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They lie in the name of their 'Lord',
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Sunday, 31 May 2015

'No logical reason' not to have women priests - senior priest in wealthy Irish parish

A senior priest at one of Dublin's wealthiest suburbs has told parishioners that he sees "no logical reason" why there can't be women priests.
He also said the Church will have to reassess its approach to a wide range of issues following the groundswell of support last Friday week for same-sex marriage.
Father Gary Darby, a co-parish priest in Portmarnock, Co Dublin, told his congregation at mass today that the vote has been a wake-up call for the church.


Pell's position untenable: Pope adviser

One of Pope Francis's closest advisers says Cardinal George Pell's position is "untenable".
Peter Saunders was hand-picked by the Pope six months ago to be the Catholic Church's commissioner for the protection of children.
Cardinal Pell has been under fire since allegations that he turned a blind eye to abuse resurfaced last week at the royal commission into child abuse in Ballarat.
"He is making a mockery of the Pope himself, but most of all of the victims and the survivors," Mr Saunders told the Nine Network's 60 Minutes program.


Pope's commissioner for child protection says Cardinal Pell is a 'dangerous individual' and 'almost sociopathic'

Cardinal George Pell is "a dangerous individual" and "almost sociopathic" in his response to child sexual abuse victims, Pope Francis' specially-appointed commissioner for the protection of children, Peter Saunders, says.
In an interview with Channel 9's 60 Minutes, Mr Saunders said Cardinal Pell had a "moral responsibility" to front the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and address allegations that he knew of priests abusing children in Ballarat and elsewhere but did nothing to stop it. Cardinal Pell has denied these accusations.


‘Callous, cold-hearted’: Pope’s commissioner says George Pell has to go

CARDINAL George Pell has been condemned over his treatment of abuse victims by the man hand-picked by the Pope to protect children in the Catholic Church.
In an extraordinary attack aired on Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes, Peter Saunders said the cardinal had acted with “callousness” and “cold-heartedness”.
Pope Francis’s specially appointed commissioner for the protection of children added:“I think it’s critical that he is moved aside — that he is sent back to Australia and that the Pope takes the strongest action against him.”



31 May 2015
Cardinal Pell has not seen the material that 60 Minutes is planning to broadcast this evening.
The Cardinal has not met and has not been approached by Mr Saunders.
Cardinal Pell knows of the important work Mr Saunders has done as a survivor of abuse to assist victims, including the establishment of a victims survivors group in the United Kingdom and more recently serving as member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors established by the Holy Father to develop policy to achieve this.


Cardinal George Pell faces more criticism from the man hand-picked by the Pope to protect children

CARDINAL George Pell continues to draw fire with the man hand-picked by Pope Francis to protect children and help others abused by members of Catholic Church saying he needs to go.
“I think it’s critical that George Pell is moved aside, that he is sent back to Australia, and that the Pope takes the strongest action against him,” Peter Saunders said speaking to 60 Minute’s Tara Brown in Rome.
Pell has been under fire of late for allegedly ignoring warnings about Father Gerald Ridsdale, Australia’s worst paedophile priest.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

The hounding of Cardinal Pell: things Australia’s liberal media don’t want you to know

The attempt to implicate Cardinal George Pell in the Ballarat child abuse scandal is a virtuoso display of score-settling by Australia’s left-leaning journalists, who have hated Pell for many years. This morning, however, The Australian broke ranks by publishing a column by Gerard Henderson that helps set the record straight. I’m simply going to quote extracts from it because you can be damn sure that they aren’t going to penetrate the liberal Aussie media’s firewall.


Jailed paedophile Ridsdale is ‘arrogant’ ...

Jailed paedophile Ridsdale is ‘arrogant’, hides in cell, had sexual relationship behind bars, is visited by Catholic priests
EVIL priest Gerald Ridsdale is “arrogant”, spends his jail time hiding inside his small unit and has multiple Catholic Church priests on his list of contacts.
The serial paedophile, who the Catholic Church allegedly protected during his horrific 30-year sex offending spree, hardly ever leaves his residence inside the Ararat jail.
“He rarely ventures out into the main area,” said a prison source.
“He keeps to himself, presumably because he’s worried about getting bashed.”


Persecutors of Cardinal George Pell wilfully ignore the history

Cardinal George Pell has become the victim of a modern-day witch hunt. As a social conservative, Pell has a number of opponents within the Catholic Church. But his main attackers are presenters and journalists employed by the ABC, Fairfax Media, The Guardian Australia and Sky News. Such outlets rarely, if ever, allow an alternative voice to be heard. 


Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to child sexual abuse

A FEBRUARY 2013 meeting has ignited a war of words between Ballarat Bishop Paul Bird and clergy sexual abuse survivor Andrew Collins.
The meeting was held between Bishop Bird, Mr Collins and fellow survivor Peter Blenkiron to discuss the diocese footing the bill for the difference between the disability support pension, which many survivors live on, and the returned servicemen’s pension, which is an extra $256 a week.


Friday, 29 May 2015

Loud Fence march to show support for abuse survivors

BALLARAT residents will march from the Ballarat Law Courts to the Ballarat Town Hall on Friday to show support for clergy sex abuse victims and survivors.
Residents will gather at noon at the Grenville Street courthouse and walk to the Sturt Street median strip to join the Survivors of Suicide White Wreath Day memorial service.


Open letter to Ballarat from St Patrick's College student leaders

To all members of the broader St Patrick’s College and Ballarat communities, and especially to the many victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.
As a student body we are well aware of the events currently unfolding in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse being heard in Ballarat.
The details revealed in the hearing are simply unfathomable to the students of today. We are hearing of heinous and disgusting crimes to which nobody should ever have been subjected.


Widespread child abuse in Ballarat diocese

Started offending while in seminary in 1950s.
* The first complaint about Ridsdale was made to Bishop James O'Collins in 1961. He was told if it happens again he's "off the mission" (priesthood taken away).
* Bishop Ronald Mulkearns knew about Ridsdale's offending in 1975, but didn't suspend him until 1988.
* Convicted priest Paul Ryan says Bishop Mulkearns knew about him in 1977 and "buried his head in the sand" about sexual abuse in diocese. Ryan was removed as priest 1993.
* Bishop Mulkearns, Monsignor Leo Fiscalini and vicar general Father Henry Nolan all received complaints about Ridsdale's conduct in Mortlake (1981-1982).


Ballarat victim hopes inquiry brings peace

Ballarat abuse victims hope more will come out in the royal commission's investigation into widespread child sex abuse by clergy.

Gordon Hill hopes the many people like him who were abused as children by clergy in Ballarat will eventually end up finding a little bit of peace and recognition.
The 72-year-old is glad he made the 3000km journey from Western Australia to the Victorian regional city to tell the royal commission of the physical and sexual abuse he suffered as a child at St Joseph's Home.
But many survivors of the widespread abuse by clergy over decades in the Ballarat diocese feel that even after an intense two-week public hearing, there's still a long way to go.
In particular they point to the Catholic Church's response and handling of abuse complaints.


