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They lie in the name of their 'Lord',
let us speak out in the name of TRUTH
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Friday, 31 May 2013

Crusader recruits Catholics to force Vatican rethink about sexual abuse

The bishop who designed Australia's Catholic clergy sex abuse response wants a ''Catholic spring'', a people-power movement to force the Vatican to tackle the abuse crisis at source.
Sydney Bishop Geoffrey Robinson has launched a petition for ordinary Catholics to seek another global church council like the reforming Vatican II council in the 1960s. But at ''Vatican III'', he says, there must be as many lay people as bishops to make sure the hard questions get asked.
He believes that only a "Catholic spring" like the revolutions that ended the Marcos regime in the Philippines, totalitarian governments in the Arab world and communism in eastern Europe will move the Vatican to make the fundamental changes needed.

Safety the priority with pedophile release: church

The Australian
STUART RINTOUL From: The Australian June 01, 2013
MELBOURNE Archbishop Denis Hart says "community safety" should be given priority in any decision to parole one of Australia's worst pedophiles, former priest Gerald Ridsdsale, who could be freed from jail within a month.
Asked what the church's position was on Ridsdale's release and what support the church would give him if he he was parolled, Archbishop Hart said: "I think the community will look very carefully at what he's done, what is best all over, because I think safety in the community has to be a priority."
Archbishop Hart did not go so far as to say he opposed Ridsdale's release, saying: "I'd leave that to the authorities, I think."


Minimising crimes: how the church is playing with words

The Age
June 1, 2013
Chris Goddard
There are 80 lights in the five chandeliers in the Committee Room of the Parliament of Victoria. The windows, ornate mirrors and high ceiling give a sense of light and space. The darkness created by the rape of children, however, is inescapable.
This is where the Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Organisations has been sitting. The committee and its members have grown in stature. They have attempted to illuminate the shadowy world of criminal priests and their accomplices, and to give hope to surviving victims.
It was in this room that Cardinal George Pell spent all last Monday afternoon, for the first time subject to the glare of accountability. Pell was greeted by the committee chairwoman, Georgie Crozier: ''I welcome your eminence.'' A survivor muttered: ''I have waited 30 years for this.'' Pell introduced his support team, the business manager, lawyer, secretary and media adviser: ''All of them married people with children'', he adds, as if this was central to their job descriptions.


Time for 'Catholic spring' and Vatican III: bishop

The Age
June 1
[Bishop Robinson's petition site]
Barney Zwartz
The bishop who designed Australia's Catholic clergy sex abuse response wants a ''Catholic spring'', a people-power movement to force the Vatican to tackle the abuse crisis at its source.
Retired Sydney bishop Geoffrey Robinson has launched a petition for ordinary Catholics to seek another global church council like the 1960s reforming Vatican II council. But at ''Vatican III'', he says, there must be as many lay people as bishops to make sure the hard questions get asked.
He believes that only a ''Catholic spring'' like the revolutions that ended the Marcos regime in the Philippines, totalitarian governments in the Arab world and communism in eastern Europe will move the Vatican to make the changes that are needed.


Priest to face child indecency charges

Canberra Times
June 1, 2013
Michael Inman, Peter Jean and Christopher Knaus
A Canberra Catholic priest has been charged over historical acts of indecency on a child in the 1990s.
Father Edward Evans, 83, of Braddon, will face the ACT Magistrates Court next week to answer allegations he groped the girl, aged between 10 and 16 years, three times.
The elderly priest has pledged to fight the charges.


Misshandelte Heimkinder: Wer schweigt, bleibt mit Erlebten allein

Roland Günsche gibt denen Gesicht und Stimme, die als Heimkinder geschlagen und misshandelt worden sind: "So etwas darf nie wieder passieren". "Sicherung der Rechte von Kindern und Jugendlichen in Einrichtungen der Erziehungshilfe" hieß die Tagung in Erfurt, die der Südthüringer besuchte.
Erfurt. Roland Günsche war 14, als er das Kinderheim in der Veste Heldburg


Ex-Heimkinder: Keine Einsicht in Akten

Ehemalige Heimkinder bekommen keine Einsicht in ihre Akten beim Jugendamt. Akten, die ihre persönliche Lebensgeschichte betreffen und die zum Beispiel Hinweise auf die Eltern geben könnten, die manche Heimkinder nie kennengelernt haben. So ist es auch im Fall eines 51-jährigen Salzburgers. Ihm erlaubt die Salzburger Jugendwohlfahrt nicht, seine Akten einzusehen.


JOANNE MCCARTHY: Rumble on the fault line

Newcastle Herald
May 31, 2013
IN evidence at the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into child sex abuse on Monday this week, Cardinal George Pell talked about "gossips" and how he wasn't one.
If he had been, and if other Catholic Church leaders had been "gossips", maybe they "would have realised earlier just how widespread this awful business was", he said, referring to the Church's child sex abuse crisis.
He seemed to be saying that if only the cardinal and a few brother bishops had had a nice old chin-wag in the tearoom after formal proceedings at, say, the twice-yearly Australian Bishops Conferences, the Catholic Church might have acted much sooner to arrest a national tragedy.


Archbishop Denis Hart calls for law to report sexual misconduct by priests

MELBOURNE Archbishop Denis Hart has called for a new law to require all Catholic dioceses in Victoria to report to authorities allegations of sexual misconduct by priests.
Archbishop Hart said Victoria should consider adopting the system used in NSW.
Speaking at a gathering of religious leaders in Melbourne, the Archbishop also pledged to ensure no new cases of child sex abuse would emerge from the Catholic Church under his leadership.
Discussing a change to the law, Archbishop Hart said it would give the community "effective oversight" of the church's processes.
He said: "The NSW Ombudsman Act imposes reporting requirements on organisations that work with children in that state.
"It requires government and designated non-government agencies to report any allegation that an employee of the agency has engaged in 'reportable conduct', and to investigate it.


Church won't help Vic priest up for parole

A Victorian bishop say the Catholic Church will give no support to an ex-priest jailed for child sex abuse, Gerald Ridsdale, if he is released on parole.
The Catholic Church will give no support to a former priest jailed over child sex abuse if he is released next month, a Victorian bishop says.
Former Victorian Catholic priest Gerald Ridsdale is eligible for parole from late next month after serving a long prison sentence for abusing 30 boys between 1961 and 1987.
Ballarat Bishop Paul Bird said the church was under no obligation to provide support and would not be providing support to Ridsdale, as he was laicised in 1993.


From the Editor's desk

Bay Post
The Royal Commission into child sex abuse hasn’t even begun but it is already obvious how much the political and social landscape has shifted, and how exposed some institutions may be as a result.
This week’s appearance at the Victorian child sex abuse inquiry by Catholic Cardinal George Pell was especially revealing.
Gone was the bluster and confidence of the past, and in its place was a subdued church leader who appeared uncharacteristically uncertain.


Cardinal George Pell told that Hell awaits him

Herald Sun
CARDINAL George Pell was told that Hell awaits him after he finished four hours of evidence to the parliamentary inquiry into child abuse yesterday.
He didn't seem fazed: he has, after all, had almost two decades to perfect his explanation for what he describes as the Catholic Church's "imperfect" response to paedophile priests.
Cardinal Pell played chess as a kid. Through the afternoon he struck the pose of a master pondering his next move - elbows on the arms of his chair, fingers steepled in front of him.
Yet his opening play was the obvious one, a thoroughly modern tact adopted by corporations keen to be seen to accepting responsibility for perceived wrongdoings.


Former Catholic school principal Frank Klep on new rape charges

The Australian
SHANNON DEERY From: Herald Sun May 31, 2013
FORMER Salesian College Rupertswood principal Frank Klep has been charged with raping students after alleged victims came forward.
Police have charged the former principal with 20 new offences.
The 69-year-old former priest is now facing 31 charges of sexual abuse of boys between 1974 and 1984.
He appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates Court for a brief administrative hearing this morning.
The new charges include two counts of rape of a child under the age of 14 and a child under the age of 16.
The Salesians have previously denied allegations they moved Klep to Samoa after investigations into sex assault allegations began.


