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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Churches could lose millions in tax breaks under radical national faith register plan

CHURCHES and religious organisations would lose millions of dollars in tax breaks, concessions and hand outs under a radical plan to force priests, rabbis and imams to sign up to a national faith register.
Under the bold proposal clergy would for the first time be forced to undergo government-specified training and security checks and would be monitored by a national body, or risk losing government funding.


Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Ex-priest Robert Claffey is facing additional charges

A former Catholic priest, Robert Claffey, 72, is currently awaiting trial for allegedly assaulting nine children during his priestly career in western Victoria. The charges include 15 counts of indecent assault (on boys) and one count of buggery (on a girl). On 28 September 2015, the Victorian County Court was told that the number of charges will be increased soon because two more alleged victims have recently contacted the Victoria Police. The case is scheduled now for the County Court in 2016.


Archbishop facing charges of concealing a priest's abuse

An Australian Catholic archbishop is awaiting court proceedings against him for allegedly concealing a colleague's child-sex abuse. Archbishop Philip Wilson has been charged by police with concealing child-sex abuse allegedly committed by another priest during the 1970s. Archbishop Wilson is understood to be the most senior Catholic official worldwide to face court over a concealment allegation of this type. The concealment charge carries a penalty of up to two years in prison. Archbishop Wilson is contesting the charge.


This "know-nothing" archbishop was put in charge of managing the church's response to child-abuse crimes

A prominent Australian Catholic Church leader, Archbishop Philip Wilson, has claimed (in 2010) that during his rise from junior priest to church administrator, he "knew nothing" about the sexually-abusive behaviour of fellow-priests — even though he lived and worked with some of these criminals. Does Wilson's "know-nothing" attitude help us to understand his rise to the top of the Australian church hierarchy? Wilson's senior roles eventually included the managing of the church's response to clergy sexual abuse.


UK: The Goddard Inquiry: the scope of inquiry into historical child sexual abuse extends to England and Wales

In July 2015, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse was officially opened for England and Wales. Established by the British Home Secretary, the Inquiry has been given the broad remit to investigate child sexual abuse matters of the past, and to take stock of child protection procedures as a means of informing future child protection practice. It is an Inquiry which closely parallels the objectives of Australia's Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


Abuse redress will be on COAG agenda

A multi-billion dollar national compensation scheme for thousands of Australian victims of child sexual abuse will be discussed at the next meeting of the nation's governments.

The Council of Australian Governments is expected to meet in early November - on a day to be confirmed - and AAP understands the controversial redress scheme will be a hot topic on the agenda.


Monday, 28 September 2015

Editorial suggesting paedophile priest’s sentence ‘seemed pointless’ ruled offensive

An editorial published in the Hamilton Spectator suggesting the sentencing of an octogenarian paedophile priest “seemed pointless” has been ruled by the Australian Press Council to be offensive.The editorial fin the weekly ‘The Spec ‘Blog’ section commented on the case of a former priest who had lost an appeal against a prison sentence for the indecent assault of a nine year old girl and case involving a former Hamilton teacher who was sentenced to imprisonment for 18 months.


Lifting the lid on Australia's child sex abuse

For decades, Peter Blenkiron remained silent about the abuse he had suffered at age 11 at the hands of his Catholic Christian Brother teacher.
Earlier this year, Mr Blenkiron relived the horror of his school days, telling an inquiry into child abuse about how he would be pressed against the wall at the back of the classroom while his teacher physically and sexually abused him, with the other students ordered to look away.


Former priest Robert Claffey faces fresh child abuse allegations

A FORMER priest accused of molesting a string of young children is facing fresh allegations after two new victims recently made complaints to police.
Robert Claffey is due to stand trial on 14 counts of indecent assault, one count of committing an indecent act on a child under the age of 16, and one count of buggery on a girl.
But the County Court heard today Mr Claffey would face more charges after two new victims had made statements to police.


‘Endemic failure’ in child services

There are more children across the country going into care than leaving each year, and they are staying longer, creating a ballooning effect, a parliamentary committee has found.
A South Australian parliamentary inquiry into child protection and care has released a 170-page interim report, making 40 recommendations and noting substantial issues relating to child-protection agencies, social workers and foster carers.


Abuse survivors pin redress hope on PM

An organisation representing people abused in institutions has called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to urgently back a national redress scheme.
A key network for people brought up in orphanages and other institutions has called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to establish as a "matter of urgency" a national redress scheme for abuse survivors.
The new prime minister is a parliamentary patron of Care Leavers Australia Network (CLAN), which wants the federal government to back the $4.37 billion scheme recommended by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


Saturday, 26 September 2015

Victim of child sexual abuse hoping Adelaide Archbishop will be forced to defend charge

A victim of child sexual abuse says he is hopeful Adelaide's Archbishop will ultimately be forced to defend a charge of concealing abuse against children.
Philip Wilson, the Archbishop of Adelaide, is the most senior catholic official in the world accused of concealing child sexual abuse.
He pleaded not guilty at Newcastle Local Court yesterday with Wilson's legal team calling for a permanent stay of proceedings.


Child sex abuse: Turnbull Government under pressure over victims' national redress scheme

The new Turnbull Government is facing increased pressure to state whether it is in favour of a compensation scheme for victims of child sexual abuse.
State and territory Attorneys-General have written to their federal counterpart George Brandis, asking him to give "the earliest possible indication from the Commonwealth as to whether it intends to establish and fund a national redress scheme".


Friday, 25 September 2015

Catholic leaders told ACT abuse victim to 'forgive' father, police allege

Catholic community leaders told an alleged ACT child abuse victim to "forgive" her father and removed the religious mentor the girl had worked up the courage to confide in, police say.
The alleged abuser, now 73, was a leading member of a Canberra religious community closely linked to the Catholic Church, and stands accused of abusing a number of girls, including two of his own daughters.


Speedy response to abuse redress scheme demanded

State and territory attorneys-general are pressuring the new Turnbull government to respond quickly to a recommendation that it set up a $4 billion redress scheme for up to 60,000 survivors of institutional child sexual abuse.
The attorneys-general today wrote to federal Attorney-General George Brandis calling for the “earliest possible indication from the Commonwealth as to whether it intends to establish and fund a national redress scheme” for abuse victims.