Child abuse sex inquiry: Bishop Paul Bird denies as many as 14 Ballarat priests involved in abuse as hearings wrap up

At least 14 priests in the diocese of Ballarat are the subject of complaints of child sexual abuse, a royal commission hearing in Victoria has been told.
However, that figure was disputed by Bishop Paul Bird who testified on the final day of hearings in Ballarat of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sexual Abuse.
Bishop Bird said while he does not know the actual figure, he does not think all of the complaints were substantiated.


Diocese of Ballarat would struggle to cover all child sexual abuse compensation claims, says Bishop Paul Bird

THE Ballarat diocese has a $100 million development fund, but Bishop Paul Bird said it would still struggle to meet all clergy sex abuse compensation claims.
Bishop Bird said they might have to rely on financial aid from other dioceses if a large amount of claims are made.
"I do have doubts that we could meet those claims," Bishop Bird said.


More child protection workers for Victoria

The evidence of child abuse brought forward by the clergy and members of the Catholic Church in the Ballarat diocese, leaves Minister for Families and Children Jenny Mikakos "absolutely horrified."
"We need to learn from the royal commission to ensure we can put in measures to prevent those types of situations occurring."


Up to 14 priests sexually abused children in Ballarat, commission hears

Child sex abuse royal commission told there have been at least 130 claims and substantiated complaints of child sexual abuse against the diocese since 1980

As many as 14 priests have been found to have sexually abused children in Victoria’s Ballarat diocese, the child sexual abuse royal commission has heard.

Data before the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse shows there have been at least 130 claims and substantiated complaints of child sexual abuse against the Ballarat diocese since 1980.


Ridsdale shouldn't have had priestly power

At a time when Catholic families placed priests on a pedestal, Gerald Francis Ridsdale held an "almost supernatural" level of power even in his own family.
He was charismatic and many were in awe of him, his nephew David Ridsdale recalls.
Ridsdale's mother would be frantic when he came home to visit, ordering his six siblings to get their cars off the driveway hours before his arrival.


What is the connection between these senior Catholics?

What are the connections between three senior Catholic Church leaders and notorious paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale? Both inside and outside of the child sexual abuse royal commission these connections are being tested and incrementally revealed, despite Ridsdale's evidence this week full of noticeable omissions and memory lapses.
Take Thursday, for example, down at Fairhaven outside a nice house on the Great Ocean Road, occupied by former bishop Ronald Mulkearns, 83. He was named this week as the "pivotal person" responsible for failing to prevent rampant child sexual abuse at Catholic institutions in Ballarat in the 1970s, moving Ridsdale around the state and overseas as the allegations against him piled up.


Cardinal Pell ‘keen to confront Royal Commision allegations’: Friends

CARDINAL George Pell is anxious to return to Australia to answer allegations he covered up sex abuse by paedophile priests and attempted to bribe a victim, according to those close to him.
A Rome-based confidante of the cardinal said he believed he had already fully dealt with the allegations when they were raised in 2013 at a parliamentary inquiry.
“The Cardinal was anxious to support the Inquiry and provided detailed submissions as well as many hours of sworn evidence and questioning,” the close friend said.
“No adverse findings on these issues emerged.”


Ex-Priest’s trial date set

A DEFROCKED priest charged with numerous historic child sex offences will finally stand trial in Sydney early next year.
The former Armidale priest, whose identity has been gagged, was sent to trial at Sydney’s Downing Centre District Court on Friday

He will stand trial in Sydney on January 18.
The trial is expected to take four weeks.
The ex-priest first appeared before the Armidale Local Court on October 18, 2012.


Abuse inquiry told Pell was aware of Ridsdale Mortlake crimes

PAEDOPHILE priest Gerald Ridsdale said if former Bishop of Ballarat Ronald Mulkearns had gone to the police rather than try and rehabilitate him with counselling, his offending would have stopped because he would have been in prison.
Giving evidence for a second day at the child sex abuse royal commission in Ballarat, Australia’s worst paedophile priest said he was now sorry he wasn’t reported to police and believes he should never have been ordained.
Ridsdale also appeared to back track on evidence given on Wednesday, conceding he may have approached Cardinal George Pell to give character evidence at his 1993 court appearance.


Monster with a conveniently poor memory

WITH his wispy white hair, large glasses, and liver spots on his balding head, he could be any ordinary man on the street.

But there is nothing ordinary about Gerald Ridsdale.
It is hard to reconcile the image on the screen — that of a feeble old man who needed the assistance of a walking frame — with the one that has been painted in the media of an evil, perverted sex fiend who preyed on young children with zero thought for the hurt and harm he was causing.
But make no mistake — the man who appeared at the royal commission into child sex abuse via video link from his Ararat prison is a monster.


Catholic Church should consider ordaining women, priest says

ONE of Victoria’s most senior priests says the Catholic Church should consider ordaining women. Ballarat bishop Paul Bird said today a lack of women in the church may have contributed to the widespread abuse of children.
He told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that the issue should be revisited.
“If we looked at the possible negative effects of not including women, then that would add to the reason for the discussion,” he said.


If there is a hell, let abusers burn for all eternity

Yesterday I saw the face of evil. For an hour or more I watched the testimony of former priest Gerald Ridsdale, who gave evidence to the royal commission into child sexual abuse. Trying to comprehend the length, breadth and depth of this evil proved a task beyond my capacities. Eventually I had to turn it off.
I felt like taking a shower because the need to be cleansed after my exposure to this piece of excrement was akin to a drug addict searching for another fix. It wasn’t simply listening to his accounts of various incidents of child abuse that made me nauseous. The tales of complicity by various figures in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Victoria at the time had a familiar ring to them.


Ridsdale might be back at abuse inquiry

Australia's worst paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale will likely have to again appear before the child sex abuse royal commission.

Ridsdale has finished two days testifying as part of its investigation into widespread abuse by clergy in the Ballarat diocese and the response of the Catholic Church.

Church lawyers have asked for time to consider Ridsdale's evidence before questioning him.


Child sexual abuse inquiry: Catholic Church did not understand paedophilia at the time of Gerald Ridsdale's offending

A priest who visited convicted paedophile Gerald Ridsdale in prison says no-one within the Catholic Church at the time fully understood the effect Ridsdale's abuse had on his victims, and many believed he could change.
Ridsdale, an 81-year-old former priest, this week gave evidence at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Ballarat.


Priest confessed his offending: inquiry

At least one priest has admitted in the confessional that he was abusing children, the royal commission has heard.
Commission Chair Justice Peter McClellan has revealed that at least one priest admitted his offending behaviour during confession.
"It's not yet public, but we have heard from at least one priest who confessed to his confessor, and in that way reconciled his offending behaviour, which continued with his belief in God," Justice McClellan said on Friday.


