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They lie in the name of their 'Lord',
let us speak out in the name of TRUTH
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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Former priest David Rapson convicted of rape, indecent assault charges

Former Catholic priest David Rapson has been found guilty of sexually assaulting six boys in his care at Victorian schools, in trials that can only now be reported.

Rapson was in February found guilty by a County Court jury of five counts of rape and one charge of indecent assault, but details of that trial – and his name – were suppressed because of trials that were to follow.


Keynote address: 14th Australasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect

The Royal Commission has now been in operation for more than two years. We have completed the public hearings for 25 case studies which in most cases have been concerned with the failure of institutions to manage their affairs to adequately protect the children in their care. We have looked at churches, religious schools, and state run institutions. We recently looked at issues in relation to out of home care. But we have many more and varied tasks to complete.


Catholic priest told police alleged victim looking for love

A former Catholic priest accused of molesting a friend's daughter told police the girl was always looking for love.
Father Edward Evans admitted to the police he had touched the girls bottom, but said it had been an affectionate gesture and not sexual.
Father Evans, 85, is on trial in the ACT Supreme Court on charges of committing acts of indecency and sexual assault on the girl in the 1990s.
He has pleaded not guilty.


Evil ex-priest David Edwin Rapson jailed, found guilty of raping six boys at boarding school

A DISGRACED priest who plied young boys with cigarettes and alcohol before raping them is back behind bars.
David Edwin Rapson is one of the most notorious paedophiles in Victorian history with a string of victims from his offending that spanned three decades.
In 2013 he was jailed for 13 years for sickening crimes on kids, but was released on appeal after serving just 11 months of that sentence.
His convictions were quashed by the Court of Appeal after a concession by the Office of Public Prosecutions that Rapson should have faced several trials.


Victims of paedophile priest may be linked to church fires

Police are investigating whether the victims of a paedophile priest started two fires at separate churches on the same day.
Fire almost destroyed the 123-year-old St James Church in Brighton on Monday morning, but another blaze at St Mary's in St Kilda East caused little damage.
Both churches are linked to Ronald Dennis Pickering, who moved from parish to parish around Melbourne abusing boys between 1958 and 1993, when he fled to his native Britain. He died there in 2012, having never been charged.


Child sexual abuse: Enough evidence for 1000 hearings

The head of an Australian royal commission into child sexual abuse says he has uncovered enough material to justify public hearings on more than 1000 institutions where child sexual abuse has been alleged.
Justice Peter McClellan, who leads the five-year royal commission, told a child abuse conference in Auckland today that institutions were already responding after hearings on 25 institutions so far.
"We are driving change, for example, in the whole daycare/after-school care sector in Australia," he said.


Monday, 30 March 2015

Learn from psychologists: McClellan

The legal system in Australia needs to learn from psychologists or risk inflicting grave injustices on child sex assault victims, the chair of the child sexual abuse royal commission says.
In a keynote address in Auckland to the 14th Australasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect on Tuesday, Justice Peter McClellan will say judges are working off what they thought they knew about how "genuine complainants" behaved and how memory works.


Catholic priest admitted touching girl on bottom, trial is told

A former Catholic priest accused of molesting a young girl admitted to diocese officials that he had touched her bottom, a court has been told.
But Father Edward Evans, 85, told them it was not sexual and he did not know it was a crime.
Father Evans allegedly told the officials he knew it had been wrong  but thought, after 20 years, all had been forgiven and forgotten.


Justice Peter McClellan: Assumptions about victims colour judges' decisions

Sexual assault victims' testimony has been called into question by judges ignorant of relevant psychological research, the chairman of the royal commission into child sexual abuse says.
In a rare and frank appraisal of Australian judges to be presented on Tuesday at an international conference in New Zealand, Justice Peter McClellan said, "Judicial assumptions about human behaviour are still, in relatively contemporary times, informing the content of the law."


Canberra priest Edward Evans allegedly told church official that incident with girl was 'not sexual'

A Catholic Church official has alleged a Canberra priest told him he knew touching a young girl in the 1990s was wrong, the ACT Supreme Court has heard.
The alleged victim was aged between 10 and 13 when the now 85-year-old Edward Evans was alleged to have molested her in the 1990s.
Evans is accused of six offences against the girl.


Historic Vic church fire suspicious: cops

Some people are devastated a historic Melbourne church has been gutted by fire, but others are happy to see it burn.
Arson chemists are yet to determine the cause of the suspicious blaze which destroyed St James Church in Brighton early on Monday morning.
The Catholic church, one of Melbourne's oldest, was attended by notorious priest Ronald Pickering.
Pickering, now dead, was accused of child sex abuse against a number of boys in the 1970s and 1980s but was never convicted.


Fire destroys 'haunted' church, domain of one of Australia's notorious paedophile priests

The destruction of a heritage-listed church by a fire in Australia has been welcomed by some residents as a fitting end to the “haunted house on the hill”, which was for years the domain of one of the nation’s most notorious paedophile priests.
Rachel Griffiths, a film star and former parishioner, said she was elated by the destruction of St James Church, where Catholic priest Ronald Pickering preyed on young boys from 1978 to 1993 before fleeing to Britain.


How the church helped this criminal, Father Ron Pickering, to avoid the police

By a Broken Rites researcher (article updated 30 March 215)
A Melbourne suburban Catholic church, St James in Brighton/Gardenvale, which has been destroyed by fire, is a significant historical landmark because it was the scene of countless child-sex sex-crimes committed by Father Ronald Pickering. This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about how the Melbourne Catholic archdiocese harboured Father Pickering, enabling him to escape a police prosecution. Since then, the archdiocese has admitted that Pickering was an offender. Some Pickering victims ended up committing suicide. Australia's current national Royal Commission into institutional responses to child-abuse should investigate how the Melbourne archdiocese covered up for so many criminals such as Pickering.


Actress 'elated' at blaze that gutted church linked to child sex abuse

Actress Rachel Griffiths says she and other former parishioners of a Melbourne church which was gutted this morning are relieved the "haunted house on the hill" has been destroyed.
The massive blaze started at the historic St James Church in the beachside suburb Brighton just after 6am today.
It had been the home of priest Ronald Pickering, who was found to be a pedophile by the Catholic church but was never brought to justice before his death.


Advocate pledges to fight for redress for abuse survivors

Supporters of child sexual abuse survivors will fight the Federal government's refusal to set up a Commonwealth-run redress scheme which has been recommended by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Judy Courtin speaking with 702 ABC Sydney Mornings' Linda Mottram



Fire at St James Church in Brighton a 'relief', says actor Rachel Griffiths

Hollywood actor Rachel Griffiths says it was a "relief" to see fire tear through St James Church on Monday morning because of the history of child sex abuse there.
Investigations are underway into the fire, which broke out at the 123-year-old church about 6.30am, gutting the heritage-listed building and destroying its roof.
The Brighton church was attended by notorious paedophile priest Ronald Pickering from 1978 to 1993, before he fled to the United Kingdom, fearing prosecution.