Hart pledges to stamp out clergy abuse

Courier Mail
MELBOURNE Archbishop Denis Hart has pledged to ensure no new cases of child sex abuse emerge from the Catholic Church.
He says this commitment is shared by all bishops and religious leaders.
"I take responsibility for ensuring there is no re-emergence of child sexual abuse in the church," Archbishop Hart said on Friday.
"I speak on behalf of my fellow bishops and religious institute leaders when I say that we all share this commitment."


Archbishop blames cultural changes for number of sex offenders within church

ABC News
The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, says the cultural changes of the 1960s and 1970s were a major factor in the large number of child sex offenders within the church.
The Archbishop was speaking at a special diocesan leadership luncheon today as a follow-up to the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into institutionalised child abuse.
Citing research conducted in the United States, Archbishop Hart said a number of organisational, psychological and situational factors led to a high rate of offending amongst priests ordained prior to the 1970's.

Former Catholic priest faces new abuse charges

ABC News
By court reporter Sarah Farnsworth
Police have laid new charges of child sexual abuse against former Catholic priest Frank Klep.
The former principal of the Salesian College Rupertswood faced the Melbourne Magistrates Court today on 31 charges.
The 69-year-old is accused of abusing 11 boys between 1974 and 1984.
He was initially facing six charges of indecent assault, which were laid in February.


Hart promises no more clergy abuse

Melbourne's Archbishop Denis Hart has made a commitment to ensure no more cases of child sex abuse emerge from the Catholic Church.
Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart has pledged to prevent any new cases of child sex abuse emerging from the Catholic Church, saying it has been "hit like a brick" by the scandal.
He said the church had had trouble coming to terms with the horror of so many priests and religious offending, but it was resolute in its commitment to addressing it.


Deutscher Papst-Banker: „Es gibt keine Mafia-Konten in der Vatikan-Bank“

Der Chef der Vatikanbank von Freyberg sieht keine Verstrickungen der Bank zur Mafia bzw. Geldwäsche. Man sei ein kleines gut ausgestattetes Finanzinstitut. Bis zum Sommer will von Freyberg dennoch alles genauestens Prüfen und alle Anforderungen der internationalen Finanzaufseher erfüllen.


So schützen Eltern ihr Kind vor "Grooming" im Netz

Im Rahmen einer Sexualstrafrechtsänderung, die am Mittwoch einstimmig im Justizausschuss beschlossen wurde, sind unter anderem die Strafen für den sexuellen Missbrauch von Kindern verschärft worden. Dies gilt auch für den Tatbestand des sogenannten "Grooming", also der Anbahnung von sexuellen Kontakten zu Kindern über das Internet. Eltern sollten ihre Kinder aber auch weiterhin vor den Gefahren im Netz schützen, rät das Bundeskriminalamt und gibt entsprechende Tipps.

Opferentschädigungsgesetz - Glaubhaftmachung sexuellen Missbrauchs kann ausreichen

Eine Frau erlitt von frühester Kindheit körperliche Misshandlungen im Elternhaus und beantragte Gewaltopferentschädigung. Sie sei kein Opfer von Angriffen im Sinne des Opferentschädigungsgesetzes geworden. Die Glaubhaftmachung des schädigenden Vorganges könne aber ausreichen, so das Urteil des BSG.

Der Sachverhalt

Eine inzwischen 50jährige Klägerin beantragte im Jahre 1999 Gewaltopferentschädigung. Sie gab an, von frühester Kindheit bis 1980 körperliche Misshandlungen und sexuellen Missbrauch im Elternhaus sowie in der 4. Klasse sexuellen Missbrauch durch einen Fremden erlitten zu haben. Darauf seien ihre psychischen Gesundheitsstörungen zurückzuführen.


13-jähriger Junge Sexueller Missbrauch: "Mein Ranzen ist besudelt"

Im Oktober 2012 wird der 13-jährige Max sexuell missbraucht - ein halbes Jahr später verurteilt ein Gericht den Jugendbetreuer aus Harrislee. Die Familie leidet weiter. "Max wird als Lügner dargestellt", sagt seine Mutter.
Harrislee. Der 23. Oktober 2012 ist ein Tag, der für die Familie Gruber in Harrislee (Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg) ganz normal beginnt. Doch schon am Nachmittag ist die Welt nicht mehr, wie sie einmal war. An jenem Dienstag kommt der 13-jährige Max völlig verstört nach Haus. Mit seinem Ranzen auf dem Rücken. Er ist vom Konfirmandenunterricht der Dansk Kirke i Sydslesvig zurückgekehrt - nur eine halbe Stunde zu spät. Doch die Mutter merkt instinktiv, dass ihrem Sohn etwas widerfahren ist. "Er hatte Tränen in den Augen, lief hin und her, wusste nicht, wohin mit sich", erinnert sich Marie Gruber.


Heimkinder-Misshandlung: Kritik an SPÖ

Auch beim Thema Misshandlung von Heimkindern sollen sich die Politik nicht mehr hinter dem Amtsgeheimnis verstecken. Das fordert Jugendanwältin Andrea Holz-Dahrenstaedt von der Landesregierung und der bisher zuständigen SPÖ. Andere Bundesländer agieren offener.

Beim Thema Jugendwohlfahrt werde die neuerdings von der Politik postulierte Transparenz noch immer nicht praktiziert, sagen unabhängige Fachleute. Ehemalige Heimkinder bekommen in Salzburg noch immer keine Einsicht in ihre Akten bei Jugendämtern. Oft geht es um tragische Schicksale aus Kinder- und Jugendtagen.

51-Jähriger gequält und missbraucht


Ohne Zölibat als Pfarrer im Element

Von Rainer Bombardi
Donaueschingen. Der alt-katholische Pfarrer Stefan Hesse und seine Partnerin Claudia Arndt fühlen sich im altkatholischen Gemeindeverband Randen-Wutachtal pudelwohl. Es ist etwas mehr als ein Jahr her, als Hesse einen Weg fand, seinen Glauben zu leben und weiterzugeben.
Inhaltlich hatte er in vielen Punkten ein Unbehagen in Bezug auf das Selbstverständnis der römisch-katholischen Kirche. Er fand in diesem Weg nicht sine Erfüllung. Vielleicht war das auch ein Grund, weshalb der Pfarrer in seinen Gemeinden im Bistum Hildesheim derart beliebt war – Ehrlichkeit steht bei ihm ganz oben. So war es nur folgerichtig, als er um seine Umpfarrung zu alt-katholischen Kirche bat, als er mit seiner heutigen Partnerin Claudia Arndt eine Beziehung begann.


Die Chance zu helfen

(MOZ) Die Tränen werden reichlich fließen, wenn sich ehemalige DDR-Heimkinder in Oranienburg treffen. Am Lagerfeuer werden wieder all die schrecklichen Gefühle hochkommen wie Einsamkeit und Schmerz, Demütigung und Schikane, Hilflosigkeit und Hoffnungslosigkeit. Die Heimkinder mussten sie in einem Alter ertragen, in dem sie eigentlich davor hätten beschützt werden müssen.


DDR-Heimkinder treffen sich in Oranienburg

Oranienburg (MOZ) Der Verein Kindergefängnis Bad Freienwalde lädt am Sonnabend ehemalige DDR-Heimkinder zu einem Treffen nach Oberhavel ein. "Willkommen sind alle, die Erfahrungen in Spezialheimen, Durchgangsheimen und Jugendwerkhöfen gemacht haben", teilte der Erste Vorsitzende Roland Herrmann am Donnerstag mit.


Catholic Cardinal George Pell must accept it's them not us on sex abuse

Pell hopes worst of abuse scandal is over

Cardinal George Pell hopes and prays that the worst of the sexual abuse scandal is behind the Catholic Church.
He says the church is making recompense for the decades of abuse and there have been very few recent cases.