Paedophile Gerald Ridsdale abused boy at Bulli Parish in the 1980s

Notorious paedophile Gerald Ridsdale wormed his way into a Sydney family’s life and ‘‘latched on’’ to a young boy before abusing him at Bulli Parish, where he worked for three weekends as a relieving priest in the 1980s.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Ballarat has heard the 81-year-old former priest went on to abuse children in Maroubra and the Diocese of Wollongong after he had been sent away from Ballarat because of multiple complaints that he was sexually abusing children.


Thursday, 28 May 2015

Ridsdale says shouldn't have been a priest

EVEN Gerald Ridsdale says he should never have been a priest.
THE 81-year-old says he's sorry "so many others" could have been saved had Catholic Church figures who knew he was abusing children gone to police.
Two Ballarat bishops knew of Ridsdale's crimes, one as early as 1961, and two Sydney archbishops knew he had "sexual problems" and should be kept away from children, an inquiry has heard.


Sydney cardinals knew of priest's issues

Two Sydney archbishops knew of pedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale's "sexual problems" and that he should be kept away from children, an inquiry has heard.
The child sex abuse royal commission has also heard allegations raised during Ridsdale's last court case that a victim believed another priest walked in while Ridsdale was sexually assaulting her.
Ballarat Bishop Ronald Mulkearns also knew Ridsdale was committing crimes and abusing children, the commission heard.
Ridsdale was sent out of Victoria, effectively to a desk job in Sydney, to get him away from parishes and access to children, senior counsel assisting the commission Gail Furness SC said on Thursday


Devastating consequences of secrecy and silence

Thanks to many generous contributors I now have an arsenal of potential responses to the question “what do you do?”. My options span a wide range of possible replies, including the flippant, cheeky, risqué, straight, cryptic, serious, intense, and downright arrogant. I am now equipped for any situation with an answer I can choose to suit the context, the characteristics of the questioner, and my own willingness to engage.


Pell under pressure on to return home as former priest jailed for abuse continues to testify

Cardinal George Pell is under pressure to appear in person at a hearing of Australia's Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in his home town, Ballarat.
The Chairman of the Commission, Mr Justice Peter McClellan, confirmed that Cardinal Pell would be asked to provide a statement about his responses to victims of abuse in the Victorian goldfields city and warned the Church that the Commission would make findings even if the Church persisted with its stance of not cross-examining survivors of abuse.


Ridsdale can't say which priest saw abuse

Pedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale can't remember which priest may have walked in on him while he was sexually assaulting a girl, the royal commission has heard.
A judge last year said a girl believed another priest was present for a short time while Ridsdale was sexually assaulting her and must have been aware of the assault but did not intervene.
On Thursday, senior counsel assisting the child sex abuse royal commission, Gail Furness, asked Ridsdale who that priest was.


'The response was just as evil': Premier Daniel Andrews' passionate plea to the church

Premier Daniel Andrews has taken a swipe at the Catholic church over its handling of historic cases of sexual abuse against children.
Speaking to Neil Mitchell on 3AW Mornings, he urged senior leaders in the clergy to appear at the Royal Commission hearings in Ballarat.
"There are a lot of Catholics who are sick and tired of the church operating like one of the worst insurance companies anywhere," he said.
"Denying claims, refusing to acknowledge things and having to be dragged almost to deal with some of these issues."


The Catholic Church: Returning to ritual a way of avoiding issues

The Church does not have a vestige of credibility and yet it continues to play the game by its rules. When in doubt it increases the intensity of ancient rituals, offers up more prayers, burns more candles and ups the ante on the liturgy ("St Patrick's opens gates to break culture of silence", 25/5). Historically the Church has presided over the systematic and ritualistic abuse of children. It castrated prepubescent boys so they could sing like angels for the glory of the Papacy. The Church's attitude of "go forth and multiply" ensured that large poor Irish families starved. Returning to ritual is a time-honoured way of avoiding issues. The Church is a great casuist and Cardinal Pell is a foremost exponent of this methodology. A major player in the debacle of Ballarat, he hides in Rome behind the crimson robes of the Vatican. Others hide behind illness and frailty. If the Royal Commission is to have any teeth, Pell and the other sidestepping religious must be made to take the stand. Then it will only be a matter of time before a return to the Latin Mass. What better way to unite the flock.


Full story: How the church concealed Father Ridsdale's crimes

This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about how the Catholic Church harboured this child-abuse criminal - Father Gerald Francis Ridsdale - for 30 years while his superiors and fellow-priests remained silent to protect the church's public image. Eventually some of his victims (encouraged by Broken Rites and other investigators) spoke to detectives in the Victoria Police sex-crimes squad. In his four court cases between 1993 and 2014, Ridsdale has been jailed for a minimum of 24 years for assaulting 54 of his victims, but other victims of his have not yet contacted the detectives. This Broken Rites article gives the full background.


Pedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale allowed to move on

Australia’s worst pedophile priest, Gerald Ridsdale, has further ­exposed the failure by the Catholic Church and former bishop Ronald Mulkearns to address the risk of his offending as he was moved from parish to parish without limitations.
Giving evidence to the royal commission into child sex abuse, 81-year-old Ridsdale was taken through his history of offending, starting at the Corpus Christi Seminary in Werribee where he ­realised his attraction to boys.


Royal Commission's grilling of Gerald Ridsdale (02:30)

On the second day of Gerald Ridsdale's appearance at the Royal Commission, senior counsel Gail Furness pushes the paedophile priest to admit his abuse of children in rural areas.


Gerald Ridsdale: ‘I didn’t tell George Pell I was abusing children’

Pedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale says he did not tell then-Father George Pell that he was abusing children.
Ridsdale and Cardinal Pell lived in the Ballarat East presbytery together for about a year in the early 1970s.
Ridsdale told the child abuse royal commission he would have chatted with Father Pell but he did not tell him about his issues with children since his time in the seminary.
“No I don’t think so,” Ridsdale told the commission’s Ballarat inquiry on Thursday.


Ridsdale says he never told Pell

Pedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale says he did not tell then-Father George Pell that he was abusing children.Ridsdale and Pell lived in the Ballarat East presbytery together for about a year in the early 1970s.Ridsdale told the child abuse royal commission he would have chatted with Father Pell but he did not tell him about his issues with children since his time in the seminary.


Gerald Ridsdale tells sex abuse Royal Commission that he did share meals with George Pell

Paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale has conceded he shared meals with George Pell and chatted with him when the pair lived together in the '70s, but denied telling the prominent Catholic leader that he was abusing children.
The admission comes after he told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on Wednesday, which was holding hearings in Ballarat, that he could not remember living with Cardinal Pell at all.
Records show they lived together for about a year.


Family of victim visited priest in jail

The family of a boy abused by pedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale in NSW visited him in jail in Victoria, not knowing their son was molested, the royal commission has heard.
Ridsdale said he could not remember offending against a child when he went to live at White Cliffs in NSW, after stepping down from parish work in 1988.
"I can't think of anyone that I did," he told the child sex abuse royal commission's Ballarat inquiry on Thursday.
Senior counsel assisting the commission Gail Furness SC said there was a family Ridsdale met and became friendly with.


