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Friday, 31 October 2014

Rush of sorries for legal abuse

Fourteen Aboriginal women who were bashed and raped in a NSW-funded children's home have received their third apology in two weeks for the legal anguish inflicted on them when they asked for help.
Evangelos Manollaras, the solicitor asked by the Crown Solicitors Office (CSO) to manage the civil claim brought by former Bethcar residents, added his "sorry" to that of his boss, Crown Solicitor Ian Knight and secretary of the social services department, Michael Coutts-Trotter.


Anglican bishop quits over sexual abuse cover-up

ONE of the world’s most revered Anglican bishops has quit the ministry following scathing criticism of his handling of allegations of the horrific sexual abuse of children in Australia and Britain by a pedophile clergyman.
Lord David Hope of Thornes, the former Archbishop of York, yesterday announced he was resigning from the ministry after 50 years in the wake of the findings of a church-ordered inquiry into his handling of allegations against ­another senior cleric, Robert Waddington.


Welby: survivors of abuse come first

LORD HOPE, a former Archbishop of York, announced on Thursday that he had resigned as an honorary assistant bishop in the diocese of West Yorkshire & the Dales, in the light of a report that critcised his response to allegations of sexual abuse.
The Cahill Inquiry report, published last week ( News, 24 October), was critical of Lord Hope's response to allegations against a former Dean of Manchester, the Very Revd Robert Waddington.


NSW Government lawyers grilled at child sex abuse inquiry

Crown lawyers have faced tough questioning before a child sex abuse inquiry over whether they deliberately misled a court in an attempt to to shut down a damages claim.
Lawyers who worked for the New South Wales Government admitted to failing in their duty to tell a court about witnesses that could have been called to give evidence in the case.


NSW crown team 'could have misled court'

A private investigator says a barrister from the NSW Crown Solicitors Office amended an affidavit which could have misled a court.
Peter Maxwell, an investigator hired by the state legal office, has told the sex abuse royal commission he was hired to find witnesses and documents to defend a civil claim by 15 former residents of Bethcar, a foster home for Aboriginal children at Brewarrina in western NSW.


Priest puts up ‘Bless The Burqa’ sign outside his Anglican church … and then cops 'sickening' threats and abuse from anti-Muslim extremists

An Anglican priest who put up a 'bless the burqa' sign has been subjected to 'sickening' threats and abuse.
Father Rod Bower's Gosford Anglican Church, on the NSW Central Coast, is famous for its politically themed front signs.
He has written messages in defence of gay marriage and asylum seekers. 
But his post about the burqa on Wednesday saw him subjected to waves of 'hate-filled' attacks.

How was ‘improper conduct’ at the Inland Mission buried for so long?

In 1998, the new directors of the Aborigines Inland Mission changed its name to Australian Indigenous Ministries. They cleaned out the cupboards and placed the archive they had inherited, starting with Retta Dixon’s first tours for the New South Wales Aborigines Mission in the late 1890s, in Sydney’s Mitchell Library. Their idea was to move forward, to put the past behind them and develop a ministry responsive to 21st-century conditions where Aboriginal people would have a voice.


Senators Nick Xenophon, Jacqui Lambie call for royal commission into abuse in ADF

A senate committee has declined to call for a royal commission into abuse in the Australian Defence Force, instead leaving the decision to the Abbott government.
However, two members of the committee, independent senator Nick Xenophon, and Palmer United senator Jacqui Lambie dissented, saying a royal commission was needed to deal with the scale of the problem.


Defence force abuse royal commission needed, says Nick Xenophon

Senator says full inquiry the only way to deal with ‘cancer’ of sexual and other abuse as Senate hands down report

The independent senator Nick Xenophon has called for a royal commission to excise the “cancer” of sexual and other abuse in Australian defence force (ADF) ranks.
Xenophon said the formal inquiry was just as necessary as two other royal commissions the Coalition initiated to look at the Rudd government’s home insulation program and trade union governance.


Thursday, 30 October 2014

SA Supreme Court told Catholic Church dismissed teen sex allegations against Father John Fleming as a priest “just being inappropriate”

A WOMAN who claims Father John Fleming used her, as a teenager, for sex has told a court the Catholic Church dismissed her complaint as the priest “just being inappropriate”.
The woman, known as “Jane”, today told the Supreme Court she was shocked by a Catholic Church worker’s reaction when she raised a complaint against Fr Fleming in 2001-2002.
She said she told the woman that, following a 1970s ménage-a-trois, when she was a teenager, Fr Fleming had used her to service his sexual needs.
Father Fleming denies the allegations.


Former Catholic school teacher John Skehan sentenced for historical sexual assault of student in Victoria

A former Catholic school teacher in country Victoria avoided jail on Thursday for a historical sex assault on a student in 1970.
John Skehan, 75, was given an eight-month sentence suspended for two years and was placed on the sex offenders register after he pleaded guilty to the indecent assault of his 13-year-old student at a boys school in Shepparton.
That student was Greg Barclay, now aged 58 and a vice-president with the Australian Education Union.


Child sex abuse inquiry: NSW Government lawyers 'withheld information' from court amid victims' civil case

New South Wales Government lawyers withheld information from a court as they fought a damages claim brought by child abuse victims, an inquiry has heard.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is looking at the Government's treatment of child abuse victims from the Bethcar Children's Home in Brewarrina in north-west NSW.
More than a dozen children were abused at Bethcar, a state-funded foster care facility established in the 1970s for disadvantaged Aboriginal children, the commission has heard.
It is investigating the handling of a 2008 civil compensation claim by 15 former residents, which took six years to settle.


Laurence Street 'too sympathetic': inquiry

A hearing into abuse at a NSW foster home for Aboriginal children has heard claims that Sir Laurence Street may have '"favoured indigenous people".

A lawyer who defended the state of NSW against a damages claim by abuse victims knocked back Sir Laurence Street as a mediator because he was "sympathetic" to the plight of indigenous people.
Barrister Patrick Saidi has told a royal commission hearing into child sex abuse at the Bethcar foster home in Brewarrina the NSW Crown Solicitors Office was at all times a model litigant in the civil action.


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Royal commission legal demand ended NSW delay on abuse payout

THE NSW government agreed to a multi-million-dollar settlement with 14 Aboriginal victims of child sex abuse after receiving a legal summons from a royal commission, demanding it hand over documents relating to the case.
The summons, issued by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, came roughly five years after the state government began a legal dispute with the victims, denying it was liable for their abuse.


Evidence hidden from sex abuse victims, royal commission hears

CRUCIAL evidence was ­“deliberately” hidden from ­victims who had been abused at a children’s home when they sued for compensation, the child-sex abuse royal commission was told yesterday.
While private investigator Peter Maxwell was hired by government lawyers to track down living witnesses to the abuse, the court was only told of those he could not find — not the more than 20 ­witnesses he had found.