'Haunted house on the hill': Rachel Griffiths describes abuse history at destroyed Melbourne church

The destruction of St James Church in Brighton would be a relief to many former parishioners because of its history of sexual abuse, actress and former parishioner Rachel Griffiths has told 774 ABC Melbourne.
The heritage-listed church was destroyed in an early morning blaze that took hours for fire crews to bring under control.


Sunday, 29 March 2015

Government's response further abuses child-sex victims

I just received a text message from a man, now in his early 50s, who was anally raped by a "Christian" brother when he was 12 years old. He said: "I can't go on any more. That's me done".
This very brave survivor, who has been facing his demons all these years, has also been fighting tirelessly for justice for all survivors of child sex crimes, especially for adequate financial support and redress. Like thousands of others, he has, at great personal risk, opened his heart and soul and told his story to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the responses by non-government organsiations into child sexual abuse and the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


Saturday, 28 March 2015

Members of Vatican abuse commission question Francis' inaction in Chile

Two members of the new Vatican commission advising Pope Francis on clergy sexual abuse say they are both concerned and surprised at the pope's decision to appoint a bishop in Chile who is accused of covering up abuse, even witnessing it while he was a priest.
Speaking in brief NCR interviews Thursday in personal capacities, the commission members also said some in their group are considering traveling to Rome to speak to the pope face-to-face on the matter.


Pope Francis may be nearing a tipping point on sexual abuse

Staffers in the Vatican paid to think about such things sometimes sit around trying to identify possible tipping points in the public romance with Pope Francis, meaning a calamity that might put a serious dent in his high approval ratings.
One no-brainer on the list would be a perception that he’s backtracking on “zero tolerance” when it comes to sexual abuse in the Church, and two recent story lines suggest it’s not an abstract worry.


Backlash Against Chilean Bishop Threatens Francis' Reform Agenda

By Jason Berry
A thunderous protest engulfed the arrival of a controversial Chilean bishop to San Mateo cathedral on Saturday. To many, the appointment casts a shadow on Pope Francis' reform agenda for the clergy abuse crisis.
The scene of screaming protestors pushing and shoving as Bishop Juan Barros, 58, enters the cathedral in the southern Chilean city of Osorno can be seen on a YouTube clip.
Pope Francis' decision to send Barros, a bishop for 11 years who served as a military chaplain, to Osorno has ignited new media coverage on Rev. Fernando Karadima, 84, a notorious pedophile in Chile who was ousted by the Vatican four years ago, and who Barros used to share a close connection with.


Pope Faces Palace Revolts & Government Invasions: Top Non-Clerics May Resign

The continuing clerical sex abuse scandals have already helped lead to one pope’s failure and ultimate resignation. Alarmed cardinals then elected an interim pope/media star, Francis, to try to limit potential harm to bishops from the scandals’ continuing and massive waves.
Francis has apparently followed for two years a dual strategy of (a) trying to underplay and string out the scandal with a near farcical abuse commission under disgraced Cardinal Law’s former canon lawyer, and (b) changing the subject with media distractions, like needless foreign trips and endless photo ops, contrived canonizations and aimless synods, papal “double speak” and mixed messaging, pontifications on stopping global warming and militarily opposing ISIS threats and other public relations gimmicks, like pizza deliveries in St. Peter’s Square. This strategy has failed. Children’s safety is too important to Catholic parents to be buried for long in distractions.


Friday, 27 March 2015

Jailed Christian brother 'satanic': victim

He professed to be a man of God, but outside a Victorian court where he was jailed for child sex abuse, former Christian Brother Edward "Ted" Bales was called evil and satanic.
The 65-year-old has been ordered to serve at least three years of a six-year prison sentence for indecently assaulting 20 boys under his care at Victorian schools in the 1970s and 1980s.


Victims lash out as former Christian Brother jailed for sex attacks

A FORMER Christian Brother was told to “rot in hell” as he was removed from court today to start a fresh sentence for appallingly brazen sex attacks on students.
Ted Bales — who changed his name from Edward Dowlan to hide his true identity — was ordered to serve at least three years for assaulting more than 20 students, some of whom were as young as eight.


Former Christian Brother jailed for abusing 20 boys at six schools over 14 years

A former Christian Brother who was part of a notorious paedophile ring involving the clergy in Ballarat has been jailed for a minimum of three years for abusing 20 young boys.
County Court judge Richard Smith said on Friday that Ted Dowlan, who changed his name by deed poll to Bales in 2011, had preyed on vulnerable boys as young as eight years old over a 14-year period at six different schools from the first year he became a Christian Brother in 1971.


Paedophile Christian Brother Ted Bales jailed for abusing school boys

A Christian Brother and convicted paedophile who changed his name to avoid adverse publicity has been jailed for six years for abusing young boys in the 1970s and '80s.
Ted Bales, 65, formerly known as Edward Dowlan, pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting boys, aged between eight and 14, when he was a teacher and headmaster at number of Christian Brothers colleges across Victoria.
The Victorian County Court heard Bales physically punished his victims to make them vulnerable.
He was previously jailed in the 1990s for abusing other boys, some of them the classmates of the victims in the latest case against him.


Call for abuse redress to restore dignity

A federally-run redress scheme for abuse survivors is a must because states failed as legal guardians to thousands of children an inquiry has been told.
State governments and churches that ran children's homes should not be allowed administer a redress scheme for child sexual abuse survivors, a royal commission has been told.
Leonie Sheedy the chief executive of Care Leavers Australia Network (CLAN) said a national independent redress scheme needed to recognise all forms of abuse and neglect suffered by children in care.
"Past providers and governments that operated orphanages, children's homes and other institutions should contribute to this national scheme but should have no say in how the redress in managed," she said on Friday.


Scouts may close programs if forced to pay for past abuse

Scouts Australia says if it has to pay compensation for historic child sex abuse cases it could be forced to close programs.
Christopher Bates, the national chief executive of the organisation which runs activity programs for children in all states and territories said today retrospective liability for child sex abuse would “impact today’s members”.
Mr Bates told a child sexual abuse royal commission that Scouts Australia supported a national non-confrontational scheme that involves independent assessment of the status of the claim.


Law Council backs compensation scheme for abuse survivors

President says it is possible for states and territories to refer power to commonwealth – and plan should be modelled on defence abuse response team.

The Law Council of Australia has backed a national redress scheme for abuse survivors and says the commonwealth has the mechanisms to establish one.
Duncan McConnel, the president of the society which represents 60,000 Australian lawyers, says it is possible for the states and territories to refer power to the commonwealth.