Catholic Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson moves to stop criminal case over sexual abuse by colleague

Adelaide’s Catholic Archbishop is attempting to permanently halt criminal proceedings against him for allegedly concealing a colleague’s sexual abuse of a young boy.
Archbishop Philip Wilson was charged in March with concealing information about the 1971 sex assault of a 10-year-old boy by pedophile priest James Fletcher in the NSW town of Maitland.


Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson seeks permanent stay on charges of concealing child sexual abuse

The lawyer acting for a Catholic Archbishop accused of concealing child sexual abuse is calling for a permanent stay of proceedings.
Adelaide's Archbishop Philip Wilson has previously pleaded not guilty to concealing the serious indictable offence of another person.
The charge relates to when Wilson was an assistant parish priest in East Maitland in the 1970s and worked with paedophile priest James Fletcher.


Public hearing into Brisbane Grammar School and St Paul’s School

The Royal Commission is holding a public hearing in Brisbane commencing on Tuesday, 3 November 2015 at the Brisbane Magistrates Court.
The scope and purpose of the public hearing is to inquire into:


Sex abuse probe looks at Brisbane schools

The child sex abuse royal commission has announced a public hearing will be held into two prestigious Brisbane schools.

The inquiry will look at the experiences of former students at Brisbane Grammar School and St Paul's School at Bald Hills when it commences hearings in Brisbane from November


Brisbane school apologises for past abuse

A prestigious Brisbane school has reiterated an apology to former students who were sexually abused by a counsellor as it becomes the latest target of the child sex abuse royal commission.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse announced on Friday it would commence public hearings on November 3 into Brisbane Grammar School (BGS) and St Paul's School at Bald Hills.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Former Geelong College teacher a convicted paedophile

A paedophile teacher who worked at The Geelong College was later jailed for abusing students at two other prestigious Australian schools.
Revelations that former boarding master Peter Jeremy Longley abused six young boys interstate follows news that the Geelong school knew of sex abuse allegations involving two other former teachers.


Chris Mackey: Turning blind eye to abuse was typical

WHAT should we make of the grim evidence of sexual abuse of children in our institutions?
In particular, what should we make of royal commission evidence about sexual abuse in any specific institution? Recently, the spotlight has been on Geelong Grammar School.
I know of many other schools where such abuse occurred. But when any school’s past inadequate response to suspected or reported abuse becomes apparent, it’s only fair to consider that failure in the context of our wider society’s poor response to sexual abuse.


Geelong College rocked by historical sex abuse claims

An exclusive Geelong school has revealed for the first time that former students have accused teachers of sexual abuse, putting the focus on a second elite school in the regional city.
Three former students at The Geelong College have reported abuse to the school over the past 20 years, but it never passed that information on to police. In one case the then Presbyterian school agreed to pay for counselling after a confidentiality agreement was signed.


Elite Vic school acknowledges sex abuse

An elite Geelong private school has admitted there may be more cases of historic sex abuse that it does not know about and wants former students to come forward.
The Geelong College is urging former students who may have been victims of sexual abuse to come forward after a pupil from the 1960s gave evidence before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse.


Two tumultous years but little real progress for adult victims of child sexual abuse

“Victims and their families have been fighting for recognition and justice for decades and great victories were achieved when the Victorian Inquiry and the Royal Commission were established. But ‘for what’ they say.”
Judy Courtin

The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is after 2 years, at its halfway mark. The Commission is focused on systemic issues and institutional responses to allegations and incidents of child sexual abuse. Public hearings have been the main way the Commission does its work.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

One man’s battle to lift the lid on evil: Cop who uncovered an unholy truth

WHEN the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse was announced in 2012, Mildura man Denis Ryan jumped for joy.
For him, it was forty years in the making. A detective based in Melbourne, Mr Ryan transferred to Mildura in 1962 because his doctor said a drier climate would help his son’s asthma.
Within ten years he had uncovered shocking claims of sexual abuse against possibly hundreds of children at the hands of Monsignor John Day.


Royal Commission appeals for information about sex abuse in sporting clubs

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is appealing for information about child sex abuse in sporting clubs or associations.
Royal Commission chief executive Philip Reed said the Royal Commission is tasked with investigating how all institutions have responded to child sexual abuse.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Welcome Recommendations on Redress

The President of the Uniting Church in Australia Stuart McMillan has welcomed the Redress and Civil Litigation Report released by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
“We are pleased that the Royal Commission’s Report recommends that a process for redress must provide equal access and equal treatment for survivors,” said Mr McMillan.
“We strongly support the Report’s recommendation for a single national scheme to meet the needs of survivors.


Child sexual abuse victims at 'greater risk' of suicide under planned Medicare changes

Child sexual abuse survivors will be at greater risk of suicide under planned Medicare changes that will increase health costs because they will not be able to afford mental health treatment, psychiatrists say.
The Medicare safety net provides additional Medicare benefits to help people pay for out-of-hospital doctor visits and tests, including psychiatry and radiotherapy services, ultrasounds and X-rays after they reach certain thresholds of appointments.


Friday, 18 September 2015

Investigators Allege a Clergy Abuse PipeLine: From The USA to Latin America

Pope Francis arrives in the United States next week and will be traveling to DC, New York and Philadelphia.  Boston, the nation’s 4th largest archdiocese, is not part of the Pope’s agenda on this trip.   No doubt such a visit would have resurrected still unresolved issues connected to the Sex Abuse Scandal.  But this week the issue came to the surface with the publication of a new investigative report tracing some accused clergy to parishes outside the U.S. 


South America Has Become a Safe Haven for U.S. and European Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse

A yearlong investigation carried out by GlobalPost reveals how the Catholic Church has allowed priests accused of sexually abusing children in the United States and Europe to get a second chance by relocating to poor parishes in South America.
Even as Pope Francis has sought to reform the Vatican’s safeguards against child abuse, the Catholic Church has allowed allegedly abusive priests to escape to parts of the world where they would face less scrutiny from prosecutors and the media. The investigation tracked down and confronted five such priests. Some of these men were the subject of criminal investigations but went abroad without charges being brought against them.


The church hid the crimes of Brother Ted Dowlan (alias Ted Bales) — but Broken Rites helped to expose this cover-up

This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about how the Christian Brothers organisation concealed the crimes of Brother Edward Dowlan (now known as Ted Bales). From the start, the Christian Brothers knew that Dowlan was committing criminal sexual assaults against Australian schoolchildren but, instead of dismissing him, the Christian Brothers kept transferring him to more schools, thus giving him access to more victims. His victims were usually aged about 11 or 12 but some were as young as 8 or 9. In the 1990s, when some victims finally reported him to the police, the Christian Brothers supported Dowlan and tried to defeat the victims.