NSW crown lawyer defends abuse strategy

A NSW crown lawyer has defended withholding information about witnesses in a child sex abuse damages claim in a bid to have the case struck out.
Paul Arblaster, a junior counsel, was employed by the Crown Solicitor's Office to defend a civil claim brought by 15 people who were abused as children at the Bethcar foster home for Aboriginal children in Brewarrina in the 1970s and 80s.


NSW Police 'sent kids back' to abuse home

NSW police who interviewed children reporting sexual abuse allowed a man identified later as one of their abusers to sit in on the interview.
THE police also sent the children back to the foster home run by the abuser Burt Gordon and his son-in-law where they were again beaten and raped.
Peter Yeomans, a detective inspector with the NSW Child Abuse Squad told a royal commission inquiry that police in Brewarrina did not follow procedures in 1980 when the children came forward.


Allegations heard that Crown involved in hiding crucial evidence from victims of child sex abuse

THE child sex abuse royal commission has heard allegations the Crown was involved in deliberately hiding crucial evidence from victims of child sexual abuse at a northern NSW children’s home.
Patrick Arblaster, who had been retained as junior counsel for the State of NSW, has defended the “strategy” of not telling the victims about witnesses that had been tracked down by a private investigator hired by government lawyers.
Mr Arblaster also testified the “strategy” had been decided on before he came into the case.


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Church failed victims of child sex abuse, says outspoken priest Father Kevin Dillon

OUTSPOKEN Catholic priest Father Kevin Dillon believes the church has dismally failed victims of child sex abuse.
During a visit to Ballarat on Tuesday, Father Dillon, of Geelong, spoke with members of the Moving Towards Justice group.
Father Dillon believes that the church actively avoidied bringing victims together to support each another.
"There's nothing organised by the church why not?," he said.


Italy: Catholic Priest Who 'Abused and Flogged Parishioners During Purification Rituals' Faces Trial

Leader of sect which performed midnight rituals has fled to his native Brazil

A town priest in central Italy flogged parishioners with a rosary and forced some to lick the floor of his mediaeval church during abusive purification rituals, local prosecutors have alleged.
Father André Luiz Facchini is facing trial in Lanciano, Abruzzo on a series of charges including private violence, bodily harm, harassment, slander and making threats, dating from 2013.
The 39-year-old clergyman was reported to police by a group of local youths who claimed he "punished" them as a penance "to free their souls from purgatory", Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper reported.


Report a victory, says abuse victim

VINDICATION comes in many forms and does not always wipe the slate clean.
For a victim who led the campaign to expose sexual abuse forced upon kids at North Coast Children's Home, it came in the shape of a damning 92-page report.
Richard "Tommy" Campion says he will never recover from the years of cruelty he endured as a child. 

Child abuse still rife in the community

Australians have never needed to be more aware of child abuse and it traumatic effects than now, says Dr Cathy Kezelman, president of national support group, Australian Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA).
"Childhood trauma directly affects an estimated five million adult Australians", says Dr Kezelman. "It also affects their family, including their children and their communities. It’s like the ripples on the surface of a pond that reverberate out to the edge after someone throws in a pebble. It affects every one of us in one way or another.


Child abuse royal commission: Former crown solicitor wanted child abuse victims put under video surveillance at cost of $30,000

A former New South Wales crown solicitor wanted to spend up to $30,000 to put victims being treated for psychological trauma under video surveillance, an inquiry has heard.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is investigating the handling of a compensation case brought by 15 former residents of the Bethcar home for Aboriginal children at Brewarrina in remote NSW, where children were sexually abused by Gordon Burt and his son-in-law Colin Gibson, in the 1970s and 1980s.


Government solicitor rethinks aggressive legal response to sex abuse victims

The state government solicitor who hatched a plan to put a group of child sexual abuse victims under secret video surveillance as part of an attempt to avoid legal liability has admitted he failed to consider the impact of his aggressive legal strategy on the women involved.
Evangelos Manollaras told the royal commission into child abuse on Tuesday that he had been "reluctant" to represent the government when a group of former residents of the Bethcar Children's Home in Brewarrina sued it for damages in 2006.
"I expressed some reservation about taking on a matter for DOCS involving sexual abuse because my experience had been … mainly Corrective Services," said Mr Manollaras, now retired.


Government lawyer: I was wrong to fight sex abuse victims of notorious Bethcar Children’s Home, Brewarrina

A GOVERNMENT lawyer who used every technical defence available to fight a case by victims of shocking sexual abuse in a children’s home has admitted that he had been wrong.
Evangelos Manollaras was with the Crown Solicitors Office and had the job of representing what was then the Department of Community Services when it was sued in 2006 by 15 former residents of the notorious Bethcar Children’s Home at Brewarrina.


NSW justice boss to face inquiry grilling

Lawyers involved in a civil claim by 15 people who survived abuse at a remote NSW children's home will take the stand at a royal commission hearing today.

The secretary of the NSW Department of Justice, Andrew Cappie-Wood, is also expected to give evidence at the re-opened royal commission hearing into Bethcar foster home for Aboriginal children in Brewarrina in the 1970s and 80s.


Lawyer admits error in spying on victims of child sex abuse

A NSW Government lawyer suggested putting the victims of child sex abuse under surveillance, and that their medical appointments would be a good time for investigators to “pick up the ... target”, during a protracted legal dispute.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heard today the government denied the abuse took place, even after a man was convicted of abusing several of the girls in a state-run children’s home.
Retired solicitor Evangelos Manollaras, who managed the case on behalf of the NSW Government, told the commission that he now regrets this decision, saying “it shouldn’t have been done.”
“It was completely inappropriate wasn’t it?” counsel assisting the commission, David Lloyd, asked him.


NSW not open to accept abuse blame: lawyer

EVEN if children had been abused in a NSW-funded foster home it didn't mean the state would accept liability, a solicitor has told the national child abuse hearing.
RETIRED solicitor Evangelos Manollaras acted for the state in a civil action brought by 14 Aboriginal women and one man over physical and sexual abuse inflicted on them as children at the Bethcar foster home in Brewarrina in remote NSW.


Church hostile to Lismore abuse victims: report

While the Anglican Church is still digesting a damning report on its handling of abuse allegations, an abuse survivor says it still needs to admit it lied and schemed to protect itself.
In the report handed to the federal government on Monday, the sex abuse royal commission found the Anglican Diocese of Grafton caused even more distress to survivors of extreme abuse at the North Coast Children’s Home in Lismore.
In 28 findings the commission noted the diocese failed to follow its own policies in dealing with abuse complaints and instead was hostile and insensitive to victims.
At first it denied liability for the home and then lied about the state of its finances to survivors who came forward.