Jailed priest Gerald Ridsdale tells of his paedophile past

SOURCE: The Ballarat Courier
DISGRACED priest Gerald Ridsdale now believes crimes told in confession should be reported to police.
“Well, from my experience and what I’ve done and the damage that I’ve done, I’d say yes definitely,” he said.
“I don’t know what the church ruling or legislation or thought is about that, but that’s my personal opinion.”
Ridsdale was giving testimony via video-link from jail at Wednesday’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Abuser priest Gerald Ridsdale to testify a second day

Pedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale will resume giving evidence for a second day before the child sex abuse royal commission's Ballarat inquiry.
On Wednesday, he revealed how he had an established pattern of finding victims, befriending their families and setting up drop-in centres to trap vulnerable young boys.


Firebrand pastor blames Catholic church abuse for same sex referendum result

LOCAL firebrand preacher Ivan Foster has launched a scathing attack on Irish Catholicism after the South’s landslide yes vote to legalising gay marriage saying the historic vote was a direct result of the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals.

Speaking after 62 per cent of people in the  South voted in favour of changing the constitution to allow gay and lesbian couple to marry, the former minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church went on to brand it as a “false religion” which has “cursed” Ireland.


Church aware of Ridsdale’s sexual behaviour in 1982, whistleblower priest says

A WHISTLEBLOWER priest has revealed serial paedophile Gerald Ridsdale’s sexual behaviour was raised at a high-level church meeting in 1982.
Father Eric Bryant told the Herald Sun that concerns over Ridsdale’s “committing homosexual acts” were explicitly discussed in the meeting — which was attended by now Cardinal George Pell — at which it was decided to shift Ridsdale from the parish of Mortlake.
The stunning revelation came as Ridsdale on Wednesday broke his silence over his crimes to the royal commission.
He said church authorities knew he was molesting children in the 1960s, but gave him access to more vulnerable youngsters for almost 30 years.


Parents' anger at Sydney Archbishop's note sent home with Catholic schoolchildren about horrific abuse being uncovered at royal commission that says some criticism is 'unfair'

Called ‘Speaking the Truth in Love’ the letter supported Catholic Church 
    Archbishop Fisher was responding to the Ballarat sex abuse inquiry
    Parents saw the letter as a sign that the Catholic Church is still in denial
    Archbishop Fisher also defended Cardinal George Pell in the letter
    But Cardinal Pell's association with pervert Gerald Ridsdale didn't help


Gerald Ridsdale: portrait of a monster as a forgetful old man

He doesn't look like a monster, this old man peering through spectacles, bald but for a few wisps of greyed hair above his ears.
Looks deceive. It's all in the perspective.
He was a monster, sure enough, to little boys awed by this man in the robes of a priest who offered himself as a friend and molested them, again and again. Boys who, according to senior counsel, afterwards couldn't bear anyone touching them or their fathers coming near.


Child sex abuse survivors say paedophile priest is protecting church

Victims say Gerald Ridsdale’s evidence to the royal commission, in which he said he could not remember who moved him from parish to parish, was not credible
Survivors of child sexual abuse and their supporters have poured scorn on the evidence given by Gerald Ridsdale, accusing the convicted paedophile of protecting the hierarchy of the Catholic church.
Ridsdale, 81, gave evidence to the royal commission into institutional responses to child sex abuse via video link from prison, where he is serving time after being convicted of more than 140 offences against children as young as four over three decades until the 1980s.


Priest knew he sinned when abusing kids

Gerald Ridsdale knew he was sinning and hurting the children he sexually abused.
Australia's worst pedophile priest has told the child abuse royal commission he did not tell anyone he was abusing children, as he was afraid of being kicked out of the priesthood.
"I knew it was wrong. It was morally wrong and it was legally wrong," Ridsdale said.
"Yes, they were serious sins.
"I'd be fearful all the time of someone reporting me."
The 81-year-old admitted he hurt the children.
"Yes, I did, I know that."


Clergy abuse victims walk out of hearing in frustration over pedophile priest's lack of memory

Victims of clergy abuse have said they are "disappointed" over pedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale's lack of memory of key details on who in the Catholic Church knew about his abusing.
Today, Ridsdale told the Royal Commission he was "out of control" abusing children, and admitted he did not tell anyone for fears of being defrocked.


Child sexual abuse inquiry: Paedophile Gerald Ridsdale continued on as priest despite bishop's warning, royal commission hears

One of Australia's most notorious paedophiles, Gerald Ridsdale, was allowed to continue on as a priest despite a bishop receiving a complaint about him in his first year, an inquiry has heard.
The elderly Ridsdale is giving evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse in Ballarat via video link from Ararat prison, where he is serving an eight-year sentence for the rape and abuse of children.


Victims disappointed in Ridsdale testimony

Pedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale’s lack of reminiscence of key particulars of who within the Catholic Church knew about his abusing is one other kick within the guts for victims, advocates say.
Clergy abuse sufferer Andrew Collins says victims are bitterly disenchanted that Ridsdale has not revealed who within the church hierarchy knew about his offending and moved him round


Vatican's Australian-born budget chief cooperates with child abuse inquiry

SYDNEY, May 27 (Reuters) - The Vatican's finance chief on Wednesday offered to testify at a child abuse inquiry in his home country of Australia, fending off accusations he had washed his hands of a problem that has plagued the Catholic clergy globally for decades.
Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican's prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy said he was "horrified" by claims of abuse and cover-ups by the Catholic church, and that he will give evidence if he is asked.
"I am horrified by the accounts that survivors have given in their evidence during the Ballarat hearings, and at the enormous impact the abuse has had on them, their families and the community," Pell said in a letter to the inquiry, referring to his home city where he served as an assistant priest from 1973 to 1983.


Cardinal George Pell willing to give evidence at Ballarat royal commission hearing

Cardinal George Pell says he is willing to travel to Ballarat to give evidence at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
The commission, which began hearing evidence in Ballarat last week, was told Cardinal Pell tried to bribe the nephew of paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale to stay quiet about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his uncle.
Cardinal Pell has previously denied the claims but issued another statement today saying he would front the hearings in Ballarat if he was asked to do so.


Child sexual abuse inquiry: Notorious paedophile Gerald Ridsdale unable to control his sexual urges, royal commission hears

One of Australia's most notorious paedophiles, Gerald Ridsdale, was unable to control his sexual desires while in the seminary, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse in Ballarat has heard.
The elderly Ridsdale is giving evidence to the inquiry via video link from prison, where he is serving his latest sentence for abusing young boys.


Ridsdale 'didn't tell anyone he had abused children'

Gerald Ridsdale says he did not tell the priest who ordained him that he had already sexually abused children.
Gerald Francis Ridsdale says he did not tell anyone he had abused children when he was first ordained because he was afraid of being kicked out of the priesthood.
Ridsdale has told the child abuse royal commission that he did not confess all his sins during confession once he left the seminary, and told no one he was abusing children when he was ordained in 1961.