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Druck auf Bischof: "Aufklärung muss Chefsache sein" Vorfälle im Priesterseminar empören

Nach Berichten über antisemitische und rechte Zwischenfälle im Würzburger Priesterseminar drängen Politiker, Mitglieder von Kirchenbewegungen und Würzburger Studentenvertreter auf eine umfassende Aufklärung.
Magnus Lux aus Schonungen (Lkr. Schweinfurt), Bundessprecher der Kirchenvolksbewegung „Wir sind Kirche“, nimmt Anstoß daran, dass der Würzburger Bischof Friedhelm Hofmann sich bisher nicht zu den Vorfällen geäußert hat. „Der Bischof leitet die Diözese; in brenzligen Situationen muss er sich erklären“, sagt Lux. Zwar habe Generalvikar Karl Hillenbrand bezugnehmend auf die Vorfälle richtige und gute Worte gefunden; doch das reiche nicht. „Der Bischof darf sich nicht hinterm Generalvikar verstecken“, so Lux. Er erwarte von Hofmann „deutliche Worte und klare Entscheidungen“.


Expert says: Catholic clergy the worst abusers

Damaso Times

CATHOLIC clergy commit six times as much abuse as those in the rest of the churches combined, ''and that's a conservative figure'', a child protection expert says. Patrick Parkinson, a Sydney University law professor, told the state inquiry into how the churches handle sex abuse yesterday that the figures for the Catholic Church were strikingly out of proportion.
He proposed a 12-month amnesty from charges of perverting the course of justice if the church opened all its files on offenders alive and dead, but said those involved in cover-ups would have to resign.
Earlier, Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton set the inquiry's opening day alight with more broadsides against the Catholic Church's systemic obstruction of police inquiries over five decades.


Missbrauchs-Entschädigungen: Regierung zieht positive Zwischenbilanz

Die Hilfen für ehemalige Heimkinder, die Opfer von Gewalt und Missbrauch wurden, kommen offenbar an. Seit Anfang 2012 seien etwa 30 Millionen Euro ausgezahlt worden, so die Bundesregierung.

BERLIN – 25 Millionen Euro aus dem Fonds ‚Heimerziehung West’ seien dabei Opfern zugute gekommen, die zwischen 1945 und 1975 in Heimen in den alten Bundesländern Leid und Unrecht erlitten hätte. Gewalt und Missbrauch gab es jedoch auch in den Kinderheimen auf dem Gebiet der ehemaligen DDR. Hier hätten die Opfer bislang rund fünf Millionen Euro an Entschädigungsleistungen aus dem Fonds ‚Heimerziehung Ost’ in Anspruch genommen, so die Bundesregierung. Insgesamt 6300 Menschen hätten bislang Geldleistungen angefordert.


Child abuse Royal Commission calls for call centre staff

By Julian Bajkowski

It would have to qualify as the toughest call centre and counselling contracts in Australia.

After months of behind the scenes preparations, the federal Attorney General’s Department on Thursday morning started officially looking for staff to pick-up the phone to answer the some of the hardest calls thousands of Australians will ever make in their lives – dialling the number to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


Australian Catholic Church Names 29 Melbourne Priests Guilty of Abusing Children

International Business Times
By Vittorio Hernandez | May 30, 2013
In a belated show of remorse over the cover up of clergy sexual abuse of children, the Catholic Church in Australia release the names of 29 Melbourne priests who are guilty of sexually abusing children.
The 29 are just the tip of the iceberg because there are 30 more priest accused of similar offenses, but their names were withheld since some were already dead when accusations were made against them, giving the priests no chance to respond.
However, guilty or not, the church paid compensation to all the victims of these 59 priests who had been part of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, Archbishop Denis Hart admitted last week to the child abuse inquiry initiated by the state of Victoria.
ABC published the list but withheld the name of four priests in the group of 30 for legal reasons. The 26 others are: Anthony Bongiorno, John Byrne, Peter Chalk, David Daniel, Bernard Day, Anthony Eames, Nazareno Fasciale, Desmond Gannon, Michael Glennon, Jack Gubbels, Barry Gwillim, Penn Jones, Bernie Mackin, Terry Merivale, Syd Morey, John O'Callaghan, Kevin O'Donnell, Tom O'Keefe, Paul Pavlou, Dominic Phillips, Ronald Pickering, Terence Pidoto, Victor Rubeo, Peter Searson and Ray Whitehouse.


Ridsdale questioned over more abuse claims

The Age
May 30, 2013
Jared Lynch
Police have interviewed convicted paedophile Catholic priest Gerard Ridsdale after more people came forward with allegations of abuse.
It is understood detectives from Taskforce Sano interviewed Ridsdale, 79, on Thursday afternoon.
The investigation comes as the Adult Parole Board told victims in a letter that Ridsdale could be released as soon as June 29.


Hearing Statements

Facing the Truth
Summary Statement - St John of God - 29 April 2013
Summary Statement - Salesians of Don Bosco - 29 April 2013 - For full statement, see Salesians of Don Bosco website.
Summary Statement - Bishop Bird - 29 April 2013 - For full statement, see Diocese of Ballarat website.
Summary Statement - Christian Brothers - 3 May 2013 - For full statement, see the Christian Brothers’ website.
Summary Statement - Towards Healing - 3 May 2013
Statement - Stephen Elder Catholic Education Commission Victoria, Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne - 3 May 2013
Summary Statement - Archbishop Hart - 20 May 2013
Closing Statement - Archbishop Hart - 20 May 2013
Right of reply
The Archbishop of Melbourne’s right of reply to Victoria Police and Br Barry Coldrey are available here.
The Independent Commissioner’s right of reply is available here.


Archbishop Hart’s summary statement to parliamentary inquiry

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne
Tuesday 21 May 2013
ARCHBISHOP Denis Hart appeared yesterday, 20 May 2013, at the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Non-Government Organisations. A summary of Archbishop Denis Hart’s statement to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry can be read at the Facing the Truth website. Read the Archbishop’s Summary Statement here.


Police whistleblower's legal representation under review

ABC News
By Dan Cox
A police whistleblower says news the New South Wales Government is reviewing his barrister's funding undermines the inquiry he sparked into child sexual abuse within the Hunter Valley's Catholic Church.
The Special Commission is underway in Newcastle looking into Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox's claims that he was told to stop investigating allegations of abuse by two priests.
The second part of the inquiry is set to start late next month.



7 News
Updated May 30, 2013
The Catholic Church has released the names of 29 Melbourne priests who it acknowledges are guilty of sexually abusing children.
Last week the Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart told Victoria's child abuse inquiry the church had paid compensation to the victims of 59 priests who had worked in the archdiocese.
The church revealed the names of 29 of those priests on Thursday, including repeat offenders Desmond Gannon and Michael Glennon.


Scale of abuse in Magdalene laundries ‘will never be known unless S

Belfast Telegraph
Excluding people who suffered clerical child abuse in Magdalene laundries and the community from a State inquiry will create “second-class victims”, it has been claimed.
Victims groups and abuse survivors have appealed to the Executive to hear their “truth” and extend the remit of the inquiry into historical institutional abuse.


Police interview paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale over new abuse claims

The Australian
[with video]
ONE of Australia's worst paedophile priests has been interviewed by police over new abuse claims.
Former Victorian Catholic priest Gerald Ridsdale, who is eligible for parole next month after serving a jail sentence for abusing 30 boys between 1961 and 1987, was interviewed yesterday afternoon in prison.
The allegations relate to historical child sex abuse matters allegedly committed in the 1960s and '70s, when he was working as a Catholic priest.


New claims against paedophile priest

The Age
Police are interviewing one of Australia's worst paedophile priests over new abuse allegations.
Former Victorian Catholic priest Gerald Ridsdale is eligible for parole from late next month after serving a long prison sentence for abusing 30 boys between 1961 and 1987.
Police interviewed the 79-year-old on Thursday afternoon over historical child sex abuse matters allegedly committed in the 1960s and 1970s, when he was working as a Catholic priest.

