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Monday, 30 September 2013

Child abuse has long-term effects

JUNEAU | The long term effects of child abuse were the topic of discussion Thursday for judges, law enforcement officers and members of community organizations.
The Dodge County Community Justice Coordinating Committee heard a presentation from Linda Nauth on the effects of childhood abuse on brain development and personality before discussing different ways the issue could be addressed.
Nauth, a psychologist who has worked with the department of corrections for 28 years, said she wanted to bring the issue before the committee because, rather than simply acknowledging that there is a problem, members often brainstorm on ways to get to the root of the problem.
“I’ll start with the obvious,” Nauth said. “Child abuse hurts children.”


Austere Example: Pope's Message at Odds with Bishops' Lifestyle

At the Vatican, a down-to-earth Pope Francis has been preaching humility and modesty. Many bishops in Germany, however, are having a hard time embracing a more austere lifestyle.
Last week Rudolf Voderholzer, 54, the bishop of the Bavarian city of Regensburg and one of Germany's younger church leaders, was taken to task at the Vatican by the pope himself. In an admonishment to the German bishop and others attending a seminar for new bishops in Rome, Francis said: "Be close to the people and live as you preach. Always be with your flock, do not succumb to careerism and ask yourselves whether you are truly living as you preach."
This is a new message for German princes of the church. Many of them have long cultivated a lifestyle oriented toward strict dogmas, prestige and a career within the church, much like former Pope Benedict XVI. But now that his successor arrives at meetings in an old car, there has been a fundamental shift. Loyalty to the pope is being completely redefined, and not just in Regensburg, where Voderholzer's predecessor Gerhard Ludwig Müller, a fervent devotee of former Pope Benedict, alienated many Roman Catholics. 

Müller on Francis: “Don’t get hopes too high”

KNA: Can former liberation theologians who have been reprimanded (by Rome) now hope to be rehabilitated?
Archbishop Müller: (laughing) I myself haven’t reprimanded any! Contrary to widespread popular opinion, the two instructions of 1984 and 1986 were not a big ‘No’ to liberation theology. They merely discussed certain aspects of it. Its most important representatives have developed their thinking in a positive way. One should be glad if tensions are not exacerbated and perpetuated. It is also the task of our Congregation to contribute towards reconciliation. There must be no rival camps in the Church. When occasionally there is a hardening of attitudes, we must overcome them and lead everyone back to the fundamentals of the faith.
KNA: Your Congregation is often seen as a censor’s office for undesirable theologians, especially in Germany. After the Pope’s most recent interview (in Civiltà Cattolica) one could get the impression that Pope Francis wanted to change that image.


At the United Nations, the Vatican is church and state. That needs to change.

The world seems to have fallen in love with Pope Francis and, given the interview with La Civilta Cattolic recently, that is understandable.
Everyone is pinning their hopes for change on this pope. Catholics are hopeful that the hierarchy will join the rest of us in respecting each person’s conscience, especially on decisions about sexuality and reproductive health. Catholics and non-Catholics join together in hope that this pope will respect the rights and religious liberty of every person, and rein in his representatives who run roughshod over people’s rights when they muscle in on policymaking at the state, national and international levels and impose an extreme and harmful worldview on women around the world.
This week and next we have an opportunity to see how Pope Francis’ representatives around the world behave. As the world’s leaders gather in New York at the United Nations General Assembly, Francis’ diplomats will be among them. This is vitally important because the Vatican, as the Holy See, has a special status at the UN, above that of any other religion. This status and its implications for public policy are addressed in a new three-minute movie that shows exactly what happens when the lines between religion and public policy are blurred.


An opportunity for Prophetic Action: Tony Flannery

Pope Francis rebuke of the Curia for its “inappropriate behaviour” in the censuring of priests, his wish that issues of discipline be dealt with at local church level, and his dramatic re-definition of the phrase ‘sentire cum ecclesiae’ have created a new landscape for dealing with people who have been, in various ways, punished for what the CDF has previously considered ‘unorthodox’ views.
It may, or may not, be a coincidence that the six priests whom we know to have felt the ire of the CDF here in Ireland are all members of religious congregations. And the Irish bishops have made it clear to the Association of Catholic Priests that they do not wish to have any involvement in this matter. That does not surprise me, since I do not tend to expect courageous action from our hierarchy.
But religious congregations have traditionally seen themselves as being positioned more to the edge of the Church, with something of a prophetic role. I am suggesting that the particular congregations whose members are included among these ‘censored’ priests have now got a great opportunity to act prophetically.


"Alles nur Science Fiction" Papst Benedikt kanzelt Atheisten Dawkins ab

München - Papst Benedikt XVI. kontra Richard Dawkins: Der emeritierte Pontifex kritisiert in einem Brief den Bestseller des Atheisten als "Science Fiction". Ein Experte pflichtet dem Papst nun bei:

Papst und Religionskritik im Dialog: Einen aufsehenerregenden elfseitigen Brief hat der emeritierte Papst Benedikt XVI. dem italienischen Mathematiker und radikalen Atheisten Piergiorgio Odifreddi geschrieben. Die Zeitung „La Repubblica“ veröffentlichte Ausschnitte aus dem Schreiben. Odifreddi hatte im Jahr 2011 unter dem Titel "Caro Papa, ti scrivo" ("Lieber Papst, ich schreibe Dir") einen an Benedikt gerichteten "Brief" in Buchform veröffentlicht. Darin will Odifreddi einen unüberwindbaren Graben zwischen Naturwissenschaft und Religion aufzeigen. In seiner Antwort formuliert der zurückgetretene Papst eine umfassende Kritik an Odifreddis Thesen.
Quasi im Vorbeigehen bzw. Vorbeischreiben geht Benedikt auch mit dem englischen Evolutionsbiologen und radikalen Religionskritiker Richard Dawkins hart ins Gericht. Der zu einem Popstar des Atheismus avancierte frühere Oxford-Professor hatte in den letzten Jahren desöfteren gegen den Papst geschossen und diesen unter anderem als "Feind der Menschlichkeit", "Feind der Wissenschaft" sowie als "anzüglich grinsenden alten Schurken in einem Kleid" beschimpft. Bislang hatte der Papst die Attacken ignoriert. Jetzt kommt die mehr als deutliche Antwort:  Der ehemalige Theologie-Professor Ratzinger bezweifelt schlichtweg die wissenschaftliche Seriosität des Biologen Dawkins.

Heimkinder scheitern an der Bürokratie

Ehemalige Heimkinder sollten eigentlich schnell und unbürokratisch entschädigt werden – doch es gibt zu viele Hürden. Das komplexe Verfahren schreckt viele Betroffene ab.

Lange Wartezeiten, hoher bürokratischer Aufwand, erniedrigende Verfahren: Viele ehemalige Heimkinder beklagen sich bitter über den Fonds Heimerziehung, der ihnen doch eigentlich schnelle und unbürokratische Hilfe bringen sollte. Und zwar schnell und unbürokratisch, als Entschädigung für Jahre des Martyriums in frühester Kindheit und Jugend, das hatte ihnen die Politik bis hin zur zuständigen Bundesministerin Kristina Schröder (CDU) versprochen.


Agencies fund abuse hearings

THE Ombudsman and NSW Family and Community Services are among agencies forced to find money within their budgets for work to help the royal commission because the state government has not provided any extra resources.
They have been told to find their own funds until at least next year, a measure Labor said contradicted the point of the commission.
Documents tabled to NSW Parliament show the Department of Family and Community Services,  already under pressure to find millions in savings and meet the government’s labour expense cap while providing vital child protection and other services, has reallocated $5million a year to work related to the national Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
The provision is listed under the heading ‘‘Internal budget pressures’’, on a paper that went before the department’s executive committee in late July and discussed difficulties  finding savings to meet government targets.
But the state government has told departments and agencies to manage within their budgets the demands from at least the first six months of the royal commission.
An inter-agency committee, headed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, has been established to oversee the NSW response and associated resource requirements, a government spokesman said.


All smoke and no smoking gun: Cardinal Pell was quick to act on abuse claims

According to David Marr, the influence of the Catholic activist B. A. Santamaria (1915-1998) lives on. In Marr's view, one of Santamaria's disciples is George Pell, the Cardinal Archbishop of Sydney, and another is Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister.
Following the publication of his Quarterly Essay last week, titled The Prince: Faith, Abuse and George Pell, Marr received numerous - and overwhelmingly soft - interviews on the ABC. On September 23 he told Philip Clark on Radio National Breakfast that ''these two old followers of Bob Santamaria, now a cardinal and a prime minister'' are part of a political movement which ''is running the country in 2013''.
Earlier in the interview, responding to Clark's claim that Pell is ''the prince or spiritual adviser to the leader of our country Tony Abbott'', Marr commented: ''It's a dream. It's a Medieval dream.'' Not really. It's a journalistic beat-up.
No doubt, Abbott's swearing-in as prime minister has re-focused attention on Pell who has been a national figure since his appointment as Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne in 1996. He moved to Sydney in 2001.
Extracts from The Prince were published in the Herald on September 21-22 but there was no news flash. This gives veracity to Pell's response to Marr's essay. He described it as ''a predictable and selective rehash of old material'' and quoted from G. K. Chesterton's Heretics: ''A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about the author.'' Sensibly, Pell declined to be interviewed by Marr.