Call for Catholic priests to deny absolution to abusers as Church of England explores theological basis for breaking seal

Priests should refuse absolution to people who confess to abusing children, a Catholic academic has said, days after the Church of England announced it would be examining whether abuse admitted in the confessional should remain confidential.
John Cornwell, who has written a book on confession and is a contributor to The Tablet, warned that withholding absolution would dissuade abusers from seeking the sacrament at all.
But he said that withholding absolution instead could bring to an end cycles of abuse and absolution.


Abuse ‘shame’ will remain with Church

THE Anglican Diocese of Grafton has accepted a Royal Commission's damning conclusions about its failure to properly respond to decades of child sexual abuse at the North Coast Children's Home.
A spokesman said the disgraces of the past would stay with the Church but that all efforts would be made to put things right.
"Whatever shortcomings and failures there may have been dealing with these issues in the past, our Diocese has made major changes in attitude, protocol and response," he said.


Monday, 27 October 2014

Report slams Anglican abuse response

While the Anglican Church is still digesting a damning report on its handling of abuse allegations, an abuse survivor says it still needs to admit it lied and schemed to protect itself.
In the report handed to the federal government on Monday, the sex abuse royal commission found the Anglican Diocese of Grafton caused even more distress to survivors of extreme abuse at the North Coast Children's Home in Lismore.


OPINION: We can overcome trauma

WITH the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse well under way, the issue of child sexual abuse now turns its attention towards the Anglican Church in Newcastle.
 The recent announcement of a police investigation, Strike Force Arinya-2, will address allegations of child sexual abuse by members of the Newcastle Diocese of the Anglican Church during the 1970s.


Commission: Bishop Herft knew of indecent child assaults by former priest Allan Kitchingman

THE Royal Commission into child sexual abuse has found former Newcastle Anglican Bishop Roger Herft knew about a priest’s convictions but did nothing to discipline him.
The damning third case study by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was tabled Monday in Federal Parliament, with findings including that both Grafton and Newcastle dioceses could have taken action against convicted child abuser and former clergyman Allan Kitchingman.


Abuse payout fundamental: McClellan

INSTITUTIONS and the government need to chip in to provide money to compensate thousands abused as children in orphanages, schools and child care organisations, the chairman of a national inquiry says.
PETER McClellan, who chairs the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, said on Monday that some institutions where children were abused had no money or no longer existed.
Justice McClellan says the community has to look to government and institutions to come together so all abuse survivors would have access to effective redress.


Vic child abuse time limits set to go

Time limits could be removed for Victorian child abuse victims seeking compensation if the state government is re-elected.
The coalition government has released draft legislation to remove all limitation periods for civil claims relating to criminal child abuse.
Public comment is being sought on the legislation which Attorney-General Robert Clark said would proceed after the November state election if the coalition was re-elected.


Grafton diocese denied responsibility for sexual abuse

A REPORT published by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has found the Anglican Diocese of Grafton denied responsibility for sexual abuse that took place at a children's home established by its local rector on church land.
Other findings include that the Diocese denied financial compensation for some victims abused at the home, failed to comply with its own policies and procedures, and dealt with victims insensitively. 

Royal Commission finds Anglican Diocese of Grafton was 'hostile' and 'insensitive' to child abuse victims

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has found the Anglican Diocese of Grafton treated victims insensitively and conducted settlement negotiations in a hostile manner.
The commission's public hearing was told about frequent sexual, psychological and physical abuse of nine former residents of the North Coast Children's Home in Lismore between 1940 and 1985.


Royal commission into child sex: former bishop Keith Slater ignored advice to report abuse allegations against North Coast Children’s Home to police

THE former Anglican Bishop of Grafton, Keith Slater, has come under fire from the child abuse royal commission for the way he mishandled a litany of claims against the church.
When more than 40 former residents of the notorious North Coast Children’s Home at Lismore came forward seeking help and compensation after being abused by at least 12 priests and members of staff, the Anglican Church denied any liability, despite running the home since 1919.


Royal Commission report slams Diocese over Children's Home

NORTH Coast Children's Home has been subjected to its most damning report yet with the findings the local Anglican Diocese tried to evade responsibility, was insensitive and failed to follow its own policies.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has this morning released 28 findings and two recommendations on the North Coast Children's Home at Lismore and the Grafton Anglican Diocese's handling of complaints of child abuse there. 

Sexual abuse: Children should never again be silenced

The community has come to acknowledge that fundamental wrongs have been committed in the past which have caused great trauma and lasting damage to many people.
Although a painful process, if a community is to move forward, it must understand where wrongs have occurred.
We have gathered information which would justify a public hearing into more than 1000 institutions. We obviously could not hold anywhere near that number of public inquiries.


Lump sum payment for sex abuse victims should come from government, institutions

Well-resourced institutions may have to foot the bill for child sexual abuse committed in other organisations which are unable to provide financial compensation for victims.
Chair of the Royal Commission on Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Justice Peter McClellan, said all victims should be entitled to a lump sum payment regardless of whether the organisation where the abuse occurred still exists or has the money to pay.


Abuse commissioner to urge financial redress for victims

THE chair of the child abuse royal commission will today say that thousands of people who have been sexually abused as children should receive financial compensation, potentially awarded by an independent national redress scheme funded by governments and other institutions.
In a speech at Parliament House in Canberra today, Peter McClellan will say the commission is due to formally report on the issue next year but “everyone accepts there should be an effective response available to all survivors”.


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Justin Welby admits: child abuse has been "rampant" CoE

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby admits in a private letter that child abuse has been "rampant" in the Church of England and other UK institutions.
Writing to the mother of three boys who were groomed and sexually abused by the headmaster of a school run by the Church of England (CoE), Welby says: The betrayal of Christ in such behaviour is complete."


Who Rules ? Pope Francis Faces ‘Old Power/New Sex’ Crises & Solution

The sexual and democratic revolutions are steadily advancing over the Vatican’s barricades. In response, Pope Francis so far has created a “holy mess” with his two-step, top down and coercive Synod strategy. It appears evident, after the first Synod step recently, that (1) there are at present no attainable satisfactory solutions, even in sight, to the sexual and structural challenges under review, and (2) a couple of hundred celibate “sons of the Church” in medieval costumes, as the only voting participants, cannot possibly find and agree on real solutions merely by means of a media “staged” Synod.


Friday, 24 October 2014

Ex-priest from Moree/Armidale NSW admits some offences, denies others

In late 2014, a New South Wales magistrate is conducting the next steps in the court case of a former Catholic priest (from Moree and Armidale in northern NSW). The priest, whose name (for legal reasons) cannot be published at this stage, has already  pleaded "Guilty" to 45 child-sex charges. Now, in the Armidale Local Court, the magistrate has begun preliminary proceedings (a "committal hearing") to determine how the court system will handle 31 other charges, to which the ex-priest is pleading "Not Guilty". There are multiple steps in this complex process, and the final steps may not be completed until 2015.
The ex-priest (who turned 61 years of age in mid-2014) allegedly committed the offences in the 1970s and 1980s while he was living in Armidale and Moree.