Pope Francis, The Vatican: For Christ's Sake Stop Sexual Abuse.... for good!

Petition by
Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

Sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has been nothing short of an epidemic of catastrophic proportions. The devastation of victims, the ruination of priests and religious, the damage to a major world religion and its faithful are horrendous and incalculable.
Australian Bishops - Geoffrey Robinson, Bill Morris and Pat Power call on the new Pope to seize the opportunity of his appointment to not only sweep the Church clean but to put His /God’s house in order for all time.


Victims of Australian child abuse scandal look for peace

By Monica Attard, for CNN

Sydney, Australia (CNN) -- Australia's most senior Catholic has urged the government of Victoria not to change the state's laws to allow the victims of sex abuse at the hands of clergy to seek higher compensation than currently available.
Cardinal George Pell said this would amount to discrimination against the Australian Catholic Church.
This comes after a tumultuous week in which the victims of church sex abuse heard Cardinal Pell acknowledge the church had covered up the abuse of minors, out of fear the scandal would envelope the faith.

Waldorflehrer soll fünf Jungs missbraucht haben

Einem Lehrer einer Waldorfschule in München wird sexueller Missbrauch in 22 Fällen vorgeworfen. Der Mann soll während einer Klassenfahrt mehrere seiner Schüler unsittlich berührt haben.


Australia’s Cardinal Pell Apologizes for Priest’s Sexual Abuse 11 Years after Saying Abortion is a Greater Threat than Pedophilia

Sydney’s Cardinal George Pell has raised eyebrows recently by discussing nearly a century of institutionalized child sexual abuse within Australia’s Catholic Church, though many are taking his words with a grain of salt after what he has said in the past. Taking the stand to testify against new legislation that would allow victims of sexual abuse to seek greater damages, Pell spoke frankly about the church’s failings to report sexual abuse and punish those responsible during his own time as a priest and under previous cardinals. He also said that the epidemic of abuse has persisted throughout the church because of loose entry requirements for priests, celibacy, past errors of judgment, and inaction.


Pell's great test of faith

GOD chose George Pell before Richmond Football Club could. But is the former ruckman now a religious tiger who has been forced to change his stripes a little?
Australia's most senior Catholic churchman had a professional Aussie Rules contract in his bag in his last year at school.
He was also toying with life as a lawyer or doctor.
But faith inexorably pulled him away, and instead the 18-year-old country boy from Ballarat entered Melbourne's Corpus Christi Seminary in 1960.
"I had fought against it for a long time," he once said. "But I suspected and became convinced that God was calling me to do his work. I've never regretted it, though I still marvel that I made the leap and gave it a go."


NSW victims support bill passes

The NSW government has been accused of abandoning victims of crime by pushing through new laws to restrict compensation payments.
The Victims Rights and Support Bill was passed in the upper house early on Thursday morning after an all-night sitting.
Opposition Leader John Robertson said the law was designed around the needs of treasury, not victims.
"This is a disgraceful bill that seeks to cut costs at the expense of victims of crime and their families," Mr Robertson said in a statement.


Child abuse victims exempted from time limits in new law

CHILD abuse victims have been exempted from new time limits on claims for the state’s victims compensation scheme, after the state government adopted a crossbench amendment to ensure parliament’s upper house passed other changes on Thursday morning.
But 10-year limits for lodging claims for ‘‘recognition payments’’ will now apply to sexual assault and domestic violence victims, and maximum payments have been slashed from $50,000 to $15,000 retrospectively for unresolved claims lodged under the previous scheme.


Heimerziehung: 15 Fälle bearbeitet

Auch im Waisenstift Varel gab es zwischen den Jahren 1945 und 1970 Misshandlungen. Die Betroffenen leiden oft noch heute. Jetzt hat der Landkreis die Entschädigungszahlungen an diese abgewickelt.

Zetel/meh - Als Missbrauch und Missstände in den Kinderheimen der Nachkriegszeit zum öffentlichen Thema wurden, war das für die meisten ganz weit weg. Dabei hat es auch im Waisenstift Varel Misshandlungen gegeben. Zwischen 1945 und den 1970er Jahren wurden dort Kinder viel zu früh für harte körperliche Arbeit in der Landwirtschaft eingeteilt.


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Questionable sincerity raises doubts

Cardinal Pell, Abuse and the Catholic Church - Sexual Terror in Action

Cardinal George Pell is a terrier of the wrong sort. Combative for the Catholic church, he does the Pope’s bidding down under with a loud bark and occasional bite.  Much of it has proven disastrous for the Church’s reputation in Australia and elsewhere.  That particular institution is very much in the spotlight of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Sexual Child Abuse, and things are not going well. Before Victorian parliamentarians, Pell demonstrated, as he has done for so long, that he shows a distinct “sociopathic lack of empathy” for his victims.


US Clerics and Nuns Who Blew the Whistle on Alleged Child Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up

The burden of disclosing sexual abuse by Catholic clerics and its cover-up by religious leaders has fallen almost completely on victims. Most church insiders who have witnessed misconduct have chosen not to report it. However, there have been remarkable exceptions. BishopAccountability.org is building a database of whistleblowers - priests, women religious, and other church employees who reported colleagues to church or civil authorities and fought their superiors’ concealment of abuse. By documenting this overlooked aspect of the crisis, we hope to raise awareness that whistleblowers must be protected in both the church and civil society, and help witnesses who have stayed silent to find the courage to come forward.


Bischof Ackermann: "Denn wir brauchen die Impulse von außen" - aber nicht von Betroffenen, denn sie sind unerwünscht

"Unser Ausgangspunkt war die Idee, einen Beirat zu gründen, der die Umsetzung der Präventionsordnung begleitet.“ Daraus sei dann die Idee entstanden, ein Fachnetzwerk mit den vielen Akteuren innerhalb des Bistums und über den Rand der Kirche hinaus zu knüpfen. Das hat der Trierer Bischof Dr. Stephan Ackermann beim ersten Netzwerktreffen am 24. Mai in Trier erklärt. „Denn wir brauchen die Impulse von außen". 
Rund 30 Expertinnen und Experten unterschiedlichster Institutionen wie etwa der Polizei, des Gesundheitsamtes, Fachberatungsstellen für Opfer, aber auch Psychiater und kirchliche Verbands- und Berufsgruppenvertreter hatten sich angemeldet, um mit dem Bistum und der gastgebenden Fachstelle Kinder- und Jugendschutz zum Thema Prävention ins Gespräch zu kommen. 


7 News
Updated May 29, 2013
Civil action against a convicted pedophile priest needs to be expedited because witnesses could die before the case is heard, a Sydney Supreme Court judge has been told.
Brother Thomas Grealy, a principal of the Patrician Brothers primary school in Granville in the 1970s, was convicted and jailed in 1997 for the rape of a 10-year-old student.
He is now being sued by two men who allege he sexually abused them when they were children.
The action against Grealy, the trustees of the school and the archdiocese of Sydney was lodged in 2010 and has yet to be heard, although the case against the archdiocese was dismissed in 2011.


Victims fear as ex-priest Ridsdale nears parole

The Age
May 30, 2013
Jared Lynch
Victims of serial child rapist Gerald Ridsdale have been told the former Catholic priest could be freed from prison within a month.
Ridsdale, 79, who abused dozens of children over three decades from the 1960s, was sentenced in 2006 to a maximum of 13 years, a term that would expire in 2019. He was already serving a maximum 18-year term from 1994.
Victims have recently been contacted by the Adult Parole Board and informed that the paedophile could be released as soon as June 29, sparking fears that he is likely to reoffend.


Don't discriminate against Catholics: Pell

AUSTRALIA'S most senior Catholic says the Victorian government would be "discriminating against the Catholic community" if it adopts law reforms wanted by sex abuse victims.
Cardinal George Pell said the Ellis defence, a NSW Supreme Court ruling that found the trustees of the Catholic Church were not liable for the actions of pedophile priests, was a "commonsense proposition".