Child sex abuse royal commission: Care Leavers Australia Network wants own compensation scheme for victims

A group representing children who were held in out-of-home care has told an inquiry they should be entitled to a separate compensation scheme.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is hearing submissions from nearly 40 government and non-government organisations about a national redress scheme for survivors.
Leonie Sheedy from the Care Leavers Australia Network said all forms of abuse should be recognised, not just sexual abuse.
"It is our view that the care leavers' experience is so unique that it requires its own redress scheme," she said.


Lawyers back abuse redress scheme

The society which represents 60,000 Australian lawyers has backed a national redress scheme for abuse survivors.

The Law Council of Australia has backed a national redress scheme for abuse survivors and says the commonwealth has the mechanisms to establish one.
Duncan McConnel, president of the society which represents 60,000 Australian lawyers, says it's possible for the states and territories to refer power to the commonwealth.


ALA ‘extremely disappointed’ by child abuse compo rejection

The federal government is failing victims of institutional child abuse by saying ‘no’ to a national compensation scheme, says the Australian Lawyers Alliance.
Dr Andrew Morrison SC (pictured), spokesperson for the ALA, said the government’s apparent abdication of responsibility was “very troubling”.
“The federal government took the responsibility for setting up a Royal Commission to investigate this issue of institutional child sexual abuse, yet it won’t support the provisional recommendations of its own inquiry,” Dr Morrison said.


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Vic pedophile priest facing more jail time

A pedophile priest who changed his name to avoid publicity after being jailed for sex crimes will be sentenced for more than 50 new child sex offences.
Edward "Ted" Bales, 65, is due to face the Victorian County Court after pleading guilty to the sexual abuse of boys in his care during the 1970s and 1980s.
Bales, a defrocked layman living in Thomastown, was formerly known as Edward Vernon Dowlan.


Abuse redress hearing continues

The Salvation Army and Scouts Australia are among those who will give evidence on Friday to a royal commission examining a national compensation scheme for the victims of child abuse.
The hearing in Sydney is considering responses to a consultation paper published in January in which a $4.3 billion scheme funded by governments and non-government institutions was suggested.


‘Rabbi told me not to go to civil authorities’

YESHIVAH Melbourne’s senior rabbi allegedly told a congregant this week that he had no right to contact police without permission from a rabbi.
The congregant, who was a victim of child sexual abuse, has filed a claim against the Yeshivah Centre and Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Telsner with the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Right Commission (VEOHRC).
The victim, who has been the subject of bullying and intimidation because he came forward to police, was granted an Interim Intervention Order (IIO) against someone within the Yeshivah Centre community.


Alleged abuse victim denies making up evidence of morning teas with priest

The alleged victim of a Catholic priest has denied making up evidence about the Sunday morning teas where she says she was molested.
Father Edward Evans, 85, is accused of repeatedly abusing the girl at his home in Braddon, near where he delivered German-language services, and while they were alone in a car outside Cooleman Court.


The church's cover-up of Brother Edward Dowlan (alias Ted Bales) — and how Broken Rites helped to expose this

This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about how the Christian Brothers organisation concealed the crimes of Brother Edward Dowlan (now known as Edward Bales). From the start, they knew that he was committing criminal sexual assaults against Australian schoolchildren and, instead of dismissing him, the Christian Brothers kept transferring him to more schools, thus giving him access to more victims. When police finally charged him after 20 years, the Christian Brothers supported Dowlan, instead of supporting the victims. The victims eventually won (by getting him convicted in 1996 and again in 2014), but their lives have been damaged by the Christian Brothers— and at least one of Brother Dowlan's victims ended up in suicide. Dowlan is being sentenced again (under the name Ted Bales) on 27 March 2015.


Tasmanian Government defends state-based sexual abuse compensation plan

The Tasmanian Government has told the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse the basic framework for victim redress is already in place.
With the inquiry now focussing on appropriate methods of compensation, the Justice Department's strategic legislation and policy director Catherine Vickers appeared at a hearing in Sydney to speak on the Tasmanian Government's submission.


Medicare 'must cater for abuse victims'

The federal government has to have a role in providing psychological treatment for sex abuse victims and that means modifying the Medicare system, a law expert has told a national inquiry.

Patrick Parkinson, professor of law at the University of Sydney and a specialist in family law and child protection, was giving evidence on Thursday at the second day of a royal commission hearing into a redress scheme for thousands of child abuse survivors.


Call to expand Medicare for abuse victims

A royal commission has been told Medicare has to be expanded and funded to help thousands of people traumatised by childhood sexual abuse.

Redress funds for abuse survivors should be used to expand Medicare, a royal commission has been told.
Louise Roufeil, executive manager of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), said an overhauled Medicare system was essential to properly help thousands of people traumatised by childhood experiences in care.
Dr Roufeil said the doorway to services was very narrow and entry "very difficult and when you can get in, the capacity to fully provide treatment is limited".
Her evidence on Thursday to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse came a day after the federal government knocked back a commission suggestion that Medicare be expanded.
The commission had factored counselling costs into a $4.3 billion redress model to be funded by governments and non-government institutions.


Child abuse victims deserve more than the commonwealth's excuses

The moment when things went wrong for victims of child abuse in Australia was a very precise one. In the 1990s, Jeff Kennett, then premier of Victoria, met with George Pell, who was at that stage the Catholic archbishop of Melbourne. According to Pell, Kennett told him to “clean this [child abuse] thing up and there won’t be a royal commission”.
Kennett told The Age last year that he was “reassured that George said ‘yes’, he’d get stuck into it ... it’s not for me to sit in judgment … of whether the response was adequate or not”.


Child sex abuse victims 'retraumatised' by counselling services, royal commission hears

Victims of child sexual abuse are being "retraumatised" by inadequate Medicare-funded counselling services that are plagued by a shortage of properly trained practitioners, the head of the Australian Psychological Society has told the royal commission.
As the commission continued to examine the issue of redress for victims on Thursday, the executive manager of the Psychological Society, Louise Roufeil, said the maximum of 10 private counselling sessions provided for people with mental health issues under Medicare were nowhere near sufficient to support abuse victims.


‘Yeshivah funding should depend on action’

AT the state election last year, I was elected to represent the Southern Metropolitan Region in the Victorian Legislative Council.
That region includes the areas where most of the Melbourne Jewish community lives.
It also includes the Yeshivah Centre and its schools, Yeshivah College and Beth Rivkah Ladies College. Most of the parents of students at these school are my constituents and many are personally known to me.
Like all of you, I was shocked and angered at the revelations made at the hearings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


Child sex abuse survivors angry at Federal Government's opposition to redress scheme

The Federal Government's opposition to a national redress scheme for victims of child sexual abuse was an attempt to avoid paying compensation to victims and is akin to telling them "we don't want you to recover", abuse victims have told the Royal Commission.
"I think that what the government is saying to survivors is that they would prefer [them] to suffer in silence …" abuse victims advocate Nicky Davis told the Royal Commission into child sex abuse on Wednesday
"They don't want us to reveal their shortcomings, to make them face their financial responsibilities and that's just not acceptable."