Bishop Bill Ray calls for fresh look at abuse cover-up

ANGLICAN Bishop Bill Ray has called on Australia’s royal commission into child abuse to hold public hearings and use its special powers to investigate the cover-up of the rape and beatings of young boys at a north Queensland boarding school in the 1960s.
The north Queensland Bishop yesterday said he feared the ­extent of the sexual abuse by former principal Robert Waddington and other clergy at St Barnabas boarding school in Ravenshoe, southwest or Cairns, would remain secret unless the commission investigated.
School files are missing, believed to be have been thrown down a disused mineshaft in 1990.


'We're sorry', NSW tells Bethcar victims

A high-ranking NSW public servant has admitted the state failed to protect Aboriginal children from horrendous abuse at a foster home it licensed.
And he has said sorry the state treated them badly when they asked for an apology and compensation.
Michael Coutts-Trotter, secretary of the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, said on Friday major changes will be made to the department and its legal services after a review uncovered major failings in how allegations of abuse were handled at Bethcar in Brewarrina, in remote NSW.


Fondling breasts of girl, 14, 'not sexual'

A government solicitor allegedly thought it a quantum leap for a 14 year old girl whose breasts were fondled by a licensed carer to allege "sexual interference".
A child sex abuse inquiry has been told the NSW social services department, DoCs, was informed by a welfare officer in 1983 of the abuse of Leonie Knight by the man running the Bethcar home for Aboriginal children in Brewarrina, in the state's northwest.


Pope Francis to investigate 'playboy priests' who posed naked online in scandal-hit disocese

A Catholic church representative is to probe the 'black sheep' diocese of Albenga-Imperia for alleged sexual harassment of parishioners and involvement in pornography 
A scandal-ridden Catholic diocese in Italy where priests posted naked photos of themselves on gay websites, raided church coffers and sexually harassed parishioners is to be investigated by a special envoy to Pope Francis.
The Pope reportedly intends to send an “apostolic administrator” to assess allegations that the diocese of Albenga-Imperia, in the Liguria region of northern Italy, has hosted a string of “playboy priests” moon-lighting as barmen, stealing parish funds and getting tattooed.


Senior government solicitor admits advice about rejecting mediation with abuse victims was wrong

A senior state government solicitor, who told the Department of Community Services not to have settlement talks with 15 Aboriginal women suing the state over horrific sex abuse they suffered as children in the 1970s and 1980s, has admitted she was wrong.
Helen Allison was the supervising solicitor for the Crown Solicitors Office as it defended a claim by the women from the Bethcar chilren's home, a state-funded institution at Brewarrina in the state's north-west.


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Armidale's court drama in the case of a defrocked priest facing historic child sexual abuse charges

THE committal of a defrocked priest has heard one alleged victim of historic child sexual abuse told his mother “he raped me too”.
On Wednesday Armidale  Local Court heard how the man, who was in court to be cross-examined, discovered the allegations against the former priest after he heard about it on the radio.
In a statement made to police in early 2013 the man claimed the “mongrel from Moree” had assaulted him when he was an altar boy in the early 1980s.


Anglican Church 'covered-up' abuse in Qld

THE head of the Anglican Church in Australia says he is profoundly disappointed after a report in the UK found allegations of sexual abuse of children at a north Queensland school during the 1970s were covered up.
A REPORT into allegations of child abuse in the UK and Australia at the hands of former principal dean Robert Waddington has found systemic failures by the Church of England in its handling of the cases.
Waddington, who died from cancer in 2007, was principal of an Anglican school in north Queensland for almost a decade in the 1970s.


WA CCC overseer says he didn’t mean to imply watchdog had deliberately tried to hinder probes into its own officers

THE Corruption and Crime Commission acting chief says she ‘welcomed’ comments made by parliamentary inspector Michael Murray about investigations into its own officers.
Mr Murray last week tabled his annual report on the CCC in Parliament and revealed details of police investigations into six CCC officers accused of serious misconduct.


Anglican Church acknowledges access to choir for pederast cleric

THE head of Australia’s Anglican Church has acknowledged the “cover-up’’ of child sexual abuse in Queensland and Britain as it emerged a pedophile clergyman was still allowed access to choirboys after the first complaints were made to church officials.
Primate of Australia, Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier yesterday said he was profoundly disappointed with handling of allegations of horrific sexual abuse of boys by former Queensland headmaster, and later Dean of Manchester Robert Waddington over several decades.


The disgraced bishop and the loyal parish: Catholic double standards at their finest

The Catholic bishops of England and Wales are to hold an inquiry into the case of the Rt Rev Kieran Conry, he of the two (or is it three?) girlfriends, who resigned as Bishop of Arundel and Brighton when he had a crisis of conscience caused by the tabloids knocking on his door.


Abuse victim Peter Gogarty launches book

HUNTER activist and abuse victim Peter Gogarty said he hopes his new book will provide understanding and hope for victims of child sexual abuse.
Mr Gogarty - a victim of Hunter paedophile priest Jim Fletcher - launched his book ‘‘Judas Church - Memoir of a Shy Young Fellow’’ at Maitland Gaol on Thursday night.
‘‘I was nine years old when I met newly ordained Catholic Priest Father James Patrick Fletcher,’’ Gogarty says.
‘‘Before I turned 18 I told him I would kill him if he ever touched me again.


14th International Criminal Law Congress 2014

Justice Peter McClellan Chair of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, delivered an address to the 14th International Criminal Law Congress 2014 in Melbourne in October.

Read the full speech.


Kids can't consent! Get it right, reporters!

Two clergy sex abuse stories yesterday by television stations – one in Texas, the other in Indiana  – made me want to crawl back into bed and stay there.

First, KHOU TV, the CBS affiliate in Houston, reported that a girl, “when she was 13. . . .began a sexual relationship” with her 37-year-old youth pastor, Derek Hutter. The station reported that she “had sex with Hutter over a dozen times” and “had been involved with the youth minister since she was 13-years-old.”