It seemed to make things worse: Pell sorry over meeting

The Age
May 29, 2013
Barney Zwartz
Religion editor, The Age.
Cardinal George Pell has apologised for a meeting with abuse victims at which the father later said the then Melbourne Catholic Archbishop showed a “sociopathic lack of empathy”.
Calling that 1997 meeting at Oakleigh one of the most difficult he has ever been involved with, Cardinal Pell said: “My only intention was to listen to their story and to try to help. It is clear that I did not succeed in this.
“No matter what I said or did, it seemed to make things worse. I am sorry for whatever I did to upset them at this meeting. It was always my intention (and always has been) to treat Mr and Mrs Foster and their daughters with the utmost respect and compassion.”


Cardinal admits Church failures

Catholic Leader
Published: 2 June 2013
By: Paul Dobbyn
CARDINAL George Pell of Sydney said he was "fully apologetic and absolutely sorry" when questioned at the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into institutional child sex abuse.
"I'm certainly totally committed to improving the situation. I know the Holy Father is too," he told the inquiry last Monday.


Catholic brothers using 'Pell defence' in damages claim fight

Herald Sun
TWO days after Sydney Archbishop Cardinal Pell apologised for decades of child sex abuse but said the Church had changed, a court has heard a Catholic order is fighting a court case to avoid paying sex abuse victims.
Senior Sydney barrister, Tony Bartley, SC, told the NSW Supreme Court this morning that the Patrician Brothers order at Granville was using "a variant" of the defence George Pell had used when an alleged victim of sex abuse by the Catholic Church claimed senior officials were liable.


George Pell warns against moves ...

George Pell warns against moves he says would amount to discrimination against Catholics
[written submission]
[appendix 1]
[appendix 2
[appendix 3]
[appendix 4]
PIA AKERMAN From: The Australian May 29, 2013
CARDINAL George Pell has warned Victoria not to pursue legislative change which would help sexual abuse victims sue for greater compensation, saying such a move would amount to discrimination against Catholics.
In a written submission to the Victorian inquiry examining responses to child sexual abuse, the nation's most senior Catholic cleric said legal changes proposed by victims' rights groups would be a significant departure from the law and “cause considerable injustice”.


The Terrier in Action: Cardinal Pell, Abuse and the Church

By Binoy Kampmark
Cardinal George Pell is a terrier of the wrong sort. Combative for the Catholic church, he does the Pope’s bidding down under with a loud bark and occasional bite. Much of it has proven disastrous for the Church’s reputation in Australia and elsewhere. That particular institution is very much in the spotlight of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Sexual Child Abuse, and things are not going well. Before Victorian parliamentarians, Pell demonstrated, as he has done for so long, that he shows a distinct “sociopathic lack of empathy” for his victims.


Catholic Diocese hopes child abuse inquiry uncovers truth

The Chronicle
TOOWOOMBA'S Catholic Diocese says the latest revelations of cover-ups of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church are disappointing.
Cardinal George Pell, Australia's top-ranking Catholic, has fronted a Victorian inquiry into systematic failings by religious and non-government organisations to deal with child abuse.


Black collar crime

The Catholic Church is facing weeks of official questioning over the sexual abuse scandal that goes back several decades in Australia.
Cardinal George Pell has already appeared before the Victorian parliamentary committee inquiry, at which he confessed false documents were created and priests took part in "reprehensible" cover-ups.
He noted that if his senior colleagues had been gossips - which they were not - they might have talked about various problems and realised earlier "just how widespread this awful business was".


Katholische Kirche bricht ihre Kultur des Schweigens

Das Erzbistum Berlin hat vor einem vor kurzem entlassenen Missbrauchstäter gewarnt. Viele Gemeindemitglieder kennen den Mann und beobachten seine Aktivitäten seit seiner Rückkehr aufmerksam.

Cardinal faces savaging as lions bite hard

The Age
May 28, 2013

Lawrence Money
''Building on the past'' says the sign outside Victoria's Parliament House. It refers to renovations to the old grey edifice but, on this overcast Monday afternoon, it could almost have applied to the proceedings inside as Cardinal George Pell attempted to explain the inexplicable sins of yore - systematic paedophilia by Catholic priests.


Dillon laments Church inaction

Geelong Advertiser
Danny Lannen | May 29th, 2013
VICTORIA'S parliamentary inquiry into institutional child abuse has concluded, with the Catholic Church remaining more concerned about fixing a situation than fixing people, according to Geelong priest Father Kevin Dillon.
The St Mary's parish priest said testimony by Catholic Cardinal George Pell at the final inquiry hearing "wasn't a step backwards" but didn't reach out enough in practical terms.
Cardinal Pell expressed full apology and absolute sorrow for past abuses and said fear of scandal led to cover-up by the church.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Cardinal: Abortion is bigger sin than priest abuse

Some friendly advice for George Pell: When trying to apologize, be contrite -- and stick to the issue at hand 

 George Pell says, “I have always been on the side of the victims.” But the archbishop of Sydney has a funny way of expressing his support.

During an inquiry this week into what the Herald Sun describes as “rampant” child sexual abuse by priests going back decades, Pell admitted, “We’ve been slow to address the anguish of the victims and dealt with it very imperfectly.” He acknowledged that his predecessor, Sir Frank Little, “did cover up” sex abuse and that former Ballarat Bishop Ronald Mulkearns knew of accusations and destroyed documents and moved suspects to other parishes, actions that were “followed by disastrous consequences.” The Victorian parliament has already assessed that roughly 620 children were sexually abused by clergy in Australia from the 1930s to the present. It was abuse that was not just perpetrated but concealed by the nation’s hierarchy. “The primary motivation would have been to respect the reputation of the church,” Pell admitted. “There was a fear of scandal.”


Prävention von sexualisierter Gewalt in der Kirche

Berlin (PEB) - Generalvikar Prälat Tobias Przytarski hat an alle Geist­lichen im Erz­bistum Berlin einen Brief ge­schrie­ben, in dem er auf einen Miss­brauchs­täter hin­weist, der im Um­feld katholi­scher Pfarr­ge­mein­den bekannt geworden ist. Anlass des Schrei­bens ist eine Be­richt­er­stattung der Ber­liner Morgen­post vom 28. April 2013, das grund­sätz­liche An­lie­gen des Briefes besteht darin, für ein Klima der Acht­sam­keit und Prä­ven­tion zu werben:


Zweite Niederlage für Mehrerau: Forderung von Gewaltopfern rechtens

Dem früheren Internatsschüler, heute 46 Jahre alt, steht Schadenersatz für die 1982 erlittene Gewalttat zu

Bregenz - Das Kloster Mehrerau blitzte auch im zweiten Zivilrechtsverfahren eines Missbrauchsopfers ab. Der Berufssenat am Oberlandesgericht Innsbruck bestätigte das Ersturteil des Landesgerichts Feldkirch. Dem früheren Internatsschüler, heute 46 Jahre alt, steht Schadenersatz für die 1982 erlittene Gewalttat zu. Der Anspruch ist nicht verjährt, das Kloster muss für seinen ehemaligen Internatsleiter, der den Buben vergewaltigt hatte, haften. Begründet wird die Entscheidung mit eigenem Fehlverhalten der Klosterleitung, die von früheren Delikten des Priesters gewusst habe. Der Geistliche wurde bereits 1968 einschlägig verurteilt - was sei-ner Karriere im Schul- und Internatsdienst aber nicht im Wege stand.


Pell a magnet for abuse ire

The Canberra Times
May 29, 2013

Jack Waterford
Editor-at-large, The Canberra Times
It was not even the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, but there was George Cardinal Pell, truculent, embattled, irritable and defensive taking on the bowling from Victorian parliamentarians inquiring into the handling of child abuse by religious and other organisations.


