East's St Alipius Boys' School and pedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale was the parish priest.'I think it was a disastrous coincidence,' Cardinal Pell told the child abuse royal commission from Rome.The Cardinal has also been questioned on how he acted when a victim went to him and wanted his help, after reporting abuse from Father Ridsdale at Inglewood.


Pell 'didn't do anything' about abuse

Cardinal George Pell has admitted he did nothing after a boy complained to him about a pedophile Christian Brother abusing children at a Victorian school but denied he could have stopped more abuse occurring.
The child abuse royal commission has heard a student at St Patricks College in Ballarat told Cardinal Pell that Brother Edward Dowlan was "misbehaving" with boys in 1974.
Cardinal Pell said the boy "mentioned it casually in conversation" and did not ask him to do anything.


‘Disastrous coincidence’ so many sex offenders

On the last day of his testimony, Cardinal Pell denies asking an abuse victim to stay silent.
Cardinal George Pell has begun his fourth and final day of giving evidence via video link from Rome to the Royal Commission on Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney.
On Thursday morning (AEDT) Cardinal Pell was asked why he thought there were so many sex offenders within the congregation during his tenure in Ballarat during the 1970s and ’80s, to which Cardinal Pell said it was a “disastrous coincidence”.

Catholic child abuse victim Peter Blenkiron, wearing a t-shirt showing him at the age he was abused. Photo: Getty
Survivor David Risdale – who said he was abused by his own uncle, Father Gerald Risdale, – told the commission on Thursday that Cardinal Pell had told him to keep quiet about the offences.


Pell denies attempt to silence abuse victim

Cardinal George Pell has again denied trying to silence an abuse victim of pedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale in 1993.
Facing questioning from sex abuse victims' lawyers on his fourth day on the stand in Rome, Cardinal Pell has again denied asking a nephew and victim of pedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale what it would take to keep him quiet.
David Ridsdale has told the commission when he told Cardinal Pell in 1993 he had been abused by his uncle, the then Melbourne bishop asked him: "I want to know what it will take to keep you quiet."
Cardinal Pell said he felt sorry for Ridsdale, but repeatedly denied the claim, which he did again before the commission on Thursday.
"I was aware that the police were already speaking to his uncle and so therefore I would have no motive in trying to prevent him going to the police," he said.


Pell denies saying priest abusing boys

Cardinal George Pell has emphatically denied telling another priest that Fr Gerald Francis Ridsdale was abusing boys again.
Former altar boy BWE has testified he overhead Cardinal Pell tell Fr Frank Madden before a funeral in Ballarat in 1983: "Ha, ha, I think Gerry's been rooting boys again."
Cardinal Pell again denied the claim during his fourth day of evidence to the child abuse royal commission from Rome.
"Let me begin by saying that nearly every detail in this allegation is manifestly false," he said.
Fr Madden has previously told the inquiry Cardinal Pell never said that.


Catholic bishop says Pell evidence completes 'disturbing picture' of church's handling of child abuse

The Catholic bishop of Maitland-Newcastle Bill Wright says Cardinal George Pell's evidence to the Royal Commission completes a 'disturbing picture' of how the church dealt with child sexual abuse.
Bishop Wright issued a statement in the wake of this week's evidence from Rome by Cardinal Pell to the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse.
He said he would not be providing a running commentary on his evidence, which he said was ultimately the Royal Commission's role to hear and assess.


Ballarat abuse 'a disastrous coincidence'

George Pell has entered his last day in the witness stand at the sex abuse royal commission under pressure.The Cardinal has been questioned on how he acted when a victim went to him and wanted his help, after reporting abuse from Father Ridsdale at Inglewood.On Tuesday Cardinal Pell said Father Ridsdale interfering with children at Inglewood was 'a sad story and it wasn't of much interest to me'.Today the Cardinal said he regretted his statement .'I was very confused, I responded poorly...it was badly expressed.'


Australian sexual abuse survivors seek closure from unemotional Pell testimony

FOR the last two nights as Cardinal Pell left the witness box, Australian survivors of sexual abuse turned their backs and stood silent, hands clasped across the front.
In the front row of the Hotel’s opulent Verdi Room, sat Anthony and Chrissie Foster, whose two daughters were abused by priests. One later committed suicide. Next to them, David Ridsdale, the nephew and victim of Gerald Ridsdale, who has abused at least 153 children, perhaps hundreds more.