Then, WBIW, the Fox affiliate in Vincennes, reported that 34-year-old youth pastor Derrick "Duke" Hampsch is accused of “engaging sexual acts with a minor” and that “the probable cause listed three incidents in which the victim described taking part in sexual acts with Hampsch.”
(emphasis added)


Pope Francis’ Old Breeding Policy Fails Kids, Women & Gay Folks

WARNING — Eternal damnation awaits those who pursue sexual intimacy without pregnancy prospects, except maybe for clerics. This is the “wonderful warning” that recently Pope Francis and his Synod of Bishops, in effect, confirmed again —  both for “opposite sex couples” and for “same sex couples”. This also confirmed the clear Vatican strategic link between the contraception and homosexuality issues. As the prominent Catholic observer, Peter Steinfels, noted a decade ago: “Homosexuality becomes the obvious battleground for addressing questions about nonprocreative heterosexuality.”


NSW government lawyers accused of 'wearing the plaintiffs down' over child abuse allegations

NSW Government lawyers have been accused of trying to "wear the plaintiffs down" in a case involving children who suffered horrendous abuse in a children's home called Bethcar.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is examining why it took six years to settle a compensation claim by 15 former residents of the Brewarrina home in the state's north-west.


NSW government tried to 'wear down' women abused in state foster home

Women’s Legal Service tells inquiry state lawyers fought on every point to avoid admitting liability to 13 Indigenous women
The NSW government tried to “wear down” 13 Aboriginal women abused at a state foster home to stop them suing, a royal commission has heard.
Janet Loughman, principal solicitor at the Women’s Legal Service (WLS), oversaw the civil claim of 13 former residents of Bethcar, a foster home for Aboriginal children at Brewarrina in the state’s north-west, who sued the state.


Abuse inquiry hears of Brewarrina horror house

AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD girl broke her own arm to get respite from sexual abuse by the man the state of had approved to care for her.
A five-year-old who was late for dinner because she was washing her body after being raped by the same man was then flogged with a strap.
These are the stories unfolding at a royal commission hearing into child sexual abuse at a state-funded foster home for Aboriginal children in Brewarrina, Sydney media report.
The abuse happened from 1969 to 1989 at Bethcar, a home run by Burt and Edith Gordon and their son-in-law Colin Gibson for up to 24 children, aged two to 15.
Burt Gordon and Gibson sexually abused the children, while Edith was responsible for many physical beatings.

NSW promises flexibility on abuse cases

The NSW government will introduce flexibility into its legal policies to ensure victims of sexual abuse do not suffer further when they go to court for compensation.
Government lawyer Paul Menzies QC made the announcement on Thursday during a royal commission hearing into how the state handled allegations of child sexual abuse and a civil claim by women abused at Bethcar Children's Home in Brewarrina in remote NSW.


State's lawyers refused to acknowledge sex abuse of Aboriginal girls to avoid liability, royal commission hears

State government lawyers refused to acknowledge that horrific sexual abuse suffered by Aboriginal girls at a western NSW foster home ever took place as they sought to avoid legal liability for the abuse "at all cost", the royal commission into child sexual abuse has heard.
But the leading barrister hired by the government suggested on Thursday that the victims should have been warned that "litigation is a blunt instrument" before they went to court.


State lawyers accused of trying to wear down 15 sex abuse victims in hope they ‘would go away’ royal commission told

GOVERNMENT lawyers have been accused of trying wear down 15 former residents who were sexually abused at a children’s home so they “would go away”.
The Crown Solicitors Office raised all sorts of “outrageous” matters including denying it funded the children’s home when the 15 former residents sued for compensation, the child sex abuse royal commission has been told today.


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Medical drama halts ex-priest's sex case

THE hearing into a defrocked priest facing historic child sexual abuse charges was halted on Wednesday after the prosecutor was rushed to hospital suffering chest pains.
Just after lunch, Peter Woods complained he was “feeling flat”, before walking out of the courtroom clutching his chest.
Later, court staff said Mr Woods had been complaining of symptoms which indicated a problem with his heart, but he said he was feeling no pain when treated by the paramedics.


Sex abuse victim tells royal commission the NSW government legal strategy seemed ''like they wanted to drag out our hurt"

The NSW government's tough, drawn-out legal response to a damages claim brought by 15 victims of child sexual abuse felt like an attempt to "drag out our hurt", one victim has told a royal commission.
But the NSW Crown Solicitor's Office claims the strategy was in keeping with the state's "model litigant obligations".
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heard on Wednesday that in the 1970s and '80s girls as young as two were raped and assaulted at the Bethcar children's home at Brewarrina, a state-funded foster home for disadvantaged Aboriginal children.


State government solicitor planed secret surveillance of sex abuse victims, royal commission hears

NSW government lawyers pursued a tough legal strategy against 15 victims of extreme child sexual abuse at a northern NSW children's home, refusing to undertake mediation and hatching a plan for secret surveillance, the royal commission into child sexual abuse has heard.
But a senior government solicitor is expected to tell the commission that the strategy was in keeping with the state's "model litigant obligations".


Girl, 5, raped and flogged for being late for dinner at foster home, inquiry told

Story revealed at hearing into events at Bethcar children’s home for Indigenous children, as inquiry told the state of NSW long resisted accepting liability for abuse

A five-year-old girl was raped and then flogged when she was late for dinner at a NSW foster home for Indigenous children, the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse has heard.


NSW spent $2m fighting child sex claims ‘because solicitor had doubts’

The State of NSW spent over $2 million and seven years fighting shocking sexual abuse claims by former children from a state-run home because a solicitor did not believe them.
Despite the son-in-law of the home’s boss being handed jail sentences totalling 30 years for raping girls as young as five, Evangelos Manollanis, who was in charge of the case for the Crown Solicitor’s office, refused to mediate and said he had “strong doubts” about the conviction and the abuse, the child sexual abuse royal commission has heard today.


NSW abuse victims put through legal hell

A five-year-old girl was raped and then flogged when she was late for dinner at a NSW foster home for Aboriginal children, an national inquiry has heard.
The girl's story is one of six being told at a royal commission hearing into events at the Bethcar Children's Home in Brewarrina in remote northern NSW more than 20 years ago.
The state-funded home was run by Burt and Edith Gordon and their son-in-law Colin Gibson from 1969 to 1989.


Bethcar Children's Home: Resident broke own arm to escape sexual abuse, royal commission told

A victim of child abuse is expected to tell a royal commission she deliberately broke her arm to avoid her attacker at the Bethcar Children's Home in far western New South Wales.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has begun public hearings into the abuse of residents who lived at the home at Brewarrina in the 1970s and 80s.


Top NSW officials at abuse inquiry

A hearing into child sex abuse of Aboriginal children at a remote NSW home will examine how survivors were treated by the NSW government and legal service.
Senior NSW government and legal officers will be among witnesses called to give evidence at a child sexual abuse inquiry opening in Sydney.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on Wednesday will begin investigating abuse of Aboriginal children at Bethcar Children's Home in Brewarrina in remote northern NSW in the 1970s and 1980s.