Two inquiries, one scandal: evidence from thousands to determine child abuse extent

The Courier
IN April last year, then Victorian premier Ted Baillieu announced he would set up a state government inquiry into the handling of child abuse by religious and other organisations.
Since then, the bipartisan family and community development committee has received 405 written submissions and conducted more than 160 hearing sessions.
This included evidence from 45 organisations in public hearings, which finished yesterday with the testimony of Australia’s top-ranking Catholic, Cardinal George Pell.


Call for Cardinal to go

Newcastle Herald
By DAMON CRONSHAW May 28, 2013
HUNTER victims of Catholic clergy sexual abuse have called for Cardinal George Pell to resign, amid claims the Church is in damage control to protect its money and power.
The Church denied the claims but victims remain unsatisfied with what they consider to be ‘‘un-Christ-like behaviour’’ over the cover-up of child sex abuse and the response to it.
The Newcastle Herald reported yesterday that Cardinal Pell told the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into the handling of child sex abuse he was ‘‘fully apologetic and absolutely sorry’’ for clergy abuse. He admitted that abuse had been covered up.


Belated change in church's stance was forced on it

Sydney Morning Herald
May 29, 2013

Barney Zwartz
Religion editor, The Age.
This week, in a challenging and confrontational four-hour session, Cardinal George Pell became the final witness at the Victorian inquiry into how the churches handled child sexual abuse. The inquiry began slowly, in the face of considerable scepticism about its resources and political will, but now I congratulate the committee.


Sex abuse inquiry's grilling only the beginning

The Age
May 29, 2013
Barney Zwartz
Religion editor, The Age
On November 9 last year, Georgie Crozier strode to the lectern, fixed me with a steely gaze and read a short statement defending the Victorian inquiry into how the churches handled child sexual abuse.
Although the chairwoman of the six-MP committee running the inquiry did not explicitly mention it, she was clearly stung by my opinion piece in The Age two days earlier criticising the pace and depth the inquiry had shown to that point - just 1½ days of hearings - and the opaqueness of the process. She answered many questions in the article, and concluded: ''We have begun the process, let us get on with it.''
This article is an odd sort of mea culpa, because I am not convinced I was entirely wrong at the time. The committee did start slowly, and there were legitimate doubts about its political will. But I certainly wouldn't write such an article now.


Australian cardinal faces hostile abuse inquiry

CANBERRA — The head of the Catholic Church in Australia on Monday came under scathing attack at a Victorian state inquiry into child abuse cover-ups, as he blamed a culture of silence for what one panelist described as a "psychopathic disregard" for the welfare of children.
Cardinal George Pell, an adviser to Pope Francis on Vatican reforms, told a parliamentary hearing the church had been slow to address the suffering of victims and again issued an apology.
"I am fully apologetic, and absolutely sorry," said Cardinal Pell at an often hostile hearing marked by at times angry questioning over the church’s compensation and investigations. Cardinal Pell was questioned for more than four hours. He said the number of reports of abuse by clergy members peaked in the 1970s and 1980s — at 620 cases — but had fallen as the church changed its approach.


George Pell and the leadership lesson of a leaderless organisation

Leo D'Angelo Fisher Columnist
Cardinal George Pell is Australia’s most senior Catholic, but he rejects the assertion that he is the head of the Catholic Church in Australia. At his marathon four-and-a-half-hour appearance before the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into child abuse on Monday, Pell admitted to many things, but he did not agree that the buck for systemic abuse of children by Catholic priests stopped with him.
“I’m not the Catholic Prime Minister of Australia. I am not the general manager Australia. The Catholic Church is. . . a very interesting example of a flat organisation,” he told the at times openly-hostile inquiry.
It may well be an organisational nicety of the Catholic Church hierarchy that Pell does not carry the title “chief executive officer, Catholic Church Australia Ltd” on his business card, but nobody was under the illusion that Pell was not speaking for the church as the titular, if not actual, head of the church in Australia.
When Pell told the inquiry, “I’m fully apologetic and absolutely sorry” and admitted “that lives have been blighted”, that “these crimes have contributed to too many suicides”, and that priests who had abused children in their care had been deliberately moved from parish to parish, and that “in some cases, unfortunately” paedophile priests were placed above the law – these were not the admissions of a mere parish priest. The weight of these shocking admissions about the church’s failings came from the authority of Pell’s leadership of the church.

Pell's evidence was 'damage control': QC

CARDINAL George Pell's appearance at Victoria's child sex abuse inquiry was "a cynical exercise in damage control", a barrister and victims' advocate says.
Bryan Keon-Cohen QC says Cardinal Pell's statements at Monday's inquiry hearing lacked conviction and he tried to evade responsibility.
"My response to Cardinal Pell's evidence, being as fair as I can, is that it was to me a rather cynical exercise in damage control," Dr Keon-Cohen, president of community lobby group COIN (Commission of Inquiry Now), told ABC Radio in Melbourne.
"He offered a lot of words, he offered apologies, remorse, but to me it lacked conviction."
He said Cardinal Pell, who is a former Archbishop of Melbourne, followed the line used by Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart last week at the inquiry.


Cardinal George Pell has confessed to creation of false documents and 'reprehensible' cover-ups of child sex abuse

CARDINAL George Pell has confessed false documents were created and priests took part in "reprehensible" cover-ups of child sexual abuse.
The most prominent Catholic in Australia was grilled by a Victorian parliamentary committee for 4 1/2 hours about systemic failings by the church to deal with abuse.


Abuse response a job for govt: advocates

THE Catholic Church should not be allowed to investigate allegations of child sex abuse committed within its own ranks, advocates say.
They want the church's internal abuse response processes replaced by a government body and say legal options for victims should be strengthened.
Australia's most senior Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, argues the church's Melbourne Response, which he set up while archbishop of Melbourne to deal with clergy abuse claims in the archdiocese, has been sufficient.

Unschuldig hingerichtet – und heute?

LOCCUM. (hpd) Der Umgang mit der Geschichte ist auch immer eine Frage der heutigen Positionierung. Was hat die evangelische Kirche also mit den Hexenprozessen zu tun? Sehr viel mehr als allgemein bekannt ist und ein evangelischer Pastor fordert vehement die Rehabilitierung der Unschuldigen – zumeist Frauen – im Jahr der „Toleranz“ der Lutherdekade.

In einem Offenen Brief an den Landesbischof, die Kirchenleitung, die Synodalen, die Kloster- und die Loccumer Akademieleitung kritisiert der evangelische Pastor Hartmut Hegeler die Umgehensweise des Klosters und der Akademie Loccum mit den so genannten Hexenprozessen und ihrer unschuldigen Opfer. Die Akademie Loccum gilt als das „geistige Zentrum“ der Landeskirche.


Katholischer Theologe wird Chefredakteur von Schwulen-Magazin

In seinem Buch "Der heilige Schein" prangert der Theologe David Berger Homophobie in der katholischen Kirche an. Jetzt ist er der neue Chefredakteur des Schwulen-Magazins "Männer".


Katholischer Ex-Hardliner führt Schwulenmagazin

David Berger ist katholischer Theologe und gehörte einst zum Hardliner-Flügel. Jetzt ist er Chef des Schwulen-Magazins "Männer". Es gibt kaum jemanden, der die Kirche schärfer kritisiert als er. Von

Seine alte Mailadresse ist noch aktiv. Die mit dem vielstelligen Zahlencode anstelle eines richtigen Namens vor dem @-Zeichen. Sie erinnert daran, dass David Berger schon ungemütlichere Zeiten erlebt hat. Zeiten, in denen er regelmäßig Morddrohungen im Internet lesen konnte. In denen er Angst hatte, nach einer Lesung verprügelt zu werden. In denen es ihm eben ratsam erschien, keine sprechende, leicht zu erratende Mailadresse zu haben.


Berliner Erzbistum warnt Gemeinden vor Sextäter

Ein etwa 80 Jahre alter Mann wurde bereits mehrfach wegen Kindesmissbrauchs verurteilt. Die letzten Opfer lernte er in einem Gottesdienst kennen. Ein Generalvikar warnt nun alle Kirchen vor dem Mann.