Royal commission: Blow to plan for national redress scheme for child sex abuse victims

Hopes for a single, national scheme to provide assistance and compensation for victims of child sexual abuse have been dealt a heavy blow, with the federal government stating that such a scheme is too complex, time consuming and costly.
The statements were made in a blunt, two-page submission to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which is trying to develop a redress scheme for those who have suffered abuse.


Payout refusal sparks backlash

A victim of child sexual assault by a Catholic brother has said the federal government “would prefer us to suffer in silence” after it critic­ised plans for a compensation scheme for the victims of such crimes.
The government also declined an invitation to appear at a public hearing of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to discuss the issue yesterday.
Commission chairman Peter McClellan said commissioners were “disappointed” the government had not backed the scheme, which was “overwhelmingly supported” by victims and many institutions, including the Catholic, Anglican and Uniting churches.

Abuse scheme rejection alarms Catholics

The Catholic Church says the government should not have rejected a national scheme to compensate survivors of sexual abuse.
The Catholic Church says it is disappointed the federal government has so quickly rejected a national scheme to compensate abuse survivors.
In its response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the church backed a national, fair, compassionate and independent scheme which would be run by the federal government with the participation of state and territory governments.
Francis Sullivan, CEO of the Truth Justice and Healing Council (TJHC), told a national inquiry on Thursday that it was surprising that the Commonwealth had initiated the inquiry and "yet has so quickly discounted itself from one of the most fundamental issues we have to redress".


Child sex abuse royal commission: Catholic Church says rejection of national compensation and support scheme surprising

The Federal Government's rejection of a proposal for a national compensation and support scheme for victims of child sexual abuse is surprising, the Catholic Church's Truth, Justice and Healing Council chief says.
Francis Sullivan appeared before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse this morning to present the Catholic Church's proposal for a victim's redress scheme.


'Did you abuse my son?' mother asks priest 40 years after son died

Andrew Michael Nash was 13 when he died in his bedroom.
Other family members were in the Newcastle home, watching television and doing homework, at the time.
His death, in 1974, came after an apparently uneventful day at school where his class teacher was also a serial child sex offender.


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Catholic priest told alleged abuse victim to 'move on'

A former Catholic priest told his alleged abuse victim to "move on" and stop living in the past when she asked for an apology during a covertly recorded phone call almost 20 years later, a court has heard.
Father Edward Evans, now 85, went on trial in the ACT Supreme Court on Wednesday over allegations he abused a young girl at his home on five occasions and at Cooleman Court on another.


Woman 'was in shock' when family priest allegedly first molested her in the 1990s, court hears

An 85-year-old former priest has gone on trial in Canberra charged with molesting a young girl in the 1990s.
Edward Evans is facing six charges of committing acts of indecency against the girl, who was aged between 10 and 13 at the time.
Most of the incidents are alleged to have happened in Evans's house, where the girl's family would sometimes go after church.


Former Illawarra priest Father Patrick Kervin denies sex claim

A former Holy Spirit College priest has pleaded not guilty to the indecent assault of a student in 1988.
Father Patrick Kervin, 58, fronted Port Kembla Local Court on Wednesday charged with one count of indecent assault.
Police allege that while serving as  chaplain at the Bellambi school in 1988, the Catholic priest, now living in Sydney, assaulted a 15-year-old boy.


Calls for abuse early intervention

Compensation for child abuse victims should include a scheme to help those between three and 12 so they don't suffer later, an advocacy group says.

An early intervention program for very young victims of sexual abuse is needed to avoid chronic adult mental health illness across Australia, a royal commission has heard.
Wayne Chamley from Broken Rites, a support group for people abused in the Catholic Church, said on Wednesday a national redress scheme for abuse survivors should include an early intervention program for children between the ages of three and 12.
He was giving evidence at a royal commission hearing into how to compensate victims of childhood sexual abuse.


Canberra priest standing trial on alleged offences

A Canberra priest (Father Edward Evans, aged 85) began facing a trial in the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court on 25 March 2015. He is charged with alleged offences against a child in the 1990s. Father Evans is based in Canberra, where he has been acting as a chaplain to the German-speaking community. Among other duties, Father Evans has been associated with St Patrick's Catholic Church in Braddon (Canberra), where German-language Masses have been conducted on Sundays.


Catholic brother's child sexual abuse case adjourned because of brief

A Hunter region Catholic brother, extradited from New Zealand to face child sexual abuse charges, has had his case adjourned for two months to allow his lawyers time to digest the enormous police brief.
Bernard Kevin McGrath, 67, is facing 252 child sex offences, relating to 35 victims and dating back to the 1970s.
The alleged offences happened in the Lake Macquarie region, near Newcastle.
McGrath's case was mentioned briefly in Newcastle, and the ABC has been told the brief of evidence is 8,000 pages.


Child sex abuse royal commission: Victims condemn Federal Government opposition to national support scheme, referral of responsibility to institutions

A survivor of institutionalised child sexual abuse has condemned the Federal Government for opposing a national support scheme for victims in its submission to a royal commission.
Thirty-eight government and non-government organisations were invited to present spoken submissions to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, to outline their proposals for a redress scheme for survivors of abuse.


Abuse victims demand national redress

SURVIVORS of child sexual abuse will band together to force Australian governments to back a national compensation scheme.
THE opening day of a three-day hearing into redress for thousands of people who were abused as children in institutions heard the federal government had rejected a proposal for a national scheme.
The knock-back was described as disappointing by Peter McClellan, the chair of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Child sex abuse royal commission: Federal Government does not back national support scheme for victims, wants institutions to accept responsibility

The Federal Government does not support a single national support scheme for victims of institutionalised child sexual abuse and believes those institutions should foot the bill, a royal commission has heard.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has invited 38 government and non-government organisations to present spoken submissions outlining their proposals for a redress scheme for survivors of abuse.


Abuse redress knock-back 'disappointing'

The federal government's refusal to establish a national compensation scheme for child sex abuse victims is disappointing, royal commissioner Peter McClellan says.
In an opening address to a public hearing into redress for abuse survivors, Justice McClellan said it was disappointing that the approach most likely to ensure a "just, fair and consistent outcome for all victims" is not supported by the Commonwealth.