Frank Brennan slams church’s actions over abuse

ONE of the nation’s most senior Catholics has warned that the church must take legal, moral and collective responsibility for the systemic abuse of children before 1996.
Frank Brennan, professor of law at the Australian Catholic University, yesterday condemned the church’s handling of abuse more than 20 years ago and called for collective institutional responsibility.


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Catholic primary school teacher banned from going near children as he awaits trial for allegedly uploading child abuse material

A SYDNEY primary school teacher is banned from going anywhere near children while awaiting trial for allegedly uploading child abuse material to the internet.
Peter Ronald Kleist faced Burwood Local Court today after he was charged last month with two counts of using a carriage service for child pornography material and four counts of possession of child abuse material.
Kleist has not yet entered a plea but is expected to deny the allegations and defend the charges.


Inquiry to look at children's home

Decades-long abuse of Aboriginal children at a remote NSW children's home will be subject of a national inquiry in Sydney.
At the hearing on Wednesday the child sexual abuse royal commission will investigate allegations of sexual and physical abuse at the Bethcar Children's Home in Brewarrina, in the state's northwest.
Bethcar was a state-funded foster home for disadvantaged Aboriginal children, run in the 70s and 80s by a husband and wife team, Burt and Edith Gordon.


Church legally liable for pre-1996 child sexual abuse

In August the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse turned its spotlight on the Melbourne Response, the protocol adopted by the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne after George Pell became the Archbishop of Melbourne in 1996. Much of the media attention was on Cardinal Pell’s video link appearance from Rome (pictured), where he is now overseeing Vatican finances as Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy. 


Monday, 20 October 2014

Senior Catholic priest Monsignor David Cappo gives evidence at Father John Fleming defamation trial in South Australia Supreme Court

FATHER John Fleming “definitely” raised allegations he had been involved in a ménage-a-trois when he was interviewed by a senior Catholic priest, a court has heard.
Monsignor David Cappo has provided the Supreme Court with handwritten notes of his 1995 interview with Fr Fleming, prompted by allegations of sexual misconduct towards a teenage girl.
He said that, almost 20 years after the interview, he still recalled Fr Fleming saying there were false rumours he had been “running a ménage-a-trois in my flat”.


Priest charged with child sex abuse

A Catholic priest deported from Papua New Guinea has been remanded in custody over alleged child sex offences dating to the 1960s.
Roger Mount, 72, was last week deported to Australia from Papua New Guinea, where he was  the priest  of a remote parish. This is despite the Catholic Church apologising to and paying at least two people who alleged he had sexually abused them as children in the 1990s and the 2000s.


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Adelaide Anglican Church synod supports priests breaching confessional to report crimes

The Anglican Church in Adelaide has backed an earlier move by the church nationally to let its priests break the confidentiality of confessions.
Earlier this year, the national synod met in Adelaide and voted for an historic change to let priests ignore the privacy of the confessional in cases of serious crimes, such as child abuse.
That national meeting said it would be up to individual dioceses to adopt the policy, a vote the Adelaide diocese has taken this weekend.


Child sex abuse inquiry: Youth pastor victim says church more concerned with reputation than him

A man who was sexually abused by a Sunshine Coast youth pastor as a child says Australian Christian Churches was more concerned with protecting its reputation than protecting him, an inquiry heard.
The Royal Commission into the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has completed hearings into the way Pentecostal churches managed complaints of child sexual abuse in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.


Churches will review conflict of interest rules after Hillsong abuse revelation

The involvement of Hillsong pastor Brian Houston in handling abuse allegations against his father is one reason the Pentecostal movement will review its conflict of interest rules, an inquiry has heard.
Wayne Alcorn, the national president of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) group that represents 1000 affiliated churches, said today the conflict of interest rules only covered financial matters not familial.


Abuse victim tells of living hell

A YOUNG man abused as a boy by a Pentecostal pastor says attempts by leaders of the movement to justify themselves at a royal commission have made him even angrier.
HIS statement was read on the fifth day of a hearing into how a Queensland church and the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) handled allegations youth pastor Jonathan Baldwin sexually abused the boy for two years from 2004 to 2006.


Overhaul of Pentecostal churches needed to protect children, royal commission hears

Australian Pentecostal churches might have to enforce a strict national child protection policy as a condition of registration with their umbrella body Australian Christian Churches, a royal commission has heard.
The national president of Australian Christian Churches, Wayne Alcorn, told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse that the organisation would review its structure after listening to shocking cases of abuse which occurred at three affiliated churches.


NSW Police officer on Catholic Church abuse panel says not her role to report misconduct, inquiry told

A senior police officer who sat on an internal Catholic Church panel set up to manage allegations of sexual abuse by members of the clergy says it was not her role to report that information back to New South Wales Police, an inquiry has heard.
The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) is investigating whether then-Senior Sergeant Elizabeth Cullen's appointment to the Church's Professional Standards Resource Group (PSRG) amounted to police misconduct. She is now an Inspector.


‘Blind reporting’ of abuse allegations in Catholic church defended by officer

Elizabeth Cullen, a police officer for 28 years, breaks down in tears as she defends the practice to Police Integrity Commission
A senior police officer at the centre of hearings into the force’s relationship with the Catholic church has broken down in tears while defending the practice of “blind reporting” sex abuse.
Inspector Elizabeth Cullen was a member of the Professional Standards Resources Group (PSRG) between 1999 and 2005, a body that supported the church’s Professional Standards Office (PSO).


Police officer failed to report cases of sex abuse by church

A POLICE officer never reported or told her superiors of the dozens of cases of child sexual abuse she learnt of through her involvement with a Catholic Church advisory group, telling the police watchdog ‘‘that wasn’t my role’’.
Inspector Elizabeth Cullen rejected any conflict of interest between her membership from 1999 to 2005 of the Church’s Professional Standards Resources Group, which was set up to consider abuse victims’ complaints, and her responsibilities as an officer.


Police officer says reports not her role

A police inspector who advised a church body charged with handling reports of child abuse did not see it as her role to pass on information to her superiors.

The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) was today questioning Inspector Beth Cullen about her role on the Catholic Church's Professional Standards Resource Group (PSRG) - a body set up to help funnel information about sex abuse cases to the police.


Sex abuse victim lashes out at church elders at royal commission

A man who was repeatedly molested by his youth pastor lashed out at church elders, accusing them of using the child sexual abuse royal commission to "justify their failings and minimise their responsibilities".
In a statement read out to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, the man, now aged in his mid-20s, described his life as a living hell.