Church will pay compensation govt thinks proper: Pell

THE Australian Lawyers Alliance has called on the Catholic Church to "put its money where its mouth is" and use its vast wealth to properly compensate victims who fell prey to paedophile priests.
During hearings of the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into sexual abuse in the Church on Monday, Cardinal George Pell accepted the Church could pay victims "proper compensation".
ALA spokesman Dr Andrew Morrison SC said Cardinal Pell told the inquiry the Church would pay whatever compensation the government thought proper, and "he should be taken at his word".


George Pell: everything except his testimony spoke of power

The Guardian (United Kingdom)
David Marr
guardian.co.uk, Monday 27 May 2013
The cardinal’s colour rose all afternoon. He smiled once or twice after negotiating a difficult passage. He clasped and unclasped his hands, never quite in prayer. He droned. He snapped. He stared at the six members of the Victorian parliament’s family and community development committee with a gaze that seemed focused somewhere south of Macquarie Island


Angry Twitter Reactions To Pell's Testimony In Child Sex Abuse Inquiry

Pedestrian TV
[with Twitter postings]
Even with the incomprehensibly horrible subject matter under investigation in the Victorian Parliamentary inquiry into child sexual abuse, the testimony given by Australia's most senior Catholic cleric, Cardinal George Pell, was categorically shocking.
Shocking because of Pell's admission that the Catholic church has been complicit in covering up child sex abuse. He said, "I am happy to accept the invitation of the Premier [Denis Napthine] and to say that I'm fully apologetic and absolutely sorry, and that is the basis for everything on which I'll say now.


Monday, 27 May 2013

Pell tells abuse inquiry of Ridsdale support

The Standard
By MARY ALEXANDER May 28, 2013
CATHOLIC Cardinal George Pell regrets that his appearance at court with serial paedophile Gerald Ridsdale “provoked so much angst” with victims of clergy sexual abuse.
“At that stage nobody knew, at least I certainly didn’t, the extent of what proved to be an infamous career,” the former senior Ballarat diocese official told a state parliamentary inquiry yesterday.


OLG bestätigt: Missbrauch in Mehrerau nicht verjährt

27.05.2013 | 13:20 |   (DiePresse.com)
Das OLG Innsbruck bestätigt, dass die Ansprüche eines Missbrauchsopfers berechtigt sind. Dieser fordert 135.000 Euro. Das Kloster will einen Vergleich.
Das Oberlandesgericht Innsbruck (OLG) hat im Fall eines heute 46-Jährigen, der als Kind im Bregenzer Zisterzienser-Kloster Mehrerau missbraucht wurde, das Zwischenurteil des Landesgerichts Feldkirch teilweise bestätigt. Laut der Entscheidung des Berufungssenats bestehen die Ansprüche des Opfers, das 135.000 Euro fordert, zu recht und sind nicht verjährt, bestätigten Mehrerau-Sprecher Harald Schiffl, Mehrerau-Anwalt Bertram Grass und OLG-Sprecher Wigbert Zimmermann einen Bericht von "Vorarlberg Online". Als verjährt sind laut OLG lediglich Ansprüche anzusehen, die aus zwei Vorfällen vor dem März 1982 resultieren können.

Missbrauch: Mehrerau-Opfer erringt gerichtlichen Etappensieg

27. Mai 2013, 13:06
 Ansprüche des heute 46-Jährigen bestehen laut Oberlandesgericht Innsbruck zu recht
Bregenz - Das Oberlandesgericht Innsbruck (OLG) hat im Fall eines heute 46-Jährigen, der als Kind im Bregenzer Zisterzienser-Kloster Mehrerau missbraucht wurde, das Zwischenurteil des Landesgerichts Feldkirch teilweise bestätigt. Laut der Entscheidung des Berufungssenats bestehen die Ansprüche des Opfers, das 135.000 Euro fordert, zu recht und sind nicht verjährt, bestätigten Mehrerau-Sprecher Harald Schiffl, Mehrerau-Anwalt Bertram Grass und OLG-Sprecher Wigbert Zimmermann einen Bericht von "Vorarlberg Online". Als verjährt sind laut OLG lediglich Ansprüche anzusehen, die aus zwei Vorfällen vor dem März 1982 resultieren können.


Die Zäpfchengeber vom Elitegymnasium

Ein katholisches Jungengymnasium. Ein Pater, der Schüler mit Zäpfchen behandelt. Eingestellte Ermittlungen. An einer Bonner Eliteschule ist ein Unrecht geschehen. Doch wem genau, ist nicht klar. Von

Sex abuse inquiry: Victims, Church members demand greater action from Cardinal Pell

The father of two girls who were abused by a Catholic priest says admissions and apologies by Australia's most senior Catholic Cardinal, George Pell, are meaningless unless they are followed up with actions.
Cardinal Pell appeared before a packed public gallery on what was expected to be the final public hearing day of the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Child Abuse on Monday.


Victims say church still 'doesn't get it'

9 News
Cardinal George Pell has told a sex abuse inquiry the church has made progress but victims say its leaders still just "don't get it".
Cardinal Pell admitted the fear of scandal led to cover-up in the church but said its response had borne "very significant fruit".
He opened and closed his submission to Victoria's parliamentary inquiry into child sex abuse with an apology, saying he was "absolutely sorry".http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/2013/05/28/02/36/victims-say-church-still-doesn-t-get-it

Kardinal von Sydney: "Vor meiner Amtszeit gab es Vertuschung"

Papstberater Pell bekundet Opfern sein Bedauern für das erlittene Leid und bittet um Verzeihung
 Kardinal George Pell hat Fehler beim Umgang mit Missbrauchsfällen in der australischen Erzdiözese Melbourne eingestanden. Mitglieder der Kirche hätten Fälle vertuscht und Beweismittel vernichtet, bestätigte der zu den Papstberatern zählende Erzbischof von Sydney am Montag vor dem Ausschuss des Regionalparlaments zur Aufklärung des Umgangs der Erzdiözese Melbourne mit sexuellen Missbrauchsfällen. Gleichzeitig bekundete der Kardinal den Opfern sein Bedauern für das erlittene Leid und bat um Verzeihung. "Ich bedaure das voll und ganz und entschuldige mich dafür", zitiert die deutsche katholische Nachrichtenagentur KNA Aussagen Pells vom Montag gegenüber dem Sender "ABC". 

Cover-ups but no culture of abuse in Catholic Church, says George Pell

The Australian
PIA AKERMAN From: The Australian May 28, 2013
GEORGE Pell has admitted that senior figures in the Catholic Church in Australia had covered up child sex abuse, with devastating consequences for the victims, but he denied a "culture of abuse" existed.
Yesterday a defiant Cardinal Pell disappointed victims' groups by rejecting calls for the church to increase compensation payments, saying its Australian arm would do only what was required to meet "the law of the land".


Tough penance as sins of church admitted

The Australian
STUART RINTOUL From: The Australian May 28, 2013
FOR 4 1/2 hours, Australia's most senior Catholic, George Pell, was grilled about the abuse of children by clergy.
At the end of his evidence, he said he was "fully apologetic and absolutely sorry" about the crimes that had been committed. He also agreed that his predecessor as archbishop of Melbourne, Frank Little, covered up a priest's abuses in a way that was "unChristlike".


Shameful cover-up

Herald Sun
"THE primary motivation would have been to respect the reputation of the church. There was a fear of scandal."
With these words, the nation's most senior Catholic leader, Cardinal George Pell, laid bare the true motivation behind decades, not merely years, of church complicity and obfuscation in ignoring or actively covering up the heinous and widespread abuse of vulnerable children who looked to it for protection and guidance.


Cardinal's evidence puts abuse crisis in perspective

The Australian
From: The Australian May 28, 2013
THE Catholic Church, like the Australian Defence Force, state-run children's services and other churches, has been forced to learn hard lessons about the criminal abuse of innocent victims by those in positions of trust. In some cases, such depravity led to lifelong damage and even contributed to suicides.