Royal Commission returns to Queensland to hear more stories from survivors of institutional child sexual abuse

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will hold more face-to-face private sessions with Commissioners in Brisbane the week commencing 30th September.
Royal Commission CEO Ms Janette Dines said the Royal Commission has had a strong response from Queenslanders wanting to tell their story.
“The Royal Commission will offer 1,000 private sessions before the end of this year,” said Ms Dines.
“We know that for many of the victims sharing their story with the Commission is very hard. But, equally, the opportunity to tell their story has proved beneficial for many.
“Last time we were in Queensland, we saw first-hand how difficult it was for people to come forward and talk about what happened to them. There are trained counsellors available to provide immediate support to anyone in distress. We also encourage people to bring a support person with them such as a friend or family member,” said Ms Dines.
Private sessions are conducted in an informal setting in the presence of a Commissioner. All of the information provided in a private session is kept confidential unless the person providing it agrees to it being made public.
Ms Dines said there will be other opportunities for Queenslanders to come forward to tell their story.
“We will be in Brisbane for one week and will then return to Queensland later in the year to hear from more people.”
The Royal Commission will also visit Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Darwin in the next month.
The Royal Commission encourages people who have experienced sexual abuse as a child in an institution or witnessed child sexual abuse in an institution to provide details and information to the Royal Commission by:

If you need more information, including about support services, visit the Royal Commission’s website at www.childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au
Media enquiries: Alisha Chapman: (02) 8282 3966 or 0477 708 469 media@childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au


Pope Francis Concealed His Actions Against Two Prelates. Now Both “Whereabouts are Unknown.”

A “dossier" accusing papal nuncio Archbishop Josef Wesolowski of sex abuse of minors was sent to Pope Francis sometime in July by Santo Domingo Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez. The pope found the information credible enough to dismiss Wesolowski, nuncio to both the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, on Aug. 21 via confidential letter N.2706/PR to the bishops of both countries.
Neither the civil authorities nor the public knew about Wesolowski until a local TV program did an expose’ on Aug. 31. The result of a year-long investigation, the broadcast contained testimony from residents of the Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo that Wesolowski paid minors for sex


Julia Gillard inspired by Herald journalist Joanne McCarthy

Read the letter here 
JULIA Gillard revealed on Monday night why she devoted some of her last minutes as prime minister to writing a letter to Newcastle Herald journalist Joanne McCarthy.
Ms McCarthy’s work in chronicling sexual abuse of the Catholic Church as part of the Herald’s Shine The Light campaign has been credited with leading to a state inquiry and a federal royal commission.
Ms Gillard said Ms McCarthy’s efforts in uncovering clergy abuse within the Maitland-Newcastle diocese was on her mind before she announced the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse.
 ‘‘Everything that was happening in Newcastle was at the forefront of my thinking as we decided to move to the stage of having a national royal commission,’’ Ms Gillard said.
‘‘So she’d been a real impetus for what I think will be a very profound change about how our nation thinks about keeping our children safe.
‘‘She’d sent me correspondence and I’d wanted to answer it, wanted to answer it, and knew that if this wasn’t the moment I answered it then the moment was going to go by.’’


ACT expecting a 'significant rise' in number of child abuse cases

An ACT Government report is flagging a significant increase in the number of prosecutions for child sexual offences in Canberra because of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
In his annual report, the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Jon White says there has been a large number of sexual offences brought before the courts in the last year.
He says there has also been an increase in the number of old or historical offences being prosecuted, as victims feel increasingly comfortable with coming forward.
Mr White says that rape crisis workers are already reporting an increase in complaints after the setting up of the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse and it is anticipated that many more prosecutions will now occur.
In the last year, 103 sexual offence matters were completed, but less than 40 per cent of those were proved.
But Mr White says changes in the way children give evidence in sex abuse cases has meant an increase in successful prosecutions.


Royal Commission to hear fresh Wollongong child abuse claims

The Catholic Church in Wollongong is facing fresh allegations that it failed to follow up sex abuse crimes by its priests.
Former Catholic school principal Jim Walsh intends to tell the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that he suspects two former priests from the Illawarra, who were never investigated by police or charged.
''It is my belief that there are still some who haven't been unearthed,'' he said.
His testimony will raise the possibility the Church protected priests by moving them away from their parishes to avoid investigation.
In one case, he believes a priest was moved to avoid scrutiny.
''I thought that was strange because both of these men had creature comforts," Mr Walsh said.
"Now I know what it was, it was waiting for the heat to die down of the allegations against them.''
Mr Walsh is calling for fresh investigations to determine why the Church acted as it did.
He worked as principal of a number of Catholic primary schools in the Illawarra during the 1980s and 1990s and was vocal in his support for two victims of former priest Father Peter Lewis Comensoli.


Sunday, 29 September 2013

Umstrittener Bischof Tebartz-van Elst: Zahl der Kirchenaustritte auf Rekordniveau

Der Protzbau, der Erste-Klasse-Flug, der autoritäre Führungsstil: Viele Katholiken haben genug vom umstrittenen Limburger Bischof Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst. Nach SPIEGEL-Informationen ist die Zahl der Kirchenaustritte in seinem Bistum erheblich gestiegen.
Einsam, einsamer, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst: Erst distanzierten sich ranghohe Kirchenleute von dem Bischof. Jetzt laufen ihm auch noch seine Schäfchen davon: Nach Informationen des SPIEGEL hat die Zahl der Kirchenaustritte im Bistum Limburg angesichts des anhaltenden Skandals um den Bischof erheblich zugenommen; das zeigen die Zahlen mehrerer Amtsgerichte. Insgesamt haben seit seinem Amtsantritt zum Jahresbeginn 2008 bis Ende vergangenen Jahres rund 25.000 Katholiken die Limburger Kirche verlassen.


DDR-Zwangsarbeit: Weitere Unternehmen beantragen Einsicht in Stasi-Akten

Roland Jahn: Debatte über Entschädigung verfrüht
Berlin (epd). Nach Vorwürfen gegen den schwedischen Möbelkonzern Ikea, von Zwangsarbeit in DDR-Gefängnissen profitiert zu haben, wollen nun offenbar auch weitere Unternehmen einen Blick in ihre Vergangenheit werfen. Bei der Stasiunterlagen-Behörde lägen Anträge von westdeutschen Firmen und Handelsketten vor, sagte Behördenchef Roland Jahn am Freitag in Berlin bei einer Anhörung der FDP-Bundestagsfraktion zum Thema. Im Frühjahr war durch Medienberichte erneut in den Blick der Öffentlichkeit geraten, dass das Möbelhaus Ikea von erzwungener Arbeit in DDR-Gefängnissen profitierte. Ikea beauftragte daraufhin die Unternehmensberatung Ernst & Young mit einer Untersuchung. Jahn sagte, er hoffe, dass auch die Firmen, die nun Akteneinsicht beantragten, "den Schritt weiter gehen". Namen von Firmen nannte er nicht.
Der Studie zufolge hat Ikea vor 25 bis 30 Jahren von erzwungener Arbeit von Häftlingen profitiert und davon auch gewusst. Jahn forderte Ikea auf, die komplette Studie zu veröffentlichen. Bislang hat Ikea nur wenige Seiten als Zusammenfassung für die Öffentlichkeit freigegeben.
Nach den Enthüllungen über Zwangsarbeit forderten Opferverbände Wiedergutmachung, ein Opferentschädigungsfonds wurde ins Spiel gebracht. Roland Jahn zeigte sich skeptisch: Bevor über Entschädigungen diskutiert werde, müsse eine umfassende Aufarbeitung erfolgen, sagte er bei der Anhörung im Bundestag. "Wir stochern noch im Nebel." Es gehe nicht nur um Ikea, sagte Jahn.
Die Geschäftsführerin der Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur, Anna Kaminsky, sagte, es gebe lediglich drei Dissertationen zum Thema. Die Aufarbeitung müsse vom Bund gefördert unter Beteiligung der Unternehmen geschehen.
Die Rostocker Juristin Karin Schmidt - von ihr stammt eine der drei Doktorarbeiten zur Zwangsarbeit in DDR Gefängnissen - betonte, dass die erzwungene Arbeit als Wirtschaftsfaktor genutzt wurde. Die Häftlinge hätten unter schlechten, teilweise gesundheitsgefährdenden Bedingungen gearbeitet und dafür kaum Geld erhalten. Die Politik müsse hartnäckig bleiben, um westliche Unternehmen, die davon profitierten, in die Verantwortung zu nehmen, sagte Schmidt.
Vertreter der Opferverbände bekräftigten vor dem Gremium ihre Forderung nach Entschädigung. Steffen Alisch vom Forschungsverbund SED-Staat der Freien Universität Berlin und Kaminsky forderten, bei der Entscheidung über Entschädigung für Folgeschäden der DDR-Haft über eine Beweislastumkehr nachzudenken.
Diskutiert wurde bei der Anhörung, an der sich nach Angaben des FDP-Politikers Burkhardt Müller-Sönsken trotz Anfragen kein mutmaßlich betroffenes Unternehmen beteiligen wollte, auch, wer überhaupt für erzwungene Arbeit entschädigt werden soll. Neben politischen Gefangenen saßen auch in DDR-Gefängnissen reguläre Straftäter, die auch nach heutigem Maßstab verurteilt werden würden.
Politische Häftlinge und Kriminelle seien auch in der Praxis klar zu trennen, weil politische Opfer Anspruch auf Rehabilitierung hätten, sagte der Vorsitzende der Vereinigung der Stalinismus-Opfer, Hugo Diederich. Der Projektleiter der Union der Opferverbände Kommunistischer Gewaltherrschaft, Christian Sachse, sagte, eine Trennung sei nicht praktikabel, weil auch politische Häftlinge oftmals kriminalisiert worden seien.
epd ost bas phi