Abuser priest doesn't remember Pell

Australia's worst pedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale says he can't remember having any dealings with now-Cardinal George Pell, despite living in the Ballarat East presbytery with him.
Ridsdale also said he can't remember asking then-Father Pell what he would say on his behalf at Ridsdale's first court appearance in 1993, when the two were photographed together.
Ridsdale said he could not remember living in the presbytery with Father Pell in the early 1970s.
"I've been told that but I can't remember actually being there with George," Ridsdale told the child abuse royal commission hearing in Ballarat.


'I was out of control': Australia’s worst pedophile priest tells commission he knew what he did was wrong

Australia's worst pedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale has told a Royal Commission he was "out of control" abusing children, as he admits he did not tell anyone for fears of being defrocked.
Appearing today before the commission’s Ballarat hearing into institutional responses to child sex abuse via videolink from jail, Ridsdale has repeatedly referred to the prosecutor’s notes and has struggled to remember much of his previous testimony and the circumstances of his offending, including the names of some of his many victims.


Ridsdale says he did not know Pell well

Convicted paedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale has told the child abuse royal commission he did not have a particularly close relationship with Cardinal George Pell and did not discuss his offending with him.

'I never had much to do with him', he said.

Ridsdale says he can't remember having any dealings with now-Cardinal George Pell, despite living in the Ballarat East presbytery with him.


George Pell prepared to give evidence in person at abuse inquiry

Pedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale has told the child abuse inquiry that he believes priests should go to police if someone admits a crime during confession.
Australia’s most prolific pedophile priest said he had never confessed his own offending, either to friends or in confession. But he now believes crimes related in confession should be reported.
“I think in the days when I was sort of working as a priest, everything told in confession was to be kept secret, private,” he told the royal commission into child sexual abuse.


George Pell offers to appear at child sex abuse inquiry

Cardinal Pell has once again restated his willingness to give evidence to the Royal Commission in a letter written to the Chair of the Commission, Hon. Peter McClellem AM, last night.
“Without wanting to pre-empt the Royal Commission in any way — you can’t just invite yourself to give evidence — I want to make it absolutely clear that I am willing to give evidence should the Commission request this, be it by statement, appearance by video link, or by attending personally.”


Abuser priest didn't confess offending

Gerald Francis Ridsdale says he did not tell anyone he had abused children when he was first ordained because he was afraid of being kicked out of the priesthood.
Ridsdale has told the child abuse royal commission that he did not confess all his sins during confession once he left the seminary, and told no one he was abusing children when he was ordained in 1961.
"I didn't confess the sexual offending against children," Ridsdale told the commission's Ballarat hearing, via videolink from jail.


Gerald Ridsdale gives evidence at sex abuse royal commission in Ballarat

Notorious paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale was able to harm children for more than three decades despite a bishop receiving a complaint of abuse against him as early as his first year ordained and threatening to remove him from the priesthood.
Ridsdale, 81, also told the commission that he was sexually abused by two family members before he was 12 in evidence given via videolink from Ararat prison.
The royal commission into institutional child abuse in Ballarat on Wednesday heard then Ballarat Bishop James O'Collins received a complaint concerning Ridsdale molesting a young boy in the early 1960s.


‘I am deeply committed to helping the survivors’: Cardinal George Pell FINALLY agrees to give evidence at Royal Commission into child sexual abuse

Cardinal George Pell has finally volunteered to give evidence in person
A petition called for Pell to attend Royal Commission into child sex abuse
Pell wrote a letter to Justice Peter McClellan on Tuesday night to confirm his willingness to travel to Ballarat
Pell insists he has not yet been called to give evidence in any form
Victims gave evidence Pell bribed them for silence and ignored complaints
He has been criticised for visiting


Confessional should not be above the law, says paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale

UPDATE: GERALD Ridsdale told the Royal Commission on Wednesday crimes reported in confession should be reported to police.
"Well from my experience and what I've done, and the damage that I've done, I'd say yes definitely," he said.
"I don't know what the church ruling or legislation or thought is about that, but that's my personal opinion."
Ridsdale said he finally "got up the guts" to talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist during his time in Warrnambool and told them he thought he was gay.


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Australians Push for Vatican Cardinal to Testify on Abuse

More than 55,000 people have signed a petition calling for Cardinal George Pell to return to his native Australia and face a government commission on child sex abuse, after allegations that he tried to bribe the victim of a pedophile priest.
 Addressed to Pope Francis, the Change.org petition calls for Pell — the Vatican’s financial chief and former archbishop of Sydney — to answer questions from Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


“Pell Smell” & Irish Rejection Uncover Papal Wizard’s Magic That Money Cannot Hide

Irish Catholics’ landslide rejection of Pope Francis’ key marriage position has shown that the pope’s media created worldwide popularity is superficial at best. The latest horrendous disclosures concerning the pope’s pick, Cardinal George Pell, as his top financial czar, that got Pell Vatican sovereign immunity protection from Australian prosecution, shows how cynicial and insincere the pope really is about protecting children from priest abusers.


Paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale said abuse ‘no secret’, royal commission reveals

AUSTRALIA’s most prolific paedophile priest admitted in a chilling interview after his first conviction that he was unable to control his evil urges.
Gerald Ridsdale said that by the 1980s his decades-long catalogue of sex crimes against children was an open secret as the Catholic Church continued to shuffle him around Victoria.
In a series of letters and interviews published by the royal commission into child abuse sitting in Ballarat, it is revealed church authorities did little to curb Ridsdale’s offending ­except provide counselling and move him between parishes.
Talking to church investigators in 1994, Ridsdale said at one point while stationed at Mortlake in the 1980s there was no stopping him.


Bishop must bear blame for Ballarat child sex abuse: priest

MARK COLVIN: A Ballarat parish priest has told the child abuse Royal Commission that the former bishop of the Diocese must bear some of the responsibility for the clerical abuse in the region.

Father Adrian McInerney gave evidence that Bishop Ronald Mulkearns knew that Father Gerald Ridsdale was abusing children but just moved him from parish to parish.

Father McInerney's evidence has raised more questions about how much Cardinal George Pell knew about the sexual abuse of children in Ballarat in the 1970s and ‘80s.


Allegation on Cardinal George Pell’s knowledge of crime of paedophile priest emerged earlier

AN allegation of how much Cardinal ­George Pell knew about a serious crime committed by paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale was heard in a court case last year.
The Herald Sun can reveal the significant allegation ­regarding Cardinal Pell’s knowledge of abuse in the early 1970s was raised in a case last year, but the cardinal’s identity was kept confidential.
The cardinal was never questioned or charged over the unconfirmed allegation, made by one person, because the matter in question was not ­officially considered a crime under Victorian legislation.


Paedophile priests are criminals, not sinners

A focus on the salvation rather than the criminality of sex abusers has done great harm.
 Listening to the horrific stories of abuse coming out of the royal commission's investigations in Ballarat has led me, and many other Australians, to ask how these atrocities could been ignored for so long. One factor complicit in the silence  about this abuse is the historic relationship between Catholic understandings of sin and psychology.