Royal commission: Blow to plan for national redress scheme for child sex abuse victims

Hopes for a single, national scheme to provide assistance and compensation for victims of child sexual abuse have been dealt a heavy blow, with the federal government stating that such a scheme is too complex, time consuming and costly.
The statements were made in a blunt, two-page submission to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which is trying to develop a redress scheme for those who have suffered abuse


Abuse commission disappointed at govt failure to support compo

A victim of child sex abuse by a Catholic priest has said the federal government “would prefer us to suffer in silence” after it declined to support proposals for a multi-billion dollar national compensation scheme for those abused as children.
Ms Davis, who was abused from the age of 12 by a member of the Passionist Order north of Sydney, was giving evidence at a royal commission hearing into the proposals, at which the federal government has also declined to appear.


Federal government's refusal to set up national fund for child sex abuse victims criticised by commissioner

Justice Peter McClellan says federal fund, supported by Catholic and Anglican churches, was most likely to deliver ‘just and fair’ outcome for victims

The federal government’s refusal to establish a national compensation scheme for child sex abuse victims is disappointing, Justice Peter McClellan, the royal commissioner, has said.
In an opening address on Wednesday to a public hearing into redress for abuse survivors, McClellan said it was disappointing that the approach most likely to ensure a “just, fair and consistent outcome for all victims” was not supported by the Commonwealth.


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Former St Ignatius’ College Jesuit teacher accused of abuse in two states

A FORMER Jesuit teacher ­accused of historical child sexual allegations at Sydney’s St Ignatius’ College Riverview is also facing child abuse charges in South Australia.
The 77-year-old teacher is due to stand trial in June over alleged historical sexual abuse at St Ignatius in Adelaide.
The former Catholic Brother is accused of sexually ­assaulting the boys in Adelaide in the early 1980s.
He previously taught at Riverview at Lane Cove from the late 1970s to the early ’80s.
The former Adelaide St ­Ignatius’ students made the ­allegations in recent years.


Teacher accused of child abuse at St Ignatius College, Riverview faces trial in another state

A teacher accused of sexually abusing a student at one of Sydney's most prestigious private schools more than 30 years ago is facing trial for historical child abuse charges in another state.
NSW Police began investigating the sexual abuse allegations made by a former St Ignatius College, Riverview student after they learned the same teacher was before the courts charged with a number of child sex offences.


Catholic Church Recommendation on Sexual Abuse Payments

Generous financial payments, ongoing care and support and a meaningful apology should be key elements of a national child sexual abuse redress scheme according to the Catholic Church submission to the Royal Commission.
The Truth Justice and Healing Council’s submission to the Royal Commission’s redress and civil litigation consultation has supported Commissioner Peter McClellan’s call for Governments to establish an independent national redress scheme funded by the institutions responsible for the abuse.
Francis Sullivan, CEO of the Truth Justice and Healing Council, said the issue of redress is at the very heart of the Commission’s work.

Parishes rallying to pay Anglican Diocese of Bathurst's legal bills

THE Anglican Diocese of Bathurst remains tightlipped over whether its parishes have raised the funds to defend a lawsuit against the Commonwealth Bank.
As of October, St Barnabas had fulfilled its $75,000 contribution to the fighting fund, but Holy Trinity had only supplied a quarter of the $128,000 asked of it.
Bishop Ian Palmer said he could not provide an updated total for Holy Trinity’s contribution, saying it had provided funds as costs arose.
“Across the diocese, we are meeting the targets we require for legal costs,” he said.


Abuse compo hits funding hurdle

HOPES for a $4.3 billion national fund to compensate victims of child sexual abuse have been knocked on the head by the federal government.
A SUBMISSION to the child sexual abuse royal commission Canberra says establishing a single national redress scheme would be extremely complex and require significant time and resources.
"This is likely to be frustrating to survivors of child sexual abuse and undermine confidence in the outcomes of the Royal commission's work," it said in the submission published on Tuesday ahead of a public hearing in Sydney on Wednesday.


Compensation plan for child sexual abuse risks creating two classes of victims, Tasmanian Government says

Compensation proposed by the national child sex abuse inquiry will create two classes of victims, the Tasmanian Government says.
The Government is opposing plans for a national redress scheme by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
An estimated 500 Tasmanians would be eligible, costing non-government institutions more than $70 million.


SA Govt “can’t afford” abuse compo fund

Justice Jennifer Coate at public hearing of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney this month.
Sydney | Opposition from the Weatherill Government appears to have helped damage hopes for a $4.3 billion national fund to compensate victims of child sexual abuse.


Monday, 23 March 2015

Submissions for redress consultation paper published

The Royal Commission has published the submissions of all governments, as well as non-government organisations and individuals expected to attend the public hearing on redress and civil litigation commencing this Wednesday 25 March 2015.

Invited participants will speak to their submissions at the public hearing, which is scheduled for three days.


Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview sends letter to parents informing them of child sex abuse claims

AN illustrious Sydney private school has been forced to send a letter to parents informing them that a child sex abuse allegation has been made by a former student.
Paul Hine, principal of Saint Ignatius’ College in Riverview delivered the letter to students yesterday, saying that he had been made aware of the allegation from 30 years ago by the Professional Standards of the Australian Province of the Society of Jesus.
He said the allegation has been reported to the police and they are assisting with the investigation.


Royal commission exposing the hard truths about abuse

Case by case, disgraced institution by disgraced institution, our eyes are being opened. The royal commission charged with investigating how institutions deal with child sexual abuse is remaking our understanding of the people and places we entrust with the safekeeping of our children.


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Priests must tell us what they know

IT IS difficult to imagine a darker scenario. Two adult men having a private conversation in which one reveals he has perpetrated sickening acts of sexual violence against a child, with the second agreeing that he will take the man’s secret to the grave.
A dark scenario and under Australian law, a wholly legal one.
Over the past few months there has been a lot of talk, fuelled in large part by the abject behaviour of radical Islamists, about how in a secular society such as ours the law should trump God every time.


Former Catholic brother charged with child sex offences at St Joseph's and St Gregory's colleges

A former Catholic brother has been arrested over a number of sex offences allegedly committed at two Sydney schools in the 1980s.
A former Catholic brother has been arrested over a number of sex offences allegedly committed against boys at two Sydney schools in the 1980s.
The 52-year-old man was charged on Friday after a police investigation into allegations he sexually assaulted boys at St Joseph's College in Hunters Hill in 1987 and St Gregory's College in Campbelltown in 1989.


Friday, 20 March 2015

Jesuit priest Stanislaus Hogan jailed over child pornography found in Saint Ignatius' College quarters

An Adelaide Jesuit priest and teacher found with more than 1,500 pornographic images of boys has been jailed for more than two years.
Stanislaus Hogan, 70, was found with books, magazines and videos of young and teenage boys, in his private quarters at Saint Ignatius' College in Adelaide's eastern suburbs in August 2013.
He was on the college staff at the time of his arrest.
Hogan told the Adelaide District Court he used some of the books and videos as a way to help understand both paedophiles and himself.


