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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Sex abuse royal commission to wind down public hearings

The long-running child sexual abuse royal commission has indicated the number of public hearings will slow down with the final case study to be heard in March next year.
Chairman of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Peter McClellan​ announced public hearings would be drawing to a close in his remarks ahead of an inquiry into convicted paedophile priest John Joseph Farrell.


Monday, 8 August 2016

Royal commission finds South Australian child protection system must be overhauled

Phasing out commercial childcare workers and subjecting workers to public screening register among recommendations
South Australia’s “toxic” child protection system has failed the state’s most vulnerable children and must be overhauled, a royal commission has found.
In her final report after two years of investigations, the former supreme court justice Margaret Nyland has called for dramatic changes to what she has described as a system in crisis.
Commercial childcare workers would be phased out, social workers would no longer be allowed to close files because of a lack of resources and all child protection workers would be subject to a public screening register.


SA’s disturbing history of child protection and abuse inquiries and royal commissions

THE release of the Nyland Royal Commission on Monday is the latest in a series of reports into the state’s child protection system.
Over the past 10 years there has been a litany of inquiries into the Government’s failure to protect children, including three high-profile inquiries also led by former Supreme Court justices.
They repeatedly found a culture of secrecy, unwieldy bureaucracy, lack of resources and a failure to put children first


Child Protection Systems Royal Commission makes 260 recommendations, warns of no quick fixes

There are no quick fixes to the child protection system in South Australia, royal commissioner Margaret Nyland has warned, finding the sector needs significant additional resources and changes to the law.
The final report makes 260 recommendations including an overhaul of the child welfare system, with a focus on abuse prevention and early intervention.
The two-year inquiry was prompted by former Families SA carer, and paedophile, Shannon McCoole's abuse of vulnerable children in state care.


Lawyer admits tearing up priest’s resignation letter

A SOLICITOR and former trustee of the Anglican DIocese of Newcastle has admitted tearing up the original 1990 resignation of paedophile priest Stephen Hatley Gray, which was then replaced with one dated the day before Gray was charged with the sexual assault of a 14-year-old boy.
Central Coast solicitor Keith Allen, who began giving evidence to the Royal Commission on Friday, was again subjected to an intense examination by the commission’s chairman, Peter McClellan, and counsel assisting, Naomi Sharp.


Solicitor says he didn't tell bishop to deny knowledge of paedophile priests

Keith Allen says he did not advise bishop Alfred Holland to say he could not recall any knowledge of abusers
A solicitor has denied he advised a former bishop of a New South Wales Anglican diocese to say he could not recall any knowledge of paedophile priests when giving evidence to the child sex abuse royal commission.
Keith Allen, who had been a member of several boards in the Anglican diocese of Newcastle for 40 years, returned to the witness stand for a second day at a commission hearing into how the diocese handled abuse allegations over 30 years.


Solicitor denies tampering

A critical document in a child sex abuse case against an Anglican priest may have been altered by someone attached to the diocese of Newcastle.
A document used to halt the trial of a priest charged with child sex abuse may have been altered by someone attached to the Anglican diocese of Newcastle in the Hunter region of NSW, an inquiry has been told.
A register of services produced at the 1991 trial of a priest given the pseudonym CKC was subpoenaed by his defence team and led to the case being dropped by the prosecution.
On Monday solicitor Keith Allen who acted for CKC denied he had doctored the register when he was shown it at a rectory before it was produced at the trial.


Paedophile priest's resignation letter destroyed by lawyer, sexual abuse royal commission told

A church council member who acted as the lawyer for paedophile priest Stephan Gray said he destroyed Gray's original resignation letter, despite considering him a "dangerous sexual predator".
The royal commission case study in Newcastle is looking at the past and present systems, policies and practices within the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle for responding to allegations of child sexual abuse.


Friday, 5 August 2016

Queensland child sex abuse victims lose chance to challenge past compensation claims

The Queensland government has dashed the hopes of child sex abuse victims that its bill to remove age limits on compensation claims would clear the way for fresh lawsuits against churches and schools.
The government revealed it would not table laws to “remove past deeds” struck by institutions in lesser settlements based on the 21-year age limit on victims bringing civil actions.


No recollection at all

THE Royal Commission into Institutional Responses To Child Sexual Abuse is inquiring into events in the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, and a former assistant bishop of Newcastle, Richard Appleby, is being questioned about his statement to the commission.
It’s Thursday afternoon, and the commission has been going since Tuesday morning.
Counsel assisting, Naomi Sharp, has just taken Bishop Appleby through the evidence of others who insist they told him of child sexual abuse by some of the priests in the diocese when he was deputy to the bishop at the time, Alfred Holland.


Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in the Newcastle Anglican diocese week 1 wrap up | photos

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in the Newcastle Anglican diocese started on Tuesday, August 2.
Eight Anglican bishops and archbishops, including six current or past bishops of Newcastle, will give evidence into child sexual abuse in the Hunter region during the public hearing.


Anglican bishop Roger Herft ‘berated’ mother over priest abuse

The Anglican Archbishop of Perth, Roger Herft, “berated” the mother of a child abuse victim after she discovered his diocese kept no records of a complaint that her son had been assaulted by a trainee priest, a royal commission has heard.
The woman, who cannot be named, subsequently received a $2000 “gift” from the diocese, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heard today.
“I believe that the payment was an attempt at buying us off,” she said.


Child sex abuse royal commission: Survivor says Newcastle Diocese fought hard to deny duty of care

A clergy abuse survivor has told a royal commission's hearings in Newcastle that the Anglican church fought very hard to deny its duty of care.

The man, who can only be identified as CKU, gave evidence at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
The public hearings at Newcastle courthouse are looking at the past and present systems, policies and practices within the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle for responding to allegations of child sexual abuse.
CKU told the commission he lived with his mother at St John's college at Morpeth while she trained to be a priest.


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Church stopped keeping problem priest list

A former assistant bishop at a NSW Anglican diocese where child sex abuse by clergy was widespread will continue his evidence to a royal commission on Friday.
Bishop Richard Appleby, who served as auxiliary bishop in the Diocese of Newcastle in the Hunter region of NSW from 1983 to 1992, said on Thursday he was not aware during that time of allegations of child sex abuse against clergy and lay workers in the diocese.


Retired former Newcastle assistant bishop denies being told of abuse

RICHARD Franklin Appleby, 75, trained with disgraced priest Graeme Lawrence at the notorious Morpeth College. He was assistant bishop of Newcastle from 1983 to 1992, when various witnesses have told the royal commission they came to him with complaints about abusive priests in the parish.
But despite this evidence, and through a long and probing session of examination by commissioner Peter McClellan and counsel assisting Naomi Sharp, Bishop Appleby insisted he had never known of any sex abuse in his parish, and would have fought it “decisively” had anyone told him.


Anglican Church helpline ‘was run by child sex abuser’

An Anglican Church-run phone helpline for child abuse victims was answered by a senior cleric who was later defrocked for having group sex with a teenager, a royal commission has heard.
Graeme Lawrence, the then dean of Christ Church Cathedral in Newcastle, NSW, failed to tell those calling the helpline that he had a close working relationship with at least one of the priests who were the subject of repeated alleg­ations of abuse.