Paedophile Christian Brother Ted Bales has jail sentence increased after prosecution appeal

A Christian Brother and convicted paedophile who abused dozens of boys while working at schools across Victoria has had his jail sentence increased, after the Court of Appeal found it to be inadequate.
Ted Bales, 65, was jailed in March for six years after pleading guilty to indecently assaulting boys, aged between eight and 14, when he was a teacher and headmaster at a number of Christian Brother colleges.


Our website address has changed

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse
18 September
The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has updated the URL of its website.
The website is being hosted on its new domain iicsa.org.uk. Our new URL is now www.iicsa.org.uk.
The helpline number remains unchanged: 0800 917 1000.
You can email us at contact@iicsa.org.uk
You can write to us: Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, PO Box 72289, London, SW1P 9LF.


Submissions for Yeshivah Melbourne and Yeshiva Bondi public hearing published

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has published the written submissions into the Yeshivah Melbourne and Yeshiva Bondi public hearing.
The public hearing examined the response of Yeshivah Melbourne and Yeshiva Bondi to allegations of child sexual abuse.
The submissions can be found on the Case Study 22 page.

Adelaide man charged with child sex offences raised in Royal Commission

South Australian schools are informing parents about charges against a 52-year-old Adelaide man which have arisen from the Royal Commission.

Police said the 52-year-old, from the western suburbs, had been charged with three counts of indecent assault, relating to incidents between 2000 and 2001.
It is the second arrest in South Australia by detectives from a special police branch responding to the Royal Commission.


Royal Commission into historical sex offences results in arrest 52 year-old western suburbs teacher

A 52-YEAR—OLD teacher from Adelaide’s western suburbs has been arrested as part of a national Royal Commision into historic child sex offences - the second arrested in South Australia since the commission began.


Ex cop’s plea: Ryan hopes to tell Royal Commission of child sex abuse

A MILDURA detective who led a thwarted investigation into pedophile priest John Day’s crimes in the 1970s said he hoped to give evidence to the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse during a public hearing in November.
Denis Ryan, who was a detective in Mildura in the 1960s and ’70s, was the first officer to investigate Day’s crimes but he was forced off the case by his superior offices.
He said there was an element within the police force, known colloquially as the Catholic Mafia, that would protect priests from facing criminal charges.


Thursday, 17 September 2015

Napier priest John Tovey jailed for indecent assault of young woman

A former Anglican priest jailed for indecent assault has told a judge he is "truly repentant".
John Tovey was sentenced to 15 months' jail in Napier District Court on Wednesday morning after pleading guilty to two charges of indecent assault.
The offending occurred in Napier between April last year and January 2.
Tovey, 64, was previously a vicar in North Canterbury and a priest-in-charge at Churton Park in Wellington for five years, and then in Wainuiomata for 10 years, before moving to Hawke's Bay in 2010, where he became associate priest at All Saints parish in Taradale.
He held the position until late 2011.


Why would the pope personally invite a dissident cardinal embroiled in a sex abuse scandal to the Synod?

September 16, 2015 (VoiceoftheFamily) -- Voice of the Family reported yesterday on the special appointments made by Pope Francis to the Ordinary Synod on the Family to be held in Rome this October. A significant number of the appointed prelates openly reject the teachings of the Catholic Church on questions relating to sexual ethics and the family.


Author, sex abuse victim is raring to take on the pope

On the day that longtime Subway spokesman Jared Fogle admitted to having had sex with minors and possessing child pornography, Joelle Casteix’s phone started ringing before 5 a.m.
Media outlets seeking the perspective of a survivor of child sexual abuse knew to contact the 44-year-old mom in Newport Beach, known for her advocacy and incisive – sometimes blunt – commentary.
So as her husband and 9-year-old son slept, Casteix swung into action, talking to reporters over the next six hours.


Inquiry 'put too much' emphasis on rabbi

The abuse royal commission went outside its remit when it concentrated on the personal views of a rabbi who believed a Jew should not report another Jew to police, a hearing in Sydney has been told.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is hearing oral submissions on Thursday as a follow-up to its February hearing into the Yeshivah centres and schools in Melbourne and Sydney.
The submissions being considered are in response to recommended findings in the case made by counsel assisting the commission Maria Gerace, which have not yet been made public.


Child sex abuse laws: Greens push to remove time limit on victims' damages claims

The NSW Greens introduced a bill to State Parliament to remove complex limitation times following recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on Monday.
A report on redress and civil litigation recommended state and territory governments remove any limitation periods that applied to damage claims by a person who had been sexually abused.


SA man charged with child sex offences

A South Australian man is facing historical sexual assault charges stemming from the child abuse royal commission.
A South Australian man has been charged with sex offences after allegations were raised at the child abuse royal commission.
The man, aged in his fifties, from Peterborough in the state's mid-north, was arrested on September 2 after a woman told the national inquiry of her abuse while in state care in the 1980s.


Oral submissions into Yeshivah Melbourne and Yeshiva Bondi

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will hear oral submissions in relation to the public hearing for Case Study 22 on Thursday 17 September 2015.
The public hearing commenced on 2 February 2015 and examined the response of Yeshivah Melbourne and Yeshiva Bondi to allegations of child sexual abuse.
The oral submissions will commence at 10am at Royal Commission Hearing Room 1, Level 17, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney.

Disability Abuse Royal Commission Calls Get Louder

The Turnbull Government has said that the state governments should “take the lead” on investigating incidences of abuse against people with disability rather than a Royal Commission into the issue be set up.

Disability advocates have been calling for a Royal Commission into the violence, abuse and neglect of people with disability in institutional and residential settings following evidence that has been presented at Senate Inquiry into the issue.