What Archbishop Philip Wilson knew about paedophile priest James Fletcher in 1976 will be tested in court next month

DANIEL Feenan was born in 1976. The same year a newly ordained priest by the name of Philip Wilson was living in Maitland, in country NSW, with another priest called James Fletcher.
Fletcher was a paedophile.
Through the 1970s Fletcher was a serial preyer on young, defenceless boys and was left to run unchecked by the Catholic Church.
By 1989, when Feenan was 12, Fletcher was still on the prowl and the young boy was to become just another in a long line of the priest’s victims.
The question is: Why wasn’t Fletcher stopped? Did the Catholic Church turn a blind eye to the monster in its midst or was it just oblivious?


Ignoring child-sex abuse is a crime in itself: we need to show leadership to protect children

In January 1996, as Hunter priest Philip Wilson prepared to be made the Bishop of Wollongong, a young police officer who would go on to become NSW Nationals leader, Troy Grant, interviewed senior Hunter Catholic priest Monsignor Patrick Cotter.
Grant wanted to know what Cotter knew of child sex allegations involving fellow priest Vince Ryan.


South Australian Catholic priest jailed for child porn

A Catholic priest who says he was interested in finding out "what makes young males tick" has been jailed for at least 10 months for possessing child pornography.
Fr Stanislaus Hogan, 70, had 1555 child pornography images, as well as magazines, videos and books, in his locked bedroom at the Jesuit St Ignatius College in Athelstone in Adelaide.


Hobart school reports decades-old sexual misconduct allegations

A former Calvin Christian School student has made an allegation of sexual misconduct happening at the school more than 25 years ago.
The Kingston School reported the matter to police and requested a full investigation.
School principal Iain Belot said he was ''horrified, dismayed and deeply sorry" that abuse could have happened at the school.
He promised to provide any help or support to anyone who may have suffered sexual or physical abuse at the school.
"For the past decade or more, Calvin Christian School has applied rigorous and exhaustive processes in the recruitment of both teaching and support staff," he said.


Convent girl Bonnie Schlef's life of violence, sex abuse, heroin and prison escape

A feature on Bonnie Schlef's remarkable life was first published in print in 2010. Here, Stuff republishes it on the day a coroner sits to consider how this Christchurch battler died following a surgical error.
People judge her. Well you would. The morphine addiction, the stolen cheques, the prison time, the family gang connections. So how did the life of a sweet little convent girl go so off the rails?
I am talking to 52-year-old Bonnie Schlef in the foyer of Christchurch District Court. She is there to support her son - a son charged with leaving her horrifically battered, with a cracked neck, in an attack last August. The second such attack, she says.
Schlef is clutching a sheaf of correspondence. Letters to Prime Minister John Key, Justice Minister Simon Power, and everyone else from there down.


All eyes on Aust's beef with the bishop

There was a time when the Catholic Church knew exactly what to do when one of its clergy molested a child.
"A cleric or monk who sexually molests youths or boys is to be publicly whipped, his head shaved, spat upon, and kept in prison for six months in chains on a diet of bread and water," wrote Basil the Great, the Greek bishop of Caesarea in the 4th century.
He also recommended the offender be watched and not let anywhere near young people once released.
Basil's solution is extreme by today's standards, but it leaves you asking how, 1600 years later, secrecy and cover-up became the Catholic Church's modus operandi with errant clergy.


Thursday, 19 March 2015

JOANNE McCARTHY: No institution is 'all-powerful'

THE charging of Archbishop Philip Wilson for allegedly concealing a child sex allegation against Hunter priest Jim Fletcher is significant for anyone who has been sexually abused as a child, whether in an institution or by a family member.
It says that no one is above the law. It says that child sexual abuse is a crime and is ultimately about the abuse of power.
And what we have seen so distressingly since the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is that many, many children over many decades have reported that they were sexually abused, and many adults in many institutions beyond the Catholic Church have failed them.


A Marist Brother, aged 82, is finally brought to justice for old crimes, including buggery

A member of the Catholic religious order of Marist Brothers in New South Wales — Brother Francis William Cable, known as Brother "Romuald" — was found guilty on 17 March 2015 of 13 serious child sex offences against two schoolboys after a jury trial in Sydney. Two days later, on March 19, he entered guilty pleas to offences against another 17 schoolboys. He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on a later date. The offences, which occurred in the 1960s and 1970s, include buggery, plus multiple counts of indecent assault.


Archbishop in the hot seat but will conviction be sledge hammer approach

Archbishop Philip Wilson of Adelaide is not the Pope and he is not Cardinal George Pell.  People need to remember this when digesting the news that he has been charged by NSW Police with concealing child sexual abuse while a priest in the Hunter region in the 1970s.
This is big news but not quite as big as many seem to be assuming and not for the same reasons.


Royal Commission planning public hearings in Newcastle for 2016

The Royal Commission into child sexual abuse has confirmed planning is underway for public hearings to be held in Newcastle next year.
In February this year, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse held four days of private hearings in Newcastle.
32 people came forward to talk about their experiences, but there has been no word on public hearings coming to the region.
The Hunter has been at the forefront of the push to expose child sexual abuse, with outspoken former police officer Peter Fox partly credited for pushing the federal government into setting up the Royal Commission.
Speaking recently to the ABC, Mr Fox said he expected the hearings would cover a range of issues.


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Archbishop charged with concealing sex abuse quits royal commission body

Victims’ advocates say Philip Wilson should also resign as archbishop of Adelaide and from the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
The Archbishop of Adelaide, charged on Tuesday over the alleged cover up of child sexual abuse by a fellow priest, has stepped down from his role in a supervisory group that deals with the royal commission.
Victims’ advocates have welcomed the charge, but labelled the church’s response to it “arrogant.”


Ian Temby QC: the ‘$1000 an hour’ barrister who will defend Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson against sex abuse cover up claims

THE Catholic Church will likely pay the legal fees and the cost of one of the country’s leading barristers to defend Archbishop Philip Wilson against a sex-abuse cover-up charge.
Sydney QC Ian Temby, 72, who charges up to $1000 an hour, will oversee Archbishop Wilson’s defence as the latest prominent case in an almost 50-year career.
Having represented both sides of the bar table, he was Australia’s first Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, the founding NSW corruption watchdog and is a former royal commissioner.
The Archbishop’s case, described by experts as “extremely unusual”, is expected to cost at least $10,000 a day to defend.


Former priest says charging Archbishop with concealing child sex abuse likely to lead to other charges against clergy

Former Catholic priest and District Court judge Chris Geraghty says the charging of an Australian Archbishop over allegations he concealed child sex abuse in the 1970s is likely to lead to other charges against Catholic clergy embroiled in similar cases.
Archbishop Philip Wilson, who is on indefinite leave, has denied the allegations and said he will be defending them.