Priest claims no idea of Gerald Ridsdale child sex abuse

The priest who accompanied pedophile Gerald Ridsdale to his sentencing hearing for child abuse says he didn’t know he had been charged with sex offences and “just took it that he needed help”, the Royal Commission has heard.
Father Adrian McInerney, the parish priest at St Alipius Parish in Ballarat East is giving evidence at the Ballarat hearing of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


Priest didn't know about Ridsdale

A priest says he was shocked when he found out Father Gerald Francis Ridsdale was facing child sex abuse charges, but still gave character evidence for him in court.
Father Adrian McInerney said he accompanied Ridsdale to his first court appearance in 1993 and it was only in court that he found out that Ridsdale was charged with sex offences.


Priest admits giving character reference for paedophile Gerald Ridsdale was 'preposterous'

Giving prolific paedophile Gerald Ridsdale a character reference in court without asking what the nature of the charges were, was "preposterous", the parish priest of St Alipius in Ballarat has agreed at a royal commission hearing.
Ridsdale is in prison for extensive sex crimes against young boys.
Father Adrian McInerney is giving evidence at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Ballarat.


Paedophile Gerald Ridsdale had a way with kids, says priest now ‘horrified’ to learn of crimes

A PRIEST has shocked victims of sexual abuse by admitting he admired Australia’s most notorious paedophile Gerald Ridsdale, “for what he did for youth”.
But St Alipius parish priest Fr Adrian McInerney has denied any knowledge of Ridsdale’s offending.
Ridsdale has spent more than 20 years behind bars after admitting to molesting more than 50 kids, but it is estimated he assaulted more than 200 in an evil career that spanned decades.
He dished out much of his vile abuse to kids while based at St Alipius parish, Ballarat East, before being shuffled between Victorian parishes by Bishop Ronald Mulkearns.


Priest horrified to learn of child sex abuse charges against Gerald Ridsdale

Father Adrian McInerney says ‘I did not know’ about the sex offences until he heard them in court, but was still a character witness for his fellow priest

A priest says he was shocked when he found out Father Gerald Francis Ridsdale was facing child sex abuse charges, but still gave character evidence for him in court.
Father Adrian McInerney said he accompanied Ridsdale to his first court appearance in 1993 and it was only in court that he found out that Ridsdale was charged with sex offences.

“I know how it looks but I’m saying I did not know,” McInerney told the child abuse royal commission in Ballarat.


Catholic Church's worst paedophile Gerald Ridsdale was unleashed on Sydney's southern beaches

Catholic Church superiors knew a remorseless paedophile priest was a self-confessed child abuser when they quietly shifted him to Sydney where he went on to prey on children around the southern beaches.
The cover-up involving former Victorian Father Gerald Ridsdale and his crimes in NSW in the 1980s has been detailed for the first time in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


Royal commission: Institutions should pay the bills, but not provide support

INSTITUTIONS at the centre of child sexual abuse should pay for victims’ support, but not provide it first-hand, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse was told on Monday.
Giving evidence to the Commission, psychiatrist Carolyn Quadrio said victims were angered by having to see doctors and psychologists who had been paid for by the institutions they were abused by.
“That’s one of the problems at attempts at redress made by the institutions,” Professor Quadrio said. “Maybe the institutions can pay the bill, but that’s all.


Come home and face the Commission, Cardinal Pell

The time has come for George Pell to forget about the legal strategies, the honour and assets of the Church, and his personal dignity. He needs to come back home, face up and tell the truth, writes Michael Bradley.
Immoveable object meets irresistible force.
Cardinal George Pell has engaged various tactics over the years in his response to the grave allegations regarding his part in the Catholic Church's handling of sexual abuse victims, but the attitude has remained the same: impassive, righteous, unrepentant, unmoved.


Monday, 25 May 2015

Church leaders must tell all: advocate

It is inconceivable that church leaders would not ask why a priest was being moved from parish to parish, an abuse victims' advocate says.
Anthony Foster, whose daughters were raped by a Melbourne priest, says more needs to come out about the widespread abuse in the Ballarat diocese.
The child sex abuse royal commission's investigation has uncovered documents from meetings where it was decided to move Australia's worst pedophile priest, Gerald Francis Ridsdale, between parishes.
"I find it inconceivable that somebody sitting in a meeting like that would not ask why. We want to know why," Mr Foster told AAP in Ballarat.


Former Ballarat bishop accused of hushing up pedophile’s offences

Former Ballarat bishop Ronald Mulkearns allegedly hushed up pedophile Gerald Ridsdale’s ­offences and refused to step in because he was too busy with confirmation duties, according to evidence submitted to the abuse royal commission.
A former principal of a school in western Victoria said Bishop Mulkearns had told her in 1982 not to tell staff about Ridsdale’s abuse of students, there was not to be a meeting with parents and that “we could do nothing for the children”.
Bishop Mulkearns, then the most senior Catholic in Australia’s worst diocese for clergy sex offences, has also been accused in evidence tendered to the royal commission of having asked a nun to tip off Ridsdale that others knew about his offending, allegedly with the intention of stopping it.


Church faces murky future as Irish support same-sex marriage

DUBLIN » The morning after Ireland learned it had become the first nation to approve same sex marriage by popular vote, Diarmuid Martin, the archbishop of Dublin, looked out at the future of the Roman Catholic Church.
It could be found at St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral here, in downtown Dublin, as two rows of children awaited confirmation before him in the lofty, column-lined church.
"Boys and girls, I made my confirmation 60 years ago," he told them, adding, "Your world is different from mine."


Sydney archbishop orders standards review

The Archbishop of Sydney has ordered a complete review of the archdiocese's professional standards and safeguarding policies after a royal commission heard further shocking accounts of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy.
Speaking of the shame and disillusionment felt by clergy and faithful after sex abuse accounts and allegations, Archbishop Anthony Fisher says he is determined to ensure it never happens again in the church.
"We may feel disillusioned, contaminated, ashamed," he said in a letter to Sydney Catholics on Monday.


Geelong Grammar urges school sex abuse victims to come forward

Geelong Grammar is the latest Victorian school to contact parents over sexual abuse, calling on former students abused by staff members to come forward.
In a letter to parents on Monday, principal Stephen Meek said the school had provided information about the conduct of some former staff members to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
He said some of the cases, dating back to the 1960s, had already been dealt with by the courts.
Former Geelong Grammar staff member Phillipe Trutmann was jailed in 2005 for sexually abusing more than 40 boys. Trutmann, a boarding house assistant at the Anglican co-educational school, abused eight to 13-year-old boys over a decade from 1985.


Victims hope Ridsdale reveals truth

Abuse victims hope Australia's worst pedophile priest reveals what the Catholic Church knew about his offending when he appears before a royal commission.
Gerald Francis Ridsdale will give evidence to the child sex abuse royal commission's Ballarat hearing for at least two days from Wednesday.
One of his victims, Stephen Woods, said it was important to hear from all sides to find out as much as possible about the institutional and systemic problems that facilitated the abuse.