Royal Commission: Cranbrook School knew Nicholas Sampson advised teacher to avoid child sex abuse complaint

The Cranbrook School council knew that its future headmaster advised a teacher at his former institution to retire early to avoid child sex abuse allegations being made against the teacher, four years before the evidence was heard at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
Nicholas Sampson was recruited to become the head of Cranbrook in 2012 after stints as headmaster at Marlborough College in the UK from 2004 to 2012 and Geelong Grammar in Victoria between 2001 and 2004.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Malka Leifer: Melbourne woman awarded $1.27m in damages over ultra-Orthodox Jewish school abuse

A Melbourne woman has been awarded more than $1 million in compensation for sexual abuse she suffered at an ultra-orthodox Jewish school.
The Supreme Court heard the 28-year-old was sexually abused between 2003 and 2006 by Malka Leifer, who was the headmistress at the Adass Israel School in Elsternwick.
The court heard the woman was abused at school, on camp and at Ms Leifer's home.


Vic school liable for abuse: court

A MELBOURNE Orthodox Jewish school that hired an Israeli headmistress accused of sexually abusing a student must pay more than $1.1 million.
ADASS Israel School and former headmistress Malka Leifer were sued by the ex-student who says she was sexually abused several times a week between 2003 and 2006.
The alleged abuse occurred in the headmistress' home, at school camps and on school grounds.


School ordered to pay student $1m for sex abuse

A woman has been awarded more than $1 million in damages for sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her school principal.
The landmark Supreme Court decision is one of Victoria's highest ever payouts in a child sex abuse case and sets a precedent that one legal expert said would "strike terror into the hearts" of schools embroiled in abuse scandals across the country.


Melbourne Orthodox Jewish school ordered to pay $1.1m to abuse victim

A Melbourne Orthodox Jewish school that hired an Israeli headmistress accused of sexually abusing a student must pay more than $1.1m.
Adass Israel School and former headmistress Malka Leifer were sued by the ex-student who says she was sexually abused several times a week between 2003 and 2006.
The alleged abuse occurred in the headmistress’ home, at school camps and on school grounds.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Child sex abuse victims slam compensation plan

Survivors of institutional abuse have criticised the child sex abuse royal commission’s recommendations for a national redress scheme, claiming it will create different classes of victims.
Andrew Collins, who was abused by Catholic clergy in Victoria as a child, said the recommendation that payments be assessed against criteria including severity of abuse and impact of abuse was unjust.
“I’ve never met a victim who said my abuse was worse than yours,” he said.


Call for information about child sexual abuse in sporting clubs

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse would like to hear from anyone who has information regarding child sexual abuse in sporting clubs or associations.

Royal Commission CEO Philip Reed said the Royal Commission is tasked with investigating how institutions have responded to child sexual abuse.

“These institutions include sporting clubs and associations,” he said.


A Catholic Brother pleads guilty regarding more of his victims

A Catholic former religious Brother, Edward Mamo, who has already spent time in jail, pleaded guilty again in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on 11 September 2015 after more of his victims contacted Broken Rites and the Victoria Police. He will be sentenced again soon by a judge in the Melbourne County Court for the additional victims. Brother Mamo worked at Monivae College, a Catholic secondary school, at Hamilton, 290 kilometres west of Melbourne, in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He has also worked at Chevalier College in Bowral, New South Wales, but the Victorian court case is only for Victorian offences.


Child Sexual Abuse Victims Should Receive $4 Billion – Royal Commission

Charities, governments and churches will be expected to pay $4 billion to the victims of child sexual abuse under recommendations made by a Royal Commission.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse released its report on redress and civil litigation this week.

Among the 99 recommendations, the Commission has proposed a single $4 billion national redress scheme established by the Australian Government with a minimum payment of $10,000, a maximum of $200,000 with an anticipated average payment of $65,000.


Catholic Church welcomes royal commission's call for national redress scheme for child sexual abuse victims

The Catholic Church has welcomed the recommendation of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that a single national redress scheme be set up to compensate victims of institutional child sexual abuse.


Royal commission compensation proposal for child sex abuse victims 'an insult' says Ballarat survivor

A Ballarat child sex abuse survivor says a compensation scheme recommended by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse is insulting.
The royal commission is recommending the Federal Government set up a $4 billion fund to compensate abuse survivors.
Under the plan, abuse survivors would receive an apology and counselling but also a payment of between $10,000 and $200,000.


Monday, 14 September 2015

National abuse redress 'best option'

A NATIONAL $4.3 billion redress scheme run by the federal government is the best option to provide justice for child abuse survivors, a royal commission says.
IN a report published on Monday the child abuse royal commission made final recommendations for a national scheme, to cover compensation and ongoing support for more than 60,000 abuse victims.
Even though its preferred scheme - one administered by the federal government - was resolutely opposed by Canberra earlier in the year, the commission said on Monday it was the best way forward.


Cardinal George Pell scheme ‘discouraged abuse reporting’: Royal Commission report

A CONTROVERSIAL scheme introduced by George Pell to deal with complaints of sexual abuse actually discouraged victims from going to police, the child abuse Royal Commission has found.
In a major blow for Melbourne’s Catholic Archdiocese, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse today released its report into Cardinal Pell’s Melbourne Response.


Report into the Melbourne Response released

The Royal Commission’s report of Case Study 16 – the Melbourne Response was released today. The Melbourne Response is the Archdiocese of Melbourne’s process for responding to those who have been sexually abused by priests, religious and lay persons within the Archdiocese of Melbourne. It was announced by the then Archbishop Pell in 1996.

The report of Case Study 16 follows a public hearing into the Melbourne Response held in August last year.


Melbourne Response compo less generous

VICTIMS of clergy abuse in the Melbourne archdiocese have received less generous compensation payouts than under the Catholic Church's national scheme, an inquiry has found.
THEN-MELBOURNE archbishop Cardinal George Pell has accepted that introducing the Melbourne Response for handling abuse complaints when he did in 1996 meant the Catholic Church's Towards Healing program adopted a few weeks later was not a national response.


Child sex abuse royal commission: Catholic Church's Melbourne Response discouraged some victims from going to police, inquiry finds

The process used by the Catholic Church in Melbourne to handle abuse claims discouraged victims from going to the police in some instances, the royal commission into child abuse has found.
In 1996 then archbishop George Pell introduced the Melbourne Response, as the church's process to deal with people sexually abused by priests and others within the Archdiocese.


Cranbrook headmaster vows to stay on at school after giving evidence at Royal Commission last week.

CRANBROOK headmaster Nicholas Sampson has released a statement to parents declaring his intentions to remain at the school, following his appearance before the Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse.
The statement follows a meeting by the school council for the exclusive Bellevue Hill private school yesterday to address community perceptions.