Philip Wilson charges mark a dark day for the Catholic Church

On Tuesday, NSW Police charged one of the most senior Catholic clergymen in Australia – the Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson – with the concealment of an allegation of child sexual abuse by convicted paedophile priest James Fletcher in Maitland in the 1970s. Wilson said he will “vigorously defend” his innocence.


Salvos shut emergency hotline

The Salvation Army is shutting down its emergency counselling phone hotline after operating it for more than 30 years.
The Salvos, as the Christian organisation is commonly known, said the telephone service would close at the end of June. It has been running since 1983.
The decision was made as part of an internal Salvation Army review that's "considering the best possible means by which The Salvation Army can serve the Australian community".


Sex abuse victim’s mother relieved a senior figure in Catholic Church has been charged

PATRICIA Feenan lost her faith in the Catholic Church years ago, but is pinning her hopes in the legal system to determine if Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson conspired to hide child sex abuse.
Mrs Feenan — whose son, Daniel, exposed the crimes of paedophile priest Father James Fletcher — said a charge of concealing church sexual abuse against Archbishop Wilson was a major development.
“It was a relief to realise finally that a senior person could be charged. I have faith in the legal system, I always say the church let us down but the legal system and the police didn’t,” she said.


Aust foster care system lags behind UK

AUSTRALIA'S approach to the recruitment, training and oversight of foster carers falls behind standards in the UK, a witness has told a royal commission.
THERE are more than 50,000 children in out-of-home care in Australia and at least half that number are in foster care. The remainder are in small group residential homes or in relative/kinship care.
Karen Larkman general manager of CatholicCare, the official Catholic welfare agency in Sydney, said on Wednesday mandatory ongoing training for people who foster children was needed across the out-of-home care sector in Australia.


Public meeting moves man to speak with family and police

THE Hunter man whose statement led to Archbishop Philip Wilson being charged with concealing a child sex allegation against another priest spoke to police after attending the Shine the Light meeting at Newcastle Panthers in September 2012 during the Newcastle Herald’s campaign for a royal commission.
‘‘The whole meeting had a huge impact on him,’’ said a Hunter relative of the man who was also at the meeting where former Wallaby Peter FitzSimons galvanised the room with the quote that evil flourishes when good men do nothing.


Australian prelate maintains innocence after charges of hiding abuse

ADELAIDE, Australia — Archbishop Philip Wilson of Adelaide has been charged with concealing child abuse by a priest, but maintained he is innocent of violating the law.
Charges were filed March 17 by New South Wales Police Force after an investigation by a team of detectives set up specifically to investigate allegations of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle in the 1970s by Father Jim Fletcher.
The charge stems from 1976, when the archbishop was a young priest working in the diocese.
"I am disappointed to have been notified by the NSW Police that it has decided to file a charge in respect to this matter," Archbishop Wilson, 64, said in a statement.


Call for Archbishop to stand aside

Adelaide | The Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide should stand aside until the finalisation of a claim that he concealed child sexual abuse by a priest, says a victim support group.
Philip Wilson has strenuously denied a NSW police allegation that he concealed a serious offence regarding child sexual abuse in the state’s Hunter region.
The abuse was allegedly committed during the 1970s by another priest, when both men worked in the Maitland Diocese, near Newcastle.


Family of abuse survivors are 'secondary victims', can't claim compensation: NSW Anglican Church

A woman whose father was sexually and physically abused at an Anglican Church-run home in New South Wales says she will keep fighting for compensation money for her family, even though the church has rejected her claim because she is a "secondary victim".
Kim Brannigan barely knew her father Wayne for the first 26 years of her life.


Former Bishop Keith Slater to face defrocking by the Anglican Church for mishandling abuse claims

The Anglican Church is quietly preparing for a hearing that could see the defrocking of one of its former bishops, five months after the royal commission recommended he face disciplinary action for ignoring complaints from sexual abuse victims.
Keith Slater, whose title remains the Right Reverend, was forced to resign as the Grafton Bishop in 2013 for the way he handled abuse claims from a group of 40 people.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

AUSTRALIA- Survivors welcome charge against Bishop Wilson for failing to report child sex crime

Statement by Nicky Davis, Leader, SNAP Australia, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (nicky@nickydavis.com.au, 0422 538 440)
Survivors’ long wait for any senior church official to be held responsible for covering up widespread and systemic child sex crimes is finally over.
At last those who enable and coverup the sexual exploitation of defenseless children are no longer a protected species. We hope this charge is the first of many.
For too long, survivors have seen those responsible for enforcing laws against covering up child sex crimes ignore evidence and fail to investigate case after case.
Most institutional child sexual violence involves senior officials refusing to act, not reporting to police, and allowing predators continued access to their favourite prey.


Late paedophile priest James Patrick Fletcher’s crime continue to hurt Catholic Church

PAEDOPHILE priest James Patrick Fletcher died in prison in 2006 — but the ghosts of his depraved crimes continue to haunt the Catholic Church.
Fletcher, known to his trusting congregation as Father Jim, was finally outed as a depraved and calculating paedophile when he was jailed for molesting an altar boy in the early 1990s.
The disgraced priest died while serving his sentence, but revelations in the past decade have shown his offending stretched back to at least the 1970s.
Fletcher’s housemate at the Maitland-Newcastle diocese was a young priest by the name of Philip Wilson — now the Archbishop of Adelaide.
Archbishop Wilson’s alleged involvement in turning a blind eye to or covering up Fletcher’s heinous crimes was the subject of a special inquiry and on Tuesday resulted in a criminal charge.


Archbishop Philip Wilson and the Catholic Church's damage control on clergy sex abuse

By a Broken Rites researcher (article written in May 2010 and re-posted on this page on 17 March 2015)
A prominent Australian Catholic Church leader, Archbishop Philip Wilson, has claimed (in 2010) that during his rise from junior priest to church administrator, he "knew nothing" about the sexually-abusive behaviour of fellow-priests — even though he lived and worked with some of these criminals. Does Wilson's "know-nothing" attitude help us to understand his extraordinary rise to the top of the Australian church hierarchy? Wilson's senior roles eventually included the managing of church sexual abuse.
From 1996 onwards, Wilson was a long-time member of the Australian bishops' National Committee for Professional Standards -- the body that was established to oversee the management of the church's sexual-abuse crisis.


1st Archbishop Ever Charged In Child Abuse CoverUp: Time To Change, Pope Francis ?

Pope Francis for two years has mainly continued the quarter century old priest child abuse cover-up policy of his two predecessors, it appears. The policy includes keeping secret Vatican records relating to the cover-up, including some records most recently requested futilely by Australia’s Royal Commission. The papal cover-up policy has completely failed.


Church’s days of atonement

LIKE all citizens charged with a crime, the Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, 64, is innocent unless he is found guilty. He was charged yesterday with concealing child sex abuse by another priest in the 1970s. Appropriately, the Archbishop has taken indefinite leave. He has promised to “vigorously defend my innocence” against the charge of concealing a serious indictable offence. If convicted, he could face two years’ jail.