Australian Cardinal George Pell: The Curia will have to lift its game

September 28, 2013. (Romereports.com) Before the start of the conclave earlier this year, when asked where the next Pope would come from, Australian Cardinal George Pell ventured to guess that the most likely probability was Europe.    

But then he added:

Archbishop of Sydney (March 6, 2013)
“We will certainly see a South American Pope in the next 50 to 100 years, perhaps many of them.”

It turns out he didn't have to wait years, but rather days, to see the the first South American pontiff. His fellow cardinals elected Pope Francis in five rounds of voting.

From the onset it was clear what Cardinal Pell expected from the next Pope, and it seems, so far, he's getting what he wanted.

Archbishop of Sydney (March 6, 2013)
“We've got to have a Pope who is able to speak to the world, to modern communications and I think this time we're gonna have a pastoral pope who can encourage the Vatican Curia to lift their game.”

The Archbishop of Sydney will also have an important role in getting the Curia to lift their game. He was one of eight cardinals from around the world Pope Francis appointed to advise him on reform to the Church and Curia. 

Whatever decision they reach, there is one thing that can be expected from Cardinal Pell. It is best summed up in the conversation he had with the newly elected Pope Francis, soon after the conclave.

Sexueller Missbrauch in der Kirche-Kardinal verweist auf andere Grauzonen

Der Missbrauchsskandal hält die katholische Kirche seit Jahren fest im Griff. Jetzt verweist Kardinal Lehmann auf hohe Dunkelziffern auch in Sport, Familie und Therapie - ablenken wolle er damit aber nicht.
In der Debatte über sexuellen Missbrauch in der katholischen Kirche hat der Mainzer Kardinal Karl Lehmann auf hohe Dunkelziffern auch an anderer Stelle hingewiesen. "Mich hat natürlich auch von Anfang an geärgert, dass es ganze Bereiche von sexuellem Missbrauch gibt, die in der Öffentlichkeit viel weniger Aufmerksamkeit finden", sagte der Bischof. "Es gibt eine hohe Dunkelziffer im Sport, es gibt ungeheure Zahlen von Missbrauch in den Familien, es gibt auch Missbrauch, wo man es nicht vermutet, etwa im Beratungswesen und in der Therapie. Lehmann betonte aber auch: "Das darf für uns keine Entschuldigung sein."
Er glaube jedoch, dass sich die Kirche inzwischen mit ihren Regeln zur Prävention und mit der Schulung sehr vieler Mitarbeiter - besonders in den Schulen und der Jugendarbeit - wirklich sehen lassen könne. "Da bin ich ganz froh, dass wir mit ziemlicher Energie vorgegangen sind, weil es uns auch mächtig geschadet hat mit unserem Anspruch der Sexualethik der Kirche", sagte Lehmann. "Wenn es dann trotzdem Missbrauch gibt, ist der Fall viel tiefer, da darf man sich nicht wundern."


Saturday, 28 September 2013

110 Kilometer für die Rechte der Jüngsten

Kinderarbeit, drakonische Strafen, Misshandlungen: Betroffen hat die Aufarbeitung der Zustände in deutschen Kinderheimen in den ersten Jahrzehnten der Bundesrepublik gemacht. Mit einem Lauf nach Mainz wollen Heimkinder am 3. Oktober für ihre Rechte demonstrieren. Mitmachen ist erwünscht und für jeden per pedes und Fahrrad möglich.
Veldenz/Gonzerath. Was Kindern und Jugendlichen in Erziehungsheimen wichtig ist, unterscheidet sich kaum von den Wünschen anderer Gleichaltriger. Auch Heimkinder nutzen die modernen Kommunikationsmittel. Und auch für sie gilt das Recht auf Post- und Telefongeheimnis.
"Die Kinder sind ja nicht bei uns, weil sie Straftaten begangen haben, sondern weil es zu Hause erzieherische Defizite gibt. Viele haben Gewalt erfahren", erklärt Wolf-Rüdiger Pfalz, der Leiter der Evangelische Erziehungshilfe Veldenz und des Jugendhofs Wolf. Dieses von der 1990 verabschiedeten UN-Kinderrechtskonvention abgeleitete Recht wird nur in begründeten Ausnahmefällen eingeschränkt.


Catholic Church faces more claims of abuse at former home which was visited by Jimmy Savile

NOTHER former boy of a Catholic boys home has spoken of the abuse he suffered.
He, who we have agreed not to name for legal reasons, was a resident of St Francis Boys Home, Shefford, in the 1960s. He states that former priest Father Hammond groomed boys for sexual purposes.
He also remembers the brutality of Father Ryan (pictured) who was twice arrested by Bedfordshire Police but never charged. The police are still looking for the paperwork of those arrests, as it has gone missing.
He also states that the boys were sexually abused by the nuns and that one nun, Mother Xavier, punished boys by making them put their hands in scalding water.
And yet another former boy remembers Jimmy Savile visiting the home in the 1960s.


Forget Francis, Cardinal Burke Claims Homosexuality Satanic In Origin

Pope Francis I may not be exactly willing to discuss the doctrinal issues surrounding the Catholic Church’s stance on same-sex marriage or homosexuality, but he has been adamant about softening the language being used and to treat LGBT people with dignity. Of course, Cardinal Raymond Burke does not seem to have gotten that message.
Burke is currently the prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in Rome. He was once the bishop of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin and the Archbishop of St. Louis, Missouri.
In a recent interview, Cardinal Burke used the phrase ‘satanic’ to describe homosexuality.
Burke was asked about the recent passage in Minnesota of a law granting same-sex couples marriage equality. The interviewer asked “Despite a heroic effort by Archbishop John Nienstedt and many other Church leaders, it failed. Just four months later a law was enacted making Minnesota the 12th state to legalize so- called same- sex marriage. How did we get to this point? Aside from prayer and fasting, what can the faithful do?”


Five myths about the historical Jesus according to a biblical scholar

Reza Aslan, a major biblical scholar, says many Bible scenes are not true to historical fact

Reza Aslan is a major biblical scholar and the author of “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth.” The Iranian American is one of the top theological scholars in the world.
He says there are five myths about Jesus that we have been unaware of for thousands of years.
They are:

1. He was not born in Bethlehem.
Aslan says all his life Jesus was referred to as the Nazarene or Jesus of Nazareth and was from Nazareth. However, a prophecy held that he would be born in Bethlehem, the same city as King David. So the census story was essentially invented by Luke who noted that Joseph was born in Bethlehem and had the couple return there for the census count.
He also points out that the 6 A.D. census encompassed only Judea, Samaria and Idumea, not Galilee.
2. Jesus was not an only child.
Forget the Virgin birth, historical Jesus came from a family of at least four brothers, James, Joseph, Simon and Judas and an unknown number of sisters.