Pell regrets `no interest' remark

Cardinal George Pell says he regrets his choice of words when he described offending by pedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale as a sad story that "wasn't of much interest" to him.
On Thursday, his fourth day of evidence by videolink from Rome to the child abuse royal commission, Cardinal Pell said he always felt sorry for Ridsdale's nephew David who was abused by his uncle.


Gail Furness, SC: the tough barrister skewering Pell in Rome

SHE is calm, persistent, and downright terrifying.
The Sydney barrister taking Cardinal George Pell to task at the Royal Commission into child sex abuse has Australians asking: Who is this woman?
Gail Furness, SC, has forced admissions of regret and slammed as “implausible” testimony from Australia’s most senior Catholic as she tirelessly grills him over his knowledge of and failure to protect children suffering abuse within the church.
Her take-no-prisoners approach to questioning and intolerance for evasive answers is causing the Cardinal to squirm on the stand like we’ve never seen before.


Was George Pell, now scourge of the Vatican, once hoodwinked by all around him?

On day three of his evidence to the royal commission, Pell cut a wretched figure – and claimed he was deliberately kept in the dark over child abuse
 George Pell must have a nose for the runaround. These days he’s putting the cleaners through ancient Vatican offices which have never ever been audited. Millions are coming to light. He has enemies everywhere. All reports from the Holy See suggest the cardinal is doing well.


Abuse survivors up for Pell meeting

Australian survivors of sex abuse by Catholic clergy look set to meet with Cardinal George Pell in Rome and are hopeful of a meeting with the Pope.
The cardinal has been giving evidence by videolink to the child abuse royal commission, answering questions on what he knew of offending by pedophile priests in the Ballarat and Melbourne dioceses when he served there in the 1970s and 1980s.


George Pell prepares for final day of royal commission into child sex abuse from Rome; survivors ask to meet Pope

Cardinal George Pell is preparing for what is likely to be his fourth and final session giving evidence to the royal commission on child sex abuse in Rome.
Survivors to meet with Pell after hearing, hope to meet Pope
Ballarat survivors of child sex abuse will meet with Cardinal Pell in Rome at the end of a final marathon session of the royal commission. 
Six hours have been set aside for this fourth nighttime hearing in Rome.
It’s likely to be the last for Cardinal Pell, who will face questions from lawyers acting for abuse victims.
Andrew Collins, one of the survivors from Ballarat, says they will now meet with Cardinal Pell but would still like to do it together, not in smaller groups as requested. 
"We’re not an angry violent mob that is after blood," Mr Collins said.

Cardinal George Pell testifies from Rome for abuse royal commission: day four

Cardinal George Pell is giving evidence to the royal commission for a fourth and final day about what he knew of sexual abuse by paedophile priests and brothers in Victoria in the 1970s.
The cardinal, who is now the Vatican’s finance chief, was too ill to return to Australia for questioning and is testifying live via videolink from the Hotel Quirinale in Rome in front of a group of survivors from Ballarat.


Pell accused of putting forward ‘implausible’ scenario

CARDINAL George Pell has conceded he "should have done more" about child sexual abuse by Catholic priests, but "didn't think of it" at the time.
During a third day of questioning by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Cardinal Pell was accused by counsel assisting the commissioner of putting forward a "completely implausible" scenario in saying the Catholic Education Office and an archbishop had kept him out of the loop about child abuse in the church. 

Cardinal Pell faces fourth day of testimony at Royal Commission in Rome

CARDINAL George Pell has arrived to face the Royal Commission for an extended final day of hearings in Rome, including cross examination from lawyers representing victims in the case.
Cardinal Pell and his entourage arrived at Hotel Quirinale in Rome about 7.15pm, two hours ahead of the hearing’s 9pm starting time (7am AEDT). The commission has had to extend the sitting hours from 9pm to 3am to allow for further evidence to be taken.