Cranbrook School principal Nicholas Sampson has full support of Anglican Church and school council

THE Anglican Church and the council of elite Sydney Cranbrook School have backed its headmaster Nicholas Sampson as he has sought to explain his role in not reporting a paedophile teacher to the police.
The child sex abuse royal commission heard last week that when Mr Sampson was head of Geelong Grammar, he allegedly advised a teacher to retire early in order to avoid a formal complaint about sexual abuse.


'Huge demand' for child abuse support after Ballarat royal commission hearings says Centre Against Sexual Assault

Young people who are sexually abusive towards other children are being forced to wait months to get professional help, as the need for the service balloons in Ballarat.
The Centre Against Sexual Assault said demand for all its programs had increased since the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse held its May hearings in the city.
One program involves providing therapy for young people up to the age of 16 who sexually abuse other children.


Royal Commission: Cranbrook praises principal's testimony at child sex abuse inquiry

The Cranbrook school council has praised the testimony given by the school's headmaster at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
  On Monday the school's board, lead by prominent businesspeople Helen Nugent and Roger Massy-Greene, emphatically re-affirmed their support of the headmaster, Nicholas Sampson.


Commission calls for abuse law changes

LAWS need to change so that churches and charities can no longer hide behind property trusts when abuse survivors sue for damages, the royal commission has told the federal government.
THE commission also wants limitation periods that now apply to damages claims by abuse survivors to be removed and the change to be applied retrospectively regardless of whether or not a claim was subject to a limitation period in the past.


Sex abuse royal commission: Federal, state governments should compensate survivors when churches, schools fail to, report recommends

Churches, schools and other institutions where child abuse occurs should pay adult survivors up to $200,000 in compensation under a national redress scheme, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse says.
And when institutions fail to cover the full cost of compensation, federal and state governments should cover the difference, the royal commission concluded in its long-awaited report on redress on Monday.


Sex abuse royal commission:single national redress scheme recommended by commission

Up to 60,000 people who suffered childhood sexual abuse in institutions could have access to a $4 billion redress scheme as early as 2017, according to recommendations made by a royal commission.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has called on the Federal Government to establish a single national redress scheme which would be funded largely by the institutions where the abuse occurred, including schools, religious groups and government organisations.


Abuse survivors demand wider response

A GROUP representing survivors of child abuse has welcomed a recommendation for a national redress scheme for victims but say it must go further.
CARE Leavers Australia Network executive officer Leonie Sheedy says recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that a national scheme be set up to provide compensation and care to all victims is a welcome initiative.


Friday, 11 September 2015

Royal Commission: Cranbrook parents fear for principal

Parents and students at Sydney school Cranbrook fear that the career of their headmaster may be over after damaging revelations at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
 On Thursday the school's headmaster, Nicholas Sampson, admitted he paid a teacher at his former institution, Geelong Grammar, to retire early to avoid any formal complaints of child sex abuse being made against him.


‘Godly person’ a child sex offender who groomed vulnerable kids

IN public he was the committed Hunter Christian and Salvation Army member who cared for young people. Behind closed doors he was a child sex offender who groomed the most vulnerable before raping them.
The man, known as TW until a sentencing hearing later this month, where a suppression order is expected to be lifted, is in custody after convictions against five children in the Lake Macquarie area.


GGS failed to protect students: headmaster

GEELONG Grammar School failed its students who suffered horrendous sexual abuse, its principal says.
HEADMASTER Stephen Meek said the school was appalled by any form of abuse and unreservedly apologised on its behalf.
"We failed those students who were in our care and who became victims of sexual abuse," Mr Meek told the child abuse royal commission.


Former Geelong Grammar housemaster John Buckley jailed over child sex abuse

A former teacher and housemaster at Geelong Grammar has been sentenced to seven-and-a-half years' jail for child sexual abuse.
John Hamilton Buckley was the housemaster of a boarding house at Glamorgan School, at the primary school campus in Toorak, in Melbourne's plush inner-east.
He offended against six boys between 1980 and 1983.
In sentencing, Judge Patrick told the court Buckley's behaviour towards these boys was "clearly absolutely wrong".


Former Geelong Grammar teacher jailed for sex offences on boys

HIGH-PROFILE art dealer John Hamilton Buckley has been jailed for preying on young boys while teaching at exclusive Geelong Grammar more than 30 years ago.
Buckley, 74, pleaded guilty to 13 charges including gross indecency against six victims who were young students at Geelong Grammar’s Glamorgan campus in Toorak in the early 1980s.


Sex abuse inquiry: Geelong Grammar principal Stephen Meek apologises to sexual abuse victims

Geelong Grammar's headmaster has apologised to students who were sexually abused at the prestigious school, which he said failed its duty of care.  
Stephen Meek, who became headmaster in 2004, told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that victims had been left with ongoing trauma and some felt unable to speak about their abuse.


Former Vic teacher in jail for sex abuse

A Melbourne art curator who partied with Madonna and Andy Warhol has been jailed for molesting boys while he was a teacher in the 1980s.

John Hamilton Buckley was a housemaster and teacher at Glamorgan, Geelong Grammar's junior campus in Toorak, when he abused six students aged 10 to 13.

The 74-year-old has since forged a high-flying arts career, but will spend at least four years and nine months behind bars after being sentenced by Judge Jane Patrick on Friday.

'Your behaviour was disgraceful, repeated, predatory, often planned and extremely serious...,' she told Buckley


Thursday, 10 September 2015

Australian bishop testifies on prevalence of child sex abuse in the church

Dying of cancer, Bishop Emeritus Geoffrey Robinson appeared Aug. 24 before the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to testify to the prevalence of child sexual abuse in the church.
He painted a sad picture of a brave and lonely Sisyphus with his band of bishops in tow, pushing a boulder with a reasoned response to the crisis up the Vatican Hill, only to have it pushed back by popes and cardinals who had no idea about the issue and a blindness about the incapacity of canon law to deal with it.


Royal commission forces sexual abuse 'bystanders' to consider their inaction

Geelong Grammar horror stories make us question why kids’ voices went unheard. Will we say the same about detention centres?
In my grade 5 and 6 school photo, sitting alongside some classmates, is my teacher 'Bucks' – better known by those keeping up with the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse as John Hamilton Buckley. The photos were taken in 1980, the year he started abusing boys at my school, Glamorgan, the junior school of Geelong Grammar.