Last Imperial Pope Francis Now Needs More Than Cardinals For Reform Push

I am now of the strong view as an international lawyer that Pope Francis has little time left to reform the Catholic Church. If he fails, likely he also will be compelled to resign like his predecessor, ex-Pope Benedict, ignominousily had to. The Vatican’s “house of cards”, as Francis realistically described it, will then probably collapse. If that happens, Cardinal Rigali’s Secretary, Monsignor Lynn, may have some hierarchical company in prison before his sentence is completed. It’s that bad.
Francis must make the Church’s leaders accountable to the faithful, the Gospels and civil law, especially with respect to protecting defenseless children. He must initiate and enforce specific and effective policies to do this, before government prosecutors from Australia, Ireland, the Dominican Republic, the USA, Peru, Chile, Argentina, the Phillipines, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, or from dozens of other countries, do so for him.


Polen: "Es ist das erste Mal, dass sich die Spitze der Bischofskonferenz so förmlich für Fälle von Kindesmissbrauch entschuldigt."

Ex-Nuntius Wesolowski wird verdächtigt, Minderjährigen Geldsummen für sexuelle Dienstleistungen gezahlt zu haben - Generalsekretär der Bischofskonferenzt trägt bei Pressekonferenz Entschuldigung der Kirche vor
Polens Staatsanwaltschaft hat ein Ermittlungsverfahren gegen den ehemaligen Vatikanbotschafter Erzbischof Jozef Wesolowski und einen weiteren Priester eingeleitet. Ein Sprecher der Generalstaatsanwaltschaft in Warschau begründete die Maßnahme am Freitag mit einem Rechtshilfeersuchen der Dominikanischen Republik. Die beiden polnischen Geistlichen stehen im Verdacht, in dem Karibikstaat sexuellen Missbrauch an Minderjährigen begangen zu haben.

Wesolowski (58), seit 2008 Nuntius in der Dominikanischen Republik, wird verdächtigt, fünf Minderjährigen im Alter von 13 bis 18 Jahren kleinere Geldsummen für sexuelle Dienstleistungen gezahlt zu haben. Ende August hatte der Vatikan den Erzbischof von seinem Amt entpflichtet und nach Rom beordert. Der Heilige Stuhl kündigte eine eigene Untersuchung an.

Ebenfalls beschuldigt wird ein Mitarbeiter Wesolowskis, der Priester Wojciech G. (36). Er soll in Polen untergetaucht sein. Nach ihm wird mit internationalem Haftbefehl gesucht.

Polens Bischöfe entschuldigen sich


Polnische Justiz ermittelt gegen Priester wegen Missbrauchsverdacht

Kinderschänder mit Priesterkragen oder Ordensgewand - die katholische Bischofskonferenz in Polen bezieht nach einer Serie von Missbrauchsfällen Stellung.

Warschau. Der Generalsekretär der katholischen Bischofskonferenz in Polen, Bischof Wojciech Polak, hat den sexuellen Missbrauch von Kindern durch Priester oder Ordensleute scharf verurteilt. „Die Kirche in Polen nimmt die Fälle von Pädophilie sehr ernst“, sagte er am Freitagabend in Warschau. „Das mindeste, was man sagen kann, ist: Entschuldigung.“

Die Kirche wolle, dass die Täter bestraft würden und die Opfer Hilfe erführen, betonte Polak. Er erteilte den Hoffnungen von Opfern auf eine Entschädigung durch die Kirche aber eine Absage: „Die straf- und zivilrechtliche Verantwortung liegt beim Täter.“


Luzern: Katholische Kirche thematisierte Missbrauch-Grenzverletzungen erkennen

Luzern, 27.9.13 (Kipa) Die katholische Kirche im Kanton Luzern will das Bewusstsein ihrer Verantwortlichen schärfen für Grenzverletzungen und Missbrauch im Umgang mit den ihnen anvertrauten Menschen. An einer Tagung von Freitag ging es darum, aus Fehlern zu lernen, Möglichkeiten und Massnahmen kennenzulernen, um Missbrauch und Gewalt vorzubeugen sowie in Verdachtsfällen richtig zu handeln.


Ex-Vatikan-Botschafter unter Missbrauchsverdacht-Ermittlungen gegen polnische Priester

Gegen den ehemaligen Botschafter des Vatikan in der Dominikanischen Republik sind nun auch in seiner Heimat Polen Ermittlungen aufgenommen worden. Josef Wesolowski steht unter dem Verdacht des Kindesmissbrauchs. Gegen den 65-jährigen Nuntius wird bereits im Vatikan und in der Dominikanischen Republik ermittelt. Wesolowski wurde am 21. August abberufen. Der Vatikan machte den Vorfall aber erst Anfang September publik.
Gegen einen weiteren polnischen Priester, der ebenfalls in dem Karibikstaat tätig war, wurde ein Verfahren eingeleitet. Sein Aufenthaltsort ist unbekannt. Beiden Geistlichen wird vorgeworfen, Sex mit minderjährigen Jungen gehabt zu haben. In Weselowskis Fall sollen sie zwischen 13 und 18 Jahre alt gewesen sein.

Gericht: Priester hat "Seele eines Kindes zerbrochen"

Das Landgericht Würzburg hat am Freitag den Ordensgeistlichen, der auch in Schröck als Pfarrer gewirkt hatte, wegen Missbrauchs eines Jungen zu einer Gefängnisstrafe verurteilt.

Der angeklagte Priester verbirgt sein Gesicht hinter einer Zeitung.Foto: dpa
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Würzburg. Zwei Jahre und neun Monate muss ein 58-jähriger Priester ins Gefängnis. Der ehemalige Pfarrer einer Gemeinde im Kreis Main-Spessart hatte gehofft, dass seine Selbstanzeige, sein Geständnis, seine Entschuldigung und die Schmerzensgeldzahlung seines Ordens an das Opfer ihn vor dem Gefängnis bewahren.


Polens Bischöfe entschuldigen sich für Kindesmissbrauch

Warschau, 27.9.13 (Kipa) Polens katholische Kirche hat sich für sexuellen Missbrauch von Kindern durch Priester entschuldigt. Die Opfer seien tief verletzt worden und jeder Einzelne brauche von der Kirche eine Entschuldigung, sagte der Generalsekretär der Bischofskonferenz, Weihbischof Wojciech Polak, am Freitag bei einer Pressekonferenz in Warschau. «Wir entschuldigen uns.» Polak betonte, die Kirche in Polen nehme das Pädophilie-Problem «sehr ernst» und wolle nichts verbergen.


Friday, 27 September 2013

Bishop Malone: Herald 'the enemy

Read the Bishop's letter here
Read the Herald stories that started it all here
MAITLAND-Newcastle Bishop Michael Malone described the Newcastle Herald as ‘‘the enemy’’ in a bitter but ultimately unpublished message to Catholics in 2007 after the newspaper first exposed Church knowledge of notorious Hunter paedophile priests.
The message, titled ‘‘Trial by Media’’, has not seen the light of day until now after the NSW Special Commission of Inquiry released hundreds of documents to the public last week, including previously secret Church documents dating back to the late 1940s.
The documents form part of the commission’s investigation of Church and police handling of allegations involving paedophile priests Denis McAlinden and Jim Fletcher.
The then Bishop Malone’s ‘‘Trial by Media’’ message was written for the diocese’s Aurora magazine after Herald articles in September and October 2007 quoted documents proving Catholic Church officials knew about McAlinden and another notorious paedophile priest, Vince Ryan, for decades.


Last girl standing survived a `true life horror story’ then changed the future for thousands of other children

IF A HOLLYWOOD version of this story were even possible, it would go like this: four brave foster siblings testify about shocking sexual abuse in state-supervised “care”.
They force a restructure of a government department, spark radical reform of the child safety system and change the future for thousands of other children. They take their fight for compensation all the way to the High Court and win.
They buy houses, fall in love, raise their own happy kids and nestle into the warm glow of ordinary, content suburban lives.
But this “true life horror story”, as the campaigner who helped bring the case to light a decade ago calls it, has a different arc.
Nonetheless there is a heroine, a flawed one though all the more heroic for it.
Her name is Sarah Jane Davison, currently in hiding. She has emerged to reveal herself as the only survivor of the four foster children from “family X” whose suffering was a catalyst for the shutdown of Queensland’s Department of Families in 2004.
Sarah is the only one to reach 30. She has a cross tattooed on her wrist for each of her three foster siblings. One for Bobby Yarrie, who hanged himself in 1998 in a cell aged 16. He was reportedly brutalised while in juvenile prison for theft and truancy. He told Sarah on the phone three days before his death that he missed his sisters.