Clergy cover-up: Maitland child abuse link after archbishop charged

Catholic church abuse victims say a criminal charge against the Archbishop of Adelaide for allegedly failing to report crimes against children in the Hunter shows the church is not above the law.
A former Maitland priest, Archbishop Philip Wilson has become the most senior Catholic clergyman to be charged with concealing the sexual abuse of children.
Police attached to Strike Force Lantle charged the 64-year-old with concealing a serious offence yesterday.


Statement from Archbishop Philip Wilson

Media Release - Tuesday March 17, 2015

“I am disappointed to have been notified by the NSW Police that it has decided to file a charge in respect of this matter.
The suggestion appears to be that I failed to bring to the attention of police a conversation I am alleged to have had in 1976, when I was a junior priest, that a now deceased priest had abused a child.


Archbishop Philip Wilson disappointed at charge

● Read the statement by the Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson
● Archbishop Philip Wilson charged with concealing child sex abuse
The Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson says he’s disappointed that NSW police have decided to charge him with concealing child sex abuse.
‘‘The suggestion appears to be that I failed to bring to the attention of police a conversation I am alleged to have had in 1976, when I was a junior priest, that a now deceased priest had abused a child,’’ he said in a statement on Tuesday. From the time this was first brought to my attention last year, I have completely denied the allegation.’’


Archbishop Philip Wilson becomes world's most senior Catholic charged with concealing child abuse

FORMER Hunter priest Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson has become the most senior Catholic clergyman in the world to be charged with concealing a child sex abuse allegation against another priest on what a Hunter paedophile priest victim has described as "a Saint Patrick's Day we'll never forget".
The Adelaide archbishop was charged on Tuesday with one count of concealing a child sex allegation made against the late Hunter priest Jim Fletcher in the 1970s, nearly nine months after the NSW Special Commission of Inquiry recommended the charge.


Strike Force Lantle set up in 2010 to investigate allegations of sexual abuse cover up in Catholic Church

STRIKE Force Lantle was established five years ago and, until Tuesday, had drawn criticism for failing to deliver tangible results.
The strike force was set up in 2010 to investigate allegations that the Catholic Church had covered up sexual abuse committed by notorious former Hunter Valley priest Denis McAlinden.
McAlinden was charged with child sex offences in Western Australia in 1992 and was later acquitted, before the church allegedly took steps to remove him from Australia with a one-way plane ticket.
In 2011, victims’ groups branded the strike force a “disgrace”, alleging police had failed to properly investigate the McAlinden complaints.


Nigel Hunt: Echoes of previous scandal heard today

THE foul stench of child sexual abuse by the clergy has already cost one archbishop his job in South Australia.
In 2004, Anglican Archbishop Ian George resigned in the aftermath of a report that criticised the handling of such allegations under his stewardship.
Although there was absolutely no suggestion he had broken any church rules or laws of the state, he carried the can and bore the brunt of an avalanche of public criticism towards the church, which started at the top with then-premier Mike Rann and flowed through to his own parishioners.


SA archbishop to fight concealment charge

THE Catholic archbishop of Adelaide will fight an allegation he concealed child sexual abuse by a priest, a charge a victims' group says is unlikely to be the last faced by a senior church official.
PHILIP Wilson is believed to be the most senior Catholic official in the world to face charges of this nature.


“The hardest part wasn’t my brother’s abuse… it’s that it was covered up.”

Warning: This post features explicit details of child sexual abuse that could be triggering for some readers.
Okay, the time has finally come. It’s time I raised my voice about child sex abuse.
Ten minutes ago, I read Bec Sparrow’s article recapping the interview with cast members of the 1980’s sitcom, Hey Dad!, which aired on A Current Affair last night, about the recent prosecution of Robert Hughes.  Bec’s article left me vigorously nodding my head in agreement and whooping for joy for her honesty and compassion.  The courage of Ben Oxenbould, Simone Buchanan and Sarah Monahan for speaking up and exposing Robert Hughes for the evil paedohpile he is, is empowering. Though, Bec stumbled upon an issue – not just child sex abuse  – which is infecting society and is only growing larger;

Royal Commission into child sexual abuse: Salvos failed to protect boys, report finds

The Salvation Army failed to protect boys in its care from sexual abuse and punished many who reported assaults, according to a damning royal commission report published on Tuesday.
The report found that The Salvation Army received more than 100 claims of child sexual abuse concerning boys' homes, but in most cases those who reported were disbelieved, told they were liars, punished or ignored.


Salvos 'brutalised' children in care

The Salvation Army has been found to have failed to protect children from sexual and brutal physical abuse in four homes in NSW and Queensland for almost two decades.
And the Christian charity consistently moved officers alleged to have brutalised boys between the homes in Indooroopilly and Riverview in Queensland and Bexley and Gill in NSW, the royal commission into child sexual abuse has found.


Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson charged with concealing child sex abuse

FORMER Hunter priest and Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson has become the most senior Catholic clergyman in the world to be charged with concealing the alleged child sex offences of another priest.
Hunter police have today charged the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference vice president with failing to report child sex allegations against the late Hunter priest Jim Fletcher.


Archbishop 'hid child sex abuse'

Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson has been charged with concealing child sex abuse, NSW police have confirmed.
The abuse was allegedly committed during the 1970s by another priest, when both men worked in the Maitland Diocese, near Newcastle in NSW.


Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson faces two years jail over charges of concealing sex abuse

CATHOLIC Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson has been charged with concealing child sex abuse in the Hunter region in NSW.
Police will allege the archbishop, who was born in Cessnock, failed to report child sex abuse allegedly committed by paedophile priest Jim Fletcher when both men were working in the Maitland diocese near Newcastle in the 1970s, the Australian reports.
Fletcher died in 2006 after being jailed for raping a 13-year-old boy between 1989 and 1991.


One of Australia's most senior archbishops has been charged with covering up child sex abuse

The Archbishop of Adelaide has been charged with covering up child sex abuse.
It is alleged Philip Wilson tried to hide abuse carried out by another priest in the 1970s, The Australian reported.
Wilson was appointed archbishop for the South Australian capital in 2011.

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heads to Townsville

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will today arrive in Townsville, in north Queensland, for the first time to begin three days of private hearings.
Commissioners will meet 18 victims of child sexual abuse.
Commission spokeswoman Danielle Redmond said there had been a large number of people in the state's north wanting to meet the commission.


Child predator suspects arrested in Vic

A royal commission has heard that an investigation into 28 people in Victoria has led to arrests and charges of child grooming and rape.
There have been arrests in Victoria following an investigation into 28 people suspected of preying on children in care and grooming them for sex.
Details of the investigation, which began in 2013 and ends later this month, were outlined on Tuesday at a royal commission hearing in Sydney into child sexual abuse.