Royal Commission into child abuse: Ballarat victims still lack justice

Decades after the crimes, the victims of sexual abuse by clergy in Ballarat continue to suffer at the hands of the Church, the law and the federal parliament, writes Judy Courtin.
The Royal Commission into institutional child sexual abuse has completed its first week of public hearings in Ballarat. They have been heartbreaking, harrowing and revealing. The hearings are focusing on the Catholic Church's responses to allegations of child sexual abuse and the impacts on the survivors, their families and the broader Ballarat community. The commission's brief is vast.


Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher defends Catholic Church and Cardinal George Pell over response to child abuse claims

Sydney's Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher has defended Cardinal George Pell over his handling of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.
In a letter to Catholic schools and parishes in the Sydney diocese, Archbishop Fisher rebuffed allegations that the church used legal manoeuvres to protect itself from victim claims for compensation and applauded Pell for his handling of the child sexual abuse scandal.
On Monday it emerged that Cardinal Pell visited Ballarat and a school at the centre of clergy abuse claims just weeks before the royal commission hearings began in the town.


'We're next' says Italy after Irish gay marriage vote

Positive reaction to overturning of Catholic church's hold on Ireland may have knock-on effect elsewhere 

 Ireland's historic vote in favour of same sex marriage reverberated across Italy on Sunday, as Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's lieutenants came out in force to call for fast-track passage of a stymied civil partnership law. 
Socially conservative Italy now is the only Western European country that does not recognize either same sex marriage or civil unions. But that the Irish referendum garnered an unexpectedly strong 62 per cent "Yes" vote in such a deeply Catholic country rallied backers of the Italian law, which has been languishing in parliament for months.  

Ireland to Roman Catholic Church “Get Lost!” R.I.P Catholic neocons! (And good riddance)

Conservative Roman Catholics hate Pope Francis because he loves Jesus more than power. And now “Catholic” Ireland has led the way for freedom and human rights on marriage equality, not because of but in spite of Church teaching and political power.

Ireland is “the” Church. Rather Ireland was the Roman Catholic Church. Now it’s a free country. The Church approved, aided and abetted abusers of thousands of children for decades in Ireland, the domestic abuse and virtual slavery of women, the oppression of an entire society- for centuries. Now the canary in the mine has died. As goes Ireland so will go the Church.

What you just heard was the snap of the last vestige of Roman Catholic Church “moral” authority…


Time to go, Cardinal Pell

Cardinal George Pell does not seem to know it yet, but last week his world changed. Once and for all.
LAST WEEK, in Ballarat, no fewer than 17 survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church told their stories. The horror and pain in each individual story was gut-wrenching, but the cumulative effect was far worse than that. What emerged was a dense and interconnected latticework of violence, and sexual crimes of young children on a large scale.


Cardinal George Pell’s timing on Ballarat visit angers abuse victims

CARDINAL George Pell has angered victims of child sexual abuse after it was revealed he visited Ballarat just weeks before the Royal Commission started.
Victims say they feel shunned by the visit, saying he should also make himself available to appear at the commission, which has been scheduled for months.
They have called on Cardinal Pell to appear at the three-week hearing to explain claims aired at the commission that he tried to keep quiet allegations of abuse.
The cardinal has issued a statement from Rome denying the explosive allegations that claim he ignored sex abuse complaints for more than 20 years.
But victims say that is not enough.


Cardinal Pell visited St Patrick's weeks before sex abuse hearing

Cardinal George Pell visited Ballarat and a school at the centre of clergy abuse claims just weeks before the royal commission hearings began in the town.
The Cardinal is pictured walking the halls of St Patrick's College  with the school's headmaster John Crowley in the April edition of the school's magazine The Shamrock.


Royal commission: 'Some good must come from this,' says Ballarat abuse survivor – video

A child sexual abuse survivor, Peter Blenkiron, says a 'phoenix must rise from the ashes' of the royal commission. Survivors described physical and mental health problems, as well as difficulties maintaining relationships and employment. Speaking outside the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse, he says, 'There've been so many suicides and premature deaths.' Blenkiron is one of almost 20 survivors who have given evidence into the abuse in Ballarat, Victoria


Child sexual abuse can shorten life expectancy, shrink brain, royal commission hears

There is still a long way to go in understanding how best to help victims of child sexual abuse, which can shorten a person's life expectancy and result in the shrinkage of their brain, a royal commission is told.
Psychiatrist Dr Carolyn Quadrio, an Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales, appeared as a witness at a Ballarat hearing of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse.


Catholic celibacy does not drive child abuse, royal commission hears

Psychiatrist Carolyn Quadrio says men attracted exclusively to children would feel more comfortable in the priesthood and not be affected by the rule

A Catholic church rule requiring clergy to remain celibate is not driving child abuse, an expert has told a royal commission.
Carolyn Quadrio, an associate professor at the University of NSW, said that while abuse occurred in every faith group, it seemed to be more marked in Catholic institutions.


Scotch College reaches out to victims

One of Melbourne's most prestigious schools is reaching out to former students, acknowledging for the first time that at least five were abused on its grounds.
In a letter sent to thousands of former students, Scotch College also admits it settled claims dating back to the 1960s - mostly related to sexual abuse, The Age newspaper reports.


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Victims want church held accountable

Victims of the worst clergy abuse in Australia's history want church leaders to be held accountable.
Lawyer and Monash University doctoral researcher Judy Courtin says the fact church figures who covered up abuse have not been held accountable adds to the harm to victims.
"The ongoing response of the church, which is one of contempt or disdain, is causing ongoing harm to the victims," Ms Courtin told AAP in Ballarat.
Ms Courtin, who has worked closely with abuse survivors in the Ballarat diocese and conducted wider research into justice for clergy abuse victims, said survivors want the whole truth to come out that goes further than what the offenders themselves did.
"It was much more important to have accountability of the hierarchy on the concealing than accountability of the offender," she said.


Opinion: All Catholics must condemn child sex abusers much as we expect all Muslims to denounce extremists

ONCE more, the media is awash with reports, heated discussion and accusations about the role of the Catholic Church and specific individuals’ accountability in the wake of the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sex Abuse.
The sense of deja vu is all-pervasive, as victims, after enduring years of shame, depression, denial and cover-ups by those in whom they placed their trust and faith, come forward to tell their stories publicly, only to have those they accuse play a game of denial or “I don’t recall”.


Scotch College reveals five cases of abuse, calls for victims to come forward

One of Australia's most prestigious private schools has acknowledged, for the first time, that at least five students have been abused on school grounds.
In what's seen as a breakthrough for abuse survivors and their advocates, Melbourne's Scotch College has finally admitted it settled a handful of historical claims – most of which relate to sexual abuse –dating back to the 1960s.