Spirituality without a bothersome god finds Sydney home

Find yourself in the godless congregation at Sunday Assembly and you might start by singing a rousing rendition of Nina Simone's Ain't Got No.
''It's pretty much our atheology, boiled down into a 2½-minute song: I Got Life,'' says Sanderson Jones, co-founder of what has become possibly the world's fastest growing atheist church. Since launching with Pippa Evans in a deconsecrated chapel in north London in January, it now has regular congregations in London, Melbourne and New York.
In November, it will arrive in Sydney.
Jones left a fledgling career as a stand-up comedian to devote himself to the godless church and says his mission, first and foremost, is to celebrate life and help people - something we forget to do. ''But also because churches help to change people - and I've got lots about myself that I'd like to change. They're really good at dealing with the central human dilemma: we've got minds that can dance with the stars and fingers that can't resist the biscuit tin.''
There are already 150 people signed up to the Redfern leg of the church's 40 Dates and 40 Nights roadshow, something of a proselytising force that will take the duo around Britain to New York, Vancouver, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.


Santamaria's warriors Pell, Abbott on a real mission

It was about 60 years ago, when he was a young teenager, that big bruising George Pell first heard the words of B.A. Santamaria in a church hall. It was in about 1954 or 1955, probably, in context, slightly before the Evatt denunciation which led inevitably to the split in the Labor Party.
It was one of Santamaria's party pieces on the menace of communism - a subject on which he had been well rehearsed since he saw a fundamental clash of civilisations in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. There, on the one side was the noble Falangist, General Franco, fighting for Christian civilisation with only the help of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. Ranged against him was the elected government of Spain, full of atheists, anarchists, communists of all stripes and nationalities. And Russia, an international communist conspiracy against European Christian civilisation, and its bulwark, the Catholic Church.
Forces of good fighting faces of evil. 
On an issue like that, a man could be defined for all time. Whose side was he on? Did he even have the wit to understand that compared with all of the other trifling matters of the world, this was virtually the only thing that mattered? For those who saw it that way, it was like one of the crusades of nearly 1000 years before - something, indeed, that could win one salvation.


Polish Church Apologizes for Child Sex Abuse

A high official of Poland's Catholic Church apologized on Friday to the victims of pedophile priests while prosecutors said they will probe allegations that two Polish priests, including a Vatican envoy, sexually abused boys in the Dominican Republic.
Secretary of the Episcopate Bishop Wojciech Polak told a news conference that "sorry" was the least that was owed to the victims, and that the church was seeking to make amends and work on prevention.
But he said that any legal responsibility and financial compensation rested with the convicted wrongdoer, not with the church. He was addressing reporters in relation to both the allegations in the Dominican Republic and those in Poland, where some 27 priests have been convicted since 2001.
Mateusz Matyniuk, spokesman for the prosecutor general, said that Poland has obtained sufficient information from Dominican investigators to open a probe into pedophilia allegations against two Poles, one of whom has diplomatic status. He gave no names, but Dominican prosecutors have identified them as papal nuncio Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski and the Rev. Wojciech Gil, a parish priest.

Policy should cover grooming

 THE Catholic Church should include the ‘‘grooming’’ behaviour of sexual predators as abuse under its policy for dealing with complaints against clergy, the NSW Ombudsman has told the Royal Commission.
The Church should also spell out more clearly how it will conduct itself in relation to civil claims, and may be able to promote best practice for dealing fairly and ethically with complainants in litigation, ombudsman Bruce Barbour advised.
Towards Healing, the Church’s policy setting out principles and procedures for responding to abuse complaints against its personnel, is set to be in the spotlight later this year as part of the Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse.
In a submission to the commission this month, Mr Barbour said the definition of abuse in the policy should include ‘‘clearly improper behaviour that ‘crosses professional boundaries’’’.
Currently, it includes ‘‘sexual assault, sexual harassment and any other conduct of a sexual nature that is inconsistent with the integrity of the relationship between Church personnel and those who are in their pastoral care’’.


Priest charged over child abuse

A 60-year-old Catholic priest has been charged with child abuse alleged to have occurred in Perth and south of the city 30 years ago.
Police claim the man met the victim through church-related activities in the Peel district.
It will be further alleged he abused his position of authority to make his victim perform indecent and sexual acts.
The victim was aged between 15 and 17 at the time of the abuse, which is said to have occurred between 1983 and 1986.


Catholic Bishops urge Pope to reconsider future direction of the church

The Catholic Church is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to claims of sexual abuse and fiscal corruption.
Now, three Catholic Bishops are joining with 100 church organisations, calling on Pope Francis to acknowledge the rights of Catholics when it comes to making decisions on these issues within their church.


Catholic priest on cold-case child abuse charges

Child abuse squad detectives have charged a 60-year-old man in relation to child abuse offences alleged to have occurred in the Peel District and North West Metropolitan District between 1983 and 1986.
It will be alleged the accused man - who was, and still is a Catholic priest - met the victim through church-related activities in the Peel District.
It will be further alleged the accused abused his position of authority over the victim, who was aged between 15 and 17 years old at the time of the alleged offences, to perform indecent and sexual acts.
The accused man was aged between 30 and 32 years old.
The priest has been charged with four counts of unlawful and indecent assault, and one count each of attempted carnal knowledge and carnal knowledge against the order of nature.


Reality check on Pope Francis

The Age (Australia) reports:
Dissident priest Greg Reynolds has been both defrocked and excommunicated over his support for women priests and gay (marriage) - the first person ever excommunicated in Melbourne, he believes.

The order comes direct from the Vatican, not at the request of Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart...The excommunication document - written in Latin and giving no reason - was dated May 31, meaning it comes under the authority of Pope Francis who made headlines on Thursday calling for a less rule-obsessed church.....
According to church teaching, excommunication is the strongest sanction and means one can not hold any office or receive any sacraments
It's an inference rather than fact that he was excommunicated for specific statements or views, but it wouldn't surprise me if Pope Francis had support for gay marriage in mind. Remember, his recent remarks have been about a shift in tone and emphasis, not about a change in doctrine.
Those who are looking to Rome to help lead the fight for gay marriage are going to be sorely disappointed.
I still don't get the resistence to female priests, but I don't feel it's my place to weigh in on the internal rules of an organization to which I don't belong.
Latin Times:
Time Magazine has pointed out that while an excommunication does require papal approval the order may not have come directly from Francis himself. Since the priest has openly preformed "unofficial" marriages between gay couples, Time believes he could have been on his way toward excommunication for some time. 


Sexueller Missbrauch-Sozialtherapeut kommt nach Missbrauch von Behinderten vor Gericht

BERN - BE - Der Berner Sozialtherapeut, der sich fast 30 Jahre lang in Heimen an Behinderten verging, kommt vor Gericht. Die Staatsanwaltschaft hat Anklage gegen den geständigen 57-jährigen erhoben. Der Angeklagte soll 124 Pflegebefohlene missbraucht haben.
 Nach seiner Festnahme im April 2010 gab der Mann zu, 114 mehrheitlich geistig und körperlich behinderte Kinder, junge Männer und Frauen sexuell missbraucht zu haben. In zehn Fällen sei es beim Versuch geblieben.


Missbrauch: Priester muss ins Gefängnis

Würzburg   - Im Würzburger Missbrauchsprozess gegen einen katholischen Priester hat die Staatsanwaltschaft nun eine Gefängnisstrafe von zwei Jahren und neun Monaten verhängt, nachdem der Geistliche vor Gericht zugegeben hatte, sich wiederholt an einem Kind vergangen zu haben.

Die Richter sprachen den 58-Jährigen am Freitag schuldig, sich in neun Fällen am Sohn seiner Haushälterin vergangen zu haben. Die Übergriffe sollen sich in den 1990er Jahren in Hessen und Unterfranken abgespielt haben. Sie begannen, als das Opfer etwa fünf Jahre alt war.
Der Geistliche hatte sich 2011 beim Missbrauchsbeauftragten seines Ordens gemeldet. Allerdings tat er dies nach Darstellung des Opfers erst, nachdem er erfahren hatte, dass der inzwischen 25-jährige junge Mann ihn seinerseits anzeigen wollte.


Priester wegen Missbrauch zu Gefängnisstrafe verurteilt

Das Landgericht Würzburg hat einen Priester wegen sexuellen Kindesmissbrauchs zu zwei Jahren und neun Monaten Haft verurteilt. Er hatte den Sohn seiner Haushälterin missbraucht.
 Die Richter sprachen den 58-Jährigen am Freitag schuldig, sich in neun Fällen am Sohn seiner Haushälterin vergangen zu haben. Der katholische Ordensmann hatte die Taten aus den 1990er im Prozess gestanden.