Child sex abuse inquiry hears 4000th testimony

'Godly person’ a child sex offender
THE Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse held its 4000th private hearing in a jail in August as  Britain followed Australia’s lead in tackling child sexual abuse.
The royal commission heard evidence on August 19 from a prisoner who had been sexually abused as a child.
In Britain, the head of its newly established Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse praised the ‘‘remarkable’’ response to the Australian commission.


Justice McClellan to address National Council of Churches in Australia Conference

The Hon. Justice Peter McClellan AM, Chair of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, will address the Safe as Churches? conference hosted by the National Council of Churches in Australia in Sydney today.
Justice McClellan’s speech is available here
Justice McClellan also delivered an address at the Supreme Court Conference in Bowral on Friday 4 September. You can access a copy of this speech here.
For media inquiries about the Royal Commission or Justice McClellan’s speeches, contact the Royal Commission media unit on 02 8282 3966 or media@childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au.


Child abuse royal commission: Former Geelong Grammar principal regrets handling of sexual abuse complaints

A former principal of Geelong Grammar has told the child abuse royal commission he regrets his handling of abuse complaints at the school.
John Lewis was principal of the prestigious private school between 1980 and 1994, and later went on to be headmaster at the world-renowned Eton College in England.


Royal Commission: Cranbrook headmaster knew about child sex abuse allegations

The headmaster of Sydney school Cranbrook, Nicholas Sampson, has told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that he knew about allegations of child sex abuse against former teacher Jonathan Harvey at his former school Geelong Grammar before the convicted paedophile retired in 2004.
A staff member and former student, known as BLW, came to Mr Sampson in the first half of 2004 to tell him his brother had allegedly been abused by Harvey.


Church calls for new law on child abuse

The Catholic Church has called for a law making it a crime if anyone suspects a child has been sexually abused and does not report it to police.
The new law should also clarify professional privilege and confidentiality including that of priests in the confessional, Francis Sullivan CEO of the church's Truth Justice and Healing Council told AAP.


Catholic Church backs mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse

The Catholic Church has backed uniform national laws requiring mandatory reporting to police of suspected child sex abuse.
The move is designed to pre-empt the sex abuse royal commission, which is expected to recommend such laws.
Francis Sullivan, chief executive of the Catholic Church’s Truth Justice and Healing Council, said nationally consistent police reporting legislation would aid victims and any reporting should require anyone who has a reasonable belief that a sex offence has been committed against a child to report it to police.


Child abuse at Geelong Grammar in 1920s

A student was sexually abused at the prestigious Geelong Grammar School in the 1920s, an inquiry has heard.
Former principal Nicholas Sampson, now headmaster of Sydney's elite Cranbrook School, found a file containing a convincing allegation of child abuse when he was familiarising himself after taking over as headmaster in 2000.


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Geelong headmaster did not report multiple sex abuses to police

A former headmaster of Geelong Grammar and Eton has admitted he knew of multiple claims of sexual abuse against staff members at Geelong Grammar by 1991 but had not reported any of them to the authorities.
John Lewis refused to accept the proposition at the child sex royal commission yesterday that he should have notified the police when student BKM claimed in 1982 that staff member Jonathan Harvey had made sexual advances to him.


GGS reputation 'a consideration': inquiry

Geelong Grammar School's reputation was a factor in dealing with allegations of staff sexually abusing students, a former principal says.
John Lewis, later Princes William and Harry's headmaster at England's elite Eton College, failed to report any abuse allegations in his 14 years at Geelong Grammar.


Law changes to be part of abuse solution

As abuse survivors and institutions anticipate the imminent release of redress proposals, lawyers are watching to see what law changes will be recommended.

A royal commission wants major changes to how the Australian legal system handles child sex abuse cases.
The final recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on redress and civil litigation went to the federal government at the beginning of last week.
Abuse survivors and institutions await the publication of the commission's proposals, which are due to be tabled in the federal parliament and made public before the end of this week or early next week.


GGS didn't disclose knowledge of teacher

An inquiry has heard Geelong Grammar School didn't tell a former student the teacher who allegedly abused him was a convicted paedophile who had been sacked for dropping his pants in biology class.

The prestigious school also insisted on a confidential $32,000 settlement in a bid to protect its reputation and prevent other students coming forward with claims, the child abuse royal commission heard on Tuesday.


Geelong Grammar teacher’s antics hidden by school

Former Geelong Grammar headmaster Lister Hannah failed to disclose the antics of a pants-dropping teacher, the child sex abuse royal commission was told yesterday.
The prestigious school also forced a victim to sign a confidentiality agreement, even though it had failed to cover the student’s costs and the settlement was less than half the amount sought in compensation, the inquiry heard.


Geelong Grammar headmaster did not investigate alleged abuse which occurred 'twelve thousand miles away'

Former Geelong Grammar headmaster John Lewis has told an inquiry he thought the risk of former teacher Jonathan Harvey abusing students at his school was "very low", as an allegation that he abused a student overseas had occurred "twelve thousand miles away".
Under questioning at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the former headmaster said a father had "buttonholed" him twice at cricket matches around the year 1986, claiming his son had been abused by Harvey, and possibly others, while on an overseas trip.


Geelong Grammar: head thought abuser Jonathan Harvey ‘low risk’

The former headmaster of Geelong Grammar and Eton has described the scale of the “alleged incidents” by sex offenders Jonathan Harvey, Philippe Trutmann and the inappropriate behaviour towards students by Andrew MacCulloch as “comparatively modest”.
John Lewis was the headmaster of Geelong Grammar when he received complaints that Harvey had tried to have sex with a student and that Harvey had allegedly abused another student on an overseas trip in the 1980s.


Child abuse royal commission: Geelong Grammar principal did not think he was entitled to investigate abuse claims

A long-serving principal of Geelong Grammar says he did not do anything about sexual abuse claims made against a staff member by a student because he did not believe he was entitled to investigate, a hearing has been told.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse today heard the story of a student who was abused by former Geelong Grammar house master, and now convicted paedophile, Jonathan Harvey.