Maitland-Newcastle Bishop Bill Wright says Cardinal Pell's evidence shows how badly the church failed children

CARDINAL George Pell’s evidence in Rome this week helps complete the “disturbing picture” of how badly the Catholic Church has dealt with child sexual abuse, Maitland-Newcastle Bishop Bill Wright said.
In a statement following the completion of the cardinal’s third day of evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Bishop Wright said survivors of abuse or people who had lived their life in the church “will be finding it difficult to hear the manifold failings of the church to protect children”.
“This is especially true for those within our local community with the sad history of abuse in our region,” the bishop said.


Music school allowed man to teach after child sex offence convictions, royal commission hears

A prominent Sydney music school allowed a piano teacher to continue giving lessons to children even after he was charged with child sex offences, the royal commission has heard.
Victor Makarov is serving a 12-year sentence after being convicted of multiple child sex offences in 2005.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse hearing was told today the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) took no action to remove Makarov despite complaints from a victim's family.


Abuse royal commission: victims a thorn in Vatican’s side

With no top-flight spin-doctor in sight, the Ballarat Survivors Group has executed a public-­relations campaign like no other. The bunch of blokes from country Victoria has held the global stage for nearly a week, galvanising such support that their demand for an audience with Pope Francis has not been ruled out. 
That the Ballarat group’s pitch has been so devastatingly effective has only underscored how disastrous Cardinal George Pell’s three days of evidence to the sex abuse royal commission has been.


George Pell: Survivor questions whether Australia's most senior Catholic knew of abuse by priests

A victim of a paedophile priest says she believes Cardinal George Pell knew there was abuse going on but will never acknowledge it.
Julie Stewart was sexually abused by Peter Searson when he was a parish priest in Doveton in the mid-1980s.
"I will always believe he knew. Always," Ms Stewart told 7.30.
"I believe [Pell] did his job well. He did his job by protecting the church's assets and protecting the church's name, but I don't believe he protected the children.


Cardinal George Pell has to resign, or Pope Francis must act

If Pope Francis wants to retain his reputation as the people's Pope he must force Cardinal George Pell to either resign or retire.

Cardinal George Pell has to resign. Before the week is out, and on the back of his evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the cardinal must go, and Pope Francis must be involved.
If not, the Catholic Church in Australia is going to bleed numbers indefinitely. The Pope's statements about child sexual abuse will be seen as nothing but more words from a church whose standing has been trashed on the issue, and shockingly so over the past three days.


No need to change church structure: Pell

George Pell says the Catholic Church doesn't need to change its management structure to better protect children, the abuse royal commission has heard.
Cardinal George Pell says there's no need to change the centuries-old management structure of the Catholic church, which he compares to the Roman Empire.
Giving evidence to the sex abuse royal commission, the cardinal was asked whether a change could help prevent child abuse.
Commission chair Peter McClellan asked whether a modern branch management system to oversee 200 branch offices might be more appropriate.


Abuse survivors release balloons in Ballarat

Survivors, supporters and victims of abuse have released one hundred white balloons in Ballarat.

They gathered for a ceremony outside the town hall after watching Cardinal George Pell give evidence before the Royal Commission for a third day.

A group of child sex abuse survivors who flew to Rome to see George Pell questioned about paedophile priests have given up on him and now need to "speak to the boss" in the Vatican.


Sydney arts schools abuse inquiry starts

A royal commission investigating allegations of child sexual abuse at two Sydney arts schools is under way.
The public hearing will examine the abuse of a number of students at the Australian Institute of Music and RG Dance studio.
In his opening address on Wednesday afternoon, Counsel Assisting David Lloyd said the inquiry will look into responses to abuse of students by confessed pedophile Grant Davies and convicted child abuser Victor Makarov.


Sydney dance teacher asked student for 'sexy pics', royal commission hears

A Sydney dance teacher sent a series of explicit text messages to students as young as 11, asking them for "sexy pics", a royal commission has heard.
Grant Davies, a former director of RG Dance who pleaded guilty to 47 child sex offences in 2015, is one subject of an inquiry into abuse at performing arts schools.
In an opening address to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, counsel assisting David Lloyd SC said the hearing would examine how Davies groomed students and their parents.