Priester wegen Missbrauch zu Gefängnisstrafe verurteilt - weiter lesen auf Augsburger-Allgemeine: http://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/bayern/Priester-wegen-Missbrauch-zu-Gefaengnisstrafe-verurteilt-id27165177.html

WA priest faces child abuse charges

A CATHOLIC priest has been charged with historic child sex abuse offences alleged to have occurred in the mid-1980s.
Child Abuse Squad detectives charged the 60-year-old in relation to alleged sexual acts that occurred between 1983 and 1986 in the Peel and North West Metropolitan Districts.

It will be alleged the accused man - who was and still is a Catholic priest - met the victim through church-related activities in the Peel District.

Police will further allege the priest abused his position of authority over the victim, who was aged between 15 and 17 years old at the time, to perform indecent and sexual acts.

The accused was aged between 30 and 32 years old when the alleged offences occurred.

The priest’s charges are based on the laws of the time.

He will face Rockingham Magistrates Court on October 24, charged with unlawful and indecent assault, and one count each of attempted carnal knowledge and carnal knowledge against the order of nature.


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dominican Republic asks INTERPOL to arrest Polish priest

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s top prosecutor on Thursday asked INTERPOL to arrest Polish national Wojciech Gil (Padre Alberto), indicted on several counts of sexually molesting at least seven minors.
Justice minister Francisco Dominguez’s request comes just hours after a panel of judges from the Santiago District Criminal Court declared the accused a fugitive, for failing to appear to face the pedophilia charges filed the parents of the boys in the village of Juncalito, in that north-central province.
In a statement, Dominguez said Gil is charged with rape and aggravated sexual assault of several children from the community near the town of Jánico. "We are going to resort to all the necessary judicial resources, both locally and abroad, so this case doesn’t go unpunished.”

Mother welcomes sex abuse findings

A MOTHER who helped trigger a royal commission into child sex abuse at a primary school -- a crime kept from parents for two years -- hopes the state Ombudsman's findings force change within the "dysfunctional" South Australian Education Department.

Danyse Soester, who complained last year to Ombudsman Richard Bingham about parents of pupils being kept in the dark over the December 2010 incident, yesterday welcomed the tabling in parliament of the Ombudsman's final report as a "stepping stone" for change.

"It is just a confirmation that we have a dysfunctional Education Department," she told The Australian. "We don't need any more reports to show us that great changes need to happen to protect our children, but is this government up to it? Obviously not."

The report was released after the department's chief executive Tony Harrison said his deputy Gino DeGennaro and executive Jan Andrews had left following a disciplinary review of 11 officials named in the royal commission report released in July.


Staatsanwaltschaft fordert drei Jahre Haft

Würzburg - Ein katholischer Pfarrer muss sich derzeit vor Gericht für den sexuellen Missbrauch eines Buben verantworten. Die Staatsanwaltschaft hat nun das geforderte Strafmaß verkündet.

Im Würzburger Missbrauchsprozess gegen einen katholischen Priester hat die Staatsanwaltschaft eine Gefängnisstrafe von drei Jahren und vier Monaten gefordert. Der 58 Jahre alte Geistliche hatte gestanden, sich wiederholt am Sohn seiner Haushälterin vergangen zu haben. „Er ist die Schutzperson und er missbraucht diese Stellung über mehrere Jahre“, sagte Oberstaatsanwalt Thomas Trapp am Donnerstag. Die Übergriffe aus den 1990er Jahren hätten noch heute Folgen für das Opfer.
Die Verteidigung plädierte vor dem Landgericht Würzburg dafür, die Strafe zur Bewährung auszusetzen. „Er hat darauf verzichtet, alles zu bestreiten“, sagte der Anwalt des Ordenspaters.
Ein Gutachter stufte den 58-Jährigen als schuldfähig ein. Er habe pädophile Züge, aber keine schwere sexuelle Störung, erklärte der Psychiatrie-Professor Henning Saß. Er sehe keine deutliche Gefahr, dass sich Übergriffe auf Kinder wiederholen könnten.

US-Militär: Katholische Kirche verbietet Beisetzung von Homosexuellen

Gefallene Soldaten erhalten fortan offenbar nur eine katholische Beerdigung, wenn sie heterosexuell gelebt haben .
Die Kirche untersagt Militärpfarrern in den USA, die Beerdigung verstorbener Schwuler oder Lesben zu leiten, wenn damit der Eindruck vermittelt werde, die Kirche unterstütze die Homo-Ehe.

Den 234 katholischen Militärpfarrern ist von der Kirchenleitung untersagt worden, Dienstleistungen für Schwule und Lesben anzubieten, sofern diese als Unterstützung für die Gleichbehandlung angesehen werden könnten. Das berichtet der "Religion News Service" Zu den Dienstleistungen gehören unter anderem die Segnung von Homo-Paaren und die Ehe-Beratung für Schwule und Lesben, aber auch Beerdigungen.

Damit reagiert die Kirche auf die Gleichstellung von gleichgeschlechtlichen Paaren im US-Militär, die vor drei Wochen in Kraft getreten ist (queer.de berichtete). Diese beinhaltet unter anderem die Krankenmitversicherung und ein gemeinsames Wohnrecht auf der Militärbasis. Grund für diesen Schritt war die Entscheidung des Supreme Courts vom Juni, dass verheiratete Homo-Paare von Bundesbehörden anerkannt werden müssen (queer.de berichtete).


Benedict Unrepentant

As Pope Francis has charmed the globe, the former Pope has been corresponding with Piergiorgio Odifreddi, an Italian mathematician and philosopher, on a whole range of topics. I haven’t been able to get an English translation and cannot find one online (if a reader has one, I’d be most obliged). Maybe the reported fragments lack important context, but they sound like Benedict to me, especially on the long, horrifying child-rape conspiracy from the Vatican on down, over which he had total control and unique knowledge from 2001 onwards.
To give some obvious, glaring examples of his complicity: despite sitting on mounds of evidence of the crimes of Marcial Maciel for years, Benedict waited and waited to act, and refused to talk in public about the matter, while Maciel went on to rape even his own son; he also helped give refuge to Cardinal Law, one of the most heinous cover-up artists in the whole disgusting saga; he even personally ensured that the man who raped over 200 deaf boys at St John’s School for the Deaf, Father Murphy, was allowed to retire in peace in the “dignity” of his priesthood.  And yet Benedict is still capable of telling his interlocutor:
I never tried to cover up these things.
Seriously. But to me, the most egregious statement is the following:


An Open Letter to Pope Francis

Your Holiness:

I was a nobody. A lost sheep – a victim of sex abuse in the Catholic church who was “thrown away” by the priests and bureaucrats in the Diocese of Orange, California. I was disposable. But unlike the parable, no shepherd came to look to me. Alone and isolated from my community, my family and my faith, I had to struggle to heal myself. Against the odds, I succeeded. And now I speak for those who still suffer alone, in silence.

I am not a nobody anymore. And that is why I am writing to you.

You have reached out to atheists and agnostics. You have said you cannot judge the homosexual community. Those were huge steps, but very easy things to do. You followed your heart and the teachings of the Bible. Now I ask you to do the hard thing: embrace the lost sheep that your people sexually abused, shunned and shamed. Tackle the “elephant in the room” that has been ignored for so long.

Doing that will be difficult. But rumor has it that dying on the cross wasn’t terribly easy either.

You have a bishop in Missouri, USA, who was convicted of child endangerment. Why is he still a bishop? I can’t help but think that Jesus would weep to see that secular authorities are doing more to save your lost sheep than you are.

You have Cardinals in the United States who have covered up abuse, yet they stand in judgement—saying that victims are just bitter, money-grubbers.

You have children in danger world-wide because bishops refuse to remove offending clerics and continue to cover up their crimes.

You have victims—hundreds of thousands of victims world-wide—who only want three things: justice, healing and child safety. The only person in the world who can give that to them is YOU.


Philly Priest Sexually Abused Altar Boy for Years: DA

Alleged abuse happened inside church, in the rectory & at a movie theater


A Philadelphia priest, previously accused of sexually abusing 20 boys, is now criminally charged for allegedly sexually assaulting an altar boy over a three-year period.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced the arrest Thursday morning of Rev. Robert L. Brennan.
"A serial predator is now behind bars thanks to brave actions of this young man," Williams said.
Brennan is accused of sexually assaulting the altar boy from 1998 to 2001 when the child was between 11 and 14 years old, according to authorities.
Williams described in graphic detail how Brennan, who was 60 when the alleged attacks started, began sexually assaulting the boy when the victim was in the 6th grade.
 The alleged assaults happened inside the church as well as off church grounds while Brennan was an assistant pastor at Resurrection of Our Lord Parish in the Rhawnhurst section of Northeast Philadelphia.