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Student safety paramount: Cranbrook head

SYDNEY'S elite Cranbrook School's principal says the safety of children has always been his top priority, after an inquiry heard he suggested a Geelong Grammar teacher retire following a misconduct complaint.
THE child abuse royal commission has heard then Geelong Grammar School headmaster Nicholas Sampson suggested it would be sensible for long-time teacher Jonathan Harvey to retire a year early in 2004 following a misconduct complaint.


Geelong grammar teacher offered generous retirement after abuse claims

The Royal Commission has heard that the accused Geelong Grammar teacher was offered a generous retirement in the face of sexual abuse claims.Convicted paedophile Jonathan Harvey told the Royal Commission that when sexual abuse claims were raised against him in 2004 the headmaster of Geelong Grammar offered a generous retirement deal to end his tenure.


Geelong Garmmar teacher accused of abuse given payout after quitting

A GEELONG Grammar teacher who quit under the cloud of an abuse allegation was paid out for a further year for his “exceptional service”, despite previous concerns about his inappropriate relationships with pupils.
Jonathon Fitzroy Clive Harvey resigned in 2004 but was paid out the final year of his contract in full, according to a confidential note revealed to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on Monday.


Child sexual abuse royal commission: Headmaster of Sydney's Cranbrook School Nicholas Sampson writes to parents over evidence

The headmaster of an exclusive Sydney private school has written to parents after his name came up at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
The evidence regards Nicholas Sampson, currently headmaster of Cranbrook School in the city's east, and relates to his tenure as head of Geelong Grammar School more than a decade ago.


GGS wanted settlement kept confidential

GEELONG Grammar School did not tell a former student that the teacher who allegedly abused him had been sacked previously and was a convicted pedophile, an inquiry has heard.
THE child abuse royal commission has heard Geelong Grammar did not disclose all it knew about former teacher BIM in its 1997 settlement negotiations with BIR, who alleged he was abused by BIM in 1980.


Monday, 7 September 2015

Failed by the system, victim of predator father makes lifelong struggle public

A month before authorities uncovered Josef Fritzl's northern Austrian house of horrors in March 2009, Australian authorities had uncovered a virtual carbon copy of the nightmare scenario occurring in inner Melbourne.
Unlike what was happening on the other side of the world, there was no publicity for the woman who possesses only one photograph from her childhood and fell pregnant to her father six times - bearing four of his children, one of which died in infancy.


Child abuse royal commission: Geelong Grammar teacher 'offered generous retirement' after student made abuse complaint

Prestigious school Geelong Grammar paid a former housemaster and teacher to retire early after a former student raised abuse claims against him, the royal commission into child sex abuse has heard.
Convicted paedophile Jonathan Harvey said when the claims against him emerged in 2004, then-principal Nicholas Sampson asked him to retire from the Victorian school at the end of the year.


Child sex abuse victims back royal commission return to Ballarat but anger remains over Melbourne hearing

Child sex abuse survivors have welcomed the decision by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to return to Ballarat next year.
The commission's third and final sitting investigating church authorities in Ballarat will be held in the city in the first half of 2016.
However, survivors remain disappointed the second hearing, where Cardinal George Pell will give evidence, is being held in Melbourne.


Sunday, 6 September 2015

Child sex abuse victim speaks about shame of Swan Homes orphanage

THE torchlight was always the giveaway, the sure sign “they” were coming.
Then the footsteps would creak on the floorboards — softly, taking care not to wake the other boys — before stopping short at one of the beds.
As four-year-old David cried quietly in his bed at Swan Homes, an Anglican orphanage in Middle Swan, he wondered if they had come for him again.


Friday, 4 September 2015

Former Geelong Grammar teacher feared cost of whistle-blowing on abuse

Speaking at the child abuse royal commission, the former staffer said the school’s reputation was put ahead of the welfare of students
A former Geelong Grammar teacher feared being fired if he blew the whistle on complaints of abuse at the elite school, an inquiry has heard.
Former Highton campus deputy master Paul Claridge said the school punished one victim by expelling him, but he was concerned about his position if he went outside Geelong Grammar’s “extremely rigid” structure.


Former Geelong Grammar teacher believes his son committed suicide after being abused by paedophile at school

A former senior Geelong Grammar School teacher believes his son committed suicide after being abused by the serial paedophile who preyed on dozens of boys at the elite school.
Paul Claridge, who was deputy master of Highton campus between 1986 and 1993, said the heirarchical structure of the school, and staff members' concerns about their career prospects, prevented them from doing more to investigate suspicions about Phillippe Trutmann​, who was convicted in 2005 of sexually abusing more than 40 boys between 1985 and 1995.


GGS should have prevented abuse: staffer

Geelong Grammar School should have had better measures in place to prevent a boarding house assistant sexually abusing more than 40 students, a former staffer says.
Former Highton campus head Malcolm Powys says he has been disturbed and sickened by the horrific extent of Philippe Trutmann's sordid and predatory sexual abuse revealed in a royal commission hearing.


Former teacher apologises to Geelong Grammar paedophile victims

A former senior teacher at Geelong Grammar School has broken down as he apologised to dozens of boys abused by a paedophile who worked at the school during the 1980s and 1990s.
Malcolm Powys, who was the head  of the elite school's Highton campus between 1993 and 1997, said he had been "sickened" to discover the extent of the abuse perpetrated by Phillippe Trutmann​, who worked as a boarding house assistant between 1985 and 1995.
In 2005 he was convicted of sexually abusing at least 40 male students between 1985 and 1995, and sentenced to six-and-a-half years' jail.


Family rape victims delivered to a worse hell

“Girls like you …”
How the state of Victoria used to 'care' for its most vulnerable!
Several months before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse commenced a public hearing on Victorian state-run youth training centres, a woman emailed me.
Her message was a single stark line: ‘The place still makes my heart race when I think of the time spent there.’


Thursday, 3 September 2015

Ballarat child sex abuse victims consider boycott of Melbourne-based hearings

Pressure is mounting on the Royal Commission in Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to return to Ballarat, with some victims considering a boycott if hearings are not moved from Melbourne. 
The news has not swayed the royal commission, which appears to be going ahead with the Melbourne hearings in November.
Andrew Collins said survivors like himself were bitterly disappointed with the decision.


Abuse inquiry focus on Melbourne Catholics

The part of the royal commission inquiry featuring Cardinal George Pell has been widened to cover the Catholic Church response to child sexual abuse in Melbourne.
Cardinal Pell said he would return from the Vatican to give evidence to the second part of the child abuse royal commission's inquiry into abuse by clergy in the Ballarat diocese.