Elderly man extradited to Victoria to face 62 charges over historical sex offences

AN ELDERLY man has been charged with scores of historical sex offences.
The man, aged 72, was arrested in Cairns and will be extradited back to Victoria today and face 62 charges at Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday.
The arrest follows an investigation by SANO Taskforce detectives into alleged sex attacks on seven victims in Greensborough between 1968 and 1974


Father John Fleming’s inappropriate relationships ‘wrong whichever way you cut it’, court hears

FATHER John Fleming’s alleged inappropriate relationship with a male parishioner and “prurient” interest in two teenage girls was “wrong whichever way you cut it”, a court has heard.
Lawyers for the Sunday Mail today told the Supreme Court their evidence against the prominent priest was a “contextual tsunami” that would “break” over his years of denials.
Andrew Harris, QC, for the newspaper — published by the same company as The Advertiser — said his client’s defence centred on the evidence of the girls and the man.
“This case is about three unconnected people who each thought they were the only ones to be involved sexually with Fr Fleming,” he said.


Former St Stanislaus' College teacher jailed for sexual abuse

A CATHOLIC priest who formerly taught at St Stanislaus’ College will spend at least 11 months behind bars after being convicted of abusing a West Australian teenager more than 30 years ago.
Glenn Humphreys, 61, was found guilty of abusing a boy between 1983 and 1986 when the boy was aged 15 to 17.
A District Court jury found Humphreys guilty of four counts of unlawful and indecent assault, but acquitted him of carnal knowledge against the order of nature.


Child sex offence case against ADF Bishop Max Davis adjourned

The case against Australian Defence Force (ADF) Bishop Max Davis, accused of child sex offences in Western Australia 45 years ago, has been adjourned until next year.
Davis was facing three charges of indecent treatment of a 13 year-old boy in 1969, when he was a teacher at Saint Benedict's College in New Norcia, north-east of Perth.


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Church sex abuse hotline needed, royal commission told

The Pentecostal movement needs a child sexual abuse telephone hotline because it's too hard for church leaders to report crimes to the state executive body, a royal commission has heard.
Retired senior pastor Chris Peterson told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sexual Abuse that reporting abuse to the movement's umbrella body, Australian Christian Churches, was "too difficult a course".
He said the senior pastors of the 1000 Australian churches affiliated with the movement needed an easier way to report abuse.


Priest at centre of paedophile allegations arrives back in Australia

A Catholic priest who was allowed to continue preaching in Papua New Guinea despite being named in child abuse compensation settlements has been deported to Australia and is likely to face being extradited from Queensland to Victoria.
Earlier this month, Fairfax Media revealed how Father Roger Mount was still being allowed to minister at a remote parish in PNG despite being named in the Catholic church documents as an alleged child abuser of boys in homes in Victoria and NSW.


Child abuse inquiry: Victim of Sunshine Coast youth pastor still angry at church's handling of complaint

A man abused by a Sunshine Coast youth pastor as a child is still extremely angry at the church's handling of his complaint more than five years after his abuser was jailed, an inquiry has heard.
Perpetrator Jonathan Baldwin befriended his victim, referred to in the commission as ALA, at a Queensland church that cannot be named for legal reasons in 2004.
The abuse allegedly occurred over a two-year period beginning when ALA was 13, the Royal Commission into the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heard.


Former commander defends blind reporting

A former NSW child protection squad commander has defended the system of blind reporting of sex abuse cases by the Catholic Church to police, saying it has kept open the lines of communication.

But Kim McGee only considered information about sex abuse from a key church- and police-sanctioned body as intelligence reports, and not reports of crimes.

'In some regard it kept conversations open between the church and police,' Ms McGee told the Police Integrity Commission in response to a question about blind reporting.


PIC hearing: Police officer on Catholic Church child abuse panel not forced to report, inquiry hears

A senior police officer who sat on a panel set up by the Catholic Church to investigate allegations of child sexual abuse was not obligated to report the information she received, an inquiry has heard.
The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) was investigating the conduct of Inspector Elizabeth Cullen while she was a member of the church's Professional Standards Resource Group (PSRG) to determine if it amounted to police misconduct.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Pastor 'blind' to son-in-law's abuse

A SENIOR Pentecostal pastor whose son-in-law ran his church's youth program had no idea he was sexually abusing a 13-year old boy, an inquiry has been told.
IAN Lehmann, who led a small Queensland church where Jonathan Baldwin took sexual advantage of the boy between 2004 and 2006, says he still struggles to accept his son-in-law's guilt.
Baldwin, who had charge of a 200-strong youth congregation, was jailed in 2009 for eight years, with a non-parole period of four years, for indecent treatment of a child under 16 and for one count of sodomy. He is no longer in jail.


Child sex abuse inquiry: Former pastor cannot accept son-in-law is paedophile, despite conviction

A former Pentecostal pastor at a Sunshine Coast church cannot accept that a former youth leader who married his daughter is a paedophile, an inquiry has heard.
Jonathan Baldwin was jailed for a maximum of eight years in 2009 for molesting a 13-year-old boy for two years at the Queensland church.
The church, which could not be named for legal reasons, was attended by about 200 people.


Top cop didn't know about blind reports

The former head of the NSW child protection squad says he was unaware of a special arrangement between the police and Catholic Church to "blind report" incidents of sexual abuse until this week.
John Heslop, former commander of the Child Protection Enforcement Agency (CPEA), told the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) he didn't know of the arrangement until the inquiry started on Monday.


Sex assault priest jailed for 22 months

A Catholic priest who unlawfully and indecently assaulted a teenager in Perth 30 years ago has been sentenced to 22 months in jail.
Glenn Humphreys was found guilty of four counts of unlawful and indecent assault but acquitted of carnal knowledge against the order of nature in August.
The 61-year-old admitted having an "inappropriate" sexual relationship with the boy, who is now aged 45, but told the court their actions were consensual.


Pastor overlooked suspicions about paedophile son-in-law, inquiry told

A Pentecostal pastor may have overlooked suspicions about his paedophile son-in-law because of their family relationship, a royal commission has heard.The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was told church members raised concerns about a relationship between youth pastor Jonathan Baldwin and a teenage boy.


Catholic Church offered MOU on child abuse despite mandatory reporting laws, Police Integrity Commission hears Updated

The Catholic Church drafted a Memorandum of Understanding to share information with the NSW Police Force in 2004 despite being told a year earlier that the agreement breached child abuse mandatory reporting laws, an inquiry has heard.


Church dismissed father's plea as 'spam'

A PENTECOSTAL church asked a father if an email pleading for help after his son was abused by a youth pastor was spam, an inquiry has heard.
THE father of boy, now a young man, told the hearing the Pentecostal movement shunned his son and prioritised "its so-called important people, money and assets far above victims of abuse under their watch".


Bundoora’s Northside Christian Church pastor tells royal commission of remorse over teacher’s abuse of students

A PASTOR from Bundoora’s Northside Christian College has expressed remorse to the victims of paedophile teacher Kenneth Sandilands during hearings into the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sexual Abuse.
In 2000, Kenneth Sandilands, now 69, pleaded guilty and was jailed for two years for 13 counts of indecently assaulting eight students in the 1980s and ‘90s.