Peak body for Australian dance schools says 'work to be done' to ensure safety of children

The peak national body for dance schools says more could be done to ensure children are safe in the dance environment.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will today begin its public investigation into performing arts centres, including the high-profile case of Sydney dance instructor Grant Davies.
Davies had established the RG Dance Studio in Sydney's inner-west with his sister Rebecca and had a respected name in the Australian dance industry until his arrest in May 2013.


Abuse victims reject Pell offer, but ask to meet the Pope

Cardinal George Pell has agreed to meet with survivors of clergy sexual abuse, but victims say they have lost all faith in Australia’s most senior Catholic cleric and have made an impassioned public plea to meet Pope Francis instead.
The announcement came as Cardinal Pell concluded a third day of evidence before Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sexual Abuse.


Comment: Cardinal George Pell's day of 'implausible' deniability

Poor Cardinal Pell, always the victim of such appalling deception and lies by those he should have been able to trust.
If only he had known the truth about goings on in Ballarat and Doveton with abusive priests Gerald Ridsdale and Peter Searson, matters would have been so different.
That was the line Cardinal Pell ran consistently before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on Wednesday, and he held it in the face of obvious incredulity by commission chairman Justice Peter McClellan and senior counsel Gail Furness, who frankly told him his evidence was implausible and designed to deflect blame from himself.


Cardinal George Pell: Gail Furness SC, the voice behind the calm, relentless questioning about child abuse in the Australian Catholic Church

She is the calm but persistent voice who, for two-and-a-half years, has publicly grilled confessed paedophiles, alleged child abusers, countless victims and many others about the magnitude of child sexual abuse in Australia.
Gail Furness SC was appointed as senior counsel assisting the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse when it began in September 2013. Yet until this week she was hardly a household name; instead overshadowed by whichever witness was giving evidence.


Abuse survivors want to speak to the boss

A group of child sex abuse survivors who flew to Rome to see George Pell questioned about pedophile priests have given up on him and now need to "speak to the boss" in the Vatican.
After three days of listening to Cardinal Pell's testimony to the royal commission, the group is angry he still denies knowledge of offending by pedophile priests in Ballarat and Melbourne when he served there in senior positions in the 1970s and 1980s.
Exasperated, the survivors say they are no longer interested in the cardinal's offer to meet them, but they want him to help arrange a meeting with Pope Francis.


Cardinal George Pell agrees to meet survivors after completing child sexual abuse royal commission evidence – live

The chief financial adviser for the Vatican and Australia’s highest-ranking Catholic cleric gives third day of evidence before Australia’s royal commission into institutional responses into child sexual abuse
 The commission adjourns for day three

'I acted responsibly,' says Pell

Cardinal George Pell doesn't accept any failure in the way he dealt with complaints about abusive priests when he was an auxiliary bishop in the archdiocese of Melbourne.
The Cardinal, speaking via video link from Rome, has told the child abuse royal commission he could have "pushed a bit harder" to get information about complaints.
But he said complaints were deceitfully withheld by church officials.


Pell evidence 'implausible': inquiry told

Cardinal George Pell's claim he was deceived by senior clerics and staff about paedophile activity is "implausible", the child abuse royal commission has heard.
Counsel assisting Gail Furness SC said his claim the Catholic Education Office did not tell him what it knew about a paedophile priest in Melbourne in the 1980s was "designed to deflect blame from you on doing nothing".


'I was deceived on Searson abuse':Pell

Cardinal George Pell admits he heard sexual misconduct allegations against a gun-toting Melbourne priest before he met with a delegation of teachers.But Cardinal Pell said he was deceived by the Catholic Education Office about complaints involving Doveton parish priest Peter Searson.'I asked the education office and took their word that they had been dealt with appropriately,' Cardinal Pell told the child abuse royal commission from Rome.But Cardinal Pell said there was very little that was inadequate about his handling of matters involving Searson while he was a auxiliary bishop in Melbourne.


Priests' resignations misleading: Pell

Cardinal George Pell says it is wrong and misleading to allow priests accused of pedophilia to resign on the grounds of ill health.
Cardinal Pell admits he knew about complaints against one of the Melbourne priests who was allowed to resign on health grounds.
Counsel assisting the child abuse royal commission Gail Furness SC said it meant priests could leave without their name being sullied by any allegations and parishioners were misled about the true reasons for the resignation.