Church sexual abuse victims’ families are also suffering

THE stories coming out of the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Responses to Child Sexual Abuse are horrific.
They are tragic stories of lost childhoods and damaged adulthoods.
But what tends to be forgotten are the secondary victims – the partners, the children, the parents ... family members of those who were abused.
Today, Clare Linane bravely – and very honestly – tells what it’s like to be the wife of not only a survivor but a man who has made it his life mission to help other victims.
Clare is the wife of Peter Blenkiron, who has been leading the charge to not only stop the Ballarat victim suicides but to ensure the horrors of the past are never repeated.


Catholic church 'buried head' to abuse, says priest convicted of indecent assault

Paul David Ryan has told the royal commission he could not explain how so many notorious pedophiles came to operate in the Ballarat diocese

Catholic church leaders buried their heads about clergy abusing children in Ballarat and should have made victims a priority, a priest convicted of indecent assault has told the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse.
Paul David Ryan, 66, told the commission he could not explain how so many notorious pedophiles came to operate in Ballarat diocese at the same time. But he agreed the culture of the diocese allowed it.


Saturday, 23 May 2015

The moment I gave up on the Catholic Church

A few years ago I had to walk out of Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

Sounds a bit bah-humbug, doesn’t it?
Stick with me for a sec.
I love Midnight Mass, although I’m not a Catholic, and I’ve been going along for about 20 years at Christmas, although I always have to go by myself because nobody in the family will come. For me, it’s not Christmas till I’ve sung Silent Night by candlelight.
The Catholics do it better than anyone. In my 20 years of solo Christmas Eve action, I’ve attended all kinds of denominations and churches for Christmas Eve services, and I must admit: there’s nothing like the Catholic St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney City for incense and Latin and blokes shuffling round in frocks — all the essential ingredients for a real feeling of festivity.


Sex abuse inquiry: how evil stole the innocence of children

How odious they are. How pernicious their intent. They were not murderers, but surely they killed something precious in their victims. Something unique to each of their victims was crushed and in that horrible devastation of body and spirit came an unwanted bond with others: links in the chain of a callous cruelty and nonchalant indifference disposed and imposed on them.
They are the priests of Ballarat, of Maitland, of points far and wide, who snuffed out the light innocence of youth and the implicit trust the young have in adults. In its place grew, in many cases, a dark and nightmarish pit. From such depths these boys had to pull themselves out and go into adulthood and make a life for themselves. The boys became survivors of a casual monstrosity of perversion.


Ridsdale faces two-day grilling at inquiry

Australia's worst pedophile priest, Gerald Francis Ridsdale, will be grilled for at least two days at the child abuse royal commission next week.A major focus of the commission's Ballarat hearing is who was responsible for moving Ridsdale from parish to parish, allowing him to continue to offend, and why.It may end up being Ridsdale who gives the commission much of the information it needs in its investigation.Ridsdale will give evidence via video-link from jail on Wednesday and Thursday, and into Friday if necessary.


Yeshivah Centre board on brink of collapse after abuse revelations

The board of the Yeshivah Centre is on the brink of collapse, following grim revelations at the Royal Commission and a community campaign.
Board member Michael Goldhirsch stepped down this week, bringing the number of members who have resigned in the past three months to five.
The resignation of Mr Goldhirsch, who has been a member for decades, leaves just three board members.
An online petition signed by members of Melbourne's Jewish community has called for the committee of management to resign, saying it does "not have the confidence of the community"


Friday, 22 May 2015

Time to extend freedom to the dying-The churches reject voluntary euthanasia, regardless of the suffering inflicted on the dying.

As elsewhere in the West, the churches here have long been fighting a rearguard action to maintain their dominance and hegemony. But this is no easy task with an ever-growing list of clerical retreats and regroupings in response to an increasingly secular but nonetheless conservative Australia.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is making clear that the right of churches to operate above the secular law is no longer acceptable.


Paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale: 'I was out of control abusing altar boys'

Notorious abuser admitted that he went ‘haywire’ in the Victorian town of Mortlake and that his behaviour had been ‘no secret’, royal commission told

Australia’s most notorious paedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale admitted he was out of control and “went haywire” in the Victorian town of Mortlake where he was believed to have abused every boy in school.
A series of letters and documents published by the royal commission into sexual abuse website reveal details of Ridsdale’s abuse and the response from the Catholic church, including Ballarat bishop Ronald Mulkearns.


Witnesses won't be cross-examined on Cardinal George Pell bribery allegation

Church lawyers will not recall witnesses for cross-examination on allegations Cardinal George Pell tried to bribe a victim to silence him and ignored another's reports children were being sexually abused.
A spokesman for the Catholic Church's Truth Justice and Healing Council told media outside of the the royal commission into child sexual abuse that "we have determined that regardless of the position the commission is taking that it is not in the best interests of witnesses or anyone else that they be cross-examined".


Australia--Pope must force Pell to testify

Friday 22 May, 2015
Media Statement by Nicky Davis, Leader, SNAP Australia (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)
0422 538 440
Pope Francis moved Cardinal George Pell to Rome from Australia. Now, the pontiff must force Pell to testify before a governmental panel.
Serious allegations against Pell have repeatedly been raised - both through sworn testimony and through media interviews.  
Francis has said - and Catholics all know - that to move forward, the truth about this scandal must be disclosed. Pell's participation in the governmental inquiry is crucial if this is to happen.
And for the healing of Australian Catholics and victims, Pell must be questioned under oath about child sex abuse and cover up cases in his home country.


Archbishop backs new look at abuse claims

The Archbishop of Sydney says modern standards of justice should be applied in historic abuse cases already dealt with against the church.
Abuse victims such as John Ellis, who suffered at the hands of Catholic clergy, should be allowed to revisit their compensation claims against the church, the Archbishop of Sydney says.
Anthony Fisher says the church has admitted to its failings in the case of Mr Ellis who was abused while an altar boy but lost his compensation court case because the church successfully argued it was not a legal entity.
Archbishop Fisher said the church was taking a "generous" approach to victims who come back seeking a better compensation deal than they were given in decades gone by.


We support you: loud community message for child sex abuse survivors

Ballarat locals have decorated a Catholic School fence with colourful ribbons, a campaign called Loud Fence, aimed at showing support for child abuse victims who were silenced.
After days of horrific evidence at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, community members have begun tying bright ribbons onto the fence of the former St Alipius Boy's School where some of the abuse took place.
One of the organisers, Maureen Hatcher, says it is the community's way of letting survivors know that Ballarat is behind them.


Christian Brothers paid $3 million to Ballarat victims, commission hears

BR CLINCH also revealed the Christian Brothers spent $1.5 million to defend Robert Best in court.
THE Christian Brothers have paid Ballarat victims nearly $3 million, Oceania Province leader Brother Peter Clinch told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on Friday.
Br Clinch said the average payment was $70,000, though 11 recipients had their claims re-examined and raised to $90,000.
He said investment funds were being liquidated to pay victims in Ballarat, Perth, Goulburn, Melbourne and Sydney. He also said victims asking for third re-examinations would be considered.