Liberal Catholics Press Pope Francis On Reforms Of Curia, Women, And Gays

(Reuters) - Liberal Catholics have asked to meet Pope Francis to add their views to talks next week on changes in the Church, hoping the conciliatory tone he has brought to the papacy will allow more open decision making.
More than 100 groups of reform-minded Roman Catholics sent the appeal in an open letter to the pope and the eight cardinals he has chosen to help him govern the worldwide Church and reform its troubled bureaucracy, the Curia.
Francis holds his first talks with the advisory board of cardinals next week. It is not yet clear how their talks in Rome on October 1-3 will be organized or whether their policy suggestions will be made public.
"Our fondest hope is that Pope Francis will accept a delegation of our leaders at the Vatican," said Rene Reid of the Catholic Church Reform group, one of the letter's signatories.
"He has been reaching out to atheists, gays and others. He wants dialogue. We want that too," she said in a statement.
The groups come from around the globe, mostly the English-speaking world but also Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Spain and India.
The letter lists reforms that Francis - elected pope in March with a clear mandate for change - might consider and others he has already ruled out. In a wide-ranging interview last week, he showed he wanted to change many Church procedures but not traditional doctrines.


Sr. Joan on the papacy in a new key

I had the pleasure of knowing Sr. Joan Roccasalvo, C.S.J. while I did my undergraduate studies at Fordham University.  She is a remarkable woman with a great love for the Church.  Her article on Pope Francis is something new and fascinating.
When composers begin a new work, they choose a key that will suit an overall feeling they wish to convey.  Every key, major or minor, suggests its own ethos, but there is a decided difference in feeling between major and minor keys. A major key typically sounds dynamic and directional, expansive, happy, and buoyant, whereas a minor key, more often than not, conveys brooding darkness and introspection.  There are only a few changes in notes between major and minor keys. Still, even a few changes can make a big difference. F Major is the pastoral key, the graceful key, the key of gentleness, calm, and peace.  Take for example, Vivaldi’s “Autumn” from the “Four Seasons,” and most famously, Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony, #6. These works are cast in the key of F Major. The Pope’s vision for the Church suggests F major.
In Francis, we have a Renaissance Man with a distinct preference for the downtrodden. Though seemingly opposed to power as power over others, he speaks with a powerful and convincing authority—like Jesus.  The ‘author’ in authority connotes a speaker’s talent and his or her ability to evoke the creativity of others. In Italian, there are two words linked with power, both repugnant: superbia and orgoglio. The former connotes lording it over others, having a superiority attitude of condescension; the latter, connotes oozing with pride.


New Pope, Same Old Dogmas

Earlier this summer, I wrote about some conciliatory (but ultimately meaningless) remarks from Pope Francis about gay people. Now he’s given a longer interview to the Jesuit magazine America in which he appeared to suggest that the church has been talking about abortion, contraception and gay rights too much:
“We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. This is not possible. I have not spoken much about these things, and I was reprimanded for that. But when we speak about these issues, we have to talk about them in a context. The teaching of the church, for that matter, is clear and I am a son of the church, but it is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time.
“The dogmatic and moral teachings of the church are not all equivalent. The church’s pastoral ministry cannot be obsessed with the transmission of a disjointed multitude of doctrines to be imposed insistently… We have to find a new balance; otherwise even the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards, losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel. The proposal of the Gospel must be more simple, profound, radiant. It is from this proposition that the moral consequences then flow.”

South Australian education officials leave in fallout from sex abuse case

Five other staff are being counselled in relation to their unsatisfactory performance, new chief executive says

Two senior South Australian education department executives have left in the fallout from a royal commission into the department's handling of a child sex abuse case at an Adelaide school.
The new chief executive, Tony Harrison, says his deputy, Gino DeGennaro, and the non-government schools chief, Jan Andrews, will finish up at the department on Friday.
DeGennaro has resigned and Andrews has been told her contract will not be renewed.
Harrison said he wasn't prepared to have them stay in their roles after an assessment of their performances.
"I don't believe that I was in a position to have those two members as part of my senior executive group moving into the future," he told reporters on Thursday.
The sex abuse case, which involved the rape of a young girl in a western suburbs school in 2010, was subject to a royal commission which reported back to the state government this year.
It was highly critical of how education officials, including DeGennaro and Andrews, handled the matter from a policy and procedural perspective, particularly the decision not to tell other parents at the school of the abuse for more than two years.


Where Are We Now, Friends (Or: The Silence Is Deafening)

The reason given by the federal government for appointing six commissioners to the Royal Commission was that the enormous volume of work would require multiple hearings being conducted simultaneously.
So far, only a single hearing has been held with all six commissioners present. The “case study” format used for the first hearing, last week, is to be used for at least the rest of the year, with no multiple hearings. This means that there will be a few days of hearings, then a month or so of no hearings, for the foreseeable future.
So far, nearly a year has passed since the Royal Commission was announced by former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and almost $100 million has been spent on it.
In the absence of multiple hearings, there will be very little to report on, especially since the first 4 “case studies” are already well-documented in both the media and the courts. It does seem strange that all six commissioners, at the first hearing, sat there in a row like stuffed chooks, with little or no involvement in the proceedings.
Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that only one Counsel Assisting, Gail “Snow White” Furness, has been appointed. Appointing only one Counsel Assisting may be normal with only one commissioner, but for six commissioners, there should have been six Counsel Assisting, which would allow for the hoped-for multiple hearings.


"Er hat mich untergetaucht"

Erster Prozess um Gewalt in einem nichtkirchlichen Erziehungsheim in Österreich

Im österreichweit ersten Strafprozess um die angebliche Misshandlung eines ehemaligen Zöglings in einem nichtkirchlichen Erziehungsheim hat sich am Montag der Angeklagte im Landesgericht Krems "nicht schuldig" bekannt. Der mittlerweile 18-jährige Bursch, dem als Minderjährigem in der "Kinderwelt Stiefern" (Bezirk Krems-Land) - ein privates, mehrere Häuser umfassendes Heim, in dem bis zu 70 Kinder und Jugendliche untergebracht sind, die vom Wiener Jugendamt (Mag Elf) und dem Land Niederösterreich zugewiesen werden -, Gewalt angetan worden sein soll, schilderte demgegenüber, was ihm widerfahren war.



Die gottlosen Jahre

Atheismus-Dialog im Stift Schlägl: Für die katholische Kirche ein "reinigender Feuerbach - Eine Million Österreicher ohne religiöses Bekenntnis

Etwa eine Million Österreicher sind, laut Statistik, "ohne religiöses Bekenntnis". Rund fünf Prozent davon verstehen sich ausdrücklich als Atheisten. Vor allem weltweit gesehen sind die "Gotteszweifler" rasant im Vormarsch. Experten orten einen regelrechten Boom des so genannten "Neo-Atheismus". So verkaufen sich etwa die Bücher des britischen Evolutionsbiologen Richard Dawkins, wohl der bekannteste Vertreter der "Neo-Atheisten"-Bewegung, millionenfach. Das Christentum sieht den Säkularismus auf der Überholspur mit großem Unwohl - und schreitet nach Jahrzehnten, in denen sowohl der Atheismus als auch der Dialog mit ihm überholt schien, zu neuen Gesprächen über die göttliche Existenzberechtigung.


'Shameless' paedophile faces deportation after prison term

A Canberra judge has slammed a paedophile's lack of remorse before sentencing him a decade behind bars and recommending he be deported back to India as soon as he is released.
In the ACT Supreme Court, Justice John Burns described Navin Edwin, 34, as a man who camouflaged himself in the community by hiding behind his church and pretending to be a caring and nice man.
In reality though, Edwin was grooming and sexually abusing three young girls aged between six and 15 years.