Former defender Andrew Bolt turns on Cardinal George Pell: Conservative commentator says high-ranking Catholic has ‘failed in his job’ and ‘stained his reputation forever’

Commentator Andrew Bolt - who previously referred to Cardinal George Pell as the 'victim of a vicious witch hunt' - appears to have changed his tune, slamming the church official for failing to protect vulnerable children who were abused at the hands of a notorious pedophile priest.
Mr Bolt, who was sent to Rome to cover the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, had previously called the coverage on Cardinal Pell 'shameful, disgusting and frightening'. 

George Pell and the power of indifference

Victims of child sexual abuse have reason to feel disappointed by George Pell's testimony so far at the Royal Commission, writes Cathy Humphreys.
"It was a sad story and not of much interest to me."
There are moments in Cardinal George Pell's testimony when you realise that he is telling the truth.
In the 1970s, Pell was an ambitious young priest who had returned to Australia, fresh from Oxford, wanting to be a man of power and influence in the church.


Andrew Bolt says Cardinal George Pell either ‘lying’ or ‘dangerously indifferent’

News Corp columnist says cardinal’s testimony at royal commission will ‘stain his reputation forever’ and the case against him is ‘damning’
News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt, a staunch defender of Cardinal George Pell, has declared the Catholic cleric’s evidence at the royal commission on Tuesday “disastrous” and the case against him “very damning”.
In a dramatic reversal of his consistent defence of Pell, the Herald Sun commentator now says the Vatican’s finance chief was either lying or “dangerously indifferent” to the fact children were being raped.


George Pell : 'It was an extraordinary world of crimes and cover ups'

Cardinal George Pell has described an "extraordinary world" of "crimes and cover ups" in which he was repeatedly deceived by fellow clergymen and the Catholic Education Office over the sex abuse of children.
Giving a third day of evidence to the royal commission into child abuse, Australia's most prominent Catholic again rejected suggestions that his explanation for failing to take appropriate action in response to allegations was implausible.


‘Evidence Emerging’ Abuse Inquiry Cardinal ‘Knew,’ Victims Say

ROME: Evidence is emerging that Australian Cardinal George Pell covered up the sexual abuse of children by priests on his watch, survivors told AFP yesterday, on the sidelines of a hearing into the top Vatican official's culpability.
“We're starting to see solid evidence that he did cover it up, even though he'll still deny it,” said Anthony Foster, father to two girls who were abused, one of whom went on to commit suicide while the other ended up in full-time care.

Catholic Church abuse victims call for meeting with Pope

ROME/SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian victims of sexual abuse by Roman Catholic Church clergy on Tuesday called for a meeting with Pope Francis after watching a high-ranking Vatican official testify that senior clergy lied to him to cover up abuse in the 1970s.
Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican's treasurer, has told the inquiry that the church made "enormous mistakes" and "catastrophic" choices by refusing to believe abused children, shuffling abusive priests from parish to parish and over-relying on counseling of priests to solve the problem.


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Gun-toting priest's behaviour 'abhorrent'

A gun-toting Melbourne priest's behaviour in making children kneel between his legs during confession is "abhorrent", Cardinal George Pell says.
The church failed to remove Doveton parish priest Peter Searson, whom Cardinal Pell described as a disconcerting man and a difficult customer, despite years of complaints.


Bishop Mulkearns to re-face commission

Terminally ill former Ballarat Bishop Ronald Mulkearns will be recalled by the child abuse royal commission in the days after Cardinal George Pell described his cover up of abuse as "grave and inexplicable".
Bishop Mulkearns, now 85, in February expressed his profound sorrow at his handling of offending clergy.


Pell ‘knew nothing’ about Ridsdale’s rampant sex abuse

Cardinal George Pell has arrived at a Rome hotel for his third night of testimony to the child sex abuse commission sitting in Sydney.
Plain-clothes state police officers kept journalists back as the cardinal walked the few steps to the hotel door, refusing to answer questions about the hearing.
He is being questioned about what he knew of pedophile priests operating in Ballarat and Melbourne when he served there in the 1970s and 1980s.
On Tuesday, he told the commission he did not know about repeated complaints against the now-imprisoned pedophile Father Gerald Ridsdale because former Ballarat Bishop Ronald Mulkearns did not tell him.