Child abuse royal commission: Geelong Grammar student expelled after reporting abuse, inquiry hears

Exclusive Victorian school Geelong Grammar expelled a student after he reported an assault by a staff member, the child sexual abuse royal commission has heard.
The witness, known as BIW, told the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse in 1989 he awoke one night in the boarding house to find a man fondling his genitals.


Child abuse royal commission: Geelong Grammar refused to acknowledge abuse, inquiry told

Exclusive Victorian school Geelong Grammar tried to limit the financial fallout of numerous abuse cases stretching back decades, documents shown to a royal commission have revealed.
The school's former boarding house assistant Philippe Trutmann was jailed for abusing 40 students in the 1980s and 1990s.


Geelong Grammar should repay abuse victims' school fees, inquiry hears

Former student tells royal commission his final year was ruined when a teacher indecently assaulted him, and he was ‘repeatedly and seemingly uncaringly re-exposed to the situation’
Geelong Grammar should repay the school fees of abuse victims because the elite school failed children and parents, a former student has told the royal commission.
The student, referred to as BKM, told the child abuse royal commission, which is hearing evidence about five decades of child abuse at the school, his final year was ruined when a teacher indecently assaulted him.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Former wards of state to sue Victoria over child abuse claims

FORMER wards of the state are preparing a multi-million-dollar class action against the State of Victoria, claiming damages for child abuse.
A week after the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse completed hearings concerning care homes in Victoria, former residents of the homes have banded together to take the landmark action.


Peterborough man arrested on sexual assault charges after royal commission referral

A South Australian man has been arrested on serious sexual assault charges over alleged incidents in the 1980s, after a referral to police from the royal commission into child abuse.
The Peterborough man, aged in his 50s, was arrested and charged with 18 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, two counts of indecent assault, and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
The arrest is the first in South Australia from a referral from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


Child sex abuse royal commission: Former Geelong Grammar student 'repressed the memory' of abuse

A man with no memory of sexual abuse perpetrated at Geelong Grammar is trying to come to terms with shattered memories of his beloved school, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has heard.
Luke Benson said he had only fond memories of his time at prestigious Victorian school from when he first started at the Highton campus in 1988.


Commission attention turns to Bayswater and Box Hill boys’ homes

ALLEGATIONS  of sexual abuse at the former Bayswater and Box Hill boys’ homes are the subject of a hearing in October.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has announced it will hold a public hearing to inquire into the experiences of children who lived in Salvation Army institutions between 1940 and 1990, which includes the notorious Bayswater Boys’ Home.


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Geelong Grammar ‘steeped in culture of abuse’

One of the nation’s most elite schools oversaw a culture of ­sexual and emotional abuse for decades, had been involved in cover-ups and failed to engage with some victims, the royal commission into child sexual abuse has heard.
Counsel assisting, David Lloyd, said there would be particular focus on five convicted perpetrators of child sexual abuse who worked at Geelong Grammar ­between the 1950s and 2007. The commission would also hear ­evidence of abuse by five other staff members, including school chaplains.


Pictures of life at Geelong Grammar

Prince Charles loved his time at Timbertop, part of a school his friend and Geelong Grammar teacher has defended as a noble institution.
But some former Geelong Grammar students paint a very different picture of life at one of Australia's most prestigious schools, one that included canings, bullying and sexual abuse.


Five decades of abuse at Geelong Grammar

A GEELONG Grammar School chaplain hypnotised boys so he could molest them, boarders were sexually abused as they slept and students were subjected to incessant bullying and even abuse by their peers, an inquiry has heard.
A CODE of silence discouraged students from reporting five decades of abuse which continued until as recently as 2007 while those who did speak out were met with inaction or even threatened with expulsion, the child abuse royal commission heard.


Child abusers at Geelong Grammar School

A royal commission has heard a significant number of pupils were abused by staff at the prestigious Geelong Grammar School over five decades.

* GRAHAM LESLIE DENNIS: Jailed 2008 on for gross indecency, indecent assault on male student late 1950s.
* JOHN HAMILTON BUCKLEY: Worked at school 1962-1991. In 2014 admitted 14 charges dating from 1980, including indecent assault, gross indecency, sexual penetration of minor, child pornography. Remanded Port Phillip Prison awaiting sentence. Not to be confused with another teacher named John Buckley.


'Code of silence' at Geelong Grammar

THE power and prestige of Geelong Grammar School discouraged the victims of five decades of abuse from breaking their silence, an inquiry has heard.
SENIOR Geelong Grammar staff knew about allegations of abuse that occurred between the late 1950s and 2007, including complaints against a boarding house assistant who abused 40 students, the inquiry heard.


School chaplain tried to hypnotise student

A GEELONG Grammar School chaplain tried to hypnotise a bullied student in an effort to have sex with him, the child abuse royal commission has heard.
FORMER student Dr Robert Llewellyn-Jones said Rev John Davison offered the then 15-year-old support because he was being bullied, including incessant "mocking" or verbal bullying.


Sex abuse royal commission: Geelong Grammar chaplain tried to hypnotise students before sexually assaulting them

A chaplain at one of the country's most prestigious private schools tried to hypnotise students before sexually assaulting them, a victim told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse.
The royal commission turned its focus to Geelong Grammar, where serious and ongoing sexual abuse occurred from the late 1950s until 2007.


Prestigious Geelong Grammar School

* Independent school established 1855.
* Australia's largest co-educational boarding school - 1,500 students pre-school to year 12; 900 boarders years 5-12. * 350 staff (181 teaching) * Former students prominent in business, politics, law, medicine. * Prince Charles attended rural campus Timbertop 1966.


Calls for Australian royal commission to look at Nauru abuse

SYDNEY, Australia—Australia must put allegations of rape and mistreatment at an immigration camp on the Pacific island of Nauru before a royal commission into child abuse, aid and welfare groups said Tuesday.
A Senate committee on Monday criticized the detention center on the remote island as inadequate and unsafe for asylum-seekers and called for children to be removed from the facility as soon as possible.


Royal Commission told Geelong Grammar staff failed to act on abuse complaints

PRESTIGIOUS Geelong Grammar has been accused of failing to act on complaints of sexual abuse of its students dating back to the 1950s.
The elite private school is before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.