Church tried to 'minimise losses' rather than help sex abuse victim, royal commission hears

The father of a sexual abuse victim has accused his church of abandoning his family and attempting to "minimise losses" if his son sought compensation, a royal commission has heard.
Giving evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the man, given the pseudonym ALD, said Australian Christian Churches tried to protect its assets rather than the victim.


Sunshine Coast church 'wiped their hands' of child abuse victim, man tells royal commission

The father of a boy molested by a youth pastor has told an inquiry the church involved "wiped their hands" of his son.
In a statement to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the man said his son was abused by Jonathan Baldwin in Queensland from 2004 to 2006.
Baldwin worked for a church on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. The church cannot be named for legal reasons.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cover-up of abuse denied by Catholic Church's former standards director John Davoren

Cover-up of abuse denied by Catholic Church's former standards director John Davoren
THE Catholic Church’s former professional standards director has defended a practice of withholding victims’ names when he reported clergy sex abuse allegations to police, telling an inquiry there was never any attempt at a ‘‘cover-up’’ or a conspiracy with the NSW Police Force.


Police and church co-operated on sexual abuse victims, commission hears

The NSW Police Force had an informal agreement with the Catholic Church not to encourage victims of child sexual abuse to come forward, particularly if they were reluctant to make a formal statement, the Police Integrity Commission has heard.
The evidence emerged on Tuesday as the commission continued its examination of how the church and police have co-operated from the late 1990s until today in dealing with scores of abuse complaints against priests and other church employees.


Child abuse inquiry hears parents were told to raise allegations with abuser

Parents of children allegedly abused over a 10-year period by a serial paedophile at a pentecostal primary school were told to take the matter up with the abuser, an inquiry has heard.
Kenneth Sandilands was accused of abusing up to 30 children at the Northside Christian College in Bundoora, Melbourne, between 1983 and 1992.


Melbourne Northside Christian College students reprimanded for reporting teacher later jailed for assault, royal commission hears

Three young schoolgirls were reprimanded for reporting the behaviour of a teacher who was later jailed for the indecent assault of children at a Melbourne school, an inquiry has heard.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is looking into how Melbourne's Northside Christian College handled complaints made against Kenneth Sandilands, who was a teacher from 1983 to 1992.


Abusive teacher never sacked: inquiry

A primary school teacher given two severe warnings about inappropriate touching of children continued to teach for another six years at the same Pentecostal school, an inquiry has heard.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is examining how a Pentecostal church and its school handled complaints against Kenneth Sandilands, who taught there from 1983 to 1992.
Sandilands was jailed in 2000 for two years for offences against eight boys and girls at Northside Christian College at Bundoora in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.


School didn't believe girls' abuse stories

The pastor who oversaw a Pentecostal primary school has denied he failed to fire an abusive teacher because he was protecting the school's reputation.
Students who complained a teacher was touching six- and seven-year olds in a sexual way were lectured about the dangers of making allegations by a Pentecostal pastor at their north Melbourne primary school, an inquiry has heard.


Girls who raised the alarm about paedophile teacher were reprimanded, royal commission hears

Three student whistleblowers who reported their teacher for touching a younger girl in a sexual way were reprimanded by a senior staff member for the "dangers and implications" of their stories, a royal commission has heard.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was told three girls aged 11 and 12 raised concerns about teacher Kenneth Sandilands with Northside Christian College staff in 1987.


Girls who reported paedophile teacher admonished, child sex abuse royal commission hears

THREE girls who tried to alert their school to the fact that a teacher was a paedophile were admonished and their parents called to the school, the child sex abuse royal commission has been told today.
The girls were aged 11 and 12 when they reported their concerns that Kenneth Sandilands had a six-year-old girl on his lap at Northside Christian College and had been touching her inappropriately in 1987.


Monday, 13 October 2014

'It destroyed my faith in the Lord'. Victim testifies about child abuse at Christian school

The latest evidence given during an Australian sex abuse inquiry has revealed that children at a Christian school were repeatedly failed by authorities.
Emma Joy Fretton, now 34, testified on Friday. She told the royal commission that she was physically and sexually abused for more than four years at Northside Christian College in Melbourne. The abuse began when she was six years old.


'It's obvious he was a paedophile and that his behaviour was repetitive': Hillsong's Brian Houston believes his father sexually abused victims over a decade... and he fears there could be more

Hillsong head Brian Houston says he doesn't know how many people his father sexual abused over a 'period of a decade' 
He gave his first sermon at Hillsong on Sunday since testifying about Frank Houston's alleged sexual abuse at a Royal Commission last week
Mr Houston said confronting his father about his alleged paedophilia was the 'worst day of my life'
The senior pastor defended his decision not to go to police after first hearing of the allegations in 1999 
Mr Houston was called to testify at a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse


Church grilled over 'blind reports' at PIC

The Catholic Church has been accused of going against the wishes of sex abuse victims by not providing key information to investigators, an inquiry has heard.
The Police Integrity Commission has also heard the practice of "blind reporting" - a process by which allegations of child sexual abuse were reported to police without identifying the victim - was open to misconduct and may have been in breach of the NSW Crimes Act.


Child sex abuse inquiry: Teacher repeatedly raised concerns about paedophile Kenneth Sandilands touching children, inquiry hears

An inquiry has heard that a teacher repeatedly raised concerns about convicted paedophile Kenneth Sandilands touching students at a Melbourne Christian college.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is looking into how Northside Christian College handled complaints made against Sandilands, who was a teacher there in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


Police may have 'encouraged' cover-up of child abuse by Catholic Church, commission hears

NSW Police officers may have "condoned" and even "encouraged" the cover-up of child sexual abuse by the Catholic Church, the Police Integrity Commission has heard.
And some officers may have set up the processes which allowed this cover-up to take place.
The allegations emerged on the first day of a Police Integrity Commission hearing into the involvement of police officers in the Professional Standards Resource Group (PSRG) – a body set up by the Catholic Church as part of Towards Healing, its response to child sex abuse within the church.


Pedophile taught sex education to kids

A PRIMARY school teacher was allowed to teach sex education to nine and 10-year-olds despite many complaints of his sexually abusive behaviour towards children, an inquiry has heard.
THE Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is examining how a Pentecostal church and the school it ran handled complaints against Kenneth Sandilands, who taught there from 1983 to 1992.


NSW Police Integrity Commission looks at intelligence-sharing arrangement with Catholic Church

In the late 1990s, New South Wales police agreed to have a serving officer from the Sex Crimes Squad involved in the Professional Standards Resource Group (PSRG).
The internal panel was established by the Catholic Church to respond to complaints of child sexual abuse.