Combative cardinal enters the lion's den

The Age
May 28, 2013

Barney Zwartz
Religion editor, The Age.
Say what you like about George Pell – and journalists sometimes have – you have to admire his fighting spirit. Apart from the four support staff he brought with him on Monday, nearly everyone in the Legislative Council committee room at Parliament house, and the overflow room nearby was antagonistic at best and hostile at worst.
It brought out the combative spirit and unshakeable self-belief of the street fighter that Sydney's Catholic Archbishop has often seemed.


Victims and support groups ...

Herald Sun
Victims and support groups call for Cardinal George Pell's resignation
VICTIMS and support groups have called for Cardinal George Pell's resignation following his appearance at yesterday's parliamentary inquiry into child abuse.
Abuse survivor Stephen Woods, 51, who was sexually assaulted and beaten by three priests when he was a student at St Alipius Christian Brothers Primary School in Ballarat, said that Cardinal Pell should stand down.
"The apology is political. It's still about saving face, it's still about saving the political power of the church, and that's what they are afraid of losing," he said.
"The little care for the victims that he showed, it shows that they still don't get it," he said.
Mr Woods slammed Cardinal Pell's claims that he had always shown support for victims of child abuse.

Cardinal George Pell has confessed...

The Australian
Cardinal George Pell has confessed to creation of false documents and 'reprehensible' cover-ups of child sex abuse
CARDINAL George Pell has confessed false documents were created and priests took part in "reprehensible" cover-ups of child sexual abuse.
The most prominent Catholic in Australia was grilled by a Victorian parliamentary committee for 4 1/2 hours about systemic failings by the church to deal with abuse.
Cardinal Pell said the fear of scandals drove much of the reaction to rampant abuse in the 1970s and '80s, but that a concern about money was also involved.
"I am fully apologetic and absolutely sorry," he said.


Abuse inquiry: Cynical crowd demands truth from Pell

The Courier
Cardinal George Pell’s appearance at the state government inquiry into institutionalised child abuse was less than convincing yesterday.
Cardinal Pell blustered his way through some tough grilling, exchanging particularly terse words with committee member Andrea Coote over any potential church compensation.
He gave long-winded answers, often veered off topic and was critical of a committee decision not to allow him a brief opening statement, which is in line with previous testimonies by anyone dealing with abused children.
He constantly defended the church’s actions but provoked laughter when he accidentally referred to the Holy See as a company.
A huge crowd turned up for Cardinal Pell’s appearance, with the Parliament House Legislative Council committee room and a second viewing area both overflowing.

Australien: Kardinal Pell zu Missbrauchsfällen

Radio Vatikan
Die durch katholische Kleriker verübten Missbräuche täten ihm „absolut leid“: diese Aussage tätigte der höchste Würdenträger der katholischen Kirche in Australien, George Pell, vor dem Untersuchungsausschuss des Parlaments, der sich in diesen Tagen im Staat von Victoria mit der Aufarbeitung von Missbrauchsfällen in Nichtregierungsorganisationen beschäftigt. Dennoch, so der Erzbischof von Sydney, glaube er nicht daran, dass es in der katholischen Kirche eine „Kultur des Missbrauchs“ gebe. Pell war in den Jahren von 1996 bis 2001 Erzbischof von Melbourne in Victoria, dem Staat, der im Zentrum der Untersuchungen des Ausschusses steht und in dem nach Kirchenangaben 620 Minderjährige durch Kleriker missbraucht worden seien. Pell erinnerte in seiner Aussage auch daran, dass die katholische Kirche in Australien das Phänomen des Missbrauchs bereits 1988 als gravierendes Problem erkannt habe. Die Kirche, so der Kardinal, hätte jedoch wie andere Institutionen auch behandelt werden sollen, insbesondere, was die Frage nach Schadenersatzzahlungen angehe.


Abuse victims call for change in church

9 News
Victims of clergy sexual abuse say the Catholic Church must change and end an era of cover-ups and unaccountability.
Australia's most senior Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, has apologised to victims and said he accepted moral responsibility for failures committed by his predecessors.
Hundreds of victims and their supporters attended Monday's hearing of the Victorian parliamentary abuse inquiry in Melbourne, with many queueing for several hours to hear the cardinal's evidence.
Some victims protested outside the hearing, holding banners that urged Cardinal Pell to tell the truth.


Backdated letter part of abuse cover-up

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A letter accepting the resignation of a pedophile priest was backdated, contained no reference to abuse allegations and praised him for his "good deeds", an inquiry has heard.
Cardinal George Pell has admitted the letter written by former Melbourne archbishop Francis Little was evidence of a cover-up.
Victoria's parliamentary inquiry into child sex abuse heard that when pedophile priest Desmond Gannon was stood down in 1993 the reason nominated was "poor health".
The title of Pastor Emeritus was conferred on Fr Gannon, meaning he was no longer an active priest.
Inquiry committee member David O'Brien said the title also indicated he was a person of merit.


Abuse victims disappointed, priest says

27 MAY 2013, 8:20 PM - SOURCE: AAP
Victims of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church are disappointed with Cardinal George Pell's response to their plight, says Father Kevin Dillon.
Outspoken Victorian priest Father Kevin Dillon says the victims of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church remain disappointed after Cardinal George Pell said he was sorry for their suffering.
Fr Dillon said church officials "still don't get it" and have failed to introduce practical measures that meet the needs of victims.
"If we had been doing things well then why do we have so many dissatisfied victims?" Fr Dillon told AAP.


Sex abuse inquiry: Pell admits to 'systematic cover-up'

Posted by: 3AW News | 27 May, 2013
Cardinal George Pell has told a Victorian parliamentary inquiry into child sexual abuse that he is fully apologetic and deeply sorry that child sex abuse occurred in the Catholic Church.
But he has denied there is a culture of abuse within the ranks of the clergy.
Some people in the packed public gallery today wept as Cardinal Pell told the inquiry that he agreed there had been a systemic cover-up that allowed paedophile priests to prey on innocent children.
He also said there was no doubt that crimes by pedophile priests contributed to too many suicides.


Pell makes admissions

WA Today
May 28, 2013

Barney Zwartz
Religion editor, The Age
Cardinal George Pell has admitted the Catholic Church had put paedophile priests ''above the law'', covered up abuse and moved abusers.
In a gruelling session of more than four hours, he told the Victorian inquiry into child abuse that the church had changed the date on a document making serial abuser Des Gannon a priest emeritus and had kept paying a stipend to another paedophile, Ron Pickering, who fled Australia to avoid police.


Rapist priest 'among the worst of them'

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The priest and the church stole part of their souls and shattered their lives.
Melbourne priest Kevin O'Donnell, who raped Anthony and Christine Foster's two daughters while they were in primary school, was "certainly among the worst of them", Australia's most senior Catholic admits.
But Cardinal George Pell drew the line at extending the family's description of the impact of O'Donnell's actions to all victims of clergy abuse, sparking an angry response from some in the public gallery at Victoria's abuse inquiry.
"I understand people feel deeply about this," the Sydney archbishop and former Melbourne archbishop said.


Australian cardinal ‘absolutely sorry’ for abuse cover-up

The Journal (Ireland)
THE LEADING FIGURE in Australia’s Catholic Church has admitted that a fear of scandal and a greater concern for reputation led to a systemic and massive cover-up of abuse within the organisation.
Facing a formal inquiry by Victoria’s parliament, Cardinal George Pell said he was “fully apologetic and absolutely sorry” for how the Church dealt with abusers and victims. He said that there was awareness of the problem as early as 1988.
“There’s no doubt about it that lives have been blighted,” he said.
When asked if “the fear of the scandal led to the cover up”, he answered simply: “Yes, it did.” And the follow-up question: “Do you agree that the systemic cover-up allowed paedophile priests to prey on innocent children?”