Minden/Salzkotten: Tochter von Baptisten muss an Sexualkunde teilnehmen

Minden (dpa). Die Tochter einer strenggläubigen Baptisten-Familie muss nach einem Urteil am Sexualkundeunterricht einer Grundschule im ostwestfälischen Salzkotten teilnehmen. Das hat das Verwaltungsgericht Minden in einem am Dienstag veröffentlichten Urteil vom 13. September festgestellt. Die 8. Kammer bestätigte die Entscheidung der Schule. Sie sei zu Recht davon ausgegangen, dass die Teilnahme an Sexualkunde für die Tochter der Kläger zumutbar gewesen sei. Für behauptete gesundheitliche Belastungen gebe es keine Anhaltspunkte.
Die Familie hatte vergeblich die Befreiung vom Unterricht beantragt, da der Unterricht ihren religiösen Überzeugungen widerspreche. Schon nach der ersten Unterrichtsstunde sei ihr Kind erheblich verstört gewesen, weil "eklige" Dinge angesprochen worden seien, hatte die Familie argumentiert


Kirche gibt Grundstück nicht her, will aber Geld

Der Hintergrund: Sowohl die evangelische als auch die katholische Kirchengemeinde haben im Januar einen Zuschussantrag gestellt. Die evangelische Gemeinde benötigt das Geld für den Neubau ihres Gemeindezentrums bei der Versöhnungskirche Lagerlechfeld (wir berichteten), die katholische Pfarreiengemeinschaft Lechfeld will ihre Häuser sanieren und unter anderem eine neue Heizungsanlage einbauen. Der Gemeinderat hat seinerzeit beiden Parteien einen Zuschuss in Aussicht gestellt – allerdings „zwingend mit der Auflage verbunden“, dass die Kirchen ein oder beide ihrer Untermeitinger Grundstücke an die Gemeinde veräußern. „Jemand, der Geld oder Grundstücke hat, muss finanzielle Mittel aufbringen, bevor er Steuergelder bekommt“, argumentierte damals nicht nur Bürgermeister Georg Klaußner.
Das evangelisch-lutherische Kirchengemeindeamt Augsburg hat dem Grundstücksverkauf zugestimmt, worauf der Gemeinderat einen Zuschuss in Höhe von 88000 Euro billigte.

Kirche gibt Grundstück nicht her, will aber Geld - weiter lesen auf Augsburger-Allgemeine: http://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/schwabmuenchen/Kirche-gibt-Grundstueck-nicht-her-will-aber-Geld-id27138102.html

Australien: Rebellischer Priester exkommuniziert

Medienberichten zufolge ist ein australischer Priester, der sich für die gleichgeschlechtliche Ehe und das Frauenpriestertum einsetzt, von der vatikanischen Glaubenskongregation exkommuniziert worden.
In einem Schreiben der vatikanischen Glaubenskongregation, datiert mit 31. Mai, wurde dem Melbourner Priester Greg Reynolds mitgeteilt, dass er ab sofort in den Laienstand zurückversetzt und exkommuniziert sei, berichtet die australische Zeitung „The Age“. Reynolds war in den vergangenen Jahren immer wieder öffentlich für die gleichgeschlechtliche Ehe und das Frauenpriestertum eingetreten.
Mit einer Laisierung habe er gerechnet, mit einer Exkommunikation, der schärfsten vom Kirchenrecht vorgesehenen Strafe, allerdings nicht, sagte Reynolds gegenüber der Zeitung. Er hatte sich im Jahr 2011 aus seiner damaligen Pfarre zurückgezogen, weil er die Haltung der katholischen Kirche zur Frage der Homosexuellen-Ehe und des Frauenpriestertums nicht mehr mit seinem Gewissen vereinbaren konnte. Kurze Zeit später gründete er die Organisation „Inclusive Catholics“, die laut ihrer Website eine Plattform für Katholiken mit ähnlichen Einstellungen sein will.


NSW Catholic brother jailed for abuse

A Catholic brother has been jailed for at least three-and-a-half years for abusing children at a western Sydney school.

Martin Harmata, 60, had pleaded guilty to several counts of sexually abusing children in the 1980s at Sydney's Patrician Brothers Blacktown college in Sydney's west.
Harmata had taught at the school for 31 years but was stood down in January 2012 over the charges.
The charges include the indecent assault of person under 16 under his authority and assault and committing an act on indecency towards a person under 16.
Police said at the time of his arrest that he rubbed one boy on the upper thigh and also made the boy touch his penis.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Govt receives 540 applications for Magdalene Laundries payments

The first lump sum payments to survivors of the Magdalene Laundries are expected to be issued within four to six weeks of forthcoming Cabinet consideration of the matter.
Minister for Justice Alan Shatter made the announcement in the Dáil this afternoon.
The Government approved the immediate implementation of cash lump sum payment scheme based on duration of stay in laundries, as recommended by Mr Justice John Quirke, on 25 June.
It also tasked an inter-departmental group with giving further detailed consideration to the steps necessary to implement the recommendations made by Judge Quirke.
Minister Shatter said he has already established a special unit to process applications and to determine whether an applicant resided and worked in an institution covered by the scheme and the duration of their stay, as well as the calculation of the capital sum due to be paid to them.

Northern Ireland child abuse inquiry: 'We were child slaves from a young age'

Hundreds come forward to tell Northern Ireland inquiry about historical institutional abuse in the country

Amid blanket coverage of high-profile child sex abuse investigations in the wake of revelations involving Jimmy Savile and other celebrities, one child abuse inquiry has remained below the public's radar. But the Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse inquiry is slowly emerging from relative obscurity.
The inquiry is separate from a recent major police investigation in the country that has led to the arrest of more than 30 people for sexual exploitation of children and young people who have gone missing from the care system over the past 18 months.
Formally established by law in January this year, the historical inquiry is tasked with examining if there were "systemic failings" by state and church in children's homes between 1922 and 1995 – a period spanning more than 70 years. Earlier this month, the inquiry held its third public hearing in Belfast, where its chairman, the former high court judge Sir Anthony Hart, named, for the first time, some of the institutions under investigation, including former children's homes run by the Catholic church.


What the YMCA Didn’t Do (Or: What Went Wrong, This Time?)

The second “case study” by the Royal Commission will cover Jonathan Lord, a YMCA childcare worker (see yesterday’s posting). The focus will be on the checks made by that organization on Lord’s suitability for the position, and police responses to complaints.
The main issue is whether or not referees were contacted. Initially, the NSW head of the YMCA, Phillip Hare, repeatedly said that such checks were not routinely conducted. Later, he retracted that, saying that he had not been fully aware of what was, in fact, done. He now claims that in all cases, including that of Lord, these checks were made.
However, Hare, and other YMCA officials, say that overseas checks are not made, giving the excuse that it is either too difficult, or that applicants may not provide information on their over-seas employers. This is why the fact that Lord was dismissed from his position of Camp Counselor in the U.S. was not known.


Lismore abuse survivor Richard Tommy Campion leads compensation charge against Anglican church

A survivor of abuse at an Anglican children's home in northern NSW is pushing for adequate compensation and an apology from the church for the abuse he and his fellow victims endured.
Public hearings for the royal commission into child sex abuse set down for November will examine how complaints of abuse at the North Coast Children's Home in Lismore were handled by the Anglican diocese of Grafton, which ran the home, and the civil legal action in 2006 and 2007.
Leading the charge against the church is Richard Tommy Campion, who was in the Lismore home from the late 1940s to 1963.
He launched the campaign to have the church admit it had a legal duty of care for the orphans who were sexually and physically abused in the home.
He is now hoping the commission will lead to public apologies to individual victims and compensation.
"I can say it was a hell-hole," Mr Campion said of his time in the home.
"Brutal bashings, children were flogged with broomsticks, canes, pony whips, belts. Children were locked in cupboards. Children were made to stand on one leg - if they fell over, they'd be belted and flogged.


Church just as repulsed as others

Difficulty coming to terms with allegations of child sex abuse prevented Catholic Church officials reporting pedophile priests, a NSW inquiry has heard.
Barrister Lachlan Gyles says it was not the culture of the Church that held senior figures back, but their problems in grasping the nature of what was alleged.
“It was not a cultural disinclination to report,” Mr Gyles told the last day of the special commission of inquiry’s public hearings in the Newcastle Supreme Court.
“It was coming to terms (with the fact) that people were capable of doing the things that they were alleged to have done.”
Mr Gyles said church leaders were just as repulsed by child sexual abuse as other people in the community and were now doing all they could to ensure that the offences of the past were not repeated.


Church slow to understand: lawyer

THE Maitland-Newcastle diocese of the Catholic Church did not have a culture against reporting allegations of child sex abuse to police, a barrister told the last public hearing of the Special Commission of Inquiry in Newcastle yesterday.
Rather, the diocese was ‘‘coming to terms [with the fact] that people were capable of doing the things that they were alleged to have done’’.
That had been the challenge for Church officials over recent decades, the diocese’s barrister, Lachlan Gyles SC, told the hearing.
The inquiry has heard evidence – both public and private – over several months relating to the Church’s handling of allegations involving paedophile priests Denis McAlinden and James Fletcher.
The inquiry was established after Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox alleged a Church cover-up of abuse and criticised police handling of investigations.
The public part of the inquiry concluded yesterday, with Mr Gyles urging Commissioner Margaret Cunneen SC not to make adverse findings against the diocese because officials had acted in line with the wishes of victims, who did not want to report priests to the police. He said it would be ‘‘unfair’’ to construe the diocese was ‘‘hiding behind’’ victims, and the commission should be wary of finding ‘‘scapegoats’’ for terrible events.