Cardinal George Pell remembers Peter Searson, a 'disconcerting, unpleasant man'

George Pell has continued to flounder early on the third day of his testimony before a Royal Commission, following a potentially disastrous performance yesterday, which threatens to turn the cardinal into an international pariah.
A particularly damning headline on one Italian daily screamed "see no evil, hear no evil, stop no evil", with reports locals are harbouring growing levels of resentment that Cardinal Pell has brought the shame and degradation of endemic clergy abuse in Australia to Rome.


Royal Commission expected to recall Bishop Mulkearns as Cardinal Pell begins day three of testimony in Rome

CARDINAL George Pell is facing another day of testimony, giving evidence via videolink from Rome on day three of the royal commission.
Pell will be questioned once again by Gail Furness, senior counsel assisting the inquiry into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
Follow our live coverage below for all the updates .
8.05am AEDT: Furness has picked up from yesterday asking Pell about the consultors meetings in which paedophile, Gerald Ridsdale was discussed and what exactly Pell knew or didn’t know of Ridsdale’s sexual abuse.
8.03am AEDT: Day three of the hearing is now underway and Gail Furness as once again started her questioning of Pell.
7.59am AEDT: From our reporter Victoria Craw in Rome.


Pell arrives for third day of evidence

George Pell will face a third day of questions about how much he knew about the actions of pedophile priests in regional Victoria in the 1970s and 1980.
Cardinal George Pell has arrived at a Rome hotel for his third night of testimony to the child sex abuse commission sitting in Sydney.
Plain-clothes state police officers kept journalists back as the cardinal walked the few steps to the hotel door, refusing to answer questions about the hearing.


Cardinal George Pell testifies from Rome for abuse royal commission: day three

Cardinal George Pell is giving evidence to the royal commission for the third day about what he knew of sexual abuse by paedophile priests and brothers in Victoria in the 1970s. The cardinal, who is now the Vatican’s finance chief, was too ill to return to Australia for questioning and is testifying via videolink from the Hotel Quirinale in Rome in front of a group of survivors from Ballarat.
Here’s how yesterday unfolded. Updates on today’s hearing from Jacquelin Magnay in Rome and John Lyons and Dan Box at The Royal Commission in Sydney, are below.
All times AEST
6.08am: Pell arrives


Cardinal George Pell arrives for third day of child abuse inquiry

Cardinal George Pell has arrived at Rome's Hotel Quirinale ahead of a third day of testimony before the child abuse royal commission.
Australia's most senior Catholic is expected to continuing evidence about Catholic abuse in Ballarat and Melbourne for another four hours this morning.
On Tuesday, he told the inquiry that the crimes of notorious paedophile priest Gerald Risdale were a sad story but that they were "not of much interest to him" at the time.


Oz cardinal denies deflecting child sex abuse blame

CANBERRA, Australia--Interrupted by jeers from observers, one of Pope Francis' top advisers on Tuesday denied an accusation that his testimony to an inquiry into child sex abuse was an attempt to deflect blame for the Catholic Church transferring Australia's worst pedophile priest from parish to parish.
Australian Cardinal George Pell was a priest in the 1970s in the town of Ballarat where he advised Bishop Ronald Mulkearns about the placement of priests within the diocese.


Unfair to criticise George Pell’s memory of events

Another day, another round of letters uniformly critical of George Pell, this time for his apparently poor memory (Letters, March 1). I wonder how many of these correspondents can recall exactly what was said to them and by whom more than 40 years ago? Most of us can barely remember what we did last week.
Matt Pralija Neutral Bay
Cardinal Pell has blamed individual failures rather than the Catholic Church system for inaction on clergy sexual abuse ("Abuse unseen but 'on the radar', Pell tells commission", March 1). He should read Kieran Tapsell's recent book Potiphar's Wife, which demonstrates clearly that since 1922 a code of secrecy has been mandated by canon law in respect of canonical investigations into